Ohio State's Game at Virginia Tech in 2015 Will be on Monday Night

By Vico on August 26, 2013 at 7:27p
Lane Stadium

Let's look ahead to 2015 for a moment, shall we?

The "Labor Day" policy cited is a yearly series involving a home ACC team on Monday night on Labor Day. It has been going for ten years now. Virginia Tech played on Labor Day to begin the 2012 season, narrowly beating Georgia Tech.

It will be worth researching when was the last time Ohio State played a regular season game on Monday, if it has done so at all.

Source: @VT_TTL

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I'd be fine with beating them any given Monday.

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i will be there; sounds like a trip I need to make

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OK then.

Class of 2010.

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Not sure what to think of this.

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That will be Ohio State's 3rd game without Braxton. :(

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Not calling you a liar, but we will have 2 games BEFORE Labor Day Weekend in 2015??

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Whoops. Must have looked at the '14 schedule instead.

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VA Tech has not been very relevant recently. It would be great to see turn it around.

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This year, this weekend, against 'Bama.

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Virginia Buckeyes, let's go represent!
Between this game and Maryland being in OSU's division, it helps softens the blow of no longer living in the Great State...

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I plan on being there for the weekend!

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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I definitely plan on driving up from NC to catch this game, and I will be in Chapel Hill the following year for our game against UNC.

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In response to my inquiry about when was Ohio State's last Monday regular season game, our own Nicholas Jervey:


I can't believe I ate the whole thing.

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Blast, you beat me to it (sort of). You can tell which staffers are seasoned veterans and which are newbies.

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What were the circumstances of that game? I remember them playing Wyoming (I think) on a Thursday night once around then in one of those exempted games that aren't around any more. But not a Monday night game.

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Damn. Nicholas is fast. Thanks for the info.

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For the record, the last regular season Monday game Ohio State has played was against Fresno State on August 29, 1994 in the Pigskin Classic. Ohio State won that 34-10 in Anaheim, California.

So, does anyone have memories or stories about that game they'd like to share?

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Like many of us, I watched this one on TV; the only thing about it that sticks out in my memory is, at one point, the announcer described the kicking of Mike Malfatt as "suspect" - which prompted a spit take as Malfatt had recently been arrested for...I think it was shoplifting.  
After a decent career at OSU, not sure what happened to him - hopefully he got his life on track.

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That game was at the old Big A, Anaheim Stadium, in Anaheim. That place has since been remodeled and is now Angels Stadium, home to baseball's Angels. 
I believe that is Ohio State's last game on a multi-purpose grass field. If you remember, the NFL's Rams were the Los Angeles Rams at the time and shared the Big A with the Angels. 

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Urban continues an effort to put Ohio State in the spotlight on a national stage. That will be THE game of the day in primetime. Smart move in my book. Also from my calculations we will be on a 42 game winning streak going into that game so it will be exciting. 

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I remember that game because I was a freshman in college.
Ohio State won 34-10 and it was the Ohio State debut of Orlando Pace, Shawn Springs and Rickey Dudley.


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Whoops with caps lock

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Va Tech/Boise St. at FedEx a few years ago was on a Monday night, and it was goddamned crazy. I like this idea.


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Enter sandman, Buckeye victory, Someone has a case of the Mondays.

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Pretty sure productivity in Ohio will be pretty low the following Tuesday.

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We'll be there! Husband is a VT alum, OSU daughter and I will outnumber him, heh. Looking forward to it as VTech has a nice campus and will have a great crowd for that game.

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Looks like the game got moved.  I am thinking maybe Urban agreed as it would be only game that night, nationwide.  An opportunity to showcase OSU.

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Im pretty sure Virginia Tech hates playing on Saturdays

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I am going to try and go. I bet it is a good time. 

Bury me in my away jersey, with my buckeye blanket. A diehard who died young. Rip dad. 

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Monday night in Blacksburg. Better keep those two traffic lights a hummin'.

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I attended tOSU and my twin brother went to Virginia Tech.  My older sister attended VaTech during the Vick years and we saw more than a couple games.  The two of us (brother) have been anticipating these games for awhile now and you can expect us to be in the front row, reppin' our respective teams.  Very excited for this.  One of the hilarious things is though my parents shelled out far more dollars to VaTech, they both are stronger Buckeye fans, frustrates my siblings to no end.

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This also means that both the 2014 and 2015 seasons will begin on the road. Have we ever gone consecutive seasons with road openers?
And when do we play Indiana on the road to open the season? It's either 2016 or '17, and if it's '16, that would be three straight road openers. Interesting.

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I've already called off work for that Tuesday


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I can't wait for this, I'm already trying to get tickets for the home and home at both places, being from VA the Tech home game will be easy, still working on the game at the SHOE

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By the way, for all of you who are planning on going, and need hotel rooms, get them EARLY. There aren't many hotels in the greater Blacksburg area, and they fill up for Hokie home games. You can also try Salem and Roanoke if you get closed out of the greater Blacksburg area-they are about a half hour up the road. BTW, the Hotel Roanoke is a beautiful, restored historic hotel that is run in partnership with VT and Hilton Hotels.

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I've heard that guests at the Roanoke hotel just up and disappear.

To err is human. Really sucking requires having yellow stripes on your helmet.

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With Ohio State's luck, VT will miraculously turn into a 4-8 team the next two years and all Buckeye fans will have to hear is how awful their non-conference schedule is. (See: Miami (FL), Cal, etc.) 
Sarcasm aside, it's very hard to schedule games this far in advance and expect a good matchup; however, I feel like VT is a safe bet to beef up the schedule. I like this move for all parties involved.

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I wonder if this is wishful thinking on the part of the VT AD. With OSU now on semesters, it means players miss class the following day. I can see why VT wants it and ESPN wants it, but I'll believe it when I hear confirmation from an OSU official. Plus it affects scheduling for the following weekend. 

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