Nick Saban, Troll King

By Jason Priestas on May 28, 2013 at 2:17p

This is how Alabama coach Nick Saban responds when someone says that if Ohio State was't ineligible in 2012, the Crimson Tide would not have played in the BCS Championship.

Troll Tide.

Source: @Matt_HayesSN

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Ole Miss
Mississippi State
Texas A&M
Pick 7 losses from that list.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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I posted this on the other thread on this topic, but I'll repost it here:
I don't mind Saban saying this. The guy can say and do whatever he wants. He's earned that right. That doesn't mean what he says should be taken as gospel, though:
1.) I hate this whole sort of argument. People always talk about all this ,"well if so and so was in this conference they'd do this," crap.  Last year SEC folks were saying OSU and ND both would've finished like 5th or 6th in that conference, if that. It's a silly line of thinking. Nobody knows who would've done what because it didn't happen. NEWSFLASH: Unless the games are actually played, NOBODY knows what would've happened. Speculate all you want, but it doesn't mean it's accurate. Comments like that only make those particular fans, in this case the All - Powerful S-E-C fans, feel better about themselves.
It's like me saying something like: if the Browns weren't in the AFC North, they'd be a playoff team every year. (Man! That feels good to say. I'm all warm and fuzzy now.)
2.) I question the validity of having 6 SEC teams ranked in the top 10 at any point in time. People wrongfully assume that an SEC team is good and/or better than teams from other conferences. It's the guilt by association theory, if you will. I love how these other teams are able to ride the coattails of the elite within their conference as if they had something to do with their success.

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Jeez, will the SEC just secede already...

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I'd say this is pretty stupid...why give us the ammunition?
In the immortal words of Bart Scott: "Can't wait!"

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As did LSU.

If I'm understanding Saban correctly - and my Beezelbubian isn't very strong, so bear with me - he's saying a strong team might win half of its games against equally strong teams. That's...absolutely logical.

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I believe you are correct, Ramzy.

That said, never hurts to have more bulletin board material!
/le shrug

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Florida won 3 against those 6 and then got blown out by a BEast power.

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I feel like there's an implication there that is undeserved, given that his team only played three out of this six, and beat two.
I think most good teams in the country would have a hard time winning more than three games against that schedule. Even though I think they were overrated, the lower three of that six were definitely on par with or slightly better than Nebraska and Michigan, who were at least good teams. The thing is, none of those *good* SEC teams played that schedule, either, or someone would have had more losses and been a solid 9-3 or 8-4 club instead of a 2-loss pretender.

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Got a big chuckle out of that. Thank you, I needed it.

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Someone should send this to Roby.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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I heard that was the question, not his response.  His response, from what I heard, was "I don't know"
Ok i read it wrong.  Bama was 2-1 against the top 6 in the conference last year I think

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Doesn't surprise me.  I mean, Bama clearly more than belonged in the title game.   The better question (and the one that gets at the heart of the SEC superiority complex) is how in the name of GOD was it thought that 6 teams from that conference really deserved to be in the top 10 at the same time.   Three?  Okay, I can see the top 3 SEC schools belonging there.  Four?   Possibly, especially with the B1G and Pac-12 being a bit down in talent.  But six?  That's pathetic.   

"Woody would have wanted it that way" 

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I can't wait until Urban Meyer is making these types of statements after beating Alabama en route to  BCS championship.
Saban can say whatever he wants bc he's earned that right, but last year TOSU would have beaten every team in the SEC except for maybe Alabama and LSU.

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Sounds like "BULLETtin board" material to me.


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With Vandy in the top half of the SEC, it makes me wonder what the bottom half is doing...
Oh yeah, they're just sitting there masturbating.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Some are actually at the pool...

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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It upsets me to have to see this picture again, but thank you for at least cropping out some of the worst parts.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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Looking for his lost Badger Bro-sierre.


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I find it so offensive that these are the breasts that are suitable to post on 11W...

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

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I agree.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Tusca-Lucifer at it again.
Jokes aside. I think OSU would have had trouble winning 3 against those 6 teams. Would OSU have been able to go undefeated against Alabama's schedule? Maybe. But Alabama didn't. They only played 3 of those 6 teams, and won 2 of those.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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All Saban had to say was "But they weren't eligible, so discussing it and conjecture is useless."   Would have been more classy if he'd just said that his job is to take care of his own team and not speculate about other programs.    

