Odds to Replace Lane Kiffin

By DJ Byrnes on October 1, 2013 at 11:33a

Jack Del Rio: 3 to 1
Chris Peterson: 5 to 1
James Franklin: 5 to 1
Greg Roman: 6 to 1
Clancy Pendergast: 7 to 1
Kirby Smart, Jon Gruden and Steve Sarkisian: 8 to 1
Chad Morris: 9 to 1
Kevin Sumlin: 12 to 1
Herm Edwards: 15 to 1
Ed Orgeron: 20 to 1

Wheeeeeew, that's a hell of a list right there. I think, however, USC's choice is quite simple: THEY MUST HIRE HERM EDWARDS. *empties bank account and heads to Vegas*

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OSU_ALUM_05's picture

It's going to be fun to watch the USC/Texas arms race for a new coach

Yeti's have feelings too.

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If I'm Texas, I back the dump truck full of money up to Art Briles' front yard and unload. 

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Lake Travis HS Texas - 2008-2009
Lake Travis HS Texas 2008-2009
Put my money on Chad Morris going to Texas. He is a native Texan, coached high school football in Texas before Tulsa gave him a job. What a perfect fit it would before him to go back to Texas where his coaching career all started.

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I forgot Chad Morris had the Texas connections. I still think Art Briles would be a better choice because he has head coaching experience. Either one of them would be a good fit at Texas.

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I am 99% certain that Texas is going to hire Bud Kilmer...formerly of the West Canaan Coyotes.  I mean, he's sitting there in their own backyard with 2 state tiles and 22 district championships!

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If USC wants to be baller theyll hire whoever is coaching Tennessee. I dint care if its Butch Jones or Foghorn Leghorn.

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You don't leave OSU for another job.  Vegas knows this.  

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I know...because I TOTALLY would have had $1,000 down on Tressel going to Akron to be VP for Strategic Engagement. I think the odds were for Dr. Goodatstrategy or Dr. Fineengagements, or Lane Kiffin..but I knew better.

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With UCONN in the mix, this whole coaching arms race is sure to get dicey!

"No matter where you go, there you are." B. Banzai

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How is Jeff Fisher not on that list?  The USC folks drool over him like crazy.

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Pete Carroll.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Sarkisian. sark the shark!

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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Herman Edwards?

"2014 National Champions...deal with it!!!"

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If USC offers Peterson the job and he declines, then he is truly never leaving Boise.

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i thought that about brad stevens and well the celtics came a calling.

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How about OJ?  Then they could run the jailbreak screen play.

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with John Elway (slow white Bronco). 

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+1 Awesome.

The only thing that's new in the world is the history that we have forgotten.

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I wonder if they go the route of keeping Orgeron as the HC and bringing in someone like Chad Morris to be the OC and assistant HC? I know that USC is like any big time school that can absorb the salary hit that Kiffin will bring, but i just think after Carroll left and now that fiasco that is Lane Kiffin, maybe they will want to bring in someone with more familiarity with the program (Orgeron) and a top notch OC (Morris)?

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My guess is Chris Peterson, but it is just a guess.

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I was the first on 11W to suggest Peterson.*patting myself firmly on the back I think he would bring USC back to one of the perennial top 5 teams in the country, were he to get the job.
I also wonder whether You Ess Sea would change the turf color for him?



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That has to be one of the simplest, most confusing pics I have ever seen.

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No way Petersen goes to USC, not a chance. (I'm fully prepared to eat crow)

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Chip Kelly not being on that list is a big miss. If the Eagles continue to crash and burn both Tx and USC will be after him.

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Chip Kelly will still have a show cause penalty.   USC wants nothing to do with that coming off sanctions.  If NOT for the show cause I would agree.
edit.  it expires Dec 26, 2014

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Lane was a lot of talk, Herm PLAYS TO WIN THE GAME

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I feel like Peterson is more likely to leave for a job like Texas before USC. I think either Jack Del Rio or Jon Gruden for USC but more then likely it will end up being someone who isn't even on this list 

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No Bobby Petrino? He's perfect for USC!

CUBS's picture

Interesting, no Charlie Strong. Suppose he'll be top dog for Texas if/when that becomes available. 

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Sarkisian to U$C.
Peterson to Texas.

