11W Recruiting Staff Roundtable: Visitors Coming to Town

By Alex on December 5, 2012 at 1:30p

A 12-0 season is now in the books and with a bowl ban standing in the way of the Buckeyes extending their season past November, the Ohio State coaches have gone into full beast mode on the recruiting trail.

Finally a Buckeye?Will Mike Mitchell finally make it to Columbus?

While the lack of a bowl game gives the coaches no systematic advantage in terms of visits or phone calls, it does allow full attention to be devoted to the task of recruiting an excellent group of players to fill out the class of 2013 and start the class of 2014, while their rivals are splitting time on the road and prepping for their next opponent.

The staff was out in full force following the Michigan game, hitting high schools around the country in hopes of landing the next great Buckeye. The journey to Signing Day in February continues this weekend, as OSU is set to host a number of highly touted prospects, as well as current commits to help woo those players to play their college ball in Columbus.

With the big weekend on tap, we felt there was no better time to get the 11W recruiting staff together for a roundtable. In this edition of the segment, we discuss the impact of the Michigan game, what may come out of this weekend's visits, who will finish out the 2013 class, which prospects are key in 2014, and more.

Join us after the jump to hear the latest from Miles, Derek, and myself on Ohio State recruiting in this week's 11W Recruiting Staff Roundtable.

With the season ending at 12-0, excitement is high on the recruiting trail. Ohio State sits at 17 members for their 2013 class. How many players do you think end up in the class and what positions are the biggest needs in your opinion?

Derek: They have room for 20 at the moment, but expect that number to increase. Johnathan Hankins is most likely bound for the NFL and a few transfers could take place. 24 is probably a good number to go with, since three transfers per year is the norm at any program. That said, the biggest need is easily at linebacker. I look for the staff to also add another offensive lineman, as well as at least two at the wide receiver position.

Miles: I think 23 or 24 players end up in the 2013 class. The biggest need is easily at linebacker. The position was thin this year and with Etienne Sabino and Zach Boren graduating, there is an ever bigger need in the group. I think if Trey Johnson ends up a Buckeye, he could immediately be plugged into the starting lineup.

Alex: I think this class will end up with eight more members, making it 25 for 2013. The biggest positions of need in my opinion are linebacker, defensive back, wide receiver, and offensive line. I don't feel that the current roster is very deep in talent at these positions and I would target these areas when closing this group out.

The Michigan game was a big recruiting weekend for Ohio State. Who do you think was the most important prospect on campus for that game and why?

Derek: James Quick. Ohio State had the opportunity to show him what big games in the 'Shoe are like. Louisville is a nice program but "The Game" is something he wouldn't come close to if playing for the Cardinals. Trey Johnson would be a close second because of the need at linebacker in the 2013 class.

The two 2014 recruits I think it was important for are Clifton Garrett and Jalen Hurd. Clifton was beginning to get major attention from SEC schools, so he won't be as easy a pull as many believed at the beginning of his recruitment. Jalen Hurd is just a stud that you have to take advantage of when on campus at any time. Ohio State still yearns to find playmakers on the offensive side of the ball, and Hurd is a prime example of that.

Miles: There are two that stood out to me. The player I mentioned above, inside linebacker Trey Johnson, is one of them. Second, 2014 DE Da'Shawn Hand, the number one player in the class, was a big visitor. I think the Buckeyes made a very good impression on both of these prospects.

Alex: I would probably have to say either James Quick or Trey Johnson. Both players are outstanding prospects and fill the needs listed above. To get them on campus and see the atmosphere was a big step in both of their recruitments. For Quick, I think the trip solidified OSU in the top spot on his list, for now, over hometown Louisville. For Johnson, I think it far exceeded his expectations and he got to see the family atmosphere that he is looking for first hand.

Another big recruiting weekend is on tap in just a few days as many commits will be on campus, as well as big time prospects looking to make a decision. Do you see any verbal pledges coming out of the weekend?

