Eleven Dubcast: Big Daddy Calling

By Johnny Ginter on June 19, 2013 at 11:30a

A big daddy indeed

"Big Daddy" Dan Wilkinson is a big strong man with big strong opinions.

A standout defensive lineman at Ohio State in the early 90s and then a Cincinnati Bengal for the first half of his career, he experienced some of the best of times and some of the worst of times. Which is why we were delighted to have him come on the Dubcast and talk with Michael and me.

I'll be honest: I love this interview. Big Daddy is funny, forthright, and opinionated about a whole swath of issues, and I highly recommend listening to this if you're an OSU fan or a Bengals fan who wants to nod fiercely in agreement while clenching your jaw in rage.

And of course, we talk about the various topics of the day, including the untimely end of E. Gordon Gee's tenure at Ohio State, and in happier news, the induction of John Cooper into the OSU Sports Hall of Fame. Plus Ask Us Anything (which you can do at elevendubcast@gmail.com!), so this is another action packed, summer fun edition of the Eleven Dubcast.

0:23- Michael and I talk about Gee, Ohio State recruiting, and talk a little about the legacy of JHC and what that means to the Ohio State community at large.

18:53- Speaking of which, Dan is a large member of that Ohio State community, and he's got a lot to say about the topic of what it was like to hang with Mr. Cooper, but he also does a great job at talking about the role of recruiting, the transition between college and the NFL, and exactly why the Bengals were so bad in the 90s.

39:51- Ask Us Anything! I feel a little bad about maybe not living up to my Ask Us Anything responsibilities this time, but to be honest, arbitrary lists of things are just ridiculous. Geez.

55:20- On the other hand, at least we're not making fun of dying people!

Music for the Dubcast this week was Crunkburger in Paradise, a mashup by Tanner4105, My Favorite Mutiny by the Coup, and The Volcano Song by the Budos Band. And that wraps it up for this month, see you guys in July!


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thatlillefty's picture

The hippo was a last minute addition just for laughs because the thought of an orangutan fighting a hippo really amused me. But they are super powerful animals.
Also, excluding poisonous animals is a critical requirement. We can't have some stupid spider killing a grizzly bear.
Thanks for taking my question!

Johnny Ginter's picture

yeah hippos are bad news man

Michael Citro's picture

Not sure a spider or a snake could effectively penetrate the fur/hide of some of those animals anyway, so, maybe they should be included and immediately dismissed.

thatlillefty's picture

Aight, so I admit I skipped straight to the Ask Us Anything segment to see if yall had responded to my question, before listening to the entire podcast. And now I'm feeling pretty dumb, beacause that interview with Dan Wilkinson was OUTSTANDING.
That is one cool dude and everything he had to say from his college days, to his transition to the NFL, his thoughts on the current squad and ooc scheduling was on point. I hope he stays close with the program because he would be a great mentor for current players.
Oh and it sucks he had to play for Paul Brown.

IBleedSandG's picture

Meant to listen to this last week, but I forgot... Pretty funny answers to my Wu-tang Clan question. I too love Bobby Digital, and he's definitely had one of the more interesting careers out of the clan. That said, my favorite member would have to be Ghostface Killah. Mainly because I feel that his rap style is very unique and the level of consistency he has been able to keep up throughout his career is extremely impressive. I've listed to "Ironman" and "Supreme Clientele" dozens and dozens of time and I still find myself looking up lyrics from a certain song too see what Ghost actual says b/c his slang is, well, a little confusing at times. He also has one of the the craziest fashion senses in hip-hop history.
Cool story about making your classes listen to the Beastie's songs when MCA passed. They are definitely one of the more classic hip-hop groups of all-time, and they have so much material.
Finally, I could not agree more with Johnny's Nas/Illmatic comments. In my opinion, it is the greatest hip-hip/rap album of all time. The illest (pun intended) thing about the album is that he recorded a lot of the tracks when he was only 18-19 years old. To be able to write rhymes that insane, at that age, is what makes him one, if not the greatest MC of all-time.