11W Recruiting Notebook: Jayme Thompson is a Buckeye, More Visitors Coming

By Alex on April 5, 2012 at 9:57a
Closer stuff?Can Urban close the deal on  Anzalone this month?

After what you could call somewhat of a "lull" in Ohio State's recruiting, things have begun to pick up again and Urban Meyer is back at it in trying to put together a top notch recruiting class for 2013, all the while preparing his team for next season in spring practices.

Last weekend marked the first of many busy weekends ahead for OSU recruiting, as the staff saw a number of talented visitors come to town during a stretch from Friday to Tuesday. The results were great after the weekend concluded as the Bucks picked up two new commitments, as well as made some solid ground with a number of other prospects.

The weeks lying ahead will not prove too different, as starting today, more potential Buckeyes are strolling in to Columbus to see what the "new Ohio State" has to offer them. Weekends like this are likely to continue throughout the summer, all leading up to the first annual Friday Night Lights camp to be held in Ohio Stadium.

In today's 11W Recruiting Notebook we take a look at some of the visitor's that have come through campus recently, some prospects that plan to visit soon, and what the Ohio State Spring Game could mean for recruiting at the end of the month. Please join us after the jump as we take you through the rundown and bring the latest buzz in the Buckeye recruiting world.

Weekend Past

This past weekend brought a star studded line-up of visitors to Columbus and the staff did not disappoint when it came to results.

BUCKEYEThompson already has the colors right

Visitors included QB Chavas Rawlins, QB Aaron Bailey, RB Ezekiel Elliott, OT Marcell Lazard, OT Ethan Pocic, LB Alex Anzalone, LB Courtney Love, LB Jaylon Smith, DB Chris Worley, DB Jayme Thompson and DB Darian Hicks, as well as commits DB Cam Burrows and ATH Jalin Marshall from the 2013 class. The list also included a couple players from the 2014 class, including OT Andy Bauer and LB Raekwon McMillian.

News started out with a bang on Sunday when word came out that Ezekiel Elliott became the sixth member of the class of 2013. Elliott told us later that after his first trip he felt good about the Buckeyes, but his second trip with his family to see the entire university sold him that OSU was the place for him.

The good news rolled on Sunday night, when Jayme Thompson announced he would be the seventh member in the class. Thompson was previously committed to West Virginia since February 2, but received an offer from the Buckeyes last week after reporting his grades to the staff and quickly jumped on the opportunity to play for his home state team.

Although the commitments ended there, Meyer definitely did some work with other recruits. The Buckeyes are now the favorites for Marcell Lazard, who could commit at any moment, continued to stay in the lead for Ethan Pocic, Courtney Love, and Aaron Bailey, kept their place at the top of the list of Alex Anzalone, made up ground on Notre Dame with Jaylon Smith, and got a good feel for Chavas Rawlins.

The staff also did some great work with the 2014 stars. McMillian came up to Columbus with his coach and after his visit he told us Ohio State was the "biggest offer he had", a significant piece of news considering home state Georgia and SEC schools South Carolina and Ole Miss have offered. Marcell Lazard also told us he could tell McMillian really liked OSU and he wouldn't be shocked if the Buckeyes were the winners whenever that decision is made.

As for the other 2014 prospect, it appears Ohio State sits in a good spot with Andy Bauer, a sophomore who already has eight offers, all from BCS schools. It looks like Notre Dame and Ohio State are the two schools to watch early on for Bauer, who'd like to end his recruitment sooner rather than later.

Overall it was a tremendous weekend when it comes to recruiting for the Buckeyes and gives the staff some momentum as they head further into the spring.

Weekend Coming

It will be hard to match last weekend, but Mark Pantoni is certainly preparing to do his best.

Not Ann Arbor'sTreadwell is worthy of a receiver spot in OSU's class

Heading to Columbus this week (as of Wednesday night) are 2013 stars DB Vonn Bell, WR Laquon Treadwell, WR Robert Foster.