Conley could be flipping the switch soonConley could be going from Blue to Bucks 

Derek: I don't know how soon they would go public with their commitment, but I see the Buckeye coaches locking up a few prospects this upcoming weekend. Two that make the most sense are Mike Mitchell and Gareon Conley. As a side note, I think Trey Johnson could pop for the Buckeyes at any moment as well.

Miles: I see two potential commits this weekend. The first being LB Mike Mitchell out of Texas. Mitchell has had the Buckeyes in the lead ever since The Opening and has never been on campus yet, meaning the visit could seal the deal.

The second prospect I'm keeping a close eye on is Massillon (OH) Washington ATH Gareon Conley, a former Michigan commitment. Conley decommitted last Tuesday and I think the Buckeyes are in the lead for his services.

In the end, I think Conley will come out of the weekend as a Buckeye and OSU will be in a very good position to land Mitchell when he's ready to announce.

Alex: I think the Mike Mitchell recruitment ends this weekend. Whether he announces immediately after or waits a week or so, I think Mitchell finally becomes a Buckeye. I also think Gareon Conley makes his first and last official visit of the year, giving a pledge to Urban Meyer this week.

Finally, the Bucks will probably give a strong last pitch to both Donovan Munger and David Dawson this weekend. With Munger it's appearing to be a UCLA-OSU battle. Donovan has told me he has been a Buckeye fan for a while and I think he wants to be close to home, but there is a logjam at defensive line so it will be interesting to see if he's willing to come in and battle. If he is, a commitment could come this weekend, as he has been to Westwood already.

Dawson is seeing Ohio State for the first time as a truly open recruit and Meyer has a chance to make a great impression. I think the coaches know Dawson won't likely decide for a while, so they won't waste too much effort if they don't get a good vibe on him after this weekend and will move on to other targets, such as the recently offered Kenny Lacy. That being said, there is a chance Dawson is "wowed" on the trip and you can bet the current OSU commits will be trying to make him a Buckeye.

Regarding the class of 2013, what is your prediction for the finish come Signing Day?

Derek: Seven more in my estimation. Gareon Conley, James Quick, Shelton Gibson (if he qualifies), Trey Johnson, Mike Mitchell, Vonn Bell, and another offensive lineman, whoever that may be, which is anyone's guess at this point. I see David Dawson signing with any of his finalists other than Ohio State, with Michigan back in the mix, and Michigan State seeming to hold the lead now.

Miles: I say there will be seven more commitments. ATH Gareon Conley, LB Trey Johnson, LB Mike Mitchell, ATH Christopher Worley, WR James Quick, WR Shelton Gibson, and a surprise commit on National Signing Day.

Alex: It's so hard to say at this point because so many things will change, but if I had to guess as of today I would say: WR James Quick, WR Shelton Gibson, LB Mike Mitchell, LB Trey Johnson, ATH Chris Worley, DB/WR Gareon Conley, and DB Vonn Bell (feel least confident here). I also think they get a surprise on or close to Signing Day.

There has been a lot of buzz about OSU's recruiting class of 2014, as many top prospects are high on the Buckeyes. The class is supposed to be a smaller class because of sanctions limiting the roster size to 82. How do you think the staff will go about attacking this next group?

Derek: I think with it possibly being a smaller class, Ohio State attacks it delicately. With some major recruits interested in OSU, they will fill up the spots very slowly, as they want to leave spots available for their top targets. It might even move slower than the 2013 class.

Miles: First, I would like to see the Buckeyes take two quarterbacks, even though it has been rumored they will only take one. Second, the Buckeyes need to land some playmakers in this class. I think Jalen Hurd out of Tennessee would be a big pickup in pursuit of these types of players. Third, they need to keep stocking up on linebackers, due to lack of depth at the position. The Bucks are in luck in this area, as they are in a good position for in-state linebackers Dante Booker and Kyle Berger, and also out of state stars Raekwon McMillan and Clifton Garrett.

Alex: I think the staff has to be very cautious with offers, like they have been, because this group will certainly be smaller and you want to be right about evaluation of prospects. I think this is part of the reason why it has taken so long to offer a quarterback like Drew Barker or offensive linemen like Nick Richardson or Kyle Trout. It's not the players that go elsewhere that kill you, it's the guys you sign that turn out to be busts and waste a scholarship for four years that will come back to bite you.

