One Game to Win

By Chris Lauderback on June 11, 2012 at 10:00a
All I do is win, win, win...

The final installment of the recent Mount Buckmore series in which I attempted to identify the top four players, by decade, worthy of a spot on the imaginary shrine concluded with the 2000s own James Laurinaitis, Troy Smith, A.J. Hawk and Mike Doss. 

A pretty legit foursome in my eyes to be sure though some of you voiced other alternate viewpoints either on the site or by email, quite often questioning the omission – even in the Notables section - of none other than your 2002 national championship season starting quarterback, Craig Krenzel.

Now, I will give ground that Krenzel should’ve at least earned an honorable mention but maybe I just subliminally talked myself out of it because I don’t have a use for a John Deere and have never bought a car from Buckeye Nissan even though Craig always tells me to.

I still don’t see Krenzel as being a top four player in his decade but his supporters did bring up a question that I wanted to explore.

That question is, if you had one game to win which Buckeye quarterback would you take to lead the offense?

Coming up with your final choice might be simple depending on how you want to approach it and all of us might value certain traits over others. Some would put a premium on the player most associated with being clutch with others favoring the most dynamic, game-changing player and maybe another sub-set preferring the signal caller they see as the most consistent though all of us probably value a combination of all those traits, plus others.

Regardless of variations in criteria, I think most of us would automatically put Craig Krenzel, Joe Germaine, Troy Smith and Terrelle Pryor on our short list.

Some of you might wish to expand the pool of finalists. Possibly you’re a Rex Kern disciple or maybe Hoying’s Nintendo numbers during your formative years, particularly ’95, have you playing the loyalty card. Or could it be Schlichter never sold you tickets so he’s your guy. Or Bellasari. Just wanted to see if you’re still paying attention.

Feeling good that I had the right final four with Krenzel, Germaine, Smith and Pryor, I went about refreshing myself with their quarterback play. 

Craig Krenzel

The sport is played to determine a winner and a loser and if a key driver in your selection is winning then Krenzel might be your guy.

After all, he went 14-0 as the starter of the only national championship team of my lifetime and built a reputation of being clutch. Certainly, his penchant for coming up big is more than myth with his running in the championship game against Miami and Holy Buckeye will always be a tear-jerker for every Buckeye fan. In fact, the actual question being posed - which QB are you taking to win just one game - seems right up his alley.

That said, after looking at the numbers more closely, I just can't put Craig any higher than fourth on my list.

There's no question he effectively managed games down the stretch and made more than a few gigantic plays that paved the path to crystal but he also led what could often look like a pretty stagnant offense and played some of his worst statistical football in bigger games.

He was just 4/10 passing in the Washington State game that Clarett had to take over. He completed only 48% of his passes with two interceptions sprinkled among two TD tosses and a TD run in the near miss at Cincinnati. He threw two picks against unranked Penn State and had a fumble that almost went for six before Gamble bailed the squad out with a 40 yard TD return keying a 13-7 and though Krenzel had 81 yards rushing with two TDs against Miami in the title game, he threw another two picks - one in the endzone - and if not again for the heroics of Clarett who stripped Sean Taylor leading a Buckeye field goal, we might be remembering Craig in a whole different light.

I don't mean this to come off as a diss in any way because I've dry humped the 2002 Ohio State vs. Miami, FL DVD just as many times as you but the inconsistency has me passing on Craig as my choice. 

Joe Germaine

Joe Germaine could flat out sling it. You probably have one QB that you have a soft spot for one reason or another, right? Germaine's that guy for me. One behind Hoying and Pryor all-time with 56 TD passes speaks volumes about Germaine did when scanning the field in the shotgun. 

Watching Germaine direct the '98 juggernaut was something to behold. I had gotten my first glimpse of the Buckeyes actually slinging the ball all over the field during Hoying's big '95 campaign with Terry Glenn as his running mate but Germaine to Boston was its own ridiculous highlight reel. 

Joe outdueled the Snake in the '97 Rose Bowl.

