The B1G Logo is on the Ice at the Schott

August 20, 2013 at 12:24p    by Jason Priestas    
The #B1G logo on the ice and it's beautiful.

Big Ten hockey will officially become a thing in Columbus when the Buckeyes welcome Michigan to the ice of The Schottenstein Center on Dec. 2. Can't wait.

Source: @OhioState_MHKY


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Excited for B1G hockey.  Previously, we had a bunch of conferences no one outside of hockey fans understood (i.e. WCHA).  Now people can place teams and there can be an actual Big 10 tournament.  Should help the sport, and allow people to give it a chance.

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Holy crap how did I miss that?  No CCHA?  I feel like a total jackass now.

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Looks good to me! Excited to see what the new league will be like.

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That is great to see! Hopefully we do well on the Hockey scene as well as other sports.

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Looks good, but it's a shame the hockey team plays in the Schott, it's just too large of a venue for a college hockey team, there isn't much of an environment for the hockey games outside of Michigan/Miami. 

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A good model would be MSU's Munn Ice Arena, which is a great venue for college hockey, but I'd rather be in a large arena than a small, dank one like Lawson Arena at Western Michigan.  

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I've never understood all the hockey conferences, etc., but I always thought hockey was an underrated event at tOSU.  As a student you could go to a game for something like $5 and have a really good time - cheaper than going to the movies or just about anything else you could do around campus.  

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Hopefully, the BTN will carry more OSU games than they did last year. 

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That's great! I had no idea that we were not in the big before. My bad. 

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