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By Ramzy Nasrallah on September 25, 2013 at 11:15a
wisconsin sucks

This weekend's visitors to Ohio Stadium are aiming to reach their fourth straight Rose Bowl.

You would have to go back to 1985 to span three such trips for the Buckeyes. That spell is even long enough to pre-date the existence of the timeless Joe Bauserman.

Wisconsin's current streak began the year after Ohio State's most recent trip in 2010, so while half of the current Buckeyes have only been to Jacksonville or Columbus for the holidays, the majority of Wisconsin's players have tasted Pasadena exclusively. Three. Straight. Times.

Oh, the Badgers are also 5-5 over their last ten games and according to Urban Meyer - they're the King of the conference. It's gross, but he's technically correct.

This means that while Wisconsin's reign will be challenged each week this season, a de facto Leaders Division Championship game is being held Saturday night on Woody Hayes Drive. An uninspiring monarchy has reached a crossroads.

Wisconsin's challenge isn't all that intimidating: Its conference schedule contains only one team that played in a January bowl game last season. Should the Badgers survive the Buckeyes, they'll get them - the Wildcats - in Madison with two weeks to prepare.

The only other bowl team they'll see at all is protected rival Minnesota in late November. There are no Michigan squads to worry about, nor is there a revenge game with Nebraska looming unless they happen to meet again in Indianapolis.

Wisconsin is the most mediocre tyrant the Big Ten has ever seen.

Ohio State faces the same weak slate with a trip to Ann Arbor instead of Minneapolis being the enormous exception. Only the I and P schools of the Leaders Division stand in these two teams' paths, and none of them are positioned (or allowed) to challenge for Wisconsin's crown.

Its reign as King has been emblematic of the conference's current dark period: The last ranked non-B1G team Wisconsin defeated was Northern Iowa (#9 in the FCS) last season. Prior to that it was South Dakota State (#20 in the FCS) in 2010.

Over the past seven years the Badgers have beaten one ranked FBS opponent outside of the conference and that was a shaky Miami team in the 2009 Champs Sports Bowl. This is how a dynasty is made in this Big Ten: Avoid postseason bans and simply suck less than everyone else. 

Gary Andersen's serially pissy predecessor fled Wisconsin after having (proudly) gone 1-5 against Ohio State, 2-3 against Penn State, 3-4 against Michigan State and 2-5 in bowl games. He went 3-2 against Michigan during the darkest era in Michigan football history.

That is your king: Bow down. Wisconsin is the most mediocre tyrant the Big Ten has ever seen.

Saturday night presents Ohio State with classic dethroning opportunity. Beating Wisconsin puts almost insurmountable space between the Buckeyes and their only eligible challenger in the Leaders Division. They would have to lose twice while the Badgers would be forced to run the table.

Ohio State can't just escape with a win Saturday.

But unlike Ann Arbor, simply conquering a weak conference isn't the top priority in Columbus anymore. It's simply a necessary step en route to the top priority.

This means that simply winning this game isn't enough. A victory may slot Ohio State above Wisconsin for the balance of this year's schedule, but a dull King like Wisconsin can't be be deposed in peace.

So Ohio State must lay a giant, humiliating stain on Wisconsin's season Saturday.

This isn't a bold request or a thinly-veiled attempt to gain access to the Badgers' bulletin board. The narrative has long required the Buckeyes not just to win all of their 2013 games, but to win them emphatically in order to be considered for national relevance.

This isn't a new idea or a deliberately hot sports take. The stakes and the requirements for a title run are unchanged; we've been talking about them since last November. The Buckeyes are required to dominate; they can't just simply win. This isn't 2002.

It is a fair standard, as the Big Ten is all out of title equity. Blood must be spilled if Ohio State is truly vested in reaching the stadium where Wisconsin's been going each January since Bauserman was only 25. That has got to stop.

So the Buckeyes' incomparable home field advantage on Saturday can't serve as the margin of victory. A clean, tidy and efficient seven or 10-point victory isn't going to cut it, even against the King of the conference.

If Ohio State cannot take down Wisconsin in resounding fashion then there is no referendum on who rules the Big Ten. There is no changing of the guard, there is no renewed energy for national title consideration and there is no message sent to the rest of the conference or to any of the polls.

The Buckeyes would merely become the front-runner in another uninspiring Big Ten season, while the Badgers would graciously be excused from losing their fourth consecutive Rose Bowl. Saturday night must produce better outcomes than those.