Bell is scheduled to be on campus today and it will be the Georgia star's first visit to Ohio State. Ranked as the nation's number two safety by 247, Bell will certainly have the red carpet rolled out for him as the Buckeyes look to add to a super secondary class that already includes Jayme Thompson, Eli Woodard, and Cam Burrows. It is unknown how serious Bell is about OSU, but the fact that he is visiting on his own dime is a great sign and as I always say, if you get a prospect on campus with Meyer, anything can happen.

Treadwell is a name many Buckeye fans are familiar with and have been waiting for him to visit for some time now. Treadwell was originally supposed to visit in early March, but Meyer was on vacation and the trip got postponed to what turned out to be this weekend. Many think Laquon is leaning towards Michigan and that very well could be true despite what he says, but if Meyer really wants him in this class he has a great chance to impress him on Saturday. I'm not sure how many receivers the Bucks plan on taking this year, but Treadwell is definitely a player worthy of one no matter what.

Finally, the best prospect of this group in my eyes, Foster will be making his second trip to Columbus this year. The nation's top receiver, Foster will be in Pittsburgh today and tomorrow before heading to OSU on Saturday to check out spring practice. It doesn't look like a decision is imminent, but it does appear that the Panthers and Buckeyes have the early lead over Penn State and Alabama. The Tide are supposed to get a visit from Foster before he makes a decision, but I still think this comes down to one of the Pennsylvania schools and Ohio State. Urban has a great chance to jump ahead this weekend, so look out to see what happens.

Spring Game Looks To Be Key

It is still unknown who may visit between this coming weekend and the Spring Game on April 21, but that weekend at the end of the month should be action packed.

Will Bosa be a Buckeye?Bosa will make an appearance at the Spring Game

Prospects that are potentially going to be in attendance (obviously subject to change) include QB Drew Barker (2014), WR James Quick, TE Mike Heuerman, TE Josh McNeil, DL Joey Bosa, DE/LB Lewis Neal, LB Alex Anzalone, LB Courtney Love, LB Devaris Brunson, and DB Mackensie Alexander. There are sure to be other players in attendance, but for now this is the list we have gathered.

If you're looking at the commitment watch, go no further than the tight ends. Mike Heuerman is trying to make a decision by May 1 and it looks like it will be the Buckeyes, LSU, Miami (FL), or Notre Dame. I have been hearing good things regarding OSU and would be surprised if he is not a Buckeye on or shortly after the Spring Game. 

The other tight end is Josh McNeil of Durham (NC) Hillside. McNeil is a teammate of 2012 commit Jamal Marcus and will be visiting Columbus for the Spring Game with him. On Twitter McNeil claimed he was 90% sure of where he wanted to go to school and once again I will be surprised if the other 10% isn't locked up this weekend and he is a Buckeye.

If you're looking for the "big fish" coming into town, take a look to the Sunshine State as Joey Bosa and Mackensie Alexander are top notch recruits with some outstanding talent.

Bosa, who's uncle Eric Kumerow played for the Buckeyes and whose mother graduated from OSU, holds Ohio State in his top five with Alabama, Florida, Florida State, and Wisconsin. The thought is the Tide currently leads, but I expect Meyer and staff to push hard for that top spot during the weekend. [EDIT: There is word circulating Bosa moved up his trip to April 12-13, but regardless, above still applies]

Alexander originally committed to Tennessee, but backed off that verbal pledge to look at other schools. Reports now have Florida State and Clemson as the new leaders, but once again, get any prospect on campus with Urban Meyer and you never know what will happen.

James Quick, Lewis Neal, and Devaris Brunson will all make their first trips to Columbus.

Neal holds an offer, but it is unknown if it is a committable one or not. He continues to say the Bucks are one of his leaders, but we will find out how serious Ohio State's interest really is.

Quick and Brunson will both try to earn offers and hope to pick them up on their visits to OSU. Quick is a fast rising prospect, but the way I see it is that he is behind some other receivers on the recruiting board. I feel the same way about Brunson at linebacker and I think the next few weeks should clear up the picture at linebacker.

Anzalone you heard about before, but if he makes it to Columbus it would be a huge sign. He previously has said he has to decide whether to come to OSU or go to Penn State or Notre Dame that weekend, as all three spring games are on the same date and if he chooses to come see the Buckeyes, it could be a telling sign. Florida and Ohio State are definitely holding a slight lead over Penn State here, but seeing Anzalone on campus for the third time this year would be huge.

