Saturday Skull Session

By Jeff Beck on April 28, 2012 at 6:00a

Good morning and happy Saturday to you madam or sir. My name is Jeff and I‘ll be the one invading your home every Saturday to bring you the Saturday Skull session. I guess if we’re going to be hanging like this every weekend, you in your pajamas and me in my weekend best, we should have a proper introduction. 

Yes, my name is Jeff Beck and yes I play guitar. I’m not as good as the other guy who will forever own me in Google searches (I’ve come to terms with the fact that I could invent time travel and my name wouldn’t make the first page), but I suppose things could be worse.

 MIKE SLIVE DOES NOT LIKE. Adam Rittenberg recently reported three venues in the Midwest would be interested in bidding to host future playoff games if the new postseason structure allows it.  Officials from Indy’s Lucas Oil Stadium, Detroit’s Ford Field and St. Louis’ Edward Jones Dome all said they’d be willing to throw their hat in the ring for such an honor. 

Personally, I think this would be unreal. The SEC has been playing virtual home games in BCS bowls for years with the exception of The Rose Bowl when it hosts the National Championship. Knowing some SEC fans would be hesitant to cross the Mason Dixon line for fear of losing their way in the vast Northern abyss would mean the “home field advantage” enjoyed for so long by southern schools could be negated.

The only thing that would make this news any better would be if a venue without a dome were interested in making a play. It’s a long shot at best, but doesn’t the thought of a southern school having to deal with this just make your heart skip a beat?

 TRUST TREE. Coach Meyer is busy putting together his “Elite Eight Leadership Committee”, which will be the eight players on the team who he believes are doing things the right way. These players will be entrusted with leading the team by example both on and off the field. Additionally Meyer will make sure any discipline message he has for the team will be seeded through them.

Somewhere Matt Hayes is clamoring for validation as this is definitely Meyer showing he plans to treat certain players differently than others. What Hayes apparently doesn’t know is there is a whole corporate world out there that, in some harebrained scheme to make a profit, has decided to reward employees who perform well differently than employees who don’t. This is exactly what Meyer is trying to embed in his players’ psyche. It’s not an environment of favoritism, but rather a real-world scenario and a refreshing one at that. Do it right and get rewarded, plain and simple.

HOME GAMES!!!!!Playing home BCS games since 1776

WITH THE 56TH PICK IN THE 2012 NFL DRAFT.... For just the fifth time in the past 14 drafts a Buckeye wasn’t taken in the first round. After what must have been an excruciating wait, former tackle Mike Adams was finally selected in the second round by the Steelers. Many believed Adams to be a first round pick, but a bad decision cost him first day money. After testing positive for mariujuana use at the Combine, the Steelers dropped Adams from their board, but the tackle, heeding his agent's advice, made a pilgrimage to Pittsburgh to admit his shortcoming:

Metz said he told him, "If you were my son, I'd tell you to get in the car, drive up there, see them face to face like a man and tell them you screwed up. He got in his car and drove over there. It was important to him, he wanted to be a Steeler.''

When he arrived, he met with Colbert, coach Mike Tomlin and president Art Rooney.

"We told him he was off our draft board,'' Colbert said.

But the fact that Adams made that drive, which the Steelers appreciated, led to circumstances that culminated in them drafting him Friday night. 

Adams was joined in second-day draft festivities by Posey, who was taken by the Texans early in the 3rd round.  One has to wonder where Posey might have been taken had he not been mandated to sit out for the majority of the season. Despite Bollman's best efforts, I’ve got to believe Posey is at least a second rounder if he plays even three more games last season.

GOING BEYOND STANDARD EXPECTATIONS. Yesterday the NCAA gave Gamecock fans the best news they could have hoped for as the Committee on Infractions accepted the school’s proposed sanctions of a loss of scholarships, a significant reduction in recruiting visits, an $18k fine and three years probation.

The program was hit with a failure to monitor after it was discovered that players received $59,000 in impermissible benefits mostly stemming from reduced hotel room rates. In contrast to a similar case closer to home, South Carolina was able to avoid a postseason ban.

I'm glad this case is over. I was getting sick of reading about it every day. Oh, wait...

STUFF THAT ENTERED THROUGH THE INTERNET'S BACKDOOR. The state of the interweb… Long day indeed... Hey intern, go get me a coffee, and a car and a yacht and season tickets and bonbons… I don’t care who you are, this is a good song... Look, an old man throwing footballs.



