Sports Illustrated Sitting on "Big, Big" Alabama Story

September 2, 2013 at 10:37a    by DJ Byrnes    
this image is hysterical

Lars Anderson is a Senior Writer at Sports Illustrated, an adjunct professor at the University of Alabama and a man who authored The Sto​rm and the Tide. Some of the reporting for his book, which focuses on the Alabama dynasty and the tornado that ripped through Tuscaloosa in the spring of 2011, has been dovetailed into what he calls a "big, big" SI feature about Alabama due for release next week:

Well, Alabama fans are some of the most rational and free-thinking fans in America, so there's little doubt they will approach this article with an open mind.

This is college football, however, so this story could range anywhere from fixed raffles and discounted tattoos, to wrecked golden jetskis and stripper abortions, to a decade long cover-up of systematic child abuse. HOW DEEP DOES IT GO AT ALABAMA? We'll soon find out.

But until it actually drops and the story can be judged on its merits, don't hold your breath.



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Those tweets make it sound like it is not anything bad...

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Yeah, the implication of the headline made it sound like trouble.  But it's a puff piece, for sure.

Dan Isaacs

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Totally. Why would Alabama's SID work with SI if it was a bad story?

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After the Manziel conspiracy, what matters what it says. The NCAA/$EC has it covered.

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The whole team will be suspended for the first quarter against Georgia State. 

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And Alabama will still win 100 - 72.

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Let the players vote on the punishment...

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That image is hyerstical.

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You mean, because he can't screw on a smile even while he's holding that thing?

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Actually the mouse-over script on the picture was spelled like the above..... but alas, it's since been corrected. Now my joke's not funny anymore.

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He is upset Because while he is holding that thing urban meyer is trying to flip his recruits.

High and tight boo boo

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Maybe he was already missing those three OLmen who now play on Sunday.

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Tweets are hype so people will read it.  Selling magazines is what SI wants to do.  Do you really think this guy would put his "Adjunct Professorship" on the line for a story he wrote for SI?
 Not that 'Bama wouldn't treat him rationally and fairly if it was a hit piece...

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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Sorry, forgot the /sarc tag for my post above.

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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He is just trying to drum up some hype before he releases the piece. Its not going to be anything bad or hurtful to the university if their SID office helped out.

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Reading between the lines, it sounds like what Lars means by "big, big story" is that he wrote an 80,000 word article comparing Saban to other great historical figures like Napoleon, Hannibal, and Bear Bryant. 
No doubt, Lars's article will big on erudition - elegant metaphors, flowery adjectives, and collossal analogies. It'll be a very weighty piece of sports writing - big, big, big.
But no, silly, it wont include any new items even slightly damaging to the RollTideTM or eSECpn brands.       

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You left out a 'z'.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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I think you left out the Lars Anderson bio.

Senior Writer at Sports Illustrated. Working on The Storm and The Tide — a book on the T-Town tornado and Bama dynasty. Adjunct Prof at 'Bama. Resident B-Ham.

Professor at Bama and Alabama resident? The dude's been cleaning up NASCAR storylines and doing CFB season previews.  SI calls in the big guns when they want to uncover rigged raffles.  GQ already did a fluff piece on Saban, written by a Bama fan.

Even the Alabama fan base—of which, full disclosure, I'm a lifetime member—holds Saban in a kind of wary embrace.

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espIn will make sure NOTHING comes of this...if it really is anything to begin with!

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Pretty sure that he is tweeting that simply to generate interest. It is probably a story that highlights what an amazing person Saban is and the strength the Alabama program gave to Tuscaloosa during a devastating time...

He spins it the other way, its a BIG BIG story about to drop, OH SHIT SABAN IS CHEATING! BY THE MAGAZINE!!!


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I'll believe the hype when I read it.

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Lemme guess: They're going to erect a "Saban" statue?
"Lars?" WTF? Where's the other SI writers extraordinaire, Hans and Franz? This is a frickin' joke. It's just another, "I have a source that tells me...." type BS article.
Take a hike, Lars.



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How do you make Saban stand up straight? Feed him some Viagra!

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

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I have a feeling it will be mainly about the football factory that is Alabama. This includes the idea that if you can't play on the team you should move on (a topic that is discussed to great extent on this website and others). Alabama has never truly hid this action of pushing kids out to make room for new guys through oversigning. I think it will also discuss how Roll Tide has taken over the university and might be more powerful than what it appears. I can't imagine there will be anything too shocking but then again maybe it will be "Tat-gate 2.0" 

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just like the "Manziel Story,"  wake me up when something actually happens in terms of punishment. In other words,  I'm still sleeping from the last "breaking news." :/

Don't give up... Don't ever give up.

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He doesn't know how Alabama fans will take to the article because he has nary the slightest clue as to whether or not any of those rednecks will be able to read it.  I'm sure it will just be another 7 page long Viagra-fueled article about Nick Saban and OMG HE IS SO FREAKING GOOD AT COACHING blah blah blah...

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Its probably just about Saban getting belligerently drunk and punching an entire pre school class in the face for not liking the Rolling Stones.

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Well regardless if what it says one thing is for sure THE NCAA WILL DO NOTHING.  

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I learned long ago not to hold my breath with any NCAA violations where the sec is concerned, especially with regards to its golden child alabama.  The rules do not apply to the sec so why should any rational person wait for the proverbial hammer to fall?

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Preparations to be underwhelmed are under way. I hope I'm disappointed.

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looks like the article will be released just before the 'Bama vs Texas AtM game, coincidence? no.
The pregame hype for that game will be over-the-top.

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Big News? McCarron's mom getting bigger enhancements or Bama paid for them to get AJ's services?

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Probably something along the lines of Nick Saban is an incredibly flawed man. Blah blah blah. His biggest character flaw is that he works to hard blah blah He is also too trusting blah blah. In conclusion Roll Tide! I'm picturing a fluff piece disguised as journalism.

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Saban to Texas.

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Yawn. Probably a piece on how tough it is to be a student athlete, doing charity work, whatever..
Bama Matt, any inside scoop?

"2014 National with it!!!"

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Met a vols fan in fort lauderdale last winter said bama had heat on them. I didnt think much of it til now. I think they are definitely juicing there. For some reason when thier players go pro they dont do as well. Im thinking because the NFL actually test for roids.

Sometimes you're flush and sometimes you're bust...but life goes on.

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To be an adjunct professor could mean that he teaches one class every three years. I would base his reputation on his body of work, which is more about nascar than anything.

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wake me when nick bolts to the nfl to avoid something that might get my interest up 

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Might have something to with the previously rumored deer antler spray and steroid use- something that would qualify as "big" but wouldn't cause the writer to get his school's team suspended.
I'm not expecting much from this article. Maybe a little controversy, but I doubt anything at seriously hurts Bama.

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Sometimes you're flush and sometimes you're bust...but life goes on.

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He knows someone that knows the people that were paid off not to rat on the people that were paid off. 

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So that dude who poisoned Auburn's trees got his RoundUp from Uncle Nick? Video cam footage of Saban purchasing the RoundUp at his local Wal-Mart? He was actually seen smiling for only the 4th time in his life while waiting in line.....

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So...the story 'dropped'. *yawn*

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