Monday Skull Session

By Jason Priestas on February 20, 2012 at 6:00a

Good morning and welcome to your Monday Skull Session. On the agenda for today: finding a secondary coach (again), figuring out what Ohio State team will show up in March and making sense of the Wolverines' weekend haul on the recruiting front.

Urban Meyer struck gold when he filled the position on his staff left open by departing secondary coach Taver Johnson. Bill Sheridan, the man Meyer brought in, was fresh off a gig as the Miami Dolphins inside linebacker coach and just two years removed as the New York Giants defensive coordinator.

Here's hoping Meyer can do it again, because a mere three weeks after becoming official in Columbus, Sheridan is off to become the defensive coordinator for Greg Schiano in Tampa Bay.

Ohio State is a gold star on any coach's resume, but you can't blame a guy for taking a DC job in the NFL. Even if he didn't stick around long enough for his medical and dental to kick in.

As Meyer looks to replace Sheridan Johnson, expect Chuck Heater's name to surface again. Temple's defensive coordinator coached with Meyer at Utah and Florida and the two have an excellent working relationship.

The relationship is so good, in fact, that I can't imagine Heater as a candidate because he was likely approached about the spot -- and passed on it -- before Sheridan accepted the job. Meyer has harped on the importance of staff alignment and Heater gives him that in spades, so you can bet he's already been offered and taken his name out of the running.

Sheridan was a bit of a surprise, so we'd be wise not to expect a big name, but boy does Ron Zook as defensive backs coach sound intriguing. Zook already has a stint in Columbus (1988-1990 as defensive backs coach) under his belt, is from Ohio (Loudonville) and loves to recruit. The downside: seeing Meyer and Zook on the same staff will cause Spencer's head to explode.

JUST ANOTHER MANIC MONDAY. Another Monday, another postmortem on a lackluster hardcourt performance. Is this still the team that hammered Duke?

While the enemy is gleefully pointing out the exploits of a "Columbus native that Ohio State coaches didn’t feel was good enough to justify a scholarship offer," Chris gets to the heart of the problem and points out William Buford's struggles against ranked conference opponents.

Date opponent LOCATION FG FG % Result
DEC 31 #15 Indiana Hoosiers Bloomington, IN 3-7 42.9 Loss (70-74)
JAN 15 #8 Indiana Hoosiers Columbus, OH 5-12 41.7 Win (80-63)
JAN 29 #22 Michigan Wolverines Columbus, OH 5-13 38.5 Win (64-49)
FEB 4 #20 Wisconsin Badgers Madison, WI 4-15 26.7 Win (58-52)
FEB 11 #12 Michigan State Spartans Columbus, OH 2-12 16.7 Loss (48-58)
FEB 18 #19 Michigan Wolverines Ann Arbor, MI 3-12 25.0 Loss (51-56)
  22-71 30.9 3-3

Now, the Big Ten is a fantastic basketball conference, so I'm not quite ready to hit the panic switch, but this team will only go as far as Buford will take them, even with Sullinger and Thomas contributing every night (which isn't a given, either).

Get well soon, Willie Bu.

Is Hoke thinking of the recruiting class he is putting together or last night's dinner?Rightfully smug

HOKE GETS IT. Right now, B1G football recruiting consists of one staff in Columbus and another in Ann Arbor putting forth the effort to sign elite classes while the rest of the conference stands back, mouths agape.

Late Saturday night, Wolverine fans were celebrating the verbals of five consensus four-star recruits: OL Kyle Bosch (IL), OL Chris Fox (CO), OL David Dawson (MI), CB Jourdan Lewis (MI) and TE Wyatt Shallman (MI), handing Hoke four of the top five players in the state of Michigan.

And then the second wave hit. Sunday saw the commitments of DE Taco Charlton (OH), TE/DE Jake Butt (OH) and OL Logan Tuley-Tillman (IL).

