11W Recruiting Notebook: David Perkins, Taylor Decker and More

By Alex on January 18, 2012 at 12:00p
URBAN WANTS YOUUrban wants you to "Respect the Basement" 

We're back with another edition of the 11W Recruiting Notebook, but it's that time again to make a recruiting pitch to all of you, the readers.

As you know, we at 11W Industries are committed to bringing you the best Buckeye coverage on the inter webs, while still maintaining the free access model. While we all give a lot of our own time to this site and feel that we do a pretty good job of bringing you the scoop on Ohio State athletics, we can't fully commit ourselves the same way the guys who write about the Bucks as a full-time job do (we all have full time jobs of our own in addition to our roles on this site).

We feel our readers deserve the 24/7 coverage of Ohio State that we try to bring you every day, so we identified the need to hire a full-time beat writer to compliment what each of us brings to the table already, in order to better serve you, the reader. Obviously asking someone to attend and cover all events, games, and press conferences, in addition to writing almost an article a day is a tall order, but we felt with the small profit generated from the site already, coupled with some help from the community that we could raise enough money to get someone in place around the Spring Game this April.

Asking for cash isn't our thing, but we want you to help us help you in getting the best Ohio State news on the internet day in and day out. We started the "Respect the Basement" fundraiser to assist us in reaching the goal of hiring a beat writer this spring, and we would like you all to be the "12th Warrior" in helping us out. We know everyone's pockets aren't deep, but every penny helps here. If you can afford to contribute to the effort in some way, we will be forever grateful for your efforts and we think you will be too once you reap the returns.

Anyway, now that I'm done with my spiel, we can get onto the important stuff, recruiting. Today's 11W Recruiting Notebook will focus on the latest in visits, a new name on the radar that's picking up steam, and a super junior that's set to make his announcement this week. Join us after the jump to hear the latest buzz in the Ohio State recruiting world.

The Latest In UrbanWorld

Last week's visits have come and gone and once again it was a home run on the scoreboard for Urban Meyer and staff.

All Hands on DeckUrban succeeded in flipping Decker from Notre Dame

The Buckeyes hosted Vandalia Butler OT Taylor Decker, Windsor (CO) OL Joey O'ConnorS, outh Bend (IN) Washington LB David Perkins, and Scottsdale (AZ) Chaparral ATH Davonte' Neal on official visits and things could not have gone better.

As you know by now, the 6'8"/300 Decker, a former Notre Dame pledge, committed to Ohio State, becoming the 20th member in the class of 2012 and the first offensive tackle to give a commitment. This was a huge pick up for Meyer, as tackle is the largest need for the Buckeyes in this class, and Decker was a player who was firm on Notre Dame for a while. After Tim Hinton and Ed Warinner came on staff, they did a great job of helping to land this prospect, as they were the two most important people in bringing him to South Bend in the first place.

O'Connor also had an excellent visit after coming to town without an offer in hand. That changed when he left as the offensive lineman was given a committable offer by the staff and it didn't take long to convince the former Penn State commit to take it, as he committed to the Buckeyes yesterday afternoon. Landing O'Connor is huge for the offensive line depth which is thin already and could get even thinner if there is any attrition in the group.

Perkins texted me this weekend to let me know he had an absolutely great time on his visit to Columbus and things could not have been better. In fact when I asked him if he committed his answer was "not yet". He was publicly saying that he wanted to take both of his other visits to Illinois and Cal before committing, but news that those trips wouldn't happen emerged late last night and earlier this morning, Perkins announced his commitment to Ohio State. This is a nice pick up for Urban Meyer who wanted a couple more linebackers in this class, and with speed in the 4.4s in the 40-yard dash, this is the type of athlete the coaches were looking for.

Neal did not give the verbal commitment many hoped for when this visit was taken, but he did enjoy the visit very much and said it was his best to this point. Neal is really liking Ohio State, but it seems that because he is basically starting his recruitment this month that this could be drawn out a bit. I expect him to take his remaining three visits before making a decision and his father said that announcement may not come until March. While he is a talented player and one the Buckeyes want, I'm not so sure there will be room that long after Signing Day, so if Neal wants in this class, he better move that timeline up soon. 

