Freshman Wide Receiver James Clark Likely Out for the Season

September 23, 2013 at 12:15p    by Jason Priestas    
Stay strong, sir

Ohio State freshman wide receiver James Clark, who suffered a pretty tough-looking ankle injury against Florida A&M Saturday, is likely out for the season, per his position coach, Zach Smith:

"He's doing well," Smith said. "He had an ankle injury and he's probably done for the year, so we'll move forward with him. As far as his mentality and his psyche, he's doing really well. We were excited about his development and how he was coming, but obviously injuries happen in football. So we are looking forward to an off‑season for him and getting him stronger and a better understanding of the offense, so we are excited about it."

Because the injury occurred during the first third of the season, Clark will receive a medical redshirt if he is unable to return. Get well soon, Mr. Clark.

Source: @KyleRowland



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wishing him a speedy recovery 

lets go bucks!!

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everything Clark does is speedy!
Best of luck to him during his recovery.

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This is a shame.  I was hoping to see more of him this year.
Heal quickly young man!

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My buddy texted me when it happened (I was volunteering at a beer festival and didn't get to watch the game). Not the text you want to see. Hopefully he has a quick recovery.

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Hate to lose anyone, but if there's a positive for JC this happened early enough in his freshman year for him to fully bounce back. 
Volunteering at a beer festival Unk? Man, the first Oktoberfest of the season in my area kicks off on Saturday (drools). 
I do love the fall.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Yeah, my friends' charity got the proceeds and I wanted a chance to volunteer. I usually participate in such events, so they usually get my money, but this time around they got my time instead (which in my view is just as good if not a bit more valuable). It was fun and it coincided with the first day of Oktoberfest in Munich. It also didn't hurt that I was still allowed to test some of the beers.
And you're right, fall is a wonderful time.

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Way to step up and volunteer, Unky! I am sure this was for a great cause.
Went to a beer festival and a wine festival on Saturday, then caught the last half of the game. I did my duty my taking my wife to the wine tasting, but enough was enough. And speaking of Oktoberfest, I just bought a case of Paulaner that I plan to inaugurate this coming Saturday evening.
During this most wonderful time of the year, I am mostly trying to cram all the weekend stuff into the two bye weeks.

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It is a great cause. The charity is called Making Kids Count and they do great work around the Youngstown area for many children. It was definitely nice to be a part of a great event that benefited them.

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Forcing children to do math borders on child abuse.  At least that's what my kids tell me.

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Perhaps if you let them use a calculator, instead of your Abacus, they wouldn't say that?

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Slide rules rule!

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So does O'Doyle

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Heal fast, young Buck!

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He got rolled up pretty bad. Not surprised to hear the severity of the injury.
Here's wishing him a complete and speedy recovery.

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Sucks, but expected upon seeing the injury.

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Too bad for James, get well young man, focus on your health.  As a former receiver, that play looked especially painful. 
Maybe his healing time will rival his 100M time and he'll be back for the Wisky game :)

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Speedy recovery and prayers!!


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that was one of those injuries that hurt my ankle watching it... Speedy recovery and best of luck to the kid.

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Damn. Very intelligent kid with insane speed. Reserved and hard-working. One of my favorite recruits of the loaded 2013 class. I hope James recovers completely and quickly. He will be a Buckeye great.

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I had a feeling it was a bad ankle injury based on how it transpired.  Hope he gets back ASAP. Good luck to him.

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Keep your head up young man- AND get well soon. 

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Here's wishing you a fast recovery, James. I hope you feel the support of Buckeye fans everywhere.

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You are in our prayers, James!  

"I miss Brady Hoke."

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Get well soon Mr. Clark and don't lose that speed!!!

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Hope Clark keeps his head up... there is something special about that kid.

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If he recovers fully, as much as this sucks, is honestly not the worst thing to ever happen to the kid. I'm not sure he was going to get all that much PT and now, he'll be able to get stronger and learn the offense better for next season.

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