Meyer helps Buckeyes Plan for Life after Football

By Ross Fulton on June 23, 2013 at 7:56a

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This is a really great idea, I wonder if there are other programs doing this? Kenny G seems to have  a great opportunity with ML, IMHO internships are the only way to get a good job right out of college right now. This can't hurt winning over the mom's in their living rooms when Meyer tells them he actually has a plan to help these kids set up their lives after football in the case they dont make it in the NFL.

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The article said that only two other programs, both ivy league, are doing it. 

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Very Woody-esque, that's a fantastic resource for the student-athletes in the football program. I'm sure Real Life Wednesdays are an excellent topic of choice for recruits as well.

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I love Parris Campbell hiding in the back of the picture...haha

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Glad OSU has set this up, since many will not go pro in most sports!!


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He said he knows of only two other colleges, both in the Ivy League, with similar programs.

This has to be a huge selling point for Urban and his staff when recruiting.




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Yes and no.  I bet most of these kids think they have a serious shot in the NFL.  I hope they understand that the odds of them actually playing are slim to none and they take this opportunity and run with it.

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After reading the article in the Virginia/Norfolk newspaper, it seems as of this was a huge reason why Jalyn Holmes felt OSU was the best place for him. He said that he and his family were blown away with how OSU prepares guys for their lives after football.  This is certainly a huge asset to our program.

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But Urban only ​turns his players into no good criminals. This must just be a front for some kind of shady activity.

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He has to make up for all the bad he has done somehow...

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This is just another example of what sets this coaching staff apart from all the rest.

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Go get 'em Kenny G!

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I wonder if Aaron Hernandez might have benefitted from something like this.

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Alabama also has a little known program to help their players adjust to life after football. It's every Monday at 5:00AM and is called "Don't Let The Door Hit Your Ass On The Way Out". Grey Shirts are allowed to take it online fail/fail (no "pass"/"fail" option).