Looking ahead, Ohio State welcomes more visitors in the next week. West Roxbury (MA) Catholic Memorial stand outs, LB Cam Williams and CB Armani Reeves will be making the trip to Columbus this Wednesday, while Durham (NC) Hillside LB Jamal Marcus, Jeannette (PA) S Demetrious Cox, and Jacksonville (FL) First Coast DB/LB Joseph Jackson are all expected to be taking officials this weekend. 

Williams is coming back to campus, this time on an unofficial visit, so that his mother can meet the coaches in person and see everything the school has to offer. Cam came with his father Brent (who will join Cam and his mom) back in December on an official and both dad and son loved what they saw. Reeves just got an offer and will be visiting Columbus for the first time. I expect both players to get the red carpet treatment and the staff will push for a commitment after the weekend. Both players are expected to make officials to Penn State (where they are soft verbals) on January 27, but whether they take that or not, right now I expect them both to be in Scarlet and Gray.

Marcus took an official visit to East Carolina last weekend and that went very well, but he did not issue a commitment despite word that the Pirates, already having a surprisingly excellent recruiting year, are the leaders in the clubhouse. It looks like Florida is backing off of this one, but North Carolina is still a player. If it is between those three schools (OSU, ECU, UNC), you have to like the Buckeyes chances pending all Marcus's academics are in order, but we will see how things go this weekend.

Cox was supposed to visit Columbus last weekend, but was apparently told by the staff to delay that trip due to there already being too many visitors on hand. At the time it seemed that it was code word for "your are Plan B", but both Meyer and Fickell were in the Pittsburgh area visiting Cox and some other prospects earlier this week and it looks like a visit will happen this Friday. Bam Bradley is the number one safety on Ohio State's board right now, but if there is room or if Bam heads to Stanford, there is a strong possibility things could heat up on the Cox front.

Jackson is a North Carolina commit and is being recruited by Everett Withers, who is the man that brought him to Chapel Hill in the first place. I'm not sure if this visit will actually take place or if Jackson even has a committable offer, but if he does come to campus watch this one closely. Jackson plays linebacker in high school, but OSU is looking at him as a safety/STAR in their defense and he could fill a need there as defensive backs seem to be escaping by the day in Columbus. I think the staff will slow play this one until they see what happens with Bam Bradley, but keep your ears peeled.

Finally, taking a glance at January 27, the Bucks could possibly host Van (TX) LB Dalton Santos, as well as Memphis (TN) East ATH Brian Kimbrow and DB Will Redmond. It is unknown whether these visits will actually happen and we should have an update sometime next week to see if they are confirmed.

New Name To the Party

Back on February 16, 2011 I got an inbox message from a prospect from Florida looking for some recruiting exposure. I didn't know anything about this player but have some connections at a few lower-tier Big Ten schools, as well as some east coast programs and figured that I might as well pass his film along. This prospect continued to message me early in the spring and seemed to be Division I bound, just not at a big time college football power.

Moreau is a sleeperMoreau could be the fall-back plan for Davonte' Neal

That prospect was Davie (FL) Western's Fabian Moreau, who is a 6-0/180 running back that runs a 4.38 40-yard dash in the class of 2012. Moreau contacted me again earlier this week and told me that the Buckeyes have recently been in touch and that Stan Drayton will be in his school today visiting him.

Moreau recently committed to UCLA over his other 13 offers, including Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Kansas State, Wake Forest, and others, but a Buckeye offer could change things. When I asked Moreau if he expected an offer from Ohio State, he said "I hope so" and said the Buckeyes are recruiting him as a running back/slot receiver hybrid. He also said he would have to visit, but "liked the program a lot" when questioned about committing upon an offer, also giving me the sense that it would be real hard to pass up the opportunity to play in Columbus if it came about.

Right now I'm not too sure that Moreau will be given an offer, but depending on how things shake out with the numbers, it could work out. If he is offered I expect him to visit and commit while on campus, as the Buckeye offer blows away what he currently has on the table. This is the type of late surprise recruit OSU has gotten in past years and this situation is definitely one to watch.

For those of you that want to check out Moreau in action, here is his highlight reel:

Burrows Set To Make The Call

As you read on the site earlier this week, 2013 Trotwood-Madison DB Cameron Burrows will be making his college decision at a press conference tomorrow at 4:30. Burrows has narrowed things down and will choose from his final list that includes Ohio State, Alabama, LSU, Michigan, Wisconsin, Stanford, and Tennessee.