Losing to Wisconsin in the environment it will have Saturday effectively cancels Ohio State's season from being anything other than regionally interesting. In addition, Wisconsin's path back to Indianapolis and Pasadena would be totally deserved, as would Andersen's Big Ten inevitable B1G Coach of the Year honors.

This cannot be allowed to happen. Ohio State has waited until the fourth quarter - or later - in its last two meetings with Wisconsin to finish them off. The Buckeyes cannot afford to be so dramatic this time, because there should be no doubts as to who is in charge. The Badgers' uninspiring reign has to end quickly on Saturday.

Just as importantly, it must end loudly - because a peaceful transition of power in the Big Ten is totally inconsequential to the rest of the country.


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Sobo3612's picture

Between being bowl eligible, the buckeyes path to the big dance, and the recruits being on campus this weekend. I can't think of a bigger game in the past few years. GO BUCKS 

Go bucks!

jdagrava.1's picture

"It takes a little something special to be a great player.  What you got in you, we're going to find out.  And if there's a touch of greatness in there, how cool would that be?"

-Urban F. Meyer

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dwcbuckeye's picture

You said: "So Ohio State must lay a giant, humiliating stain on Wisconsin's season Saturday."
I could not agree more and I will be more than a little disappointed if we don't win big (3 touchdowns or more).  A lot of people are picking the Buckeyes to win, but expecting a close game over a rival that has given us some problems in the past.  To me, if the game is relatively close it will tell me that we are NOT where we need to be to take on an Alabama or an Oregon.  Seriously, who among us would be surprised if Wisky played either of those two at night on the road and didn't get absolutely man-handled.  Of course those two teams would crush Wisky.  To  be elite, and especially at home at night, the Buckeyes must do the same - and this is my expectation.

fanatibuck's picture

Exactly. "F" the close *hit. Excuse my language, but its time for the Buckeyes to stop being soft and actually woodshed beat a decent opponent. I hope Urban has his team breathing fire and tells them that a 7 or 10 pt victory over Wisky will most likely ruin any NC hopes even going undefeated. WE must crush our B1G competition. IT is the only way national pollsters and pundits will give us any typle of respect. GO BUCKS!!


willshire58's picture

A small part of me wanted this to be about the song by The National.
Great read as always.

Unky Buck's picture

It's the first thing I thought of too when I read the title. What a phenomenal song!

Rock over London; Rock on Chicago. Timex: It takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'

bedheadjc's picture

Put a little something in the lemonade, and take it with us...

D-Day0043's picture

Urban usually always has his teams ready for primetime. I fully expect a thrashing.

I am D-Day0043 and I approve this message.

AirForceNUT's picture

I didn't read who wrote this article, but by the time i was finished i was certain it was Ramzy..

kalabuckzoo's picture

the photo effects should be a dead giveaway

SaltyD0gg's picture

49-14 and it won't even be that close.
The best team they've had in the last 10 years lost to the worst team we've had in the same period. This one could get ugly.

Pain of Discipline

Pain of Regret

Take Your Pick

WildBear Buckeye's picture

Um ... unfortunately, possibly the best OSU team of the last 5 years, the one with the most important bowl win* - the 2010 team - lost to Wisconsin.

GoBucksOSU's picture

That was in Camp Randal. Wisconsin is not as good when playing on the road.

fanatibuck's picture

Stop with the Negative Nancy crap. We are going to win and win BIG. I have been predicting 51-17 for the past week. My sentiments haven't change. The Shoe will be a MADHOUSE!!!


Bamabucknut's picture

The ability of our defense to limit Wisconsin scoring is key.A shoot out with both teams putting up big numbers says we are not ready for the big dance.

bassplayer7770's picture

Consider this.  Cincy beat Purdue 42-7; Wisky beat Purdue 41-10.  Therefore, picture us playing against Cincy.

fear_the_nut70's picture

The transitive property in CFB has been proven false many times over.  That is because football is a matchup sport (your strength against our strength or weakness).

CALPOPPY's picture

Sure, avoid the true name for this "transitive property of CFB." It's called "football herpes", damnit!

I'm a hurtin' buckaroo.

Fugelere's picture

+1 for "football herpes" LOL

bassplayer7770's picture

Oh, I know.  I figured you guys would appreciate the humor.

