By Ramzy Nasrallah on April 15, 2013 at 9:12a

Sammy Silverman has made his mark in creating graphical masterpieces promoting Ohio State football under Urban Meyer.

Meyer's most recent employer could use some of his skills. Meet Brent Pease: Florida Offensive Coordinator, Quarterbacks Coach and Burgeoning Photoshop Maestro:

Brent Pease: Photoshop Top Gun

It's real, and it's spectacular. His entire Instagram feed is gold, and he's cross-posting his work on the Twitters as well:

If you're going to peruse his gallery, consider the appropriate background music:


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I'd like to say, fantastic stuff Mr. Pease! If this is the type of work you'll be doing, then I am glad you are at UF...Keep up the great work! I can only imagine that 5* QBs are currently lining up like teenage girls at a Bieber concert to be a part of the obvious greatness that will ensue...

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The Top Gun thing is laughable but that Kellen Moore tweet is a disastrous failure from beginning to end. Dear God.

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Iceman - Brent....You can be my wingman any time!

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hey...a little off topic sorry but what is the helmet sticker plateau for being able to upvote and downvote posts? I thought it was 50 and I'm well over that and nothing has changed...just wondering Thanks in advance.

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I think they upped it to 100.  Here I'll help ya out.

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this man is no Swaggernaut

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Sure ain't.

Reeks of perspir.....desperation. Swampy desperation.

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More like SwaggerNot...

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Obligatory up vote for anything with Archer.... but since i can't up vote you a +1 will have to suffice

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Florida Top Gun...still searching.....