Burrows Island?Burrows is expected to select Ohio State

Burrows has been long thought to be a Buckeye lean and it will be a very big surprise if he chooses anywhere other than Ohio State. Alabama has made a strong push and they are probably his second choice, but from what I have been told from sources close to Burrows, as well as the fact that he was in Columbus visiting with Urban within this past week, I have no reason to believe the Tide will be rolling here.

Burrows would be a huge pick up for the staff in that it wouldn't just only give them their first recruit for the class of 2013, but it would give them a committed player that is regarded as one of the top 10 in the nation for his class. With defensive back appearing to be a need in the coming years, the Bucks would win big with Burrows' pledge and would finally tap into the Trotwood-Madison pipeline that has been owned by Michigan and appears rich in talent for years to come.

In addition to getting Burrows, 2013 recruiting could start to pick up a bit more steam with this one verbal opening the door for other prospects to do the same. There is a lot of chatter Jalin Marshall could come next right behind Burrows (he announces 1/31), and the Bucks are also sitting pretty with a number of other players such as CB Eli Woodard, LB Mike McCray, OL Lovell Peterson, QB Malik Zaire, DL Billy Price, and many others.

While the class of 2012 is inching it's way to a top 3 finish, the class of 2013 might be even better and it could all start tomorrow with Burrows' announcement if all goes according to plan..


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GeneStarwind's picture

I can already confirm that Cox is visiting this weekend, here is a link


Alex's picture

looks like he ios, but honestly ESPN is wrong a lot

GeneStarwind's picture


Either way, I found that link, thought you should know, I'm keepin my eyes open with Cox

Marcus is reportedly taking his visit on the 20th from mulitiple sites.

Jackson is still speculation, no officials set yet for then next 2 weekends

dubjayfootball90's picture

agreedon espn being wrong, even though ESPN had a typo, more than likely, they said that Stoney was an all-big 12 selection in that special they hard for the class of 2008, where they are at presently.... I don't really like reading ESPN anymore, anyway

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

BuckPirate1981's picture

Lets not forget all the kids they neglected to mention were Buckeye commits at the All Star games. 

DefendOhio's picture

What you said at the end of the story is very true, 2013 could be even better than this Top 3 class we have now. That's really scary. 


Urbz is a machine. 

DMcDougal24's picture

Great work as always. A pleasant surprise to see it posted earlier than expected as well. I'm hoping we get Neal, Williams, Reeves, and Dodson.

JasonBuck's picture

You know Alex, don't you find it weird that ESecPN really doesn't focus a lot on recruiting?  I've noticed really over the last few years (and I'll admit last year was my first year really following it) that recruiting has become a serious thing that most fans follow.  And maybe I'm wrong about ESecPN but they really don't have a lot of of information on their web page and I know they really don't cover it on sportscenter much (other than the occassional blurb).  I wonder if they are affiliated with Rivals/Scout in anyway?  Anyhow, sorry for the ramble, I gave elevenwarriors.com a shout out on my facebook page, hopefully it will lead to some new subscribers! 


Alex's picture

ESPN is trying to get into the game....things like Wolvering Nation are evolving and they are hiring guys like Tom Van Haaren (formerly of MGoBlog) to handle recruiting, etc....they need to pick their game up big time

biggy84's picture

Do these people that run these sites have any actual training to be considered experts? Is Tom Van Haaren qualified?

Alex's picture

Tom is very good at what he does. He was the "me" over at MGoBlog (recruiting guru), but it seemed like he didn't have a full-time job because he was able to go to games and basically spent all day contacting recruits.

He proved that he could do the job in terms of hunting down recruits and getting the scoop on them. Now if you're talking about breaking down film, I'm not so sure he was an expert in that sense.

biggy84's picture

I was more curious if there are any pro scouts that do the evaluations. Just not sure if they are trained by professionals to make an educated guess.


Tom is no Alex, and GoBlo sure as hell aint 11W!

Osu Lippert7's picture


Will they hire you and create a Buckeye Nation?