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What is this, a Saturday morning Skull Seesion?  The weekend just got that much better.  Good stuff.

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Hey Jeff! I believe this is your first article with 11W, right? It's great to hear from you this morning!

I have one question for all those SEC schools and they're entitled, "elite" kids. Where the hell do you think you'll be playing your pro games? Hint: Most likely not in the cushy environs of the south. Man up and learn what "cold" feels like before your first, legal money-making game in it. Even if you get drafted to a southern/warm-weather team, you'll have your share of games in the north. Outside. In the cold. Probably while it's snowing. Or raining. Or hailing. Or sleeting. Or some combinations of the above (especially if you go to Cleveland. God shows no mercy for the weather up there).

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Completely agree with you, football was meant to be played in the rain and snow anyway right?

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Seems like you should have to start out with a music video of you playing some rendition of a Jeff Beck youtube clip every saturday.  First section in the Saturday Skull Session should include a link of you playing the guitar with ridiculous rocker hair.  Title it "Saturdays with Jeff".  Great to have you aboard.

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A strong idea, I'll consider it.

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Saturday Skull Session - what a great and unexpected surprise!  Welcome aboard Jeff.  Since you mentioned the trust tree, I guess I can tell you that I was at Olive Garden last night.  And I got to wondering what color underpants the waitress was wearing.  Probably basic white cotton.  But then I got to thinking maybe they're silk panties, or maybe a thong.  Or maybe it's something cool I don't even know about yet ....

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You lost me here, Bukyze. 

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Old school people. Get your coffee in you

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Will Ferrell, gotcha. Makes a lot more sense now.

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Yep...Jeff...these are your readers...

Looks like you have a future in Simmonsesque Mailbags!!!

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Gotta love Old School...It's SO good!  Once it hits your lips it SO good!  Frank the Tank...Frank the Tank!

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."

"I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose."

Woody Hayes 1913 - 1987 

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I'm just happy someone got the reference

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Anyone who played with Clapton and Page has to be amazing.

It's crazy how many Illinois players went in the first 2 rds, or at least it seemed that way. How Zook could have so much talent and still be that awful is astounding.

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Urbz should hire Zooker as another recruiter but keep him as far away from calling plays/making game day decisions as possible. 

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good riff, jeff  ;)

                     Those who stay wil be .......Diinner!!

                               Brady Joke

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Well played, well played

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God I love 11W!

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you." Woody Hayes

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"What Hayes apparently doesn’t know is there is a whole corporate world out there that, in some harebrained scheme to make a profit, has decided to reward employees who perform well differently than employees who don’t."

Well said and really, that entire paragraph is dead on.

This read is a pleasant surprise after being woken up on a Saturday by a recently taken in stray cat sitting on my chest meowing & pushing her nose against my chin. I'm not calling her Lucy-fer for nothing I guess.

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The only thing I had to look forward to in this long, summery tunnel of football-bereft Saturdays was washing my car.  Thank you 11W, and thank you Jeff Beck (wondering when Carmine Appice and Tim Bogert will do guest columns)!

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I've been trying to get them on the horn, I'll let you know.

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A skull session on a saturday? That's just crazy talk! Now this   .  . . . this is a weekend!

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One of the funniest games I ever saw was the bowl game a couple of years ago was the one that pitted "U" vs Wisconsin.  The weather got down to the 50's or high 40's that day, and the "U" players were wearing their long johns, shivering and had heaters on the sideline.  Wisky on the other hand came out in short sleeves and proceeded to intimidate and dominate them.  I hate Wisky just like everybody else, but that game warmed my heart.  The other game that year was Penn State vs ?, but it was raining and the  southern team was slipping and sliding all over the place.  The song Slip, Sliding Away was playing in my head the whole game.  Again, I loved it and Penn State won.  The SEC teams can only play close to home and in ideal weather conditions, so they are not coming North.  I have to give Alabama credit for playing B1G teams on our turf. 

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PSU played Tennessee that year I believe in Tampa.  Tenn could not stop the run and definitely couldnt play in the bad conditions and they were favored.  All the more reason for Slive to fight tooth and nail to keep the games in the South.  Too bad we wont get any true neutral sites.