"Woody would have wanted it that way" 

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I love it.  Keep those comments coming and I hope our players are reading every single d*** on of them.  I hope comments like these motivate our guys to become 82 (scholarship) John Simon/Chris Spielmans.

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Get thee behind me, Saban.


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Extra credit for doing it in King James!

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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"Actually it's pronounced Sa-Bean"

Fitzbuck | Toledo - Ohio's right armpit | "A troll by any other name is still a troll".

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Is he saying OSU wouldn't have won 3 against those top 6?  That's probably pretty accurate, actually.
I don't consider it trolling.  It's not even really note-worthy.

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I agree. His comment doesn't bother me. And since OSU didn't play against those teams and wasn't eligible to play in the postseason, it's irrelevant. 
Besides, how much do coaches from one conference actually know about teams from other conferences? I would say very little. Which is one of the many reasons why the Coaches Poll is a joke.

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It's trolling because they only won 2 out of those 6.
You're right though, it's not that big of a deal, but Meyer and the staff should make it a big deal and slap it all over the locker room.

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of boooooooooze!! And we'll drink to old Ohio 'till we wobble in our shoes.

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He also didn't play all six either

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It's trolling because the question had nothing to do with Ohio State. He brought up OSU himself and whether they would be able to compete in the SEC. Add in the fact that he made it sound like Alabama played all those teams and you get troll tide. 

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Hayes actually clarified on a follow up tweet that his comment was in response to someone bringing up OSU.

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Actually, from what I've read about his comments, he was asked about Alabama being left out of the NCG had OSU been eligible: (from Chris Low on

In fact, Alabama likely would have been left out of the BCS National Championship Game this past season had Ohio State, which went 12-0, not been on NCAA probation and ineligible for the postseason.
"That's exactly right, and how well would they have done had they played the six [SEC] teams that were ranked in the top 10?" said Saban, whose Crimson Tide routed Notre Dame 42-14 in the national title game. "Would they have beaten them all? Would they have beaten three of them?
"I think they have a really good team, and I think Urban [Meyer] is a great coach. I'm not questioning any of that. I'm just saying that's where the strength of schedule and who you play doesn't get accounted for quite equally."

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When you get the full context of his statement, it looks more like Hayes was trolling than Saban.

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Yeah, I Googled Matt Hayes, and this is what popped up.


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No SoS factor is exactly the reason Alabama was in the title game. What was their marquee win outside the conference last year?

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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It was either Michigan, Western Kentucky, Florida Atlantic, or Western Carolina. 

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From what I remember, W. Kentucky was pretty decent last year (7-5). Didn't they lose W. Taggart to U. South Florida? FAU (3-9) and W. Carolina (1-11) weren't good at all. I can't speak for the last team.

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Nick Saban:  singlehandedly responsible for the creation of Johnny Football yet trolls other fanbases. 

Yeti's have feelings too.

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Meh.   Who cares.

"We get paid to score touchdowns, not kick field goals"
-- Urban Meyer

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Hey, Saban, you Mensa candidate . . .
First off, if an SEC team plays all six of the top teams in the conference, by definition, that team is just barely above, or is among, the lower half of the conference (not part of the top 6). Whereas if they're part of the top 6, then they "bump" the previously 6th best team down to 7th and no longer have to play that team under Saban's hypothetical Fantasy Land gantlet-of-absurdity.
Because, you know, in reality top SEC teams rarely play even 3 of the other top 5 teams during the regular season, let alone all of the them. Last year, Bama played three of the top six - two in the regular season (going 1-1 against LSU and Tex AM) and one in the SEC CG (beating UGA). So how many would Bama have won if they'd played all five of the other top 6 last year in the SEC? 3 or 4?
Saban should stick to football - where he's are a genius - and leave the "what ifs" to people who have far more time on their hands than money and thus are adept at pondering such low-paying hypothetical questions . . .

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Saban should realize this the 2013 team will be the least talented of UFM teams. Satin needs to control his daughter who beat up a fellow sorority girl. What expect from a hick from West Virginia a Lier .

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English the struggle.

OSUinFl's picture

English not primary. Language. If you want to respond in Hebrew or Italian , Russian or chinnese . My job doesn't require me to speak English and I make alot of money.