BTBuckeye's picture

Ramzy, you sir, are killing it lately

German Buckeye's picture

He always kills it IMO

Aesculus.'s picture

Keep it up, Great.  Someone's going to sell their 11W stock and retire to Fox Sports at this rate.  
^^Correction: Great Hype.

yrro's picture

In fairness to Wisconsin, their 2010 team was one heck of a football team, earned their win against us, and went down to the last second in their Rose Bowl loss.
The fact that the last two teams pretty much won by the conference by default shouldn't *completely* eclipse that. They're more like the revolutionary who, having taken the throne, has no idea what to do with it.

Corvas's picture

That is the one season I can agree that they were for real. It's also the only time I can remember that they've beaten legitimate Top-10 team.
Even so, they still got shut down by a Mountain West team in their bowl game.
Wisconsin is in the same boat as Ohio State when it comes to perception: We're never going to consider the Badgers as a power in the Big 10 unless they start beating us on a more consistent basis. Very similar to how people outside of Ohio/the Midwest will continue to doubt that Ohio State could compete with the Alabama's and Oregon's of the world until... well, they do.
The stupidest part about college football is that perception can impact whether you get the opportunity to compete with them in the first place. Thank god playoffs are coming.

luckynewman13's picture

I think I remember Ohio State beating Oregon in the Rose Bowl recently.

slicksickle's picture

And beating Arkansas, even though it didn't "technically" happen. Arkansas is no Alabama, but it's something to consider.

Corvas's picture

I know. That's the stupidity of it. The 6-7 season and bowl ban made people outside of OSU quickly forget about those wins.

fear_the_nut70's picture

Playoffs reduce the sport in part to the winner of a tournament (which is often the healthiest of the best teams left).  Also, you continue to repeat the CFB playoff myth, as if somehow subjectivity won't go into the decisions of who makes the playoffs and who matches up against whom in a sport that has about 130 FBS teams.  No matter what model gets adopted going forward, the CFB championship will be nothing but a myth.

toad1204's picture

Dont mind me, I'm just going to jump in my cubicle the rest of the day.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

HotSauceCommittee's picture

I remember watching them jump and chant on the sideline during overtime.......it gave me chills then and did again watching this gif.

KBonay's picture

I watched this game in Newport Beach, at a Bar where the Scal Wisconsin Alum call home.  It was wonderful.....

Earle's picture

Have you tried Not Your Father's Root Beer?  It tastes just like the real thing, but it packs a punch (5.9%ABV).  It's a little sweet for me though.  Two is my limit.

toad1204's picture

By this logic....

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

BuckeyeSaab's picture

Good lord!!  Who is that ugly dude next to the orc?

I'm sorry for not being sorry.

TMac's picture

How many points =  humiliating stain?
4 TD's or more!! GO BUCKS!

ONE Not Done!

Run_Fido_Run's picture

It's not so much a 3 or 4 TD margin, but that the Buckeyes go all '87 Miami Hurricanes on the Badgers - sans the dancing and strutting, of course.
I want to see Wisconsin defenders looking at each other dumbfounded, elbows in the air in surrender, after stumbling after Dontre Wilson on a 73 yard TD streak.
I want to see Wisconsin plow down the field, only to watch as Roby returns an INT in the other direction for a 60-yd TD.

zachross83's picture

Part of my has a hard time believing that even if we throttle Wisky it will do anything to move us in the polls. 

fanatibuck's picture

Don't be negative. We already know we won't move up in the polls. Teams ahead of us will have to lose. That goes without saying. Not our fault the B1G SUCKS!! That being said we are going to take Bucky Badger behind the F'en shed and kick his rodent *ss to Kingdom Come. Damn Ramzy has me all fired up. This article has got me breathing FIRE!!! LOL!


BucksfanXC's picture

We seem to play into their pageantry. We always play them at night, with alternative jerseys, etc. etc.
I think they only have the run, even more so this year than normal. Our D-line will be tested as will our LBs. Stack the box and dare them to throw. We might have some trouble keeping them from scoring 4 TDs, but we'll score 6+.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

Maestro's picture

vacuuming sucks


Blood must be spilled if Ohio State is truly vested in reaching the stadium where Wisconsin's been going each January since Bauserman was only 25. That has got to stop.

The Bucks need to do this quickly and cleanly in the first quarter and never look back.  As far as Wisky being King of the B1G, I say off with their heads!  Sorry, after reading this article with so many references to a kingly reign, I could not help myself.