Eight four-star recruits in the span of two days and nearly a year ahead of signing day. Even Nick Saban approves (though he, like us, is probably puzzled at this algorithm).

More importantly for Hoke, the coach snapped some of Meyer's momentum on the recruiting front. Shallman and Tuley-Tillman, both holding Ohio State offers, snap a streak of 12-straight Columbus-bound recruits with offers from Ohio State and Michigan.

Hate is still a centerpiece of this rivalry, but there's a time for respect and some has to go to Team Hoke's recruiting efforts over the weekend. That's a pretty solid offensive line he's putting together.

(Before we get too carried away in our praise of Hoke, it's worth pointing out that Meyer is doing just fine and on his way to locking down the Ohio kids he wants. Michigan's jump out of the gates really hurts Michigan State the most.)

WOO, POLICIES: As this site continues to grow like Steve Rehring at a Golden Corral, it's become more and more important to work with each other to keep things awesome. As such, we've implemented a new commenting policy.

Please take a minute to read it. We're doing a great job of keeping things sane and 99.9% of commenters are probably in the clear, but it's now codified, so we can point to it when pulling out the banhammer.

DIVERSIONS: Texas asking fans for patience with the LHN... Kiper likes Mike Adams at #19 to the Bears ($). As a Chicagoan, I can get behind this... Pure hypertext terrorism... Wonder how long this video will remain online... Karl Hess, OG.


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Is it Saturday Yet's picture

Great points on Heater most likely already declining an offer. Do you think this gives Meyer another shot at offering something better?

Cheers for the Policy!!! Many thanks.

I'm a little puzzled by the Burke thing too. Why isn't he in scarlet and gray?

RedStorm45's picture

We had Craft, Shannon Scott was highly-touted (much more so than Burke), and Burke's only offer was PSU.

Ethos's picture

We also have been keeping Scott (a highly touted recruit) on the bench, so all that doesn't look attractive to a highly touted recruit.

"I spent 90 percent of my money on women and drink. The rest I wasted." - George Best

Squirrel Master's picture

Scott is a freshman. Same class and Burke. Plus I don't think many future recruits will question why Scott hasn't been getting much playing time. He isn't quite as good as Craft and really doesn't shoot much better than Craft.

Not sure I want to talk about Saturday. It was just plain U.G.L.Y.


I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

We already had two other Northland kids, why not one more? I never heard of Scott until we recruited him, but I'm not that big on recruiting let only for BBall. I wonder if their is baggage that Matta couldn't overlook....

The Vest-er's picture

I hope there's a presidents day tribute to warren g Harding forthcoming. I made an awesome and semi-educated joke this weekend about him and no one got it. People need to learn

Fundamentals are a crutch for the talentless.

Orlando Buckeye's picture

I worry that this site will someday grow to the point where the trolls and @holes will ruin the comments section of every article.  The curse of stardom.


When that happens we will need to implement a secret version of the site.  Wherein all the true buckeye fans (and maybe M Man but he will be sworn to secrecy) can go back to posting in peace.  After some time as word spreads too wide of the secret site, we will be forced to go into phase 2: Double Secret Probation.  11wDSP coming to a dystopian future near you.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

I've not tried to rigorously analyze Michigan's 2011 and (ongoing) 2012 recruiting classes - and I wouldn't be qualified to do so, if I tried - but my gut impression is that the 30-35 odd players in these two classes (to date) are very heavy on tough guys in the trenches, but lacking kids who are dynamic in space (i.e., playmakers). If these players are as good as they look on paper, playing against Michigan will be an alley fight - they'll be tough, fundamentally sound, good at running with power and stopping the power runs, good at play action and RB screens, etc.

In other words, they'll sorta be like Michigan in 1999, 2000, 2003 . . . well, that's good enough to win the B1G in many years. 