Who is the most important recruit for Ohio State to land in the class of 2014 and why?

Hurd is a record breakerJalen Hurd is one of the top player in 2014

Derek: The best recruit Ohio State is pursuing in the 2014 class is undoubtedly Da'Shawn Hand. However, with this year's defensive line haul, coupled with last year's, he isn't the most important recruit. 

Despite Ohio State being in good position to land Trey Johnson and Mike Mitchell this year, linebacker will still need depth, especially if Ryan Shazier leaves early. Any of the offered linebackers (Raekwon McMillan, Dante Booker, Kyle Berger, Clifton Garrett) could be the most important, but I'll go with McMillan.  If I had to go with a second option, it'd be at cornerback in the way of Quin Blanding, Jabrill Peppers, Quincy Wilson, or Parrker Westphal.

Miles: On offense the most important recruit is ATH Jalen Hurd. The kid is dominating Tennessee high school football and would be a fantastic fit in the spread offense Urban Meyer likes to run.

On defense I'll go with two players: DE Da'Shawn Hand and LB Raekwon McMillan. These two prospects have the build to perform in the B1G right now and would definitely help in bringing other big-time recruits to Columbus because people want to play with them.

Alex: It seems like the obvious answer, but I am going to say the country's top overall player, DE Da'Shawn Hand. Hand is being recruited by virtually every school in the country and it would be such a big statement for Ohio State to go into Virginia and snag him. Additionally, there are many top linebackers that OSU is in on for 2014, and they all want to play behind Hand.

Who do you think will be first in the class of 2014 to commit to Ohio State?

Derek: If another quarterback is offered (Drew Barker, Will Ulmer, or DeShone Kizer) it could be that recruit, but the safe pick is one of the Ohio linebackers in Kyle Berger or Dante Booker.

Miles: I think there are a lot of possibilities, but I'll go with Springfield (OH) WR Thaddeus Snodgrass.

Alex:  I think it will be Dante Booker Jr. of St. Vincent-St. Mary in Akron. Thaddeus Snodgrass was supposed to be up first a few weeks back, but the staff wants to see his midyear grades and test score once he takes the ACT/SAT. I think Booker will start to focus more on recruiting now that his team has won a state championship and it would be hard to see him anywhere else besides Ohio State.


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TMac's picture

Looking forward to that next gray box!

ONE Not Done!

bhartman13's picture

Great stuff!!  I sure hope the next gray box appears during or right after this weekend!!  If the staff projections for the rest of the 2013 recruits come true I think we will all be very happy and tOSU will have another top 5 class!!

BlueBayou's picture

This seemed like the best place to share this news.  Gareon Conley suffered a severe ankle sprain during his High School team's basketball game last night.  Just wondered if anyone knew if this was affecting his visit plans?
Also of interest to note in the article, Greg Mattison attended the game and was seen in the stands.  I would have to think this means the Michigan staff thinks they still have a realistic shot at getting him to recommit, so I'm curious as to what indications are out there that makes the 11W staff think that Conley is such a strong lock to tOSU?
I have provided a link to the article about Conley's injury below for everyone's convenience and would like to thank the 11W staff in advance for answering my questions that I think members of this forum would be interested in.

M tots's picture

A few days ago Conley told the 11w staff that outside of his 3 day OSU trip later this week, he did not have any other official visits lined up.

BlueBayou's picture

Thanks, I remember reading that here too, but multiple other outlets like Rivals and ESPN are reporting a scheduled official visit to Michigan for next weekend, so figured I'd ask why Alex is so certain.  They usually seem to have a good feel for things, so wondered what I was missing.

Alex's picture

Conley is visiting today through Friday, confirmed....