Germaine was a boss his senior year winning 11 of 12 starts on the strength of his school record 3,330 yards passing with 25 TDs against just seven picks. He saved his best for last as he engineered a 65 yard TD drive late in the Rose Bowl, finding Boston in the right flat to win it, locking up a #2 final ranking while making John Cooper the only coach to win the Rose Bowl for the the B1G and the Pac-10. 

Of course, maybe it was just the karma of being part of the Cooper Era, but Germaine had a black eye of his own, delivered by Nick Saban's Spartans in a 28-24 loss in the 'Shoe that derailed the run for a national title. Joe just couldn't get it going that fateful day as Sparty applied consistent pressure, exploiting the one drawback of Germaine's game. He wasn't a statue by any stretch but Germaine also wasn't overly nimble. On this Saturday, he would lose 41 yards on sacks, fumbling on one leading directly to a Spartan field goal but it was his interception in the end zone on the final desperation drive that put an end to what should've been an undefeated season for what appeared to be the superior team in college football in 1998. 

Bottom line, my heart wants to go with Germaine but he finishes third on my list mostly due to mobility issues and coupled with the fact we're talking about Ohio State, I'm going to assume my QB choice might run into some suspect pass pro from time to time. 

Terrelle pryor

Jeff got all numbers-y last week looking at Troy Smith and Pryor plus you saw the guy for youself so you already know what difference maker the kid was, regardless of how you feel about his role in landing OSU on probation and sending Tressel packing. 

It took Pryor awhile to blossom into a respected passer but he was always lethal with his legs and I'm not sure there's been a better 3rd down player and there's no question in my mind he's the best improvising QB in school history. Pryor is actually 18th all-time in career rushing yards at Ohio State - the only QB to rank in the top 20 - with 2,164 yards and 5.0 yards per carry. 

Pryor did put it together through the air as a junior racking up the third best single season totals in both yards (2,772) and TD passes (27) against 11 interceptions. He capped his season with a Sugar Bowl MVP award after accounting for 75% of Ohio State's total yards (336/446) with two TDs. 

His sophomore season produced a 26-17 Rose Bowl win over Oregon as he accounted for 81% of OSU's offensive production totaling 338 yards with two TDs. 

Pryor never quite dominated The Game the way Smith did but he collected W's. 

Another huge plus in Pryor's favor when trying to decide who you'd take for one game is his unflappable nature. His cocky nature oozed confidence on the field once he was a seasoned player and the guys in the huddle, even if they all weren't his biggest fans off the field, knew he was capable of taking over a game at any moment therefore a win was always believed to be in reach. 

The dual threat component he brought to the table and his ability to improvise to keep plays/drives alive has Pryor entrenched as my #2 pick to start with one game to win. 

Troy Smith

My #1 choice to start for Ohio State in a must win game is without a doubt, Troy Smith. 

His 2006 regular season was unlike anything I've seen in Columbus. Absolutely surrounded by talent, Smith was the unquestioned ringleader. His Heisman run was fueled by the fifth most yards passing in a single season with 2,542, the #1 completion percentage season with 65.3% and he threw 4TD passes in a game four separate times. He also threw for a school record 30 TDs against just six interceptions. Beyond his riduculous passing stats, he was dangerous with his feet using a determined shiftyness to create a virtually unstoppable dual threat. 

It's well-known that Troy was 25-3 as a starter but what maybe isn't as realized is that he won 19 straight starts before the sh!t show versus Florida. Obviously, the 4/14 stinker he unleashed versus the Gators generates a slight worry and while Smith was certainly culpable, he was far from a lone gunman in the disaster in the desert. 

While Smith was central to the Florida debacle, he was also straight money against the maize and blue. The Glenville product was 3-0 against Michigan as a starter going for over 300 all-purpose yards in each contest. Specifically in those games, remember how reassuring it was knowing Smith was running the show? He was an extension of Tressel and the field and as a fan, I felt invincible with him in the shotgun in total command of the game. 

With his body of work and that feeling he gave me that victory was a forgone conclusion are just two reasons why Troy Smith would absolutely be my choice to start a must-win Buckeye game. 


