Vegas: On Neutral Field, Baylor Favored Over Ohio State By Seven

By DJ Byrnes on October 10, 2013 at 8:04a
Baylor!? Baylor.

Perhaps Ohio State's passing defense will garner a little respect if they can stymie Iowa's dynamic throwing game!?

Source: @MillerBrinson

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I saw this yesterday.  I'm not sure where I read the article from (it may have been a forum post here, or something from ESPN), but the unnamed oddsmaker said that he purposefully inflates the spread based upon public perception.  
Public perception about Baylor is that they score 100 points per game.  Public perception about Ohio State is that we are overrated and our defense is suspect.  Therefore, since the oddsmaker knows it will be a closer game, maybe even favoring Ohio State, the odds are set favoring Baylor because that's what people will be betting based upon public perception.
Edit:  Forum post from yesterday:

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Always stealing my thunder, Eleven Warriors.

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of boooooooooze!! And we'll drink to old Ohio 'till we wobble in our shoes.

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No offense, brother. I saw this last night too, just figure it'd do better in the morning.

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None taken. I actually take pride that I posted something that was worthy of a Buckshot.

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of boooooooooze!! And we'll drink to old Ohio 'till we wobble in our shoes.

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Makes perfect sense.  It's not about predicting the game, it's about the money..

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Unfortunately, public perception is partially based upon point spreads, which are then based back upon public perception.
If more people understood this, hopefully less people would let themselves be influenced by betting odds, and would evaluate teams a little more objectively.
That said, I would be absolutely terrified if we had to play Baylor.  I think our defense would make a lot of people reevaluate us because there's no way Baylor runs up the score on us like that.  However, I am not completely convinced that our offense could keep pace, either.  Would be a great game to watch for sure -- probably a lot like the California game.

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I think I'd take the Fightin' Urbs, on the moneyline.

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If this was a scheduled game, would that be the real Vegas spread?  I do technical software support for a living.  Computers are supposed to be smarter, infallible in all sorts of areas.  But in 52 years, I've yet to see a computer take a seat at a game.
Baylor this year is the Oregon we beat in the Rose Bowl.   Now, the real Oregon has become better on defense.  Go Huskies!
Peace. Enjoy your lowered blood pressure this weekend.  Then back to hanging 50 on Iowa next weekend.  I'm flying into CBus and am scheduled to land in Q1.  I told my mother (she's 85, God bless her!) no Ma, I don't want to go to lunch.  Let's go watch the game at her condo in (C)anal Winchester.  (That sign on 33 still cracks me up, I'm sure it has been fixed since my last visit)

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All I know about our team is that no matter what we've found a way to win; 18 straight times.  Its looked great at times and its looked tough at times.  I have no doubt if we played Baylor we'd find a way to win that one too.  

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Baylor's strength of schedule is somewhere around 140. Let them play a team with a pulse before setting odds.

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I don't get it.  Who gives a sh*t?

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That's my feeling too, Bucksfan. If the game is not being played, why does it matter? Any sort of spread can be made to feed public perception of said teams. The bottom line is that there is no significance or importance to this type of "spread" being publicized.

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Agreed.  We have more important things to discuss.
Like changing icons  ;)

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You better get yourself one soon...the internet is in danger of running out.

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It's good that we can agree on something.
Baylor is not on Ohio State's schedule and is very unlikely to face Ohio State in a bowl game, because Baylor has very little chance of making it to the National Championship Game or would be a very long shot for the Rose Bowl (if, say, Oregon/Stanford were in the NCG and the Rose Bowl wanted to lose money by selecting Baylor as at-large).
So, good for Baylor. They win a trophy because some bored (obviously under-worked) lines-maker says he'd make them favorites in a hypothetical matchup taking place in his imagination. This makes the September Heisman look like 168 onces of real, bonafide gold-plated bling by comparison to this fake "award."

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Lol, amen to that!
Yeah, the Fiesta has the last at-large pick this year after the Orange and Sugar, and they're not really in danger of losing their automatic team to the NC game.  Ohio State would be a must-want for both the Orange and the Sugar should the Buckeyes lose the B1G championship game.  It'll be tough for Ohio State to land in the Fiesta, where Baylor will end up at best.