I also don't think the Conley-Michigan visit happens...if it does I will believe UM is still a player...Vrabel was at the school on Monday and will be back early next week

BlueBayou's picture

Thanks for the quick response.  Since the injury happened last night I wasn't sure if they might reschedule. My son recently had a severe ankle sprain and they wanted us to limit his movement as much as possible and to stay off it.  I guess the coaching staff could probably come up with a wheelchair for him if necessary to help him out.
As for your certainty on a commitment, it sounds like your feeling is if he is going to commit, it will be this weekend, if not then it will be hotly contested since both staffs appear to be showing him a lot of love right now.
Thanks again for answering my questions.

weimerad's picture

Derek, I have to disagree with your comment that Hand might not be the most important recruit.  He's a Clowney clone (say that 5 times fast), a freakish athlete that doesn't come around very often and someone they can't recruit lightly.  I think that Urban will be on this kid until the very end. 
Some other DBs they have to recruit hard are Tabor, Nick Glass and Tony Brown 

Squirrel Master's picture

I disagree with your disgreement. Hand is the top player to get and is a must, but the question was of importance and with the current scrambling to fill LB positions, a LB is more important. Hand, even though he is a freak, will most likely be 2nd string behind the already established Spence, Washington, Schutt and most likely Bosa.
Personally I am more concerned with QB in 2014. Braxton may or may not be back for 2014 and the team will already be pretty thin with depth. This team could possibly in 2014 be left with JT Barrett and Cardale Jones. I like Barrett but if he goes down, is Jones going to be able to step up? I think 2 QBs are a must in this class.

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Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

I have to agree with you... Give me Barker and another QB... If we land Barker and a 3* guy then we can redshirt and develop the other guy.  Keep Barker available if we need him to go in. 

Danify's picture

I truly believe, if Drew Baker is offered he would commit on the same day, if not, the following couple days. I would prefer a leadership type position like Linebacker or Quarterback to be the first commit as it would boost recruiting the top-tier guys toward OSU. Plus, Baker seems to have a great relationship with a few recruits already.

OldColumbusTown's picture

I agree, and I think the best scenario would be for Barker to get the offer, and commit right away.  That may sway McMillan to commit sooner as well, and you then have two of the best players/leaders/most important positions locked up to headline the class, and begin to recruit other players to come along with them.

Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

I like the way you guys are thinking!

toad1204's picture

Now that right thur is some good reading. 

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

Catch 5's picture

If I remember correctly, OSU was at their scholarship limit soon after NSD earlier this year.  With 14 seniors and 20 spots available at this time, where are the other 6 coming from?  Were there several summer transfers, or something else?

Make their asses quit! - Nick Saban

BlueBayou's picture

So Bucknuts has a scholarship count article.  I'm not sure if it is up to date, but it shows that the team currently has 75 players on scholarship, which is 7 below the current NCAA sanction ceiling of 82 (typically 85).  It shows 15 seniors.  One of those seniors could get a medical redshirt (N. Williams).  If we assume he doesn't get that medical redshirt, that leaves 22 spots open for the class of 2013 (7 current openings + 15 departing seniors).  If you assume a typical amount of attrition (2-3 spots opening up), which coaches normaly know before the public, you get a 2013 class size of about 24-25.  I've provided a link to the bucknuts count below.

andyb's picture

How could Nathan Williams get a medical redshirt if he played almost the entire year?
Also, I think he had one last year anyway, that would make him like a 6th year senior right?
OR....does (N. Williams) not stand for Nathan?

BlueBayou's picture

It does stand for Nathan Williams.  The medical redshirt does not have to be sought during the year of the injury.  It just needs to be submitted before the potential additional year, which would be a 6th year in this case.  In order to be eligible, during the year in question, the player must have played in less than 30% of the games and then missed the rest due to injury.  As an example, Devin Gardner from Michigan is currently classified as a Junior, giving him only one more year of eligibility.  During his freshman year, he played in the first 3 games of the season and then missed the rest of the year due to a back injury.  Michigan has only now applied for a medical redshirt for him in order to gain an additional year of eligibility (2 years later).  I hope this clears things up for you.

Squirrel Master's picture

Nathan Williams already used his medical redshirt last year. Can't get another and can't have a regular red shirt after a medical redshirt.
The senior to medical redshirt and come back would be J. Hall.

