Louisville Completes the Final Four

By Vico on March 31, 2013 at 7:40p

Louisville persevered through a nasty, Theismann-esque injury to a key role player (Kevin Ware) to take a three-point lead into halftime. It proceeded to maul Duke midway through the second half to clinch Rick Pitino's 7th Final Four appearance, and third with the Louisville Cardinals.

Louisville will play Wichita State (sigh...) in the national semifinal.

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Louisville-Wichita is going to be a ritual sacrifice.
The Cardinals deserve to be the favorites, but their title game has a chance to be really interesting. Michigan has the athleticism and the offensive variety to hang with Louisville provided a certain number of shots fall (didn't really happen in their games with us); and while Syracuse may be inferior to Louisville in terms of talent, they know how to play them and that's a gigantic advantage this time of year.

The most "loud mouth, disrespect" poster on 11W.

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Louisville looked like the best team in the nation today.

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God speed to your recovery, Kevin Ware.

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That was the most emotional I have felt during a non OSU/Cleveland/my own sporting event ever. The emotion Louisville played with was really something special to see. It also hit home for me, I watched my teammate break his leg the same way on the field this past fall.

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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If the big east (do I still call them that?) gets two teams in the championship game that will end all talk of the big ten being the best conference this year.  Maybe just getting two teams in the Final Four does that.

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Big 10 top to bottom was the best.  The 5th place team from the conference is in the final four.  The Big East was really good this year too though.  I would've liked a 2 B1G and 2 Big East final four.  I am tired of hearing all these UK fans say the B1G and Big East were overrated.  I think this tournament has showed that's not correct.  4 B1G teams in the Sweet 16 and 3 From the Big East put all that talk to rest anyway. 

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I can't $%^*ing believe TTUN is in the Final Four. Oh the humanity.



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When Ware went down, I told my wife UofL was going to blast Duke.  Rick Pitino is a master at motivating his team and getting them to overcome diversity.  I've seen it time and again.  I wouldn't be shocked if they blast the next two teams too.  They were already playing awesome in this tournament. 

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Not a big Pitino fan, but he did an excellent job holding that squad together.

He was quick to point out during the post game that Ware was present in the locker room at half time, assuring his teammates he would be fine and imploring them to win the game.

Wichita State, your move.....

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Would love to see wichita st win it all. Hoping the zone defense of syracuse sends scum home.

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Louisville, the most talented team entered.

And now the most inspired.

For the first time since that damned '92 UK-Duke game I find myself rooting for a Pitino led team.

For the first time ever I expect masterful coaching from Jim Boeheim. I'm all in, JB. Let's have your best expressions throughout. Don't forget to pick and roll your nostrils, but wait until you have scUM under control.

And for a seemingly umpteenth straight time my bracket self-destructed nowhere near the Final Four.

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Not super-excited about two Big Least teams in the Final Four (not to mention, AACC there as well) but I suppose the B1G needs some representation this year. I was hoping Indiana would be the team to go all the way should OSU falter, but evil Dwight Schrute had other plans :/
Go Shockers?

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If it has to be another BIG in finals this year, I prefer UM over IU any day. I like Trey and am confident they will collapse into pre-Burke doldrums in coming years. 
Louisville is ballin, and with only one senior on the team, they will be a tough out next year.

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Man alive, this game was painful (as a Duke bball fan).  If you put Ohio St's 1st half with Duke's 2nd half, you'd have one of the most miserable bball performances... At least I can fully focus on Buckeye football now!  And Duke football, if I wanted to....errrrrrr...... :-)
*There are only two good football memories I have from my time at Duke: 1) there were stands that sold fresh funnel cakes and frozen lemonade, and 2) when the opposing team would score, after their band would play, the Duke band (which was terrible, by the way) would play some loud, discordant note - basically the band version of sticking your tongue out at someone.