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BTwrestle04's picture

I believe you mean, "before the sh!tshow in Glendale"

BrewstersMillions's picture

I really enjoyed this piece. Hard to dispute any of the picks here. The line about Pryor's prowess on third down is well received. He really was fun to watch when stuff would break down and guys would sort of fall off of him when they tried to tackle. Troy was equally tough to reign in (unless you were the Gators defensive line) but in a different way. It always appeared that Pryor was looking for ways to escape and run while Troy was looking to buy time to get rid of a pass downfield. Both were effective but at times I wished Pryor would use the feet to set up the arm. That's what set Smith apart his senior year. He was taking off less and went from a runner with an arm to an athletic thrower. Both dudes were a treat ON the field.

Poison nuts's picture

Great article! Since these are always up for debate - I might switch Craig & Joe for this one reason: NC. Other than that - these are certainly 4 of the greats of tOSU history. 

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BuckeyeSki's picture

Todd Boeckman and Joe Bauserman are incredibly slighted by this article

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William's picture

Say what you will about Bauserman, but Boeckman had pretty good numbers his junior year.

Squirrel Master's picture

Boeckmann started all year for a NC team. Bauserman started maybe 5 games and 5 games too many.

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cplunk's picture

Boeckman was a good QB. He had issues with handling pressure from pass rushes, but he put together a solid year and made some great plays. He led OSU to a National Championship game. He deserves to be remembered on a much different level than Bauserman.

Squirrel Master's picture

I loved Krenzel and even argued that he should be given more credit for that NC win. Clerett and the defense got most of the recognition but Krenzel did what was supposed to be impossible, move the ball on Miami. Even though the first half was a field position battle without much offense, Krenzel didn't quit and didn't force things which would cause turnovers.
With that said, I wouldn't put him on mount buckmore! Smith was much better and should have won a NC if it wasn't for the perfect storm of disaster in 06'. It is hard to argue against Doss, Hawk and Laurinaitis. Although I personally feel the work done by Chris Gamble was more impressive than Laurinaitis. He was a straight up 2 way player that practically shut down Andre Johnson in that NC game. He did things that was spectacular. I would also say Ginn Jr. but I think that would be at least a tie with Laurinaitis. It is tough after you get past Doss, Hawk and Smith. Lots of good players in a great decade of football.

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cplunk's picture

For me it is Troy, with Craig not far behind.
However- Braxton Miller has started what, ten games? In the worst offense I've ever seen. And he won the Wisconsin game in the final seconds, and would have won the Purdue game in the final seconds if not for a missed extra point. Brax may be the one by the time his career is done.

Baroclinicity's picture

We can hope.  After that Wisconsin game, I got that feeling that Miller has that intangible like Krenzel did... he's just a winner.  Hope my assessment is correct.  I think this year we'll be able to better see what kind of hand we've been dealt with Miller with stability in our coaching staff, and I'm really optimistic!

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

OldColumbusTown's picture

I got that feeling about Miller after the Purdue game. 
The Wisconsin ending just had too much of a hint of luck that my feelings never materialized after it.  But, after watching Braxton lead the team down the field at the end against Purdue, with that sick scramble and throw to Hall for the TD, it just felt like something special.  Add to it the chances at the end against Michigan (yes, he misfired, I know), and it seems like he has that special "It" factor when it comes down to crunch time.
I'll say this, for as much as everyone maligned Tim Tebow for his abilities as a QB while at Florida, he also obviously had the "It" factor (he showed it off even more last year in Denver).  But, part of the reason he/Florida was so successful was because Urban and the offense put him in positions to succeed.  They rode the coattails of that effort for all it was worth.  I'm hopeful the same will be done with Braxton/Ohio State the next three years.

Poison nuts's picture

It's my hope that we can ad Braxton to this list when his career here is done. Hopefully at the top of the list...He certainly showed moments of sheer brilliance this past year with not a lot of support and as an under-prepared freshman. I am hoping he walks away from Ohio State with the Heisman & NC. Dreaming big, I know, but I believe the kid has the tools to be one of the greatest. 