But the program Urbz is constructing has more potential upside, IMO. Urbz is building a team that can play with the best in the SEC. Every once in a while, that team might get lulled to sleep and/or ground down against a bruising, ball control "power team," like Wisky was in 2010, or like Hoke is trying to create at Michigan, but we've also seen the SEC "power/speed teams" blow the doors off bigger power teams at times, too. It'll be fun to see how things unfold. 

btalbert25's picture

I agree with you a lot here.  Hoke is doing a great job recruiting no doubt.  He's bringing in really good O-linemen and getting players her wants in place to run his system.  I said last night that I'm basically not concerned about it.  He's landing the kind of guys he wants.  He got a couple guys with OSU offers yesterday but it's not exactly like he came in and swiped Burrows or Marshal from us. 

Hoke will get the guys he wants, and Meyer is getting the guys he wants.  There's not much overlap though.  If Hoke is able to come in and grab some of the impact players Meyer wants like Foster or Jaylon Smith, then I'll start getting concerned, but at this point you tip your hat so good job and see how it shakes out on the field the next few years.  

acBuckeye's picture

Hoke seems to understand that he needs O-linemen in order to keep his backfield from getting dusted when they go up against Urban's D-linemen. Both coaches also know that in order to do ANYTHING on either side of the ball, you need good linemen. Those fancy skill players (minus QBs) are nice, and can make a big play or three, but they will rarely single-handedly win you games. I know there are exceptions from time to time.


Buckeyejason's picture

That I why you can't just say we will walk all over Michigan from here on out. Hokey pokey is playing to win..and eat..he does, get it!


buckeyewarrior's picture

I remember walking out of the 2010 OSU/Michigan game...that never really happened...and everyone around me was yelling how they wanted an actual game again.  Fans were yelling bring on Harbaugh.  The rivalry had taken on "joke status".  Hoke has brought back the hate and has brought back the game to where it should be.  We now devour all the "Ohio" comments and regularly check up on their recruiting.  We are headed for an epic couple of years IMO.  We just have to remember we wanted this. 

Ethos's picture

All roads point to these games being awesome over the next few years!  Hoke is doing a good job and obviously Meyer embraces the rivalry.  I am freakin pumped about it.  I predict at some point we are going to have a #1 vs a #2 again!

"I spent 90 percent of my money on women and drink. The rest I wasted." - George Best

btalbert25's picture

I'm glad the bring on Harbaugh folks didn't get their wish.  I know that Hoke gets it, and he's recruiting well, but Harbaugh Vs Meyer would've equalled or exceeded Woody and Bo.  I think Hoke will have some good teams up there.  He may even get a win or two over Meyer.  I do think, however, that Meyer "gets it" to, is a better coach, and is bringing in elite players.  I think we'll have the leg up on them, I just think the games will be competitive again which is good.  I think people forget because of the DickRod years, that even though Tressel got a lot of wins against Michigan, they didn't come easy, and Ohio State wasn't always the favorite.

buckeye defender's picture

i would love to have the Zooker as db coach.

scarlet and gray every day...

Ethos's picture

as long as he stays as far away from play calling as humanly possible...

"I spent 90 percent of my money on women and drink. The rest I wasted." - George Best

buckeyewarrior's picture

At least we wouldnt have to worry about him leaving for a better job...

RecruitBuck's picture

Quit the forums, I'll come back once the pompous, uneducated Michigan spam stops (except M Man, he has a brain).

Northbrook's picture

I saw Warren Ball at the Shamrock Club yesterday. He was there receiving an award. He is a well spoken and classy young man who should do very well as a Buckeye.

Scott K's picture

Can we add the ubiquitous LOL to the banhammer role call....?


"There's a fine line between stupid, and....clever.  David St. Hubbins/Nigel Tufnel

Baroclinicity's picture

Like the posting policies.  You can feel things slipping a bit...

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

I agree, but two quick points and then I'll shut up about it henceforth:

1. Many of DJ's posts (which I enjoy reading) are quite political in nature, not necessarily overtly political, but definitely connected to political themes. Other than merely saying, "great post, DJ," there's no way to respond, in a meaningful way, to his politically-intertwined analysis without also getting somewhat politically intertwined yourself.

2. In general, in our culture today, people who are easily offended by things are often granted the authority to sort of covertly capture political space, by saying that X,Y, or Z offends their sensibilities and therefore should be removed the sphere of polite discourse. Often, this is very much a "political" move, yet it's seen as simply accomodating civility.

Oh well, what are you going to do . . .         

NC_Buckeye's picture

Also recommend that Race be added to Politics and Religion as not topics for discussion on this site.

Someone brought this up at the very end of the Shapiro-article comments. (Think it was in regard to "White History Month" responses that popped up in the commentary.)

Jason Priestas's picture

Race is covered under the "Don't be a Jerk" section.

Northbrook's picture

Wait, there is a jerk restriction? Oh shit.

Denny's picture

There are plenty of other corners of the internet where you can jerk all you want.



William's picture

Thought this line was great: "Things will get heated, especially after losses or stories of rigged camp raffles surface."

JasonBuck's picture

Like the posting policies as well. The only time this site isn't any fun is when the trolls are on it. Respectful, fun, insightful banter is always good from opposing fans but the blatant shots at the entire buckeye fan base should get that person banned (since they are just looking for a fight). Good for 11W for taking a stand!

Scott K's picture

Agree 100%.  Good banter is always appreciated here.  That's why guys like M Man are always welcome, as they add to the debate, not detract from it.

That said, still wish M1EK would have been around for the epic shadenfreude he was SO in line to receive. 

Off topic question:  In recent years, who has been the coach that lines the players up at the beggining of the game to fire them up before they fully run on to the field?  Was that Taver?  I've always loved that tradition to start the game...

"There's a fine line between stupid, and....clever.  David St. Hubbins/Nigel Tufnel

William's picture

Always thought that Lichter, the former S&C coach, did that?

acBuckeye's picture

I don't think it was Taver. It seems like it may have been the old S&C coach?

Northbrook's picture

I'll add my thanks for the new posting policies. As Baroclinicity says, things are slipping a bit. It was bound to happen but the policy will help.

Arizona_Buckeye's picture

Flounder Hoke will no doubt get some of the people he is gunning for - after all, if a kid wants to play in those ugly ass helmets, then there is obviously signs of suffering from a severe head injury.  As long as Urban gets the elite players he is gunning for - I'm pretty sure I'll trust his judgment! 

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

LABuckeye's picture

Thanks for the posting policies. I am always up for having a well-rounded discussion with folks where we don't all agree, but I really hate it when someone who doesn't agree - instead of thoughtfully discussing their views - gets angry and starts slinging insults. I haven't been on this site all that long (since the start of the Tat 5 fiasco), and even I have noticed a lot more name calling of late.

Poison nuts's picture

Agreed %100 on this LA. It's great to have a different opinion & great talking about it. It's why I come here. We can all usually can disagree in a rational manner. When someone starts telling me how stupid & ignorant I am over a simple difference in how we view things...then it's no longer fun.

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

Maestro's picture

Be kind, rewind.

vacuuming sucks

gravey's picture

The commenting policy is a very good idea.  It seems like from very early on this site was self-monitored pretty well and the columns were always apolitical as much as possible.  Bucknuts was essentially ruined by Mr. Bucknuts himself who couldn't keep his political opinions out of his columns...which made everyone else think it was a free-for-all.  

The troll-feeding ban has worked very well here as well.  

Respect the basement!

DJ Byrnes's picture

Gosh, now I will be extremely pissed at whomever gets the secondary job if it's not Ron Zook.

Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

toledobuckeyefanjim's picture

Remember how Buckeye fans sung the phrase "In Tressel We Trust?" Now it's "In Urban Meyer We Trust." So what about Hoke picking up kids for 2013 that can still decommit at any time? They haven't signed anything yet. As far as I'm concerned, Hoke picked up kids that Llllllloyd Carr would have chosen, and remember what Tressel's recruits did to Llllllloyd's players. Don't get yourself into a lather over what TSUN does. Meyer will take care of his business and put beatdown after beatdown on the scUMmmers.

chitown buckeye's picture

What would really make Orson's head explode is if we hired Zook as DB coach then hired Spurrier as QB coach!!

"I'm having a heart attack!"

Nappy's picture

Props on the comment policy.  There was a recent post where someone made rude comments about someone else's girlfriend.  This is childish, IMO, and doesn't belong here.  I enjoy reading the differing opinions (BT and Run seem to disagree A LOT) but they are almost always civil and well thought out arguments.  Bed and I had a disagreement about JoePa and made our points while keeping things clean.  It can be done. 

This rivaly is going to be unreal the next few years.  It seems that we have been stocking up on oppisong strengths (their O-Line vs. our D-Line, their QB vs. our secondary, etc.) Thankfully they haven't pulled in an elite RB or WR. 


I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

Ethos's picture

I'm a little surprised he isn't recruiting more Defensive guys (Hoke), but I guess he got a lot of 2012

"I spent 90 percent of my money on women and drink. The rest I wasted." - George Best

Run_Fido_Run's picture

I don't know, BT has been getting smarter lately . . . . errr, I mean, making comments that I mostly agree with.  

btalbert25's picture

That made me laugh.  We're not so different really.  I think we both like to get into some banter back and forth. I like to look at both sides of a lot of issues, so sometimes I'll take the position of the not so popular side, just to try and get people to think a little bit.  That's one thing I've always liked about this site.  For the most part, people don't raise a bunch of hell and call you can idiot because you don't think the same way they do. 


Run_Fido_Run's picture

No, we're not that different.

First, when we disagree, it tends to be over degrees, not along major fault lines.

Second, as you mentioned, one (or both) of us is usually emphasizing the small areas of disagreement (rather than the large areas of agreement) simply because we both like to argue.

One big difference between 11W and other sites is that the quality of discussions/arguments is much better here.    

btalbert25's picture

It really is.  I hope this site is able to preserve the community feelling it has and quality discussions as it continues to grow.  I think the guidelines/policy are a step in the right direction to help.  We definitely will get some jackwagons on here, but the staff has been pretty good and taking care of those folks whether they are OSU fans or trolls. 

Denny's picture



btalbert25's picture

Denny, I always get a kick out of your comments, but you are on fire today!  Your jerk comment quite literally had me laughing out loud.

LABuckeye's picture

I'm guessing Denny ran a marathon yesterday and is still on his "runner's high".

Denny's picture

Only 14, actually. BUT, it was my longest run since last April -- so it was pretty best.


pcon258's picture

love the new commenting policy, i think it has always been very civil, and other than one or two bad apples that aren't particularly active, everyones been great (a helluva lot better than espn/yahoo/anywhere else). even amos and catch 5, who are a very small minority in the whole oversigning issue, remained very calm and un-troll-like when disagreeing with us. as great as the content is on 11w, the comments are what really keep me coming back. 

and as much as i hate to admit this, im glad that tsun is recruiting well. i forget who said this, but it was in the forum section, and they said that they want *ichigan to lose every game, but to come into the game undefeated. I agree with that wholeheartedly, its of course better for the rivalry when *ichigan plays well, but its always nice when they lose. so good to hear about their recruits, and as long as hoke doesn't take any of our recruits (i mean, unless you have an extreme love of donuts, i cant see why youd play for hoke over meyer...), then im happy theyre doing well. id love if he lost his ability to call osu ohio though....that alone makes me hate him

funky123's picture

The biggest problem for the Longhorn Network was getting ESPiN involved. What a huge mistake. If they wanted to have their own content on the network why get the biggest spinning sports network on the planet involved.


Squirrel Master's picture

Are these policies guidelines or rules? lol

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!