I saw a UFO once.......it told me to have a goodyear!

andyb's picture

Thanks for the clarification...I thought so

BlueBayou's picture

Ok, I just looked up N. Williams profile.  I didn't realize the article meant that his medical redshirt placed him in the 2012 senior class, I was thinking it meant he might slide to the 2013 class.  So now that I understand, yes, if they seek a medical redshirt for Hall, he will move to the 2013 class and the 2012 departing seniors number moves from 15 to 14 because of him.  Thanks for correcting me.

DMcDougal24's picture

Article could be from last season.. Nathan Williams sought and was granted a medical redshirt last season.

tennbuckeye19's picture

If anyone from this year's team is going for a medical redshirt, it would be Jordan Hall.

BlueBayou's picture

Thanks for the additional information, I gave you an upvote for it.  The information I found was from a quick google search and I was hoping if anything was inaccurate, somebody would correct me.  Thanks.

Squirrel Master's picture

of course you guys say all this while I stepped away after I clicked reply! lol

I saw a UFO once.......it told me to have a goodyear!

Catch 5's picture

Yea, I'm looking at a Rivals site with a similar chart.  It shows 14 current seniors and 76 scholarship players.  My question is, what happend to the 6 (or 7 by your count) players since this February?  OSU was at a full 82 at that time, but are now at 76 - how did they get there?  Anybody know?

Make their asses quit! - Nick Saban

hodge's picture

I know that Southward and Bellamy left, Southward was homesick and Bellamy "lost his love for the game".  I can't remember what happened to the rest.

Squirrel Master's picture

Ty Williams was kicked off the team for breaking some rules. Another player was too other than southward. There were about 4 players dismissed since last February. Tempararily Klein was too.

I saw a UFO once.......it told me to have a goodyear!

tennbuckeye19's picture

Bobek and Hayes left.

Alex's picture

Just rattling off departures....Southward and Bellamy left...David Durham and Brian Bobek also left....Kenny Hayes left as well...Scott McVey, Melvin Fellows, and Chad Hagan medical hardships

Hankins is likely to go pro...Roby and Hyde could too but I think they stay one more year....there will be 3-4 transfers as there any year...Jamie Wood is likely not playing football again due to injury

Squirrel Master's picture

damn, I forgot all about Melvin Fellows! Fer Shame!

I saw a UFO once.......it told me to have a goodyear!

buckeyeboy31's picture

@Alex, assuming Jordan Hall gets his redshirt, and if all 17 verbals make it, we're at 76 right now....let's say 4 players transfer/leave, do you think we'll sign 10 more players or do you think we'll take 7 or so (Mitchell, Johnson, Gibson, Quick, Worley, Conley, 7th surprise) and bank the rest for 2014, seeing as how we'll only have 14 seniors before early departures (if any) and more attrition....

thatlillefty's picture

My god... haven't read a word yet but just look at the size of Mitchell's arms.

tennbuckeye19's picture

FYI: Bill Greene is reporting that Eric Glover Williams from Canton McKinley is visiting OSU this weekend. He might leave with the 1st offer for an Ohio player for the 2015 class.

Red Shirt Ensign's picture

What is she doing back there....
Seriously can't wait to see the next 2 months unfold!  Spring Ball can't get here soon enough!

"Captain, over here, I've found someth... AHHHH!!!!!!"


okiebuck's picture

I'm hoping the Mitchell kid is in the fold. I saw him play a few weeks ago and I think he could start tomorrow for the Bucks; he has that nose for the ball that you like to see in a LB.

"Fate has cards that it don't want to show"

Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

Alex is killing me worrying about whether Barker could turn out to be a bust... I think he could be the next Tebow or Alex Smith.... Throws a great ball and can run the read option.  I'd rather have him than an athlete we have to groom throwing the ball for 2 years.  Everyone has their opinion tho. 

andyb's picture

I like where your heads at...I love Braxton and TP just as much as everyone else. But I too would love to have a freshman come in as a phenomenal passer with nice wheels to go with it.
Less an athelete that can throw and more a QB that can run if needed..like Troy was.

