Oregon's Former Five-Star TE Colt Lyerla Withdraws from School

By DJ Byrnes on October 7, 2013 at 11:35a
Former Oregon TE Colt Lyerla

Former five-star recruit Colt Lyerla, who has had his problems with new Oregon frontman Mark Helfrich, has finally crossed the rubicon at Oregon. From GoDucks.com:

Lyerla, a former five-star recruit from Hillsboro, finished his UO career with 12 career starts and 34 receptions. He was suspended for the Ducks’ win Saturday at Colorado, but said Sunday his departure wasn’t related to that and was “completely my decision.”

“I love everyone at Oregon; everyone’s on good terms, I believe,” Lyerla said. “Just for my own benefit, it was time to move on.”

Lyerla said he does not plan to transfer to another school, but rather to pursue a professional career. He said he had “a really good talk” with Helfrich late Sunday, and that “we left on good terms.”


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Perhaps he meant a professional football career?

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Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

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We watched that video in our CCW class.  Thank god that dumbass didn't kill a kid.  What's really unbelievable is he later pulls out an AR.  

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Great physical specimen, but how do you walk away from an offense that features the TE and scores about 70 points a game?

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I wonder if Jadaveon Clowney has read this.

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Wow. It will probably start a new trend. College players will realize they are risking too much money to stay in school. 
Look no further then Bradley Roby. You can tell he isn't all in....and doesn't put in the work anymore. Downvote all you want but with all of his talent, it is really the only reason why he is performing so poorly. 

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Dude's likely hurt and being told to stay ten yards off by the staff...

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Lol ok. So I guess Meyer and Coombs have been lying to us about Roby's leadership and work ethic

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May put in the work and be a leader but he is getting owned by opposing WR. Be nice of that hard work finally translated to some solid coverage rather than giving up big plays.

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I won't disagree that he hasn't looked good the past 2 games in addition to mistakes in the cal game but have to disagree with anyone stating that he isn't trying anymore, unless it comes from the staff themselves. 

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I'm not a member of the Fire Fickel group but in my opinion there's also an undeniable schematic issue when it comes to pass defense, which I believe to be a solid contributor to at least allowing for more room for error on Roby's part. 

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"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Yep. Fact is, while Roby is having a rough year so far, he's also making a lot of plays. Notably the one above, but there have been others. He's damn sure not giving up. There have been some ignorant comments on here but that one may have taken the cake.

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Most idiotic comment I've seen in a while. The coaches have raved about his work ethic and leadership. Not to mention he blocked the punt.  And he's probably playing injured. Yep, definitely not trying. 

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Did u mean twerk instead of work? 

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Uncle 9Route approves of this poast.  

"A guy from Ohio can make it in life if he works hard enough." - Wayne Woodrow Hayes

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"You can tell he isn't all in....and doesn't put in the work anymore"

Thanks Kreskin - it couldn't possibly be that he is not healthy? Did you see how Reeves performed game 1?

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Reeves was in his first start of his career, Roby was supposed to be a sure thing All American, favorite to win the Thorpe and be an NFL 1st rounder/potential top 10 pick. At this point its hard to differentiate between Reeves and Roby in terms of their on field production so the comparison isnt too far fetched I suppose.

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Roby has broken up 6 passes and has 28 tackles. Reeves has broken up 5 and has 12 stops. Roby has 1 TFL and 2 picks. Reeves with 1 interception,

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Crap, Cajun, I meant to upvote you. I'll hit you up for a couple.

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If Roby isn't putting in the work, why is he on the punt return unit and kickoff coverage unit?

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

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Tsk, Tsk, using details and facts are not how you get ahead on this board mister. you will never get to premium member status with comments like that.
How many tackles did he make in the last two games, I believe he was second/third both games, definitely led the secondary.
He hits pretty hard on the run game in tackling, but seems hesitant in the passing game. I wonder if it is because he is usually the gate keeper and knows if he misses they receiver will "Go all the way"
Actually I am quite serious about that comment, does anyone else see the difference in his run D tackling versus his passing D tackling? He is a beast on the run game, full body involvement.

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Kinda makes you wonder what is going on there for this kid to leave...

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Roby has had his issues this year, no doubt about that, but giving up is not the case here. The punt block and Td saving tackle on the slant where he tracked the NW receiver about 60 yards are proof!!

Because we couldn't go for three!!!