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ShadyBuckeye's picture

Not a very good list. not because the writer made any mistakes but simply because OSU isnt known for putting out elite QB's. if u made a top 4 mount buckmore for RB's, WR's, LB's or CB's then thats a different story. If anyone can bring in an NFL starting caliber QB to Ohio State then its Urban Meyer. Even if its just Tebow or Alex Smith (cam newton?) i'd take him. Just any QB to root for. Im more of an NFL guy, I follow every OSU player in the pros. Off topic question but do u guys talk any NFL on here during the season?????

Poison nuts's picture

You read an entire article about the best 4 tOSU QB's and dismiss the entire article because they aren't great NFL QB's? That was not the point of the article at all. It's an tOSU site - the article was about great tOSU QBs. If none of them made it in the NFL (It's not quite over for Smith & Pryor just yet btw) so what??? Please don't put me on a poster or call me mean - but you tend to have all the finess of sand paper in your commentary. The writer of the article put a lot of thought into an article for our enjoyment...there are ways to disagree or comment with a bit of style.

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Pam's picture

If Troy Smith never takes another snap in the NFL, he will still be my favorite QB. Heisman's are awarded to the best CFB player of a given year, not the best NFL prospect.  I have never understood devaluing the contributions made in college due to NFL performance.

BrewstersMillions's picture

Its totally backwards thinking. There are some guys in the NFL (See Brady, Tom) who's NFL successes dwarf their success at the "amateur" level. Do we discredit them? (Hint, we don't because it doesn't make sense to). Why do great college players get a black eye if they aren't great pros? Peter Warrick, Troy Smith, Curtis Ennis, and Courtney Brown will all find themselves on their respective college's All Time Great-Something-or-other lists but people snicker at the mention of their names because they weren't great pros. I won't ever pretend to understand it.

tennbuckeye19's picture

Are you serious Shady? The purpose of this write up has nothing to do with the QB's 'NFL starting caliber'. If you only consider a player 'elite' if they have make it in the NFL, that's absurd. 

BrewstersMillions's picture

Whoa, Watch it guys. Shady will put you on mine and Hodge's mean girls movie poster. We are looking for two more....
Shady-yes. NFL talk does take place here in some form or another.

Oakland Buckeye's picture

Brew - I was sure I had made that poster a while ago - Slim (clue) Shady & I are BFF's!

TheHumbleBuckeye's picture

but do u guys talk any NFL on here during the season?????

No. Saturday before Sunday. Always. Sure, we'll keep up on Buckeye alumni in the NFL, but overall, the product the NFL turns out is rather boring. Are the athletes superior? Absolutely. But the offenses are so damn homogenous and predictable, it just becomes mundane. On a Saturday, I can watch five different games and literally see ten different offenses. On Sunday, I can't even watch five different games, and even if I could, I'd see pretty much the same offense run by every single team unless I'm watching New England.

Squirrel Master's picture

Shady, although already has a reputation, is kind of new to the website. He/she is not aware of "The Houndie". That is all the NFL news we need around here but we do sometimes discuss NFL news when it is big.

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YTOWNBUCKI's picture

Yeah that NFL thing is kind of garbage.  The only two-time Heisman winner in the history of college football had a very subpar NFL campaign.  I guess he wasn't that good in college then?

CJDPHoS Board of Directors

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nickma71's picture

The biggest mistake I see in quarterback rating is putting wins and losses above the offense. He doesn't play defense. It applies to the NFL as well, where people think that bum Terry Bradshaw is better than Dan Marino or Kurt Warner.

CowCat's picture

To be fair though, some "big stat" QBs get their stats in offenses that overemphasize the pass or lean too hard on their star QB.
John Elway in the 1980's was a shining example.   Once Shanahan became the coach and they got a legit OL and a running game, it was a different story.

"We get paid to score touchdowns, not kick field goals"
-- Urban Meyer

Squirrel Master's picture

could say the same about Marino. Great QB but his stats were inflated by a huge emphasis on the pass. Shula design the offense around Marino's arm and had no balance. It was over a decade before Miami had a 1,000 yard rusher (Karim Abdul-Jabbar) while Marino played. They used the RB by committee before it was common to do so. I think Marino is great but his numbers are inflated for a reason, Shula catered to him.