Same deal with Love in that he will be back for the Spring Game. He could pull the trigger on a verbal pledge before then, but my guess is it comes this weekend. Will be nice to be at around 10 commits (with Lazard and Love) before any of the other names mentioned here decide their fate.

Finally, Barker is a 2014 quarterback that is already high on the list. At 6-4/205 he already has great size and has compiled great numbers playing at Conner High School in Burlington, Kentucky. Last season, Barker threw for over 1,400 yards and 7 touchdowns, while also rushing for over 1,500 yards and 22 touchdowns. His offensive system is very similar to what Ohio State plans to run under Meyer/Herman and he seems like a player who would fit like a glove. The best part is he is extremely interested in Ohio State and I wouldn't be surprised to see him get an offer when he visits.

The Spring Game should be a great event, not only for the current Buckeyes, but for recruiting, as big moves could be made by the staff by a number of prospects. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what the rest of April brings and will be sure to bring you all the goods here on 11W.


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FortMeyer's picture

Alex, do you have any update on Joey Bosa being at the spring game? That plan was thought to be changed and GSW had posted it changed to April 12th & 13th. Any ideas about the change? And Alexander seems to have the rep of someone that changes his mind from day to day so putting stock in what he says could be a leap of faith.

Alex's picture

I can look into it...when I last spokoe to him it was Spring Game but I will check in...Alexander will not be a Buckeye IMO

Rational MFAN's picture

Good stuff, only thing is I have good information on Bauer. He is a heavy Michigan lean and almost dropped to us a few weeks ago. I would be shocked if he does not commit to Michigan.

Bosa, will be at Michigan this week. I do not think we have much of a chance but then again anything can happen, my hopes is this visit makes him want to officially visit in the fall.

Alex's picture

that's funny because a Michigan source told me after this weekend he thought it was ND or OSU

JasonBuck's picture

If I was a betting man....I'd go with what you heard Alex.

Rational MFAN's picture

Do you guys know anything about Meyer recruiting Gedeon hard again? That seems to be a rumor going around.


bassplayer7770's picture

That was a rumor I heard as well, but I don't know anything additional.

Alex's picture

I heard Stanford is making a push....would be surprised if Gedeon is anything but a Wolverine

Jdadams01's picture

The only place I've seen that rumor is on Michigan boards. I don't think the Bucks feel the need to go after him considering the LB's and TE's we are in the running for. Smith, Anzalone, and Love at LB and Mcneil and Heuerman at TE are all better prospects and have us high in their list.

William's picture

Gedeon is a better prospect than Love, but I don't know how he stacks up against Anzalone, and he isn't better than Smith. 

Jdadams01's picture

Go look at their offer lists. I don't care how many stars rivals, scout, etc give Gedeon over Love, the offer lists don't lie. Same goes for Anzalone. Schools don't seem to think of Gedeon as highly as the services do.

Jdadams01's picture

Want to clarify that I don't mean this as a knock on Gedeon, he's a good player. But when Oklahoma and USC come to Ohio to recruit a 3 star LB, well that says something.

dubjayfootball90's picture

SO pumped that BTN is broadcasting the spring game!!!!! couldn't make it in person, but so glad I can watch it on TV..... APRIL IS A GLORIOUS MONTH!!!! 



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BIGHEC39's picture

Hey Dub Jay I'm stoked to see this game as well.  The Spring game will hold us down for a while cause September seems way to far away.  Man If I lived In Ohio I'd try to go to every Spring Game.  I think the tickets are $10.  You cant beat that......

I have been trying to go to a OSU game my whole life.  One Day........


Alex's picture

Shelton Gibson will also visit on Monday....damn a lot of good WRs in town

AJBor41's picture

Call me crazy, but I like our chances of reeling in a couple of them even more when they arrive in groups.  The skill position players, especially, seem to enjoy the "Dream Team"-esque talk of attending the same school and having a huge impact.  Any 2 of those 3 WRs would be fine with me.

btalbert25's picture

First 2 to raise you hand get a spot on our team!

