Rich Rod's Got Moves For Days

By Chris Lauderback on August 24, 2013 at 11:49a

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Never hated the man. Nice to see him in a coaching spot where he seems to be having fun.

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Is it too late to join the dance off?

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He's a lot less punchable at Arizona.

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I love 62 in white. He SO wants to join in but cant quite pull the trigger.

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That was fun to watch. :D

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I would say that Rich Rod has a little chemistry with his players. I hope he gets it all put together out there. He shouldn't quit the day job, the dance thing is never going to take off.

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This was a great thing to do...if, you are trying to be "one of the guys" coach.  Urban realizes this isn't the way to go in our level.  I don't see Tressel, Bo, Saban or Woody doing this.  Now, hear  me out: Mariotti?   Yup.  Certain trainers, position coaches, yup.  But not the head coach.  This would be fabulous for a high school team to get the head coach but not the caliber we are. 
I do wish RichRod luck as my hubby is a die hard WVa fan and the TTUN gig was a square peg/round hole thing much like Cooper but in spades.  I do think RichRod has talent.

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What is it with equipment managers always being the best dancers? 

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Low expectations.

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I miss him.

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Wildcats got nothing on the Buckeyes:

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+1 having a blast. If we do that this year we'll be okay.

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You're right, love the chemistry in that video.

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Was just thinking about this!

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Not really into that "music" but it was pretty cool, I guess. And I agree with Helga and Aero. The OSU Dougie was better and I think it's better for Urban to act like a father figure than a friend or brother.



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Sorry, one of my pet peeves is when people hate on hip hop and rap and say that it's not music, or use quotes to imply that it isn't. I'm not into country at all, but I'm also not one of those douches who always hates on it. It's all music, no reason to say that it's not just because you don't listen to it. People have different tastes. Not a personal attack, just a pet peeve.

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This sounds like a very sensitive subject for you.

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I'm really into music, Owl, so I definitely know what you're talking about. I think the problem that many people fail to see, though, is that the hip hop/rap that they're hearing is the stuff that is being forced down the throats of the masses and has no substance to it. Most mainstream hip hop is lazy (not sort of, kind of, or any of the like, it is) and carries very little weight in terms of credibility of the artist. Hip hop has moved away from its roots, except for many of those in the underground scene, and most of the popular acts/songs are used as a way to flaunt money (which they don't really have) or how amazing they are with the ladies (which no one should really care). It has become a superficial genre of music for the most part and if you have someone who doesn't dive into it more than just the surface (the popular stuff), then it appears to not be musically credible.

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True that uncle Buck! Everything they are saying today has been said before. I agree with you 110%. 

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This is so true Unky Buck. There are so many good hip hop artists out there that no one ever hears about. Lecrae is topps for me. 

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UV for Lecrae. One of the best lyricists out there, and he doesn't need to cuss or degrade other people to sell records. True talent.

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Just my opinion but I would think "players coaches" would have more off the field issues going on then a true Woody style coach.

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RichRod was my favorite coach for TTUN!  Loved watching his teams get destroyed by the Bucks!  Glad to see he's having fun at Arizona!! 
Go Bucks!!

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Sometimes you just gotta cut that rug. Amirite??

How Firm Thy Friendship....