"Woody is a God-fearing man. It's good to know that he's afraid of somebody." --Archie Griffin

Run_Fido_Run's picture

I say off with their heads!

Ouch! Somewhere Rashad Johnson is thinking, "losing a tip could have been much, much worse."



"Woody is a God-fearing man. It's good to know that he's afraid of somebody." --Archie Griffin

whobdis's picture

We honestly should have a comfortable lead by the 4th quarter. But I've seen way to many Wisky games come down to a play or two. My first game had Roman Bates (normally sure handed) drop at least 3 fumbles. And it's gone that way through Earle, Coop and JT. It's helped us on occasions..our 2011 team had no business beating Wilson and co...most because of Braxton's theatrics. Last year was the W's fumble at the goall line. I will be more than happy to see Urban put a stop to this nonsense

Ahh Saturday's picture

The stakes and the requirements for a title run are unchanged; we've been talking about them since last November. The Buckeyes are required to dominate; they can't just simply win. 

Exactly, and even that might not be enough.  I think an undefeated Oregon or Stanford is almost guaranteed a spot in the title game, as well as an undefeated SEC champion.  On top of that we've now got to worry about an undefeated Clemson (I know, I know, I laughed myself as I wrote that) and even perhaps a one-loss SEC champ. 

longstb's picture

Call me the eternal optimist, but I firmly believe that if the Bucks take care of business soundly every single weekend, things will work out for them at the end of the season in the polls.  Enjoy the run!


Ahh Saturday's picture

This is the pecking order as I see it:
1) undefeated SEC champ
2) undefeated PAC 12 champ
3) undefeated OSU
4) undefeated ACC champ
5) one loss SEC champ
It would be unprecedented to have undefeated teams from the SEC, PAC 12, and B1G in the same season, but if it happens we're out.

luckynewman13's picture

If the undefeated ACC champ is Clemson they will take priority, unfortunately, unless Georgia completely tanks. But I think Ohio State gets picked over Florida State if it is going to come down to those two.

CC's picture

I wish I could upvote the title.  I'm so tired of listening to Wisconsin fans talk about their Rose Bowls especially because they lost them all!

Buckeyeneer's picture

I like the special effects used on the picture at the top of the article. It looks like crinkled paper which makes me draw the connection that in addition to his explicit verbal assault on Wisky's legitimacy, Ramzy is also subliminally attacking them through the photo as a "paper champion".

"Because the rules won't let you go for three." - Woody Hayes

THE Ohio State University

Denny's picture

Pretty sure by midnight on Saturday we'll be able to say "Turn the light out, say goodnight" to the Era of Badger.


45has2's picture

Badgers? We don't need no stinking Badgers.

"I don't like nice people. I like tough, honest people." -W.W. Hayes

Gametime's picture

Always reminds me of:

Between goals and achievement is discipline and consistency. That fire you have inside to do whatever you love is placed there by God. Now go claim it. ~ Denzel Washington

Cusbuck's picture

It is well documented that Urban and Anderson are friends.   Will Urban pour it on or "take it easy" on an old friend?   
I hope and pray for the "pour it on option", then at the post game handshake say, "sorry, had to do it".
Great article.

I'm not saying,  I'm just saying.

tennbuckeye19's picture

Urban knows what is at stake. And if Andersen knows Urban well, he knows the drill. It's not personal between them. It's personal between OSU & Wisky. 

CC's picture

Do you really have any doubt he would pour it on?

The Butler's picture

So Ohio State must lay a giant, humiliating stain on Wisconsin's season blue dress Saturday. 


I've trained Canaries in the sport of falconry.


droessl's picture

Something along these lines would be great:

Defiance J's picture

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta . . . 

headina's picture

PC load letter!?!?!?


Earle's picture

 Ohio State must lay a giant, humiliating stain on Wisconsin's season

Not sure it is this, as much as Ohio State must remove a giant, humiliating, Bert-shaped stain from the B1G's reputation.  How embarrassing is it that that guy was the conference's standard bearer for three straight years?
Sorry, Mr. Andersen.  You didn't deserve this, but a bloodless coup is not an option.

Have you tried Not Your Father's Root Beer?  It tastes just like the real thing, but it packs a punch (5.9%ABV).  It's a little sweet for me though.  Two is my limit.

ChazBuckeye's picture

"Sorry, Mr. Andersen.  You didn't deserve this, but a bloodless coup is not an option."

