Brandon Harris Talks Ohio State

By Miles Joseph on June 22, 2013 at 12:01p

Following the commitment quarterback Stephen Collier, most people thought Bossier City (LA) Parkway signal caller Brandon Harris was no longer in the picture for the Buckeyes. This is far from true, however.

"I knew Ohio State's thought process going into this. With my decision still being a month away and them not having a quarterback in this class they wanted to make sure they got one, especially because a lot of them have been committing recently," Harris said. "I am still strongly, and I really mean strongly, considering Ohio State. This will have no impact on my decision."

The Ohio State coaching staff made sure Harris knew about the situation before the masses found out.

"I knew this was going to happen all along. I was one of the first people to know about it this. Coach Meyer called me a few weeks ago to explain the situation," Harris continued. "They offered me and Kyle Allen first, then they offered Zack Darlington a chance to earn an offer. When Kyle decided to go to A&M and Zack went to Nebraska, the coaches didn't want to put all of their marbles in my basket. They said they're still going to recruiting me hard, very strongly."

While some quarterbacks may shy away from competition and decide not to go to a school because they already have a quarterback in their class, that is not the case with Harris.

"Regardless of the situation, you're going to have to compete. Kenny Guiton is graduating and if Braxton has a good year, he could go pro, so that would leave only JT Barrett, Cardale Jones, and Stephen Collier – meaning I think they'll take another quarterback in this class," Harris told Eleven Warriors. "Coach Meyer isn't going to put a player on the field because they're a five star recruitment. You always have to compete to earn your spot."

The consensus four star recruit is intrigued by the opportunity to play for Urban Meyer and the offense he has installed at Ohio State.

"Coach Meyer's resume when it comes to developing quarterbacks speaks for itself with guys like Tim Tebow, Alex Smith, and he also had Cam Newton for a few years. He has also done a great job with Braxton and [Guiton] could be the starter at a lot of schools," Harris said. "Ohio State will also be in position to win a championship every year, including this year."

Harris has narrowed his list to Ohio State, LSU, Alabama, Baylor, Auburn, and Ole Miss. He has yet to visit the latter three schools. After he takes all of his visits, he will sit down and talk about the factors that'll go into his decision. 

"There are going to be a lot of factors that go into my decision. I don't know all of them yet because I don't think it's fair to compare schools because I haven't seen all of my finalist," Harris told Eleven Warriors. "When I'm done with my visits, I'll sit down with my dad and talk about them."

Harris will make his decision public in a little under a month on July 18th. 


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Thanks for this write-up. very informative.




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You guys are just smashing the recruiting scene...

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All signs point to LSU for him, but it'd be great to steal a QB from the SEC country. 

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I think it's Auburn for Mr. Harris. 

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Yep, thanks Miles!

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Even if Brandon Harris doesnt end up with Ohio State, I will be rooting for him (aside if we are facing him) in his college career. Kid has his head on straight and doesn't seem to shy away from competition. Plus, he has done his homework on what signing with OSU could mean, that's huge for me. It would be a heck of an competition between Jones, Barrett, Collier and Harris for the starting job once Braxton Miller has decided to forgo his senior season or graduate from Ohio State.

moopdawg's picture

Thanks for the update, fellas.  He sounds like a very focused and educated kid who is up for a challenge.  If he signs with us, that will add to a very good and healthy battle at the QB spot at The Ohio State University.
Man, Danify... you pretty much said everything I wanted to say before I got to say it.  Good post.

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Regardless of where he ends up, Mr Harris has shown an unbelievable amount of class & maturity for a young man. Whoever lands his commitment should consider themselves extremely lucky. 

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You guys are absolutely correct. Bright kid, very classy. Good luck to him wherever he may go, especially if its OSU.

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when i first read the buckshot it said 'Brandon Harrison discusses his commitment to Ohio State...' then was confused by the lack of grey box

cajunbuckeye's picture

You can never have to many quality young men in your program. I'm continually impressed by the fact that the athletes we recruit are genuinely "good guys". I get the impression from Brandon that he will be successful at the next level. Les Miles Bleauxs.

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Actually you can have too many quality young men due to 'ship limits. How could Urban fit another QB into this class?

cajunbuckeye's picture

Realistically, since Urban is the head coach, he could fit 6 more in the class if he wanted.

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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There is also the possibility of one of them red shirting. I know Urban's thought on red shirting but it's still an option.

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I really like hearing about how our staff laid out the situation for Brandon Harris in advance of offering Stephen Collier.  And to Stephen Collier too.  
Straight talk from a stand up staff!  

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Thanks Miles...I still think Auburn or LSU have this one.  It would be quite a quandary if that were to transpire and he chose OSU. It's doubtful but you never know.

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I had been feeling good about B Harris coming to OSU...for no reason in particular. I don't feel quite as good now but I personally wouldn't mind it at all. I liked reading what Stephen Collier had to say & really like hearing this news too. All in all, what I take away from this is that regardless of perception by fans, the 2014 class will be a great one, as will any class that UFM has his hands on.

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I gotta think he's Auburn or LSU bound. I'm sure he probably likes the way Malhzan used Cam Newton when he was OC at Auburn. Just my personal opinion. 

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I think he's out IMO. Just tweeted back to an ND fan trying to get him to come there...
@bharrisqb1: @JerryTillery lol they didn't offer and plus they have a quarterback committed to them!

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I think OSU is where this young man really wants to be.. Collier seems to be a very good Qb imo with the potential of only getting better.. B. Harris will be a Buckeye come July 18th.. The only thing is i think they both sit behind JT.. Either way good kid wish him the best..


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Not fan, recent OT commit Jerry Tillery for ND. Take it fwiw though...

TSgt in the USAF and diehard Buckeye fan!!!

If you will it dude, it is no dream." - Walter Sobchak (The Big Lebowski)

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Great kid wherever he goes! Would love to see him at OSU but will always be a fan no matter what! 

southernstatesbuckeye's picture

I applaud this entire thread.  If there is one thing I have seen repeatedly on the Eleven Warriors site is that the vast majority of fans here are both a) more knowledgeable about football related things (thanks to the great staff of Eleven Warriors!), and b) more respectful toward recruits (comments about), and even opposing fans (Hail, Mman, Helga, etc.). 
This speaks to the maturity and character of those who banter about around here.
There is no other OSU site on the internet, bar none, that absolutely has all the cogs meshing like this one.  Thank you all for making this site such a fun and informative read!
And yes, Mich*gan has always, does today, and will eternally suck.

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Every other school that recruited Harris was dropped from his list when another QB commited. IMO this is alao the case for tOSU. I hope I am wrong because he seems like an extremely talented and intelligent young man. I will never count out UFM and I hope Harris loves our program and wants to sign up. I just dont think its in the cards folks. Wish the kid the best either way.Would love to have him in the shoe. Never say never.

Miles Joseph's picture

That's not true. The only school he dropped was Texas A&M because they told him they were only taking one QB.

Different story with Bama and OSU.

MN Buckeye's picture

Doesn't Bama take something like six running backs every year?

Posterchild's picture

I was really surprised (in a good way) when Collier committed, watched his film and I was really happy to have him committed. But that said, I would love to also have Harris in this class. He is electric. Both can throw, Collier looks to be a little more accurate and a more physical runner, where Harris is toting a cannon and is a sprinter. I hope we land them both, because the depth of competition at QB would be something we haven't had since I can remember.

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I'd love to get Harris but can't imagine 2 QBs in this small class

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This guy is a stud. I hope we get him.