AJBor41's picture

If he pulls a 2013 class with Marshall, Elliott, and any 2-3 (or more) of Derrick Green, Foster, Gibson, or Treadwell, then I think Urban will be able to rest his "I'm still looking for playmakers" talk.

Jdadams01's picture

Is Gibson still anouncing on 6/20?


Edit* - just saw that you answered this question below.

Ahh Saturday's picture

Love the recruiting updates Alex!  On a scale of "done deal" to "pipe dream", how realistic is a class with Ethan Pocic, Alex Anzalone, Robert Foster, Jaylon Smith, and Joey Bosa?

Alex's picture

Pocic = very realistic

Anzalone = OSU or Florida

Foster= harder to read but I think OSU or Pitt as of today

Jaylon Smith = leaning ND but OSU has made up serious ground this week

Bosa = if I had to guess it'd be Bama, but let's see the visit

JasonBuck's picture

Think we see any commits out of this weekend?  Or do you think it's a "visit, but not commit" kind of group?

Alex's picture

yeah the latter....Gibson June 20...Treadwell I see elsewhere but we'll see...Foster may not pop for a bit....Adolphus Washington will be in town this weekend, maybe he can do some work

DMcDougal24's picture

Foster said that he will be committing at the UA or Army game, which ever he chooses.

Ahh Saturday's picture

I wonder if having Rod is hurting us more than helping us with Jaylon.  It seems to me that Jaylon wants to show that he's his own man and might go to ND chiefly because he doesn't want people saying he went to OSU because his brother plays there.  In any case, the longer this one goes the better I'll feel.

btalbert25's picture

Could just be that he really like Notre Dame.  I mean it's not like he and Rod are going to be competing for a spot.  If anything else he'd probably get to hit his brother quite a bit in practice and show people which one really is Big Brother.  They are from Indiana, and it's hard to get a kid past the, that was my favorite team growing up angle sometimes. 

Arizona_Buckeye's picture

Since I can't swing the time away to head to Columnbus for the big big Spring game, I'm assuming it will be on BTN.   I'm guessing the game is going to be completely sold out and jam packed full of the Buckeye Nation!!!

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Maestro's picture

Awesome.  Awesome.  Awesome.

Hope the committments keep rolling in.

vacuuming sucks

Buckeyeneer's picture

Is 15 still the total number of commits we can get this year, or is it more than that?

"Because the rules won't let you go for three." - Woody Hayes

THE Ohio State University

Maestro's picture

All depends on transfers, possible injuries, etc.  We should know sometime next February.

vacuuming sucks

Alex's picture

as of now, yes but will be like 18-20 probably

otrain2416's picture

great article Alex thanks!

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

ARMYBUCK's picture

As always Alex, great job.  Keep the info coming brother and Thank you.  GO BUCKS


kareemabduljacobb's picture

Was reading the Rumors on ESPN, and they were talking about DE Aaron Lynch from ND possibly transferring with OSU as an option, also read that else where.  That would be another nice pick up for the DE.  We'd just be stackkkked.

bassplayer7770's picture

Last I heard on Lynch was the transfer was just a rumor, and he'll be back at ND next week.

"@rivalsdotcom: RT @NDatRivals: Aaron Lynch will be back Mon, per Brian Kelly. Shoots down any rumors that he has quit or is seeking a transfer: "Not true.""

buckeye76BHop's picture

Great article...it would be fantastic if OSU got Gibson, Foster, Treadwell and Quick/D.Allen.  This would solve the lack of play-maker that seems to be a reoccurring topic of late...     Thanks Alex for the info on the #'s for next years class too.  I thought it could be close to that total (or hoping at least;-).

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GlueFingers Lavelli's picture

Give me Anzalone and Bosa. that'd be sweet. Can't picture Anzalone in Gainesville. 

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

Buckeye414's picture

Agreed.  Bosa is Simon 2.0.  

-Go Bucks!

3technique's picture

I think some "big time" kids will commit at the Spring game. I have read that Meyer is going to run it like a game. I think this will help sell what OSU is all about and it will blow their minds! I love this site!