NYCBuckeye's picture

Can't coach speed. Let's wait until we can get a QB that doesn't need to be thrown into the fire as a freshman, and can get a few years of good coaching before he's the starter. Cam Newton had it. Troy had it. Even Tebow wasn't asked to do a lot of throwing his first year. TP and Braxton didn't have a lot of time for mechanical overhauls (as SO many freshman Qbs need, regardless of whether theyre pocket passers or dual threats)

andyb's picture

Can't disagree with you on this

Alex's picture

hey, I would offer Barker today AND accept his commitment if it was up to me...I'm just saying with limited spots I really think the staff is going to evaluate as much as they can so they can make the best decision in order to avoid busts....

Hayze's picture

And its really hard to blame Meyer in this regard.
Look at some of the QBs he took at Florida (Brantley, etc).
He needs to make sure the QB we take in 2014 is the best one and the right one.

Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

I understand what you're saying. I just like the Utah version of our offense. A QB who can throw first and run when needed. I think Barker would be the best fit for that. 

ODEEZ330's picture

Love these!!!! I have us finishing 13 with mitchell, johnson,quick gibson,conley and hopefully bell and dawson and maybe redfeild on nsd or at an all star game if bell doesn't happen. I think 14 first commit will be snodgrass booker jr or barker if he gets offered

stark county football

Northbrook's picture

Thanks, I always enjoy the recruiting news. Any word on the K. Wiggins front?

Alex's picture

he is a plan-B guy IMO

Northbrook's picture

Thanks, Alex. BTW, I think you have the needs areas nailed. I still wonder about Munger. We cannot possibly take both Munger and Price for DL. One has to move to OL.

Alex's picture

I think Price is eventually an OG but you have to remember Simon, Goebel, and Williams are all gone. Hankins likely leaves and I wouldn't be surprised if another DL or two transfer. 

sathey's picture

Really really really REALLY want Timmons!

Alex's picture

also a Plan-B guy

kareemabduljacobb's picture

Brad Bournival of ESPN released his newest list of players he thinks will finish out OSU's recruiting class.
1. Mike Mitchell 
2. Christopher Worley
3. Trey Johnson
4. James Quick
5. Gareon Conley
6. Shelton Gibson

Hayze's picture

Agree with all of those.
If we finish with that I'll be estatic!
Throw in a Vonn Bell or Max Redfield and the class becomes rediculous.

buckeye76BHop's picture

I'm wondering if we get either Bell or Redfield to be honest.  I really want Bell...just hope he wants to be at OSU.  I'm starting to hear more and more about Bama...and his visit there.  I really hope that it's just all rumors.

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Bucks43201's picture

ESPN posts Quick's 40 time at 4.72 ... that has to be inaccurate

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

kareemabduljacobb's picture

Probably just too lazy to update things.  He probably ran that at some camp as a freshmen or something.

VintonCountyBuck's picture

I think eSECpn automatically adds .5sec to anyone's time that has a B1G school in his top 3.

“Right now, Michigan is not at the pinnacle of college football, and that’s all Urban Meyer cares about...He’s been there and knows what it takes to get there.” 

Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

I like that group. Just add Bell or Redfield to it. 

TheHannimal's picture


CC's picture

Which year do/did we start the 82 scholarships?  Was it last year or next?  It goes for 3 correct?

Alex's picture

it was this past season, the 2012 season....so this was year 1....by fall camp of 2013 we have to be at 82 that is year 2....by fall camp of 2014 we have to be at 82 that is year 3...fall camp of 2015 we can be at 85

Nick's picture

This past year was the first year (of 3 I believe) for the 82 limit and this coming year with be the second with one remaining after that

buckz4evr's picture

Everyone thinks that Snodgrass is a lock, but I have major concerns he slowed down his recruitment so he can get a closer look at ND.  Am I missing something?

Alex's picture

Snodgrass WANTED to commit to Ohio State last month...OSU asked him to hold off...they were not ready to accept his commitment and want to see semester grades and test scores first....