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Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shit? 

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You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?

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Once upon a time, Miami was favored by 12 over the Buckeyes in an ACTUAL game......
How did that turn out?

ONE Not Done!

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Exactly, I don't care about public perception so long as we get a chance to prove it on the field.  It would be a shame not to get that chance this year, one year prior to solving that problem.  Can you imagine how crazy it would be if we get shut out of the BCSMNCG and going into the playoffs next year we still hadn't lost?  We'd have a 3 year win streak but not played for a championship.  That would blow my mind.

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No respect I tell ya, no respect!

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If we danced like this, would we get respect? Still thinking no...

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[unembedded by 11W staff]
original gif here - contains dancing bikini girl

Fickell must have taken an arrow to the knee

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^^^^To edgy? My bad.

Fickell must have taken an arrow to the knee

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You're new around these parts. It's best to refrain from posting provocative images of scantily clad women.

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Yea, just ask Hovenaut.  He spent days clearing his posting history once he was named a MOD ; )

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Don't forget about the scantily clad hairy fat guy..... I will, in fact, refrain from posting such nonsense in the future. Hopefully the guy that posted a picture of a fake head on a wooden poll with a rubber wiener in its mouth doesn't receive a down vote like I did. 

Fickell must have taken an arrow to the knee

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Getting tired of all this BIG 12 love, enough already. 

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Sometimes I like to visit big 12 boards just to read how adding TCU & WVU was a sign of the strength of the conference.
I'm easily entertained.

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One team has a defense, one doesn't. Its pretty obvious that Baylor would have to outscore us to win and I don't think you can begin to say that Baylor's schedule is stronger than tOSU's.

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I went off yesterday on this but ulitmately I just laugh that they have OSU as a 7.5 dog, mythically, yet the very real line for this Saturdays game is Kansas St. as a 10.5 dog.
I just don't see how they can believe that OSU is only a 3 point better team than Kansas St. I do know that when it comes to betting its not quite that black and white but still, There is no way KSU is even close to OSU.

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I thought the same thing about WVU last year early in the season. Then it looked like a clown orgy when they started playing the big programs.

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Like others, I don't care that much about this spread, but we should know a lot more about Baylor when they play Oklahoma on November 7...

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The point of this exercise was what? I'm pretty sure it wasn't to elevate public perception of the Buckeyes.

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Odds or not I let my loss column do the talking with Urban 18-0

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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File this next to "Brady Hoke's bra size" and "Bret Bielema's favorite Axe scent" in the file cabinet labeled "Thing IDGAF about"...
I'll take UFM over any coach in the country with a month! to prepare.

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Im glad you said this about Beilima. I take him for the kinda turd that has the entire Axe product line...soap, shampoo, loofah, hair gel, body spray, etc...

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I'm as big a Buckeye as anyone else on this site, but honestly I don't think we would be able to stop Baylor. They may not be able to stop us either. I think they'd give anyone in the country fits just because of the pace at which they run their offense and the multiple weapons that they can hurt you with. Ever heard of Tevin Reese? If not, google him. He is as explosive a player that there is in college football. All that being said, Go Bucks!

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That's why they play the games*.
*Disclaimer: This is true unless the teams are in the BCS system.

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Wofford, Buffalo, UL Monroe, and the worst WVU team in 20 years are what we are basing this argument on?  Seriously?  If OSU's schedule sucks, I struggle to think of an adjective for Baylor's so far.  Come on.

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And I would be favored by 2 chits and a giggle in a game of one-on-one with Michael Jordan.  It ain't happening, so no need to get our collective panties in a bunch?

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Im still taking the bucks and Vegas will be pissed because Baylor would not beat OSU. they have a high flying offense but no one in the joke 12 plays defense. theyre all about selling tickets and the way they do that is by entertaining the fans with their "offense".

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If this game were to truly happen, the scoreboard would explode with the force of an atomic fusion before halftime.  It would be an apocolyptic amount of scoring.  There would be looting in the streets.  The president would be rushed to an underground bunker and the CIA would beg for mercy.

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This is adorable. 

Time and change will surely show how firm they friendship... O-HI-O.