Cincinnati's Tommy Tuberville isn't Skurred

By Jason Priestas on April 11, 2013 at 1:25p
Cincinnati's Tommy Tuberville welcomes Ohio State into his backyard for spring football.

Ohio State will play its spring game in Paul Brown Stadium, Saturday, a mere five miles from Cincinnati's Nippert Stadium. But that doesn't bother new UC coach Tommy Tuberville:

“I’m gonna come over and watch, see what they got,” Tuberville said. “We play them next year (2014). It’ll be good for the city, bring a lot of people in. It doesn’t bother me.”

“I’m anxious to see them come to town, and come over and watch them practice,” Tuberville said.

See you Saturday, Tommy.

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buck-I.8's picture

God I can't wait to bend UC over next year. Michigan thinks they have little brother with MSU, but they haven't seen anything yet

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Oh my god this. It's gotten to the point where I actually think I hate UC more than UM. Not necessarily the schools, but the fans.
All of the people I know who actually go to UM are actually pretty nice, and good-natured with regards to the rivalry. But I'd say about 70% of the kids I know at UC absolutely hate us and won't shut up about it. And no matter what they say, a lot of it has to be jealousy.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

CincyOSU's picture

I have friends who claim to be "lifelong UC fans" and that they never liked OSU, yet these same friends are in pictures wearing OSU gear as recently as 2006. I've never seen an area jump on and off a bandwagon so much in my life.

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Yeah Tommy, come see how a real coach and staff does it !




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What a whiffle bag!! Yeah ,come on over Tommy to see how many points we lay on your Bearcubs next season!!lol


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Tuberville looks forward to Ohio State's spring game Saturday. May participate in stadium O-H-I-O chant.

This will be the most win the man has all season long

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Denny's picture

He's used to being the 'unrelevant' program so this should be a comfortable role for him [via Auburnwaves]


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Great point. And Techwaves.

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I'm glad little brother knows their place. 

EvanstonBuckeye's picture

I don't even consider UC a little brother. Sorry. More like, little punk kid who lives on the same street.

BrewstersMillions's picture

More like Step Brothers. And like the step brothers where the mom has the cool kid and the new husband has the nerdy kid who hopes the cooler kid acknowledges him but never does. Sure, it makes Christmas and Easter and what not awkward, but what do you expect? The cooler older step sibling doesn't have time for the kid. I mean, ya, he's nice enough to him because he likes his mom and doesn't want there to be animosity between her and hubby number two-she's approaching 50, he knows that she knows this is her last chance at love so he won't be the reason it gets screwed him so he basically gives his nerdy little step brother the exact amount of required attention to prevent any major problems in this new family.
Sorta like that....

EvanstonBuckeye's picture

But not "Step Brothers", the cinematic classic.

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Prestige Worldwide !

JYBUCKEYE's picture

You forgot to mention the day after Christmas when the "cool older step brother" gets his extra presents.

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If so, Urbz got Hulk Hands, Tommy T got the leather wallet.....

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Tubes has shown himself to be a real classy guy.  Ripping headphones off a grad assistant, taking another job while at dinner with recruits, leaves when the kitchen gets too hot.  Yep, a real classy guy.

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wonder if UC remembers the clinic Meyer put on them in the 2010 Sugar Bowl

hail2victors9's picture

Man, you left yourself open for a big "Bazinga" right there, but I'll refrain.
Anyway, didn't bother reading the story, but does the author, Tubberville or anyone else not expect OSU fans to do OSU cheers at the OSU spring game?

Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS!

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Poison nuts's picture must be talking about the NC Meyer won against fellow Ohioan Bob Stoops & his Sooners in 2009....right Hail??

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Cincy: He's climbing in yo stadium, he's snatchin yo people up.
Hide yo coaches, Hide yo kids!!

"There is a force that makes us all brothers, no one goes his way alone." --Woody Hayes

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Nippert Stadium capacity 35,000, overall record since 1970 216-248-5, The Shoe capacity 102,000 overall record since 1970  377-110-8.........excuse me but im not really seeing any comparisons here. Tommy Tuberville can go kick rocks and so can UC fans

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