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buckeyeEddie27's picture

Craig Krenzel
THIS is how the man's name is spelled.    
I'm not a grammar nazi (far from it) but the contant butchering of his name is not cool.   Qb of our last MNC and his name is hacked to pieces every other comment! 

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

Squirrel Master's picture

corrected. I think I saw it spelled that way from someone else and it stuck. I should know better!

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Poison nuts's picture

Greg Crinshaw rules!!! ;)

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rkylet83's picture

Great article.  I have the same feelings about Craig Krenzel as the author.  I have a ton of great memories of him making big plays, but when I go back and look at his games objectively/statistically he really doesn't compare to Troy Smith, Terrelle Pryor or heck even Todd Boeckman's 2007 season.  For a guy that was called praised for being intelligent/cerebral on the field he certainly made way more errors than those who followed him.      

BrewstersMillions's picture

Well Krenzel was fortunate to be the shot caller on a very good all around team. More importantly the defense that supported him was pass rush crazy and turnover drunk. Its pretty easy to over come his sometimes less than stellar play when Smith, Scott, Doss, Wilhelm, etc are making opposing offenses pee down their leg each time they set foot on the field. I don't know how they stack up stastically against some of the AJ or Laurinaitis's led  defenses but that 2002 unit was without a doubt the nastiest thing a Tressel coach team ever put out there. You had two of the meanest defensive linemen in OSU history with Anderson and Scott. Smith and Peterson were absolutle trench monsters. Wilhelm and Reynolds would take your heads off (and more....) given the chance and Doss and Nickey would flat out annhiliate anything that got near them. I know they were a very good statistical defense (I'm sure one of JT's best) but in terms of that nasty factor, they are far and away the top OSU unit of the era.

ChuckR65's picture

The Mt Buckmore picks were about who DID, not what they could have done.  Krenzel DID win a National Title!  He DID make the plays that no other OSU QB since Rex Kern had made.  That's why he should have been one of the top 4 of the 2000's, and why I'd still choose him to win the big one.

Squirrel Master's picture

I think all 4 that are on the Mt Buckmore did in their own right. Doss and Hawk were on that same NC team and were studs all year plus the big game. Smith and Laurinitus had trophies of their own and would have been champs if it wasn't for all hell breaking loose during the NC game. So I think they should definitely be up there over Krenzel even though I do feel the same about Krenzel as you do. I will defend Krenzel as much as anyone but he might be top 10 of the 2000's. Not top 4. I would even argue Chris Gamble over Krenzel.

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AGL's picture

I agree,  he may not have won the "coveted award",  but lead TOSU
football team to 1st national championship in 34 yrs.


Denny's picture

Needs more Scotty 'Gunslinger' McMullen.


jedkat's picture

graduated HS w/him. Kid could throw a ball that's for damn sure...
...and dunk, and pitch...

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timdogdad's picture

"dryhump the 2002 osu/miami dvd"   funniest line ever read on 11 w!!    

luckynutz's picture

TI can agree with your assessment. troy smith was big time when it mattered. He also had arguably the best receiving corp I've ever seen plat together at tOSU. Doesn't take away from anything he accomplished, or the fact the man was money when it mattered most. Pryor could make plays to keep drives alive. And going in to camp randal as a freshman and pulling out that last minute td was huge. Facts are facts...troy smith came to ply every game. And as long as the ball was in his hands with the game on the line you could bank on him getting it done.

What really excites me is watching braxtons development going forward. I was in the stands at purdue when he led that drive to tie it up. Jordan hall caught the pass right in front of where I was sitting. You could just feel from the start of that drive he was going to get it done. His body language, decision making and patience were all on point. The unfrotunate part was having to wtach basil biff on the XP. Braxton has elements of both troy and pryor to his game. He has game breaking ability when he pulls the ball down and runs in the mold of pryor. But he has also shown elusiveness and patience in scaping the rush and fidning a receiver in the nick of time in the mold of troy. I for one think he has all the intangibles and ability to be the best to ever play the position at tOSU. With an actual qb coach and an offense tailor made for his skill set the potential is there to put his name up there with troy smith. He's a work in progress, but I believe has that it factor that troy had.

timdogdad's picture

i forced myself to watch the end of last years scum game and during the last drive for us, braxton got that awesome first down by scrambling to the sideline and jumping up into the defender like was up against a wave at the beach. he then stuck the ball out in midair and got the first down. it was nice.  more to come...   

