CBS' Gregg Doyel Sings Meyer's Praises for Hyde Suspension

By Ross Fulton on July 31, 2013 at 10:48a

In his latest column, CBS' Gregg Doyel praises Urban Meyer for what he considers perhaps too harsh of a punishment. Doyal states that he watched the Hyde video 15 times and that, while he is "pretty sure he was swatting at her, I don't know that he hit her."  Doyel added, however, that Meyer sent a message that such situations will not be tolerated.   

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Like it or no, we tune in to the opinions of the media.

Not going to debate the merits of whether or not they matter on the issue at hand, or to those directly involved, but in my opinion it's good Urban appears to be getting a fair shake this go around.

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I loathe Doyel. He's local here in Cincy and me and him have had several rounds of words over the years.
Regardless he's spot on with this article.

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i tend to put up with doyel a little bit, Dodd....that's a douche right there.

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That is why I hate getting on message boards not related to 11W, lol. It instantly turns into a fight. I'm getting irritated just reading some of the crap spewing from people there.

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You got that right Unky!!!  The vitriol crap over there is enough to make anyone sick.  Gotta love 11W!!

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still hate that guy...

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Well it looks like his position has changed since the last time Elika asked him on Twitter. 

Class of 2010.

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Ohio State ties its hand behind its back, and the world rejoices?  You don't say!

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*Yawn* Like Meyer is seeking approval from a HACK journalist.

"if irony were made of strawberries, we' d all be drinking a lot of smoothies right now."

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Dear Greg Doyle,

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Doyel can

vacuuming sucks

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Is this real life? Doyle wrote a positive article about us? I'm blown the eff away.
Ps - I upvoted every comment that stated something similar to, "I still hate Doyel." 

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Well, in that case, I can't stand that guy Gregg Doyel. What a HATER. Who cares what that clown thinks?

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It worries me as to what Roby is going to receive if the guy that isn't charged gets 3 games.

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Don't get too overly excited...anyone else hear about Riley Cooper and his n-bomb caught on video?  Former Gator.

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