I agree Earle that he (Gary) doesn't deserve what will transpire Saturday night.  However, he was very cognizant of what Cry Baby Brett did and now left for him before signing on the dotted line.  Granted, they have a very good D and great RBs.  But you can bet Urban won't be taking it easy whatsoever under the lights with over 30 recruits in attendance (not to mention over 105,000 raging fans all wearing red expecting blood and lots of it!).  This I can guarantee you;-)

Some people think we’re the hunted.I don’t feel that way at all.We’re the hunter.Everybody wants an angry football team.Everybody wants a team on edge and a hungry team.If you’re a hunter,that usually equates to being hungry.

Young_Turk's picture

There's something to be said for being the #2 son, and taking advantage of the opportunity when son#1 takes a bullet.  Worked for JFK, worked for Kenny G this year.  Worked for the cheese-eaters for a number of the last years.
Great article, except for the must never get old to you "joke" about JB.  I'll have to update the statistics.

Who appears more frequently in 11W, Archie Griffin, Craig Krenzel, Maurice Clarett, or Joe Bauserman?
Archie Griffin:  The only 2 time Heisman award winner.  President/CEO of OSU Alum Assoc.  857 references to "Griffin". 
Krenzel:  QB of the 2002 National Championship Ohio State Buckeyes.  552 references to "Krenzel".
Clarett:  Running back of 2002 National Championship Ohio State Buckeyes.  High profile life since then, including prison, NFL (brief) career, rehabilitation, pubic service.  604 references to "Clarett"
Bauserman:  Started 2 games for 2011 Buckeyes, won both.  Had a bad relief appearance in Nebraska game.  927 928 references to "Bauserman"


JYBUCKEYE's picture

Bauserman started 3 games Akron, Toledo, and Miami.  His record was 2-1.  I'm not one to point out mistakes, but I hated that Miami game!!

Young_Turk's picture

Thank you.  I'll update the statistics to reflect he played 3.5 games.  Then I can fairly compare the # of references to same/later year players, (# references/#games played in career) = 11W JB Meta Metric. 
JB's gonna beat the shit out of every other player, evah!!!
I'm one who firmly believes a joke isn't truly funny, till it's heard for the 1000th time.  Only 100 more to go Ramzy!!!
The Aristocrats!


HandsOfSweed's picture

GRRRR. That Miami game. Stoneburner alllll alone in the back of the EZ. Bauserman looks right at him from the 10 yard line with time to throw...and tosses the ball 10 rows into the stands. I almost lost my f'ing mind.

buckeyedude's picture

I, for one, will never forget "The Baus."



ChazBuckeye's picture

An exemplary explanation of Wiscy's so-called dominance of the B1G. Another superb masterpiece Ramzy!

Some people think we’re the hunted.I don’t feel that way at all.We’re the hunter.Everybody wants an angry football team.Everybody wants a team on edge and a hungry team.If you’re a hunter,that usually equates to being hungry.

Hovenaut's picture

Excellent article.

They've had good teams, but it always seems the Badgers have been in the right place at the right time over the years.

Their three Rose Bowl wins under Alvarez (93, 98, 99) were over two UCLA and one Stanford team that were hardly elite conference champions.

Bert was outcoached by Gary Patterson in the 2010 Rose Bowl with TCU, unable to keep up with Oregon in 2011 and fell to a good Stanford team last year.

The last two years Wisky benefited from a bad Buckeye squad and ineligible OSU and PSU teams.

I don't recall a time where they were in a national title discussion, especially while Tressel was in Columbus.

But here they are, defending B1G champs, three years running.

I like Gary Andersen, never thought I'd say that about a coach from 'sconsin (hi Bo Ryan). But the winds of change are upon us....Ohio State is eligible this year.

Buckle up.

DannyBeane's picture

We're going to mutilate Wiskey like Brawndo mutilates thirst BECAUSE WE GOT ELECTROLYTES AND SHIT! 
Guess what movie I just finished watching?

ChillitownBuck30's picture

^this...beyond f'ing awesome!

“Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself.”

IBleedSandG's picture

Best gif I've seen this week. Awesome!


