Woodard Makes Four for 2013

By Alex on February 16, 2012 at 3:23p

It has been foreseen for a while, but Eli Woodard made things official today when he announced his verbal pledge to Urban Meyer and Ohio State, becoming the fourth member of what is quickly turning into one of the best recruiting classes in the country for 2013.

Woodard, a 6-1/185 corner back from Eastern High School in Voorhees, New Jersey, has been an Ohio State fan since he was a young child. After taking many summer trips to Columbus for junior football camp, things started to get more serious for him in the past year when he visited twice last summer and multiple times since for football games last season.

The latest visit, to Columbus this past weekend, sealed the deal for the four-star prospect, as he got the opportunity to sit down face to face with Urban Meyer for the first time and confirm the decision he anticipated making for a while. He made his decision public via twitter, where he chose the Buckeyes over offers from Alabama, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Rutgers, Michigan, Cal, Miami (FL), Maryland, Nebraska, UNC, and others.

Woodard joins Cam Burrows as the second defensive back in the class, as well as Jalin Marshall and Billy Price, who round out the 2013 haul at this point in time. Together, Burrows and Woodard make what is likely to be the most outstanding corner back tandem in the nation and hopefully what will turn in to many nightmares for opposing quarterbacks.

The Woodard pledge was a huge pick up for Ohio State, as they now bring in two of the best defensive backs in the nation, an effort to rebuild a unit that will be thin this upcoming season.

Stay tuned to 11W as we bring you more on Eli Woodard's commitment, as well as the latest buzz on the completion of the recruiting class of 2013.



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dancorona5's picture

Wasnt much question in my mind he would pick us. Go Bucks!

YtownBuck13's picture

great kid, great athlete, great get for Coach Meyer and Co. Seems like a dynasty in the making!

rider1's picture

Keep 'em coming! Love to land a kid that grew up wanting to be a Buck!

bassplayer7770's picture

Welcome to Buckeye Nation, Eli!

Ethos's picture

awesome! Welcome to Ohio State Eli

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rdubs's picture

I love these matchups with the TTUN.  They got a good O Line haul in 2012 and we got a great D Line group (and LBs).  They get a good QB prospect in 2013 and we get two good corners that he has to throw against.  On paper we are in for some epic match ups against them in the next few years.  

And for those who have concerns, remember, defense wins championships!

thatlillefty's picture

no university in the country has more DB's playing at the next level... hopefully Eli can contribute to that great legacy

Irricoir's picture

Welcome to Buckeye nation suhn! Very happy to have you on board.

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Bucks43201's picture

I love this kid -- obviously he's an elite player...but he just seems like a really good kid -- his family did a great job raising him to be a young man

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AltaBuck's picture

Welcome Aboard Eli!  GO BUCKS! GO VIKINGS!

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Arizona_Buckeye's picture

WELCOME aboard Eli!!! You are going to have one great college career here at THE Ohio State University!!!


My man crush on Urban grows even more with every recruit announcement!!!

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Squirrel Master's picture

WOW! Two 6'1'' cornerbacks! That is going to be hellish for opponents! not to mention they are blazing fast too. Offense may be looking for more speed next year but the defense has it. Between Perkins and Shazier, Spence and Washington, now Woodard and Burrows...just sick!

edit: Crap, almost forgot already have Armani Reeves and Roby. Woodard and Burrows makes a nasty 2 deep.

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BTwrestle04's picture

I love the emphasis on Student-Athlete as well.

DJ Byrnes's picture

Another masterful rendition of your dominance of the Copy/Paste command keys, Alex!

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DowntheSideline12's picture

Wow... I guess we could be kinda good

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BrewstersMillions's picture

I love me some tall corners. Tall corners with speed are even harder to umm...'offend' against? That's a word right? Whatever.

We are getting spoiled guys. Like really bad. Meyer is essentially looking at the best players in the country, calling his shot, and signing them up.

Damn it feels good to be a Buckeye.

Maestro's picture


vacuuming sucks

Run_Fido_Run's picture

Train keeps a-rollin' all offseason long.

Train keeps a-rollin' all offseason long.

Grayskullsession's picture

They see me rollin', they hatin, patrollin' they tryin' to catch me recruitin' dirty.

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buckeyedude's picture

Rollin', rollin', rollin'...keep those recruits-a-rollin'(in)...



Arizona_Buckeye's picture

I was reading on the Buckeyegrove.com site that Eli got a chance to see Urban coaching during the winter drills and was surprised how fiery he coached!!!  He thought he was a laid back kinda coach but appears he was getting in some people's faces and firing them up!  Excellent! 

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

DefendOhio's picture

Imagine how good these guys will be after Marotti and Meyer get ahold of them. Add in Grant, Roby, Reeves, Burrows. DB U?

BrewstersMillions's picture

I thought we already had that nickname. Of course Miami fans lay claim to it but I thought there were more DB's from OSU in the NFL than any other school. Could be wrong.

chadwyck11's picture

Dang he hits hard.


Are blocked kicks that common at the High School level?

OfficerRabbit's picture

In my experience kicking as a whole is somewhat, "questionable" in H.S., so I personally don't put stock in H.S. special teams. Regarding your first statement, I got excited when I saw how pumped he was after contact, regardless of which side of the ball he was playing on. A big, athletic, fast CB who loves to hit can only be a good thing, especially in run support. I'm pretty pumped to see what he turns himself into at the next level.



Red Shirt Ensign's picture

OSU Recruiting... prepare for LUDICROUS SPEED!

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Baroclinicity's picture

Seems like I've been a huge fan of Eli's for a long time.  Glad it's (as official as it can get without it being) official!

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bucknut24's picture

With all these awesome DB's on board does that mean it's the end of Howard's Island?  I'm wondering if he will see the field that much since he played so bad last year.

Seth4Bucks's picture

Lot's of players had poor seasons last year. Let's see how they respond before we start benching them. Whatever the case may be, I think the coaching staff will play their best combinations on the field come game time. I doubt that the days of playing seniority over talent will be seen around these parts as long as Meyer's here.

mshaf's picture

Wow, this guy is not scared to hit people