Ohio State Unveils New Signage Featuring Former Greats outside of Player Position Meeting Rooms

By Jason Priestas on April 3, 2013 at 1:13p
Eddie George now welcomes all Ohio State running backs to position meetings.

Today must be art day at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center as Ohio State unveiled new signage to welcome players to position meeting rooms.

Every position has a featured player, with Eddie George welcome the running backs and Cam Heyward displayed next to the door of the defensive line room among others.

Source: @BuckeyeNotes

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Buckeyebrowny919's picture

these would make an awesome wall piece

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That's effing fantastic! 

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Welcome to the Doghouse

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Today has been a great day for Buckshots. Thanks 11W staff!

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My guesses on who represents each position:
QB: Troy Smith
RB: Eddie (given)
WR: Chris Carter
OL: Orlando Pace
DL: Heyward (given)
LB: AJ Hawk
DB: Antoine Winfield 
No insider knowledge, just trying to have a bit of fun

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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position displays were:
qb: t.smith
rb: eddie
wr: galloway
te/fb: jake ballard
ol: mangold
DL: heyward
LB: hawk
cb: malcolm jenkins
s: doss

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Well I got 2 right at least haha

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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I want that Eddie pic and that frame really, really, badly.

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Interesting that they went with Eddie over Archie for the RBs. I understand they probably used more recent players that current Buckeyes might know better, but Mr. Griffin is such a household name for OSU fans everywhere. Either way, Eddie was a beast too--subliminal messaging about power backs?

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exactly, staff chose to use "recent" greats over all time greats since some of the younger kids and recruits are more familiar with them.  All Time greats are already splattered all over those hallways.

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Recent greats and, with the exception of Troy, Buckeyes who did well in the NFL.

Class of 2008

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Remember scUM claiming Urban's offense had no place for a power back when attempting to woo Dunn?  El Guapo put that silly notion to rest.

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A lot of "power" players represented.... Joey G was mainly speed, but power seems to be the theme. An uneducated guess, are all those guys from Ohio? (dodges rocks for inadequate historical Buckeye knowledge)

****igan smells like old water that hot dogs were boiled in.  FACT

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Cam Heyward was from Georgia, same high school as Roby I believe
Malcolm Jenkins is from New Jersey
Eddie is from Philly

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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I believe Heyward is from Georgia. 

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Thnx both, and now I feel pretty dumb cuz I knew, but couldn't find the brain file.

****igan smells like old water that hot dogs were boiled in.  FACT

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be nice if they added a few more players for each positional meeting room...lot of greats that need to be accounted for i think

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I want those on my wall. Heck, i'd even hang it on my front door.

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Enlarge it and MAKE it your front door. #Boom

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Good to see Heyward go up there.

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Special teams 
Teddy Gin
Mike Nugent
dont forget Boston
T. Smith

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unfortunately there was not one made for special teams, as we've had some great ones.  no way they were gonna put up two of these next to coach coombs' door.

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It'd be cool if they added the players' hometowns to the plaques as well. Just another reminder to national recruits when they come through that Buckeyes are from everywhere, not just Ohio (i.e. Eddie from Penn, Cam from Georgia, Malcolm from NJ, etc). I'm sure they know that already, but with Coach Meyer's emphasis on national recruiting, it's always good to show recruits from Georgia, Cali, etc. at any opportunity some of the great Buckeyes who came from their area of the country.

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I'd suggest John Simon.  It would be a perfect way that Coach Meyer could pay tribute to his leadership last season.

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Simon's jersey is hanging up in Urban's office right next to Tim Tebow's. I'd say that's pretty high tribute haha

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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he paid tribute to sr leadership with this badboy in the atrium. 

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I think for the LBs they should have that picture of Mr. Boren standing over Gardner after he sacked him in The Game last November.  That is one of my favorite OSU football pictures of all time.  No disrespect to Hawk...that picture is awesome though.

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Great new tradition to start. Give the players a sense of family and unity to want to belong to Buckeye lore !!!!!

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I don't personally know HOW any young man upon walking through this facility could possibly sign anywhere else. If a kid doesn't sign, we wish him well then tell him he missed an opportunity to maybe get his own picture in there some day. THAT will cause some second thoughts, I think.

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That's awesome

stark county football

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You would think Ginn, for the amount of Glenville prospects that go through there.

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I see Keith Byars peeking out of the RB meeting room!

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What blows my mind is the total immersion into Buckeye pride and tradition that the WHAC has become, inside and outside. It just oozes off the walls. This staff is just so damn clever.