Alex's picture

Not planning on leaving 11W if even they did try.....I believe Buckeye nation is in the works

DCJonAvery's picture

I think ESPN would like to be the one-stop-shop for HS athletics, and with their resources I can't see them failing. Go to ESPNHS.com, look at their current recruiting packages, and the HS games they broadcast, and tell me they don't have a long term plan to develop a new product: high school sports.

Yamosu's picture

So whats the word on Devon Bogard?  Any news after his USC visit?  Scout is not counting him in their numbers anymore. 

Also, how are we on numbers?  I was reading that if there was no more attrition that we only have one spot left, but it seems like we are going to take at least 3 more.

Alex's picture

Scout puts you as a soft verbal if you are committed but visit elsewhere

Northbrook's picture

Neal, Moreau is gonna get your spot unless you hurry up.

dubjayfootball90's picture

his stride is seriously hypnotic..... Thats how fast that kid looks. Wow...

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

Poison nuts's picture

Agreed on the hypnotic thing. This kid was far & away the fastest guy on the field. Didn't even look fair...

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

argyle182021's picture

Has there been a noticeable increase in the quality of players coming out of the 937?  I know there have been some great ones in the past that came out of Centerville, but most of the guys you mentioned for next year are from the Miami Valley.  I'm happy to see there's a good chance we'll keep them in state (unlike Trey DePriest).  I know Tressel never had much success at Trotwood.

JasonBuck's picture

DCJonAvery thanks for the heads up.  Yah, you would think that as college football gets bigger and bigger (and let's be honest it's still on a upward trajectory) that high school recruiting is going to get even bigger than it is now. 

JasonBuck's picture

And thanks Alex and I agree!

flipbuckeye's picture

You can reply directly to comments by hitting the REPLY link under the comment you are replying to.

JasonBuck's picture

Thanks FlipBuckeye, figured that out right after I sent that reply to Alex.  Forgive my new poster learning curve!

Doc's picture

Alex, what is the latest word on Diamond?  Has he committed somewhere, or is Ohio State still in the picture?

CJDPHoS Member

The Official DDS of 11W

GeneStarwind's picture

Diamond probably won't announce until Signing Day, he visited Auburn, and just got done visiting Michigan, still has visits planned for Arkansas and Wisconsin.

Doc's picture

Thanks Genestarwind.  I had lost track of him over the last few weeks.

CJDPHoS Member

The Official DDS of 11W

Alex's picture

not committed yet...he will announce February 3 at his school

OSU, Auburn, Wisco, Michigan, and Arkansas. Definitely had a good visit to UM last weekend after a solid visit to Auburn and a better one to OSU. Visits Arkansas next week and Wisco after that.

I think this is OSU or Michigan.....just an educated guess though

Doc's picture

Thanks Alex!  I'm hoping he is a Buckeye.  Great stuff again this week.

CJDPHoS Member

The Official DDS of 11W

Larryp713's picture

If it comes down to Michigan or Ohio State, I find it hard to believe he would choose Michigan. They already have 4 or 5 tackles in this class, and Ohio State has an immediate need at that position. All things being equal, I think we should definately be able to close this one. Now, if the Auburn hostesses are factored in...



BuckPirate1981's picture

Looking at this logically, I really like our chances.  I just don't see Wisky, with all the coaching staff attrition.  Auburn on the other hand seems like a real threat, with only 2 OL commits (who weight wise have red shirt written all over them).  Arkansas also just has two beef eaters.  I bring this up as he has expressed PT as an important aspect of the recruiting process for him.  Superficially this would point to him heading south, but looking at Auburn's OL depth chart, wow that's a lot of young guys to compete against.  At Hog Heaven, OL play does not appear to have been one of their strong suits, hence recent coaching changes.  In addition, you get the feeling glancing at some of their sites that Evan Goodman seems like a higher priority to them than Diamond.  M!ch!g@n, with five commits on the line, doesn't seem to make sense for either the Diamond or the UM fb program, who must have other holes to fill with what spots are left.  I would feel more comfortable if he had met our new OL coach on his visit, or heard something about a visit to his home.  Given Arkansas has their last shot at him, pending any home visits from the good guys, I'm much more worried that he would be headed down south rather than to UM (even with a team mate going there), just a thought?  Bright side, I'd rather be coached by our OL coach, than this guy.  Not to mention Vabro apparently is his primary recruiter.  Just a comparison of cool ratings and Super Bowl rings of primary recruiters should easily put us on top.  Looking at all of this, along with his glowing remarks on Urban (that I haven't really seen put up about any other program he's visited), gotta like the odds if we can get that one last in home. 

flipbuckeye's picture

Excited about Jalin Marshall. Kid is a baller. Any idea what position he would play in college? He's got the speed and the moves but his arm isn't that impressive. Percy Harvin type role?

