Video: Braxton Miller Can Now Dodge Missiles

By Jason Priestas on August 29, 2013 at 4:00a

Just Braxton Miller dodging a missile in the quarterbacks meeting room at the WHAC. Is there anything this man cannot do?

Source: @dchang10

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Well that just happened............

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Hoke, is that the best you got? 

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Yeah, who made Brady president?

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That was far too accurate to come from any Michigan quarterback.

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Dont know why, but I cant stop laughing.

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I think that was an old pass Bauserman attempted to throw out in to the flat finally finding a place to land.

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Yep... it caught fire re-entering Earth's atmosphere.

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This is still one of the best images of all time.

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agreed 100%. I can't hear/read Bauserman's name without thinking about that chart. It's an 11W original, no? 

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No joke, I talked about this in a job interview for an internship and now I'm starting my career with that company. Thanks Bauserbombs.

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This is just part of Braxton's training ... if you can dodge a missile ... you can dodge a blitzing line backer!

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...what about wrenches?


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RIP Patches

vacuuming sucks

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If you pause it just right, the missile says on the side "Stark Enterprises". Apparently Braxton is being attacked by the Avengers because he is always a natural threat of mass destruction!

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Not confirmed yet, but sources say that was actually Dontre Wilson running through the conference room and then through the wall...  

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What ever it was it was funny!

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