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I don't speak anything but American...

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You will never win a Routey with that kind of attitude.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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I have a long-lost uncle in Nigeria that promised me a lot of money . . .

UrbzRenewal's picture

and I make alot of money.

I'm sure you do, but no one cares and it's irrelevant. It makes you look like an ass when you add that on to an otherwise informative and useful post. There comes a point when it's just abuse of the English language, and that was my point. It wasn't meant to be offensive, if it was, I apologize.

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Uh-oh...I think I've seen this argument before. I think it was OSUFORLIFE.

I'm a hurtin' buckaroo.

OSUs12-OH's picture

NO ONE CARES about your great paying job!  If you're living in a country it helps to understand the language.  Which you'd think you would know if you supposedly speak different languages. Just saying...

"I want a hungry team. I want a team that can't wait to get out there. I want an angry team! You're the Ohio State Buckeyes. You're an angry football team. You're a hungry football team and I'm proud to be your coach." UFM

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About as hard to understand as Boomhauer!

Miami of Brohio's picture

It is like everyone forgot when Texas A&M entered the SEC as an afterthought and turned out to do pretty damn well. But of course, Ohio State can't compete with a heisman candidate QB and an overall more talented team than A&M...
Whatever. It's a matter of when, not if, for Urbz to settle this.

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I don't much care for little nicky. That being said, he was asked a question and answered it. Not much to see here. What would you expect him to say? That his team didn't deserve to be where they were? What kind of self respecting coach would say that? Besides, we are speaking about hypothetical situations to begin with. Fact is...we ran the table. We were ineligible. And bama won the national title. Do I believe we would have run through notre dame? Absolutely. I don't take any offense to what saban said...he's the head coach of a team that has won of the last 4 national titles. He went on to compliment urban meyer and the team. Why jump on a guy for giving his honest opinion?

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Found the original article, and I like how Hayes misquotes his own article for the purpose of trolling. Here is the actual quote from the article here: 

“How well would (Ohio State, coached by longtime foe Urban Meyer) have done had they played the six teams that were ranked in the top 10?” Saban said. “Would they beat them all? Would they beat three of them? I don’t know.” 

LOL, also love the unnecessary parenthetical statement. What a troll Hayes is.
*edit* yeah Tennessee Buckeye, my bad. I was way late on that one, but found it interesting as well.

tennbuckeye19's picture

No worries bro. +1 

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Saban's making this a personal thing with OSU and Urban.  They should hope they can navigate that tough schedule in order to go to another NC.  Just check these guys out...
Colorado State, Georgia State, Chattanooga and the in conference teams aren't really as tough as the mighty SEC normally is (KY who I'm sure someone will say will be good but 6-6 isn't good, Auburn, Ole Miss...please don't defend that one either, Arkansas who's coach is about to get a wake up, and Tennessee).  I could legitimately see Bama losing to TX A&M in week three after that well deserved bye week after a possible tough game against Va Tech.  If Saban want's to defend this joke of a schedule then let him.  He's starting to get too full of himself as if he previously wasn't anyway.  

"I want a hungry team. I want a team that can't wait to get out there. I want an angry team! You're the Ohio State Buckeyes. You're an angry football team. You're a hungry football team and I'm proud to be your coach." UFM

acBuckeye's picture

Yes..... and Alabama's 2012 schedule was Murderer's Row...........

otrain2416's picture

We're never gonna know until these games are played. All I know is a I saw a bowl eligible  Northwestern team beat 2 Bowl eligible SEC teams. Nebraska play neck and neck for 3 1/2 quarters with a top 10 Georgia team that almost beat Bama. And a 8-4 TSUN team almost beat a top ten South Carolina program until they choked. Note: both those teams wouldn't have been in those bowls if it weren't for the bowl bans. I personally was impressed with how we played against the SEC especially considering the BIG was in a major down year.

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

cal3713's picture

I refuse to be impressed by losses.  That's a sign that the conference has accepted its fate as second (or third) tier.

cal3713's picture

Just saw this interesting quote from Spurrier:
"One thing I think we all have to realize is that nobody said it's going to always be fair.  We all know last year that Georgia did not play the top three on the Western side -- Alabama, LSU or Texas A&M. But a lot of people don't know that Alabama didn't play the top three on the Eastern side -- us, Florida or Georgia. Those are the two that won the division. Pepper Rogers one time said that a coach is as good as his players and his schedule."