Maestro's picture

This is definitely one of the games that I will have to watch in isolation.  
We have a really old dog who can't hear when I call her name, whistle, snap, clap, etc.  She can certainly hear me when I am watching the Buckeyes though, and she goes from being an anxious dog to being an absolutely freaked out disaster.  Panting, pacing, trying to escape, up and down the stairs, panting, pacing, hacking, rinse and repeat.  It's pretty sad.  
I also have a sweet 8-year-old daughter who says things like "Daddy, they are doing their best, you don't have to yell at them."
I also have an impressionable 5-year-old son who knows that Daddy loves the Buckeyes, but who really shouldn't witness my behavior during big games.
In an nutshell, I am pretty bat-shit crazy during games.  I know it's completely irrational and if I were to watch a video of myself during games I would be embarrassed.  
So I will be in the basement, clapping, yelling, pacing, jumping, hollering, cursing and alienating myself from the ones I love the most for a few hours.  
To give myself a little bit of credit, in 2011 I watched the Wisky game on my phone with my kids in a tent.  I held it together and we all celebrated when Braxton/Smith broke the Badgers hearts.  That was a season with much less riding on that game.  A 4-3 Buckeye team had already eliminated itself from serious national notoriety.  THIS SEASON IS SO VERY DIFFERENT!!!!!

vacuuming sucks

45has2's picture

Your act is pretty much the same as every Buckeye I know personally. Last week as we gathered to watch FAMU get hazed, I commented to my fellow Buckeye Faithful how much less stressful the Urbinator's brand of football is to watch. My group all loves The Vest. However, how cool is it to watch UFM come out swinging and never stop punching? These are heady days, Faithful. Enjoy the ride.

"I don't like nice people. I like tough, honest people." -W.W. Hayes

nm_buck's picture

@maestro "Panting, pacing, trying to escape, up and down the stairs, panting, pacing, hacking, rinse and repeat.  It's pretty sad."
Pretty much describes me during big games.

"The future is bright at Ohio State."  - Urban Meyer 1/1/15

buckeyedude's picture

Good post Maestro. I'm having the same debate with myself....whether to watch the game at Dale's Bar with many other Buckeye fans, or at home in isolation with no distractions.
I might suggest sending your dog and kid to the ex-wife's for the night or to the kennel. I'm the same way as you. I've been known to throw the remote, every now and again.
Let's just put it this way: ALL my neighbors know when the Buckeyes are playing, even if they don't follow college football(WTF?).



Jack Burton's picture

This seems appropriate.

It's all in the reflexes - Me

BTBuckeye's picture

funny. I can't believe that even exists. love the music!

Jack Burton's picture

It's from the '89 cult classic "UHF". Definitely worth a watch if you enjoy screwball comedy.

It's all in the reflexes - Me

causeicouldntgo43's picture

This must be played on the scoreboard in the Shoe right before the game. Nice find....

buckeyedude's picture

OMG that would be so perfect. I wish they would do that!



fear_the_nut70's picture

I had forgotten about this.  Wish I could give it 25 upvotes (but alas, you get one).  Only way it could have been better is if that shirtless drunk Bert would be the one saying it after he left for the SEC ("we don't want to be like them, we want to be them.")  Nice game last week Bert, beaten by a future B1G opponent!

JLBNYC's picture

As always - great stuff by Ramzy.

This is gold:

This is how a dynasty is made in this Big Ten: Avoid postseason bans and simply suck less than everyone else. 

TennesseeBuckeye's picture

When Wisconsin has a 100 yd rusher Bucks are 8-8-1, when Bucks have a 100 yd rusher we are 37-2-1. With a 200+ passer we are 5-4, when they have a 200+ yd passer we are 9-2. Whether Wisconsin gets a 100 yd rusher is not as important as if we have one. I think Guiton starts throws it around  a bit, we run a few plays outside, Braxton comes in and we pound the ball with Hyde and Miller, one of them gets over 120 yds. The other will be close to 100. I'm dying to see a jailbreak screen to Hall or one of the younger guys with Hyde blocking. We're going to wear them out stretching it out, then POUND them up the middle. The Defense has to tackle, wrap up, keep the ball in front of them. No big plays, they can have their 100 yd rusher, our offense wins this one, as long as the defense bends and doesn't break we win. We get a pick 6 in this one. Bucks are 22-0 when scoring 20+ pts at home, we are 29-3 (those 3 loses were '99-'04) when scoring 10+ pts. Last time we scored in 40's (42-22) at home 1989. Last time we scored 50's (59-0) 1979. I'm thinking 42-17. They get their 100 yd rusher (100-110), we have one (120-140) and two guys (50-90). 3 Passing TD's 3 Rushing TD's. 2 TD's over 40 yds (1 on a screen) 1 TD less than 20yds.
1 long rushing TD over 40 yds, 2 under 20yds (1 goal line).