GeneStarwind's picture

I heard that the OSU coaches told him he could play any position he wanted to play, but I would put him in a Percy Harvin type role as you said Flip or slot receiver.

GeneStarwind's picture

He said he prefers to be a QB, but he'll be fine with being a RB or WR. So it's going to be one of the three.

bassplayer7770's picture

Below was a tweet from a 247 guy I believe.

By WIltfong...says he at least wants a shot at QB and OSU, UM and UC have talked to him about that...talks about the positives of OSU and ND.

GeneStarwind's picture

Yeah, Ohio State and Notre Dame are really the only 2 on the list, but we all know he's all Buckeye.

Alex's picture

WR a la percy harvin

bassplayer7770's picture

I agree he is more likely a big playmaker type WR for OSU, but I thought it was interesting the staff wasn't against giving him a chance at QB.

Alex's picture

he will come to the first work out as a QB, last about 5 reps and they will say OK Jalin go work with the receivers now haha

bassplayer7770's picture

Meet Zach Smith; he's your new coach!

Jdadams01's picture

The great thing about Marshall is that with his skill you can put in a lot of special packages. With him being able to throw some, the Wildcat possibilities are endless.

bassplayer7770's picture

Very good point.  The ability to throw the ball makes him a more serious threat.

Arizona_Buckeye's picture

Man - this Moreau kid has an impressive set of hands.  He made some great grabs!!  He obviously has the skills to spot developing holes and running lanes and is incredibly fast.  Let's hope we have a bit of room to bring him up north!!!

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

Doc's picture

The offense he played in was more evolved than ours. (Past tence)

CJDPHoS Member

The Official DDS of 11W

Alex's picture

the thing that impressed me was his hips....look at how he catches some of those balls and qucikly is able to recover and make plays, having guys miss and getting top speed back....almost makes you want him at CB with those skills

Arizona_Buckeye's picture

Good points!  I didn't see anybody even remotely able to hang with his speed.  The only way he was being tackled was crowds in front that he could not elude.

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

flipbuckeye's picture

Not too far "up north"...

BTwrestle04's picture

Kid looks fast, but definitely doesn't look sub-4.40 fast...

Fear The Elf's picture

Wondering where these schollies are coming from. We have 3 more left by my count. I don't like the rumors about Clarke not being told to his face. I have serious reservations about cutting people Saban/Miles/Chizik style.

Maestro's picture

I am willing to bet that is sour grapes by Clarke.  I can't imagine Meyer wouldn't meet with him, but I don't liike hearing it either.

vacuuming sucks

Jdadams01's picture

I don't think you can compare them. Clarke was a player that Urban did not know who had gotten in trouble with law twice since last summer. I imagine Fickell or another coach who actually knows Clarke was the messenger. I have no problem with it. Urban told the team face to face what the rules were, and Clarke didn't listen.

BuckPirate1981's picture

I think there's a big difference between the current attrition we are seeing at OSU and that of the Saban/Miles/Chizik variety.  First, we are not telling injured kids that hey, sorry, your Ohio State fb and academic dreams are done here.  Kids with injuries that do not allow them to play any more are continued to be supported by the University, rather than shown the door.  You'll see that again when Hagan announces officially announces his harship status (which hopefully he does rather than simply transfer, esp if he hasn't undergone ablation, Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome ain't no joke).  

Other kids just screwed up.  Not necessarily home invasion level screwing up, but screwing up none the less.  Cash was kind of a mystery, but that's what you see when new coaching staffs come in, regardless of how good and ethical they may be.

Part of Urban coming here was knowing that hey, he can't do it all.  A lot of the "non-football" stuff was what really brought him down at Florida, from his introductory press conference.  Personally, I would see it as  a good sign that he feels comfortable delegating this to others, especially if it was Luke or someone who has known the kid much longer to make it more personal.  To use the analogy from Moneyball I saw last night regarding cutting people from a team (great movie btw), would you rather be shot once in the head, or shot five times in the chest and left to die?  It sounds like they tried to do it as quickly and as painlessly as possible, but showing the immaturity that got him in trouble in the first place, this malcontent now feels the need to cry about it.  