Snodgrass = Buckeye if OSU wants him, which I think they do once they see the academics

EvanstonBuckeye's picture

Alex, thanks for this info. I was put off by the earlier start/stop of Snodgrass's announcement plans, so this adds a little more context as I can see he really wants to be a Buckeye. As a teacher, I love the focus on academics we're seeing with Meyer. I'm sure this as much pragmatism as ideology, but it has the best interest of the athlete and program at heart.

Conroy's picture

I don't think we have to worry about Shazier going early.  It doesn't seem like too many linebackers leave after their junior year because of the relatively low value of the position in the NFL.  

Alex's picture

if Shazier improves upon this year he is gone....how many times can someone come back to either get hurt or see their stock drop....if he improves on this year he is a sure fire first rounder and you can't turn that down...just my opinion

Nick's picture

He better improve with the tweet he sent out today

kareemabduljacobb's picture

Yeah I could see that, he needs to add a good 10-15 pounds at least to his frame before hitting the pros though.

kareemabduljacobb's picture

He did also say he wanted to leave tOSU as one of the greatest linebackers to play there too.  So hopefully that means he'll want to stay all 4 years so he can achieve as much as possible. 

lljjgg's picture

Alex, Derek, and Miles (or anyone else):

Do you think the recent coaching changes will have a large impact on anyone we're currently recruiting in particular? (i.e. Trey Johnson w/Malzahn in at Auburn, Quick w/Strong either staying in or leaving Louisville, Bell [2013] and Hurd [2014] w/someone new taking over Tennessee?)

Alex's picture

I think Tennessee is ultimately out for Bell unless they find some miraculous savior. Strong can certainly impact Quick. I think Trey is gone from Auburn.

weimerad's picture

I've said it many times before, and I'll say it again.  I have a strong, bad feeling that the staff will wait too long to offer Barker, and by that time, he'll be committed elsewhere, likely South Carolina.  And I also believe he's the type of kid that won't back off from his original commitment, so I highly doubt OSU would be able to flip him. 
I don't like the way that the staff is only going after Watson at the moment.  It's highly unlikely that he will flip from Clemson now that Chad Morris is there at least one more year.  I think the staf should offer 3-4 QBs (Watson, Barker, Allen and Henderson) and be satisfied with whoever commits first, and then go after a 3 star guy (Kizer, Ulmer).  I just hope that the Ulmer kid isn't the primary QB they take.  I'm not impressed with him at all. 

Hayze's picture

I know its been said multiple times but gotta trust the coaches on this one. With the limited scholarships we can't afford to miss on too many guys.
Regarding specifically Barker/Watson: I don't think the staff would continue to recruit him as hard as they are if they didn't think they had a great chance to flip him. And if they ever do get the feeling that he's going to stick with Clemson then the'll move on. Also, notice how Barker said a couple months ago that he wanted to commit early, as in this year. Now he's pushed that back to the spring. He wants to be a Buckeye and is willing to wait a little longer on the offer.
I think we should have a good idea by the Spring Game if Watson will flip and if not then Barker should get offered.
I think we are recruiting Ulmer as an ATH (maybe with possibility to play QB). I would take Ulmer in a heartbeat if he wanted to commit. Kid runs just like Braxton and will be an impact player wherever he goes. Henderson is going to Michigan State IMO and probably wouldn't have been as great a fit in Meyer's offense as others will. Same thing with Allen. I like Kizer as a second QB in our class but I'm not sure he would want that.

bucknut8's picture

GREATE READ!!!!!!!!! Never a dual moment in this post!!
Great work staff! keep it up!


Buckeyevstheworld's picture

Gareon Conley, James Quick, Shelton Gibson (if he qualifies), Trey Johnson, Mike Mitchell, Vonn Bell

Along with Max Redfield, this would be my wish list.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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I am thinking you people have it wrong,Price should play DT and push for those O-line recruits....He is way to strong and a disruptive force to be on the wrong side of the ball......I read alot and a whole lot of youn's are giving him the short comings thinking he might be just a big kid.....He's a typical hard working "Simon" molded big strong young man....I have seen this kid play for a few years and D-line is where he should be at...