I may not be able to outsmart too many people, but I can outwork 'em.
Woody Hayes

Ethos's picture

do you mean last time we scored above 50's against wisconsin?  Because we just put up 76 points...

"I spent 90 percent of my money on women and drink. The rest I wasted." - George Best

TennesseeBuckeye's picture

That's correct against Wisconsin

I may not be able to outsmart too many people, but I can outwork 'em.
Woody Hayes

Estrada's picture

Thank you for the data breakdown.  Great stuff!

KBonay's picture

"What?!  Those 3 titles are LEGIT"


brylee's picture

that's funny!!!

OurHonorDefend09's picture

Love the title, considering how fitting it is and that The National happens to be my favorite band. I am so pumped for this game. I bought my tickets for the NW game, but the only way that game means anything is if the Buckeyes win this big. I expect and hope to see the first Urban Meyer curbstomping of a B1G challenger.

Don't give up... Don't ever give up.

RoyMunson's picture

Thank you. You put all of my thoughts into well-written words.

Frostybuck88's picture

Amen brother...

The Dude abides...

O-H-I-Owe-U's picture

Anyone know who is giving the pre-game pep talk this week? I nominate you, Ramzy.

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I'll give Wisconsin credit for 2010 (they did beat OSU, even though OSU still may have been the best team that year) and 2011 (even though OSU still beat them).  However, Wisconsin was merely a placeholder in 2012.  Only once in a million years can you go .500 in conference play, finish 3rd in your own division, have the 2 teams that finished better than you both be banned from the postseason play, and get into a conference championship game.  That is not earned by Wisconsin.  That is ridiculous luck.
In all honesty, they should've let OSU play Nebraska for the B1G title, and sent Nebraska to the Rose Bowl regardless of what the outcome of the game was.  Then again, after watching Nebraska get lit up to the tune of 70 points by Wisconsin, I worry about what would've happened to Nebraska at the hands of Stanford.  At least Wisconsin kept it...well...close in the Rose, and they may have been the 5th or 6th best team in the conference. 

Class of 2010.

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This is the key for the Wisconsin game for me--can we handle their run game?  I was at the ASU-Wisconsin game and Wisky couldn't run the ball up the middle at all.  Our D-line collectively is better than ASU's in my opinion.  They were able to run sweeps against ASU.  If this is where the game goes on Saturday, that means we will either need good LB play against the run and/or run support from the secondary.  If Wisconsin finds themselves consistently in 3rd and 2's because we don't contain the run, this is going to be a dogfight.

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I still think the key is our offense.  We run up 3 TD's in the 1st qurater like we have been doing, that forces Wisconsin to abandon the run thus sealing the victory, because they can't pass worth a damn.  Especially against our CB's.

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Football can be funny in terms of who seizes the momentum and pace.  If they get a few drives where they run the ball and eat up clock, our O will be on the sidelines.  If, instead, we score quickly on our first few possession and they get in a hole, it will be difficult to remain patient with the run.  You are right though, there are multiple interesting matchups that could dictate tempo & momentum.

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In 2011 the buckeye team was in shambles (still beat Wisconsin though, boy did that stun Badger Nation), in 2012 of course could not play in the post season, so Wisconsin is indeed a faux King.  Throw in the fact that getting a transfer like Russell Wilson was just a freak stroke of luck, losing bowl games to the likes of TCU, and it is painfully obvious that Wisconsin was just a shadow of what their "official status" in the B1G indicated over the past three years.  Don't get me wrong, a very good / solid program, but this article is a skillfully penned reality check.

The will to win is not as important as the will to prepare to win. -- Woody Hayes

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Ahhhh, a mid week article from Ramzy, a little dessert to tide me over to Saturday.
What... you can't see me bowing to the master of prose... Well I am.
As usual Ramzy can reveal what the clothes the king is really wearing without any derogatory comments, just the facts.

