Purdue is Gearing Up for a Black Out Saturday

By Jason Priestas on October 28, 2013 at 7:52a

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One more reason to dislike Penn State: they started the whole color-out fad. At first it was cool, but now its just lame.

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You couldn't pay me $13 to endure, first hand, the repeated "Boiler Up" chant. It's bad enough on TV

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Unless Anthony Spencer, Kawann Short, and Drew Brees are suiting up for them Saturday, these guys have no shot. And even if they were... 

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I paid $12 for my tickets last night. With the cost of fuel, and the fact that I get around 40mpg,  it'll still be cheaper than going to a home game.

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Black Out? I think they're referring to the "home" portion of the scoreboard.

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So they're going for a black out to make their voodoo stronger. Very clever.

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All they are doing is making the funeral arrangements early and black dress is required.

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really hope this curse of Purdue was exercised from Ohio State football last year by Kenny G's comeback. Could do with a 50-0 OSU win rather than the usual crap show that happens over there.

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It makes it hard to tell when the fans leave with a blackout...

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I'm planning to go as well.  With a 40 mph car as mentioned above, it will be an extremely inexpensive trip to watch a beatdown.

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It seems like it would take a while to get there only going 40 mph...

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Hahaha. Mpg...sigh. It's still early-ish. Upvote to you

"Because I couldn't go for three."  - Woody Hayes

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This is really tempting.  Three hour drive and cheap-as-all-hell tickets...I can dig it.

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Berkley was 2.400 miles from Columbus, and we had half that Stadium. West Lafayette is 240 miles, so Scarlet > Black it shall be

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They must be referring to a blackout of the game for regional TV programming.

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Good luck pulling that off, when half your stadium is full of Ohio State fans.

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Sounds great.
I can't wait for the second half entertainment...

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I'm in the stadium explaining to 10 older people on Saturday why the students were so excited for the back up quarter back.   "Kenny G, Kenny G, Kenny G"  I laid it out to them on the smooth jazz references and they were eating it up.  I forget that not everyone is addicted to football blogs.....

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Also, am I the only one who read this forum topic and assumed the students just wanted to Blackout and forget this game was evening happening? 

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Pretty poor planning by Purdue's athletic department. A white out would have been much more strategic. It is safe to say that a small % of buckeye fans would wear white OSU gear. Thus, on tv, they could have gained a few fans in the "color". The blackout on the other hand, will simply cause all of the scarlet to stand out like a sore thumb.
Looking back to the Cal game, the outcome of the "blackout" is not looking too good...

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I like the train tracks on the helmet.  This would be a great game to go to.  Unfortunately we have plans for Saturday.  From the link above there are over 2800 tickets available.  Come on Buckeye Nation Scarlet out Ross-Ade!

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FUN PURDUE FACT: Ross-Ade Stadium is named after the Midwestern version of Gatorade, which actually is ranch dressing.


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Yet another reason to never buy the "sweet" Nike Blackout jersey everyone is sporting wood over.  You can't wear it to this game, otherwise, you are helping out the opponents mission.

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They should be gearing up for a black eye.

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When are we going to officially "scarlet out' an away stadium? But official I mean for OSU athletics to call a scarlet out an away game.

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The next time we play at Bloomington, Indiana Columbus West.

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'94 Ohio State Graduate:    Don't make me come up there.  I wouldn't care if my car got 5 miles per gallon.  That cheap of a ticket and an opportunity to Scarlet Out an away stadium! 
Put out the word! And I could care less if the Athletic Department is behind it or not.  
Are you a fan?  Then get your Scarlet ON!!!!   Get to this game!  Share a ride!  Make it happen
Scarlet OUT at Ross-Ade.
O  H

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Just got my tickets. I can't wait to take over their stadium!

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Meeting with many Purdue grads for work this week.  Too much to wear face paint to my meetings or stick with the class ring??

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I can promise at least 4 Scarlet clad fans at the game.