Nappy's picture

I was thinking it was LSU, no?

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

buckeyewarrior's picture

I was definitely wrong.  My bad.  Will look things up in the future before I post. 

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That LSU defense ended up having seven players drafted, six of them third round or better, and yet they let PSU control the whole game until about halfway through the fourth quarter, and then PSU marched with relative ease down the field to set up a game-winning field goal. Darryl freaking Clark threw for 216 yards, and PSU ran for 124. LSU on the other hand only rushed for 41 yards and averaged an anemic 1.6 yards per rush. And all that announcers were talking about was how the crappy conditions favored Penn State.

As I've said multiple times, the southern teams have a huge advantage in that they can build offenses exclusively based on spreading the field and getting around the edges. If you want to do that in the B1G, do so at your own risk. Once the weather turns bad, your offense will go to crap. Rich Rod's Michigan teams were 3-9 after the month of October. It could be argued that freezing temps played a role in Pitt's shocking upset of WVU in 2007.

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The PSU game was in Florida, and the field was slick because of the re-sodding that occurred that previous week more than the rain -was which certainly helped.

Make their asses quit! - Nick Saban

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I wouldn't give them credit. They play during late summer, which is no big deal. If they played late in the season and/or bowl season in Big Ten country and then win, all the credit to them. Until then, they don't get it from me.

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Sweet!  A Saturday Skully. Something to focus on with my coffee while the kids are screaming. Nice job Jeff.

And it could be worse if your name was Michael Bolton.

I am Groot - Groot

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Thanks, and I completely agree.  I'm not smashing up office printers in secluded fields just yet.  But let's give it time.

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Great piece...especially the parts about the SEC and Hayes opinionated article.  I'd say those two go hand in hand...good job Jeff.

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."

"I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose."

Woody Hayes 1913 - 1987 

tennbuckeye19's picture

I really enjoyed that investigative piece George Dohrmann wrote on the NCAA violations over at South Carolina. And the constant reporting on the whole scandal was almost too much to handle. Everywhere you looked there it was. It was almost like you couldn't escape it....


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Just when I thought 11W couldn't get any better! . . . . . A Saturday Skull Session! Now my wife is really going to hate me.

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I'm pretty new to the site and usually don't say much. I just wanted to welcome you and thank you for the great read.


I figured out why your cat woke you up.

Do you think you could get her to go after the one's on 11w as well?

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I can train her to do so!

For those familiar with Upper Arlington & Tremont Road ... watched this devil kitty try to cross the street narrowly being missed 3 times in 15sec. Tried to turn and walk inside (sooooooo tried) but couldn't. Meant to scare her across when no traffic ... but instead she sprinted across the yard, collapsed on my foot and started purring. Skin and bones is now trying to exist with two dogs & the impending Bob Barker.

If anyone wants a young kitty who is absurdly affectionate & really REALLY wants to just love you at all times, let me know. This concludes my pitch for 11w adoption.

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Glad to see the Saturday Skull! Good stuff Jeff. I feel your pain. My name is Eddie Van we're in the same boat...

Okay, it's not, but I do play guitar.

Interesting Trek for Adams, who grew up in Farrell...hope he commits, and has a long and prosperous career in the NFL, and doesn't fall prey to past indescretions.

And the South Carolina BS makes me want to freakin' tear someone's head off...The ole' ball coach must have some dirt...

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Saturday Skull Session? ...

Class of 2008

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OT and may have been mentioned somewhere else, but apparently Illinois was loaded up with talent. I knew Zook was recruiting well but damn.

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One thing that I think we as Buckeye fans have overlooked in the Hayes article is not the fact that Meyer treated his players differently, but why he was treating them differently.  If Meyer was treating players who worked hard and kept their noses clean I don't think anyone would have a problem, but that doesn't seem to be what Hayes was accusing him of.  Percy Harvin was becoming a cancer in the locker room and was not working hard and was disrespecting his coaches.  That does not sound like a guy who deserves to be treated better than the rest of the team.  Just because he is a good player, doesn't mean that he deserves special treatment.

Take the examples of John Simon and Terrell Pryor.  Clearly they were both great players (likely our two best players had Pryor played last year), however I don't think any of us would claim that Pryor deserved "Gold" status in Meyer's system.  