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This is the only way the sec can stay on top of college football, I would like to see the ncaa change the rules on oversigning (just use the rules the B1G has had in place sense 1956), if the sec played by the same recruiting rules as the B1G. We wouldn't have the sec winning like they have.
saban can say what ever he wants, but this is the only way he can win.

Catch 5's picture

From your first link:

This allows schools to circumvent the NCAA rule of 25-scholarships per year and 85 scholarships total. All they have to do is get down to the 85 limit by the start of fall camp in August and everything is fine. If you’ve signed 12 more newbies in February than spots you had available, then you simply cut your weakest 12 players over the summer to get back down to the limit. Easy.

I have a couple questions for you. 
1.  If Nick Saban is cutting 10 players from his rosters every year because of oversigning, there should be +70 players that have been cut by Saban - where are they?  Why hasn't any of them come out and said so?  I know there are plenty of articles like the ones you linked to that accuse him of it, but none actually have any specific examples or quotes from the actual victims.  Surely there should be a few - I can find more damning quotes from former players of Tressell and Meyer than I can from Saban.
2.  If some SEC teams are cutting players at such a high rate, wouldn't they have an extremely high attrition rate when combined with the natural attrition that everyone else suffers?  Why is it then that teams like Alabama, LSU, and South Carolina have very similar attrition rates as non-oversigning teams like Ohio State, Georgia, and Florida (over the last 3 4-yr periods)?  In fact the average attrition of these offenders (29.6% over this span) is less than the average of the B1G conference (32.0%).  How could this be?

Make their asses quit! - Nick Saban

LouGroza's picture

Where do they go or what is done with the "extra" players would be my question to anyone saying players are not turned away. Taking this quote from oversigning .com. 
"Saban and Alabama signed 11 more players to LOIs than they had scholarships available that year, meaning that sometime between mid-February and the end of July, 11 ‘Bama players (the 11 weakest players on the roster) lost their scholarships for one reason or another."
Something is done in some way or another to make room. Unless Saban is a Vegas magician and just makes them disappear. He signed more than needed and still makes the 85 man roster. Where do they go? Heard from or not.

twalsh's picture

Gee was right about the sec, why is this hard to understand.
If The Ohio State Football program recruits for 3 years, and alabama recruits for 3 years they actually take 4 years worth the recruits. That means one more recruiting class every 3 years.
Attrition rate has nothing to do with oversigning, all schools have attrition in all sports.
Here are some more articles that will help you understand how the sec in the last 10 years, has stayed on top of college football.

BamaMike's picture

I love how pick out what they want and say it was the quote.  Here is the whole thing:
"How well would they have done if they played the six (SEC) teams ranked in the Top 10?” Saban asked. “Would they beat them all? Would they beat three of them? And I think they have a really good team and Urban (Meyer) is a great coach. I’m not questioning any of that. I’m just saying that’s where strength of schedule and who you play don’t get sort of accounted for quite equally.”
All that being said, I hope you guys continue the success you had last year.  I enjoy seeing classic, old school powerhouse teams come back to the place they have earned.  (Except Michigan, Notre Dame, and USC... I hate all 3 of them)  My fiancee is a Buckeye, and I've adopted them as my 2nd favorite team, only behind Alabama as that's where I grew up and went to college.  I watch them each and every week, cheer them on and wear my Buckeye apparel while I do it.  
I'd love to see an Alabama vs Ohio State NC game.  Well, it'd be a classic game with classic teams, and it's always a good game when it's Saban v Meyer.  It'll be a rough time for me, since my girl is a Buckeye.  One of us is going to be VERY sad at the end of the game, I'm just hoping it's not me.

Roll Tide.  
Go Bucks.

MediBuck's picture

Thank you, everyone who has pointed out that Bama has been vulnerable at least once a season in the SEC. I think we would have done fine, given the success of Texas A&M and the blitzkreig spread we now run. Saban is scared now that Meyer (the only coach who has humiliated him multiple times) is back in the game, and he knows it. Alabama is an amazing program, but its match has hit town. GO BUCKS!!!

"There is a force that makes us all brothers, no one goes his way alone." --Woody Hayes