The Guy on the Couch.

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Hasn't Texas already tried hiring Boise coaches with poor results?  Not sure they could convince the board to sign up for that again.

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Glad Tom Herman isn't on the list :)

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He may not be on that list but one move makes things that much more interesting for our staff.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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I'm hoping Urban ups his salary after this season and keeps him around for another two or three years.

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Pat Fitzgerald? This dude keeps winning at NW and he better be taken seriously. I don't know if he's ready at this time though. Maybe a year later and he'd be in better position to make the leap.

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I really don't see Fitzy leaving his alma mater.

-The Aristocrats!

OurHonorDefend09's picture

While I understand his loyalty, you can't say his homecoming is nearly the same as, say, Urban's. Maybe you're right, but I think the dangling carrot of Texas or USC would drag away even the proudest of UN alums.

Don't give up... Don't ever give up.

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Can someone explain why Herm Edwards is being considered? I like him as an analyst but let's be honest he was a DB coach at San Diego State and had a 54-74 Head coaching record.

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I look for Texas to go hard after Chip Kelley, he has proven he can recruit the state of Texas.

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I mentioned this above..Chip still has a show cause penalty.
edit it expires Dec 26 2014

I'm not saying,  I'm just saying.

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I nominizzle Snoop Lion for the head posizzle.

How 'bout it Pat Hadizzle?

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Chip kelly to Texas would be deadly

"faith seeking understanding” (fides quaerens intellectum)

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Que sumlin to USC...

"faith seeking understanding” (fides quaerens intellectum)

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With the likelihood that Greg Schiano is terminated before the end of the NFL season, would he be a possible candidate for either Texas or USC?
He seems a bit like Saban ... good college success, but not the right fit for the NFL.

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I seriously had to google Clancy Pendergast to make sure he was a real coach, and not a foppish Cricketer from Hampstead.

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Nice.  Especially how you capitalized "Cricketer", much respect to our cousins across the ocean

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OJ Simpson:   1,000,000 to 1     (OJ: "So you're sayin' there's still a chance?")

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I think Muschamp could still surprise a lot of folks and head back to Texas I'm not convinced he is nailed down at Florida. And Sark could head to USC just a couple predictions shooting from the hip style.

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If I'm USC, I bring Mrs Saban out to L.A. treat her like a Queen, make her believe no better place to live than Southern Cal, hope for no tremors or earthquakes. She tells her husband how great it is out there. Happy wife happy life.

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I can't believe anyone would want to live in LA over Tuscaloosa.

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I love how Jon Gruden is on every single one of these lists, and he is never going to return to coaching.

vitaminB's picture

I'm not so sure about that.  For someone who doesn't coach, he sure does spend a lot of his free time learning about new Offenses, and talking to coaches, going to clinics, etc.

BuckeyeLurker0509's picture

USC better write Charlie Strong a blank check.
if not, Texas will.

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I hope USC hires Gruden. He'll recruit 16 QB's next year and fall in and out of love with each and every one of them until he runs the team further into the ground.

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Everybody knows it's Ron Prince to USC and Houston Nutt to Texas.

Knarcisi's picture

Wasn't Reggie Bush's dad the coach in waiting? Oh, that's right, he moved.

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Petersen? That guy has shown no interest to leave the land of the smurf turf. And think of the amount of pressure that will come with this job...SC expects to be title contenders every year. So that would rule out anyone who already has a cushy job around football without the stress of coaching (jon gruden, herm edwards). Probably a guy who's looking to take a step up..del rio would be a guy who probably would fit that bill. And would carry the kind of weight SC is looking for in terms of name recognition. Much like pete carroll before...NFL guy looking to revive his stock as a viable HC option.

vitaminB's picture

I think Petersen's son has some sort of ailment, and they are in love with the doctors out there.  That's according to a Boise fan friend of mine.

buckeyedude's picture

Chris Peterson thinking: "Let's see. Southern California or Boise, Idaho. Hmmmm. No blue turf in So. Cal., high cost of living and taxation but much better paying job, perfect weather, hot So. Cal. girls...hell with it. Boise is so much better than So. Cal. Hell no, I won't go!"



GoBucksToledo's picture

Is Walrus Bollman leveraging his Sparty job to get to LA?