Treating people differently is one thing, but it doesn't sound like all of the Florida players truly deserved their preferred status.  That said, it does seem like Meyer is currently favoring the players who do deserve it, both through on the field performance and off the field attitude.  So maybe he learned his lesson not to give people like Janoris Jenkins special favors.

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Will there be a Sunday Skully?

Ramzy Nasrallah's picture

Yes. The plan going forward: Every Day is a Skully Day. 

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Woo-hoo!  Hoody-hoo!  :-)

Real fans stay for Carmen.

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Saturday Skully!!! *said similarly to Bill Murray when saying "Canonball Comimg"...said like that for no apparent reason other than being happy to have a Saturday Skully!*

Jeff - I'll never be witty enough to come up with anything cute to say about your name, I just want to say welcome & thanks.

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

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Pretty standard Saturday thus far:  do some odds and ends around the house this morning, figured I'd jump on 11W and see if anything was going on, half expecting there to be a "catching up with" (there was - thanks Alex).  But below that, WTF is this I see?!?! A SATURDAY SKULLY!?!?!  YES!!   Thanks and welcome aboard Mr. Beck.

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The Fiesta Bowl in AZ isn't exactly SEC country in terms of home-field advantage.


That S.C. garbage is frustrating, but at least they lose about half of their official visits.  Can't do much about it though. Oh well.

btalbert25's picture

Is St. Louis the midwest?  Now that Missouri is an SEC team wouldn't that be considered SEC country now? 

pcon258's picture

skull session on saturday??? mind. blown. can't wait to spend even more of my time on this site haha, great stuff though jeff, welcome

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I don't know if game location is going to make the playoff any less unfair than it's already slated to be.  I do not see the merits of having a #1-4 playoff selection.  What if TCU finds their way into the top-4 with Big 12 champ Oklahoma?  Weak.  What if 3 SEC teams are in there? Vomit.  The only way to make this "fair" is to hold it for the top-ranked conference champions.  And they're not going to give that to us, I know it.

Catch 5's picture

So what about the Fiesta? Was Auburn at home in Tempe? Last I checked that's a long way from Dixie. I think you underestimate the SEC's fanbase's willingness to travel as there were plenty of fans scooping up those tickets, the prices for the previous two "away" games were through the roof and the SEC teams were well represented.
Also, I think you fail to get the point of the Hayes article. It is not that well behaved players were getting preferential treatment but rather that the star players were given a pass when they failed drug tests and were allowed to dictate what practices they wanted to do. Big difference there.

Make their asses quit! - Nick Saban

faux_maestro's picture

Also, I think you fail to get the point of the Hayes article. It is not that well behaved players were getting preferential treatment but rather that the star players were given a pass when they failed drug tests and were allowed to dictate what practices they wanted to do. Big difference there.

ALSO, we have heard the other side from other former players that none of that is true. BIG DIFFERENCE THERE TOO>

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

osubuckeye4life's picture


Welcome aboard wicked axe man!

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Yeah the SEC is never coming north (except for alabama playing at scUM in late summer. here's hoping for a freak snowstorm).

There's a reason Wisconsin never wins their bowl games. The northernmost team in the B1G who plays real football (sorry gophers) has to build a team that can win when you can't see your recievers because it's snowing too hard. I've been to winter games at Wisco, they're ridiculous. Swirling wind and snow, players getting injured all over the place...

I'd like to see Alabama's vaunted D go up against the monsters on basically any B1G O-line in conditions like that.

LadyBuck's picture


This is why 'Bama coming up in late summer doesn't impress me. We still have decent weather into October. Now, mid-October through November is dicey, and that would be a real game to see if 'Bama really does play the best football. 

Catch 5's picture

Well I imagine you are not impressed by most schools since OSU has only faced one OOC opponent (New Mexico State in 2009) after October 15 in the last 10 years. It seems that the B10 reserves those late weeks for conference play.
Personally I really liked the idea of playing the semis on campus, and I really don't like the idea of shopping the championship around like the Super Bowl, but I'm not a big playoff guy in the first place.

Make their asses quit! - Nick Saban

LadyBuck's picture

I would be more impressed with schools if bowl games weren't always played in the SEC's backyard. If they played a few bowls up here, I wouldn't mind the late summer games, and would be more impressed with those wins. To me, the SEC is dominant in ideal weather, but can they win outside of that? Who knows.