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Expectations are a tricky thing to understand sometimes. I lived in Wisconsin for thirty years and had many arguments with Badger fans about Wisconsin and OSU football. Most of the disagreements were a result of the completely different expectations the teams and fan bases have for their respective teams. Badger fans are completely satisfied winning an occasional  Big 10 championship, going to the Rose Bowl, or at minimum, screwing up a better, more talented team's season with an unexpected upset. This level of performance, in their twisted minds, made their program at least equal to the Buckeyes. They refused to understand that OSU was out for bigger game. Winning the Big 10 or going to a BCS game at the end of the season was the culmination of a good season, but winning the National Championship was the real goal. Being the BEST was our goal and annual expectation of everyone here.
There is very little pressure on a team that expects to win when they play their best and the more talented opponent has an off day. When they lose, it's no big deal, the Bucks were expected to win, it was just a game., blah blah blah...... When they win, they season is made, and their program is validated in their mind as our equal. I hope the Bucks crush them back to the 1970's and Urban shows no mercy.  


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Thanks for the insight into Bucky's brain. Now I have to go shower.

"I don't like nice people. I like tough, honest people." -W.W. Hayes

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I hate that the narrative says Ohio State must boot Wisconsin to the moon.  It's just not fair.  Conference opponents are tough no matter what conference you're playing in.  Wisconsin's defense has seen this attack, and they are probably chomping at the bit to take it to a battered Miller after last year's close call.  They've probably been preparing all year for it.
A two-score win over the Badgers should go a lot farther than it will.  But again, because of the narrative, it won't matter much regardless what happens.  If OSU punts Wisconsin off the Earth, they will have beaten an eventually unranked 3-2 team.  If they win a close one, they will have narrowly escaped an eventually unranked 3-2 team.  Wisconsin did no one any favors by struggling against Arizona State.
But Ramzy, you're right...if there truly is a culture change brought in by Urban and his team, this is the game where it needs to be unsheathed.  Here's hoping.

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I hope Urbs friendship with Wisky's new coach will not motivate him to play nice. We have a championship to win. 


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Ramzy is straight up assassinating this stuff with these killer articles. Cold-Blooded!

"if irony were made of strawberries, we' d all be drinking a lot of smoothies right now."

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Is it Saturday yet?!?! Love this article because it is unapologetically TRUE! The time is NOW for the Buckeyes to step up and smack Wiscy right in the kisser! No bullshit about, it's time Buckeyes!
Living out here in the desert, the Buckeyes have a pretty strong fan base believe it or not. I'll be huddled around fellow Buckeyes come Saturday evening screaming our asses off. This is what it's all about guys and gals. TIME TO MAKE A STATEMENT!! Go Buckeyes!!

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you." -Woody Hayes-

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I wonder if we have run into each other and not known it (I also live in Az).  You are correct, there is a huge Buckeye presence in AZ, would shock some who are not familiar with Phoenix.  A few weeks ago (for SDSU game) the Big Kat was signing autographs at one of the local bars out here and the atmosphere was absolutely crazy.
Go Bucks! 

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Where do you go for games? I'm in Peoria.

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you." -Woody Hayes-

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I think if we are up comfortably in Q3 we'll go all Dave and subs will come in because next week is Northwestern, away, at night and that frankly looks to be a better challenge on paper than this week.  Wisky is too one dimensional.   Our running game will likely continue to score if that plays out.

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I've got goose bumps right now just day dreaming about this game......ladies and gentlemen the real season is here


^ best post ever ^

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Yes it is, the conference slate is always good for an extra boost of adrenaline.

vacuuming sucks

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Inspiration for Jen Bielema's next tweet to Wisky Nation: #fauxempire

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I doubt Jen knows what the word "faux" means.


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Oh, I think she knows. That is what enhancement surgery is for.

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Wisconsin will be vanquished. 


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This trail of posts are incredible today - ROCK ON and GO BUCKS!

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Ramzy, you are a master of language. This is another great analysis by a brilliant mind.

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"Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women."

"The future is bright at Ohio State."  - Urban Meyer 1/1/15

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Up Votes for ALL!!  

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I am sure Urban Meyer and his staff will have these guys ready to go.  Although Cal came back before the 1st half ended, I must say that was the fastest I have seen tOSU come out of the gates.  I would suspect all the givens mentioned above (national primetime game under the lights of the 'Shoe, bowl eligibillity, 'the Chase' being in full swing, B1G conference opener, and tons of recruits on hand) will get these young men amped out of their minds to play.  I am picturing last year's beatdown of Nebraska...

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

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Great job as always, Ramzy! You just expressed my thoughts, and probably 99.98% of Buckeye Nation's thoughts, perfectly.
You got skills, bro!



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Great game. Led the way for our championship run.

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