ARMYBUCK's picture

I agree with the Mt. Buckmore 100%.  While I really really like Krenzel I would still have Malcolm Jenkins as my first alternate.  Theres always room for debate.  As for the one QB for one game.  It is without a doubt Troy Smith.  Assuming we have a good offensive line in this one game Joe Germaine would be second.  Boy could he sling it and accurate at that!

YTOWNBUCKI's picture

Ah, these debates are why I love this site.  Why aren't we talking about Steve Bellisari?  Imagine if he ever played a game where he wasn't hungover.

CJDPHoS Board of Directors

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45buckshot's picture

great article, thanks. the whole mt. buckmore series are some of, if not the, best tOSU stuff i've read in the offseason.
my list is Troy first and Germaine second. obviously he wasn't as mobile as Troy or TP, but--i'll be honest--i like him more, because he gave more. i'll agree TP was the best we've had so far as making his own offense; he was the best at making something out of nothing. 
but there's a reason why most NFL Qbs are not dual-threat: you really don't want your Qb running around taking hits. 
what was most impressive for me about Troy is his total transformation between his junior and senior years. his junior year he was still look then run. his senior year he didn't rush at all, because he didn't need to--he was throwing the ball downfield.
so i agree with the comment above. if the OL is functional, and the play-calling not totally ridiculous (i know, it's asking a lot), you want a Qb that can sling the ball. That's Troy and Germaine, hands down.

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ChuckR65's picture

What i didn't like about Troy was his total transformation between the Michigan game and Florida!  Heisman or not he let his team and the entire state down.

Poison nuts's picture

While his game was not 100% after all the Heisman hoopla IMO, he far from let his team down. He lost his #1 receiver after the first play, and the should be more upset with them.
And: Florida was just better than Ohio State that night & there wasn't much Troy Smith could do about it. Maybe not 41-14 better but they were the better team. Again - just my opinion. 

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ARMYBUCK's picture

@ Poison, Agreed.  It was definitely not Troy Smiths fault they lost that game.  However, I also dont think it was Roy Hall's fault.  Teddy G. wouldnt have been enough to save the buckeyes had he not gotten hurt.  90% of the blame lies in the trenches. JMO

YTOWNBUCKI's picture

Not to mention, we were extremely outcoached.

CJDPHoS Board of Directors

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cplunk's picture

I've never heard of whatever game you guys are talking about. Quit making stuff up.

Poison nuts's picture

Yep Army - we are on the same page on this one for sure.

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ShadyBuckeye's picture

so your solution is to just sweep it under the rug and act like it never happened? thats cool, we all deal with it in different ways. I just drink myself into an alcohol induced coma:D

45buckshot's picture

after the '02 title, the '98 loss to Nick Satan didn't hurt as bad. so i'm thinking '06 will keep hurting until UM3 turns it around. 
he's going to kick the stuffing out of the B1g next year, then '14 the world!
and then we'll said 41-14 debacle in the desert what?

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”
—G.K. Chesterton

3cent's picture

I think Kirk Herbstreit is the best. I never saw him play, but the way he talks and acts he must have been great

USMCBUCKEYE82's picture

Couldn't agree more Cent

johnblairgobucks's picture

Steve Bellisari gets on the "How to be better as a sophmore than as a senior, while missing my last OSU/Michigan game for beer..... or just overthrow an open reciever instead of scrambling for 10 yards or.... get dragged down for a 2 yard gain, instead of throwing to an open receiver" Mt Buckmore.

HighBallAce's picture

I would have to put Bauserman as the worst all time Qb for Ohio State, followed by Bellisari and then Stanley Jackson drove me nuts but his game was nowhere near as bad as the first two.


Bauserman for sure, will never forget last years Nebraska game, as soon as I saw Joe walk onto the field I knew game over, and he didnt dissapoint!

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