Fear The Elf's picture

I am not worried about the guys who have left. They've either run afoul of the law and sealed their own fate, or transferred due to PT.


But we only have 3 schollies left and it seems like 5-6 who are likely committments. Where are those 2-3 schollies coming from?

ThirdLegLouie's picture

I heard Urban has a scholarship tree in his backyard

If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

DMcDougal24's picture

Jeremy Cash transferred to Duke today, so there's another "schollie."  Important to remember that coaches and those close to the program have information not available to the general public. They won't oversign

Northbrook's picture

I think we heard about Cash transfering about a week ago. However your point is valid. I'm sure they know what the number they can take is and that there will be more attrition WE don't know about yet.

RBuck's picture

Alex, is 11W going to give a rundown/profile of the new class after NLOID? Hope so.

Long live the southend.

Alex's picture

Yes, we will......

NLOID is going to be the biggest and best 11W has ever given you.....Jason and I will be ON IT all day long

DMcDougal24's picture

No disrespect intended, but I hope your servers are ready to handle the influx of viewers.

Irricoir's picture


I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

Alex's picture

we're prepping

Jdadams01's picture

With Moreau, the acceleration is what most caught my eye. His ability to get to top speed so quickly after cuts is elite.

Also, after a score or a long play, he turns and finds the ref and flips him the ball. Always love when a player is classy like that.

Alex's picture

that is one of the biggest things Tressel preached....get the ball to the ref....not only is it a classy move, but more importantly, according to JT, it leaves no doubt as to who has possession of the ball after the play

Jshene10's picture

Alex I am new to the site, but seeing the info you guys provide to buckeyenation; I would have no problem donating to the site. Do have a question for you though & you may have covered it in your recruiting notebook. As for the 2012 class as it stands today @ 22 verbal commits, you guys mentioned you see 4-6 more recruits to finish out this stellar class. I realize in the world of recruiting, things change constantly; but which recruits do you personally see committing to finish out this class? Thanks man


Alex's picture

Thanks for the kind words and thank you for reading! Welcome!

If I had to guess today:

IN: Kyle Dodson, Armani Reeves, Cam Williams

MAYBE: Jordan Diamond, Davonte' Neal, Bam Bradley, Demetrious Cox, Jamal Marcus, Dalton Santos

UNLIKELY: Joseph Jackson, Fabian Moreau, Will Redmond, Brian Kimbrow

NOT HAPPENING: Jameis Winston, Stefon Diggs, Keilin Rayner, Tyreece Jiles

sfgoody's picture

Alex, love your insights!  Keep them coming.  That said, you seem like the only recruitnik that is confident that Dodson flips to us.  Seems like the longer this goes, the more likely he is to stay with Wisky.  Is this just your gut, or are you hearing stuff the rest of us aren't?  I'm guessing it's THAT one!  thanks


Alex's picture

I thought Dodson was flipping back when I spoke to him the night he committed to Wisconsin....he never sold me he was really going there.....at one point during the season I thought the ship had sailed for sure and it would have if Urban wasn't the guy....With Urban coming I think OSU had Dodson, but Chryst and the Wisky OL coach going to Pitt sealed the deal that he wasn't going there in my book....I have been told Dodson will be a Buckeye and the committed recruits (those that I have spoken to) believe that as well....we shall see but I am feeling good there

Osu Lippert7's picture

When's he annoucing


Pam's picture

JT's guys in the NFL do the same. I love seeing that.

BrewstersMillions's picture

Eh. I guess I can't get on board here. Football is a game. Nothing more. It isnt a reflection of self or a builder of character or whatever other catch phrase famous coaches have attributed to it. Its a game played by over grown kids and though its big business at the college and pro levels, it is and will always remain entertainment.

If a dude wants to show up his opponent a little after he beats him, do a little dance after a sack, or celebrate after a play, I'm in the "Who gives a darn" school of thought. This whole idea that a guy who just does his job and hands the ball to the ref is just so boring to me. You can take Darrel Green, I'll take Deion Sanders. If you are winning and want to rub it in, go head, kid, enjoy.

We mock other fans when our team beats their team, why do we care if our players do the same?

We're Ohio damned State. People aren't going to like us anyway. We idolize (rightfully) a guy who famously went for a 2 point conversion in a rout and bragged about it. Why the heck wouldn't we enjoy it when our players do it.

Grant it, College is such that you can't really celebrate anymore, but if you don't want someone celebrating a touchdown-tackle them. You don't want someone to talk trash after winning? Beat them. I'll pass on the modesty. Give me a little (lot) arrogance.

btalbert25's picture

I don't mind some celebration at all, although I think sacking a guy and doing a prescripted dance or move is stupid.  I also don't like a player just outright showing up the other team.  This is why I love baseball, there are so many unwritten rules when it comes to sportsmanship.  Sure guys can celebrate and have a little fun, but when the become A-holes about it, they're getting one between the shoulder blades.

I've never been one to watch my homerun, or dance when scoring a TD, or pounding my own chest after making a shot in basketball, but I don't have too much of a problem with those who do.  Like I said with in reason.  I do believe in sportsmanship, but I don't think it's black and white.  I don't think it has to be that kid clearly has great character he scored like he's done it before, or OMG HE DANCED WHAT AN A-HOLE.  There is certainly a gray area. 


BrewstersMillions's picture

I can respect that. I guess its just a side of me that likes the loud, brash stuff. Part of me thinks people don't want their team to do it because if they lose, the bragging from the other side is that much more intense. I say to heck with that, I have the utmost confidence in Ohio State at all times so we can be as loud and obnoxious as we ant! Dont like it? Stop it from happening.


But I do see your point as well. I think you're saying guys don't have to be buttoned up conservatives but you arent a fan of guys busting out into a team wide full on rendition of the Macarena.

BuckeyeNation's picture

I'm not all into that, "look at me - look at me," kind of celebrating stuff, however... I do thrive on the intimidation part of it though! I LOVE it when a QB get's sacked, and, without saying a word, the player stands up, as he towers over him he glares back down as to say... who's my bitch now! Haha!

DrBuckeyePete's picture

I whole heartedly agree... I expect all of our players next year to do the "I'm Hungry" eating motion that denard pulled on us this year... 310 days

Ohio State Alum '10 
Go Bucks! 

SPreston2001's picture

It actually means "eat em up" and I for one wouldnt want to see any of our players copying something a fuckerine did lol. Just blast their asses into submission!!

SPreston2001's picture

I actually like my teams/fav players to have a little flash and swag about them. We have had too many conservative boring years here at Ohio State. Its time to get some substance in the Shoe and wake this place up lol.

German Buckeye's picture

I guess this just spells out generational differences in attitudes of sportsmanship.  I just think  that kids/men who act out after making a play look foolish.  Act like you've made a TD before or made a sack, etc.  Is this passe now?  I guess so since many think acting foolish is ok.  To each his own.   

BuckeyeJim's picture

^5 This. I think it is unsportsmanlike to dance or to humiliate a player on the ground. Celebrate with your teammates for sure but always be classy in how you display your emotions. When I played many years ago, we would stretch out a hand to help a player on the opposing team. Then on the next play, knock his ass down again. You can play hard-nosed football without being a Miami Ass.

Pam's picture

When I watch the 2002 NCG one thing that stands out (besides of course the entire awesomeness) is that on the last play of the game when Cie Grant blitzes Dorsey and he lands on his ass, Cie reaches down to help him up. Dorsey just sat there completely stunned (and concussed) Made a much more powerful statement than dancing around him celebrating

Scott K's picture

"We idolize (rightfully) a guy who famously went for a 2 point conversion in a rout and bragged about it. Why the heck wouldn't we enjoy it when our players do it."

That's actually not true.  I believe Woody revealed later that he was actually covering for his players when asked about it in the press conference after the game.  They (the players) called for the 2 point conversion, not him.  Sitll love the response though, classic:  "Because we couldn't go for three!"


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Jshene10's picture

I can't wait for the "expected & anticipated" commitment of Cam Burrows tomorrow to kick off the class of 2013. I am really excited for the hopeful commitment of Jalin Marshall. This young man is quite an athlete & would be a HUGE get for Coach Meyer & his staff. Keep up the good work guys!


Alex's picture




Thursday- Burrows

Friday- Williams/Reeves?

Would be awesome

Buckeye414's picture

Moreau not only looks fast, but it looks like he has great hands.  I like it.

-Go Bucks!

Northbrook's picture

And his first name is FABIAN. Then there is the whole putting the opposing DB on The Island of Dr. Moreau thing.

Poison nuts's picture

Again - thanks so much for the (IMO) best tOSU recruiting coverage. I'm hooked and imagine it'll be pretty exciting for us all leading up to NLOID. Looking like a pretty special class coming in...

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cdsperr's picture

Credit goes to OmegaBuckeye on the 247 boards but this should help clear up questions on our scholarship situation (looks accurate to me)

Seniors (14)

Nate Williams, Zach Boren, Ben Buchanan, Zach Domicone, Reid Fragel, Garrett Goebel, Jordan Hall, Adam Homan, Travis Howard, Orhian Johnson, Storm Klein, Etienne Sabino, John Simon, Jake Stoneburner

Juniors (17)

C.J. Barnett, Drew Basil, Adam Bellamy, Jamaal Berry, Corey Brown, Corey Brown, Christian Bryant, Chris Fields, Kenny Guiton, Marcus Hall, Johnathan Hankins, Carlos Hyde, Corey Linsley, Jack Mewhort, Andrew Norwell, Jordan Whiting, Jamie Wood

Sophomores (21)

Darryl Baldwin, Michael Bennett, Jeff Heuerman, Braxton Miller, Steve Miller, J.T. Moore, Verlon Reed, Brad Roby, Ryan Shazier, Devin Smith, Roderick Smith, Evan Spencer, David Durham, Curtis Grant, Chad Hagan, Joel Hale, Doran Grant, T.Y. Williams, Antonio Underwood, Brian Bobek, Kenny Hayes

Redshirt Freshman (7)

Tommy Brown, Chris Carter, Conner Crowell, Chase Farris, Bryce Haynes, Ron Tanner, Nick Vannett

Incoming Freshman (22)

Warren Ball, De'Van Bogard, Jacoby Boren, Bri'onte Dunn, Patrick Elflein, Frank Epitropoulos, Cardale Jones, Roger Lewis, Najee Murray, Josh Perry, Se'Von Pittman, Tyvis Powell, Luke Roberts, Tommy Schutt, Ricquan Southward, Noah Spence, Blake Thomas, Michael Thomas, Adolphus Washington, Taylor Decker, Joey O'Connor, David Perkins

It all adds up to 81 currently on scholarship.

Possible transfers/discipline/medicals/decommits

Jamaal Berry
Jordan Whiting
J.T. Moore
T.Y. Williams
Rod Smith
David Durham
Chad Hagan
Chris Carter
Tommy Brown
Ricquan Southward

My thoughts on the possible transfers/medicals/decommits: Obviously Berry sticks out and don't think he will be part of team next year. Hagan should be a medical hardship. Carter's weight could very well push him out. I don't think Southward should be on there as he had a 22 ACT, but he may go elsewhere. There are a few members of incoming class that might not qualify academically, such as Lewis. Hope this helps as it def. helped me in counting numbers.

Alex's picture

I have 80 because I have Berry as gone.....

Maestro's picture

and we could see A. Griffin go to walk on status as well right?

vacuuming sucks

aplumb100's picture

I thought I read somewhere that Neal has an official date set to make his announcement. Did I read it on 11W and is that true? (I know its not anytime soon)


Alex's picture

I think his father said March...the longer it drags out the worse for OSU I would guess....hopefully they decide OSU is the place to be and move that announcement up closer to NLOID

William's picture

I could see Meyer and Drayton putting the heat on Neal to commit soon.

dgrubbs's picture

Is Neal one of those guys you leave a spot open for until March just in case? Or do you think that you just fill the class first-come-first-serve?

Orlando Buckeye's picture

You've said before you can see 3-6 more recruits.  If you are at 80 we only have room of 2 more.  Seems you have a more concrete idea of one more player leaving to hit 3 and then a vague guess at 3 more possible.

Alex's picture

we are at 80 right now...there a couple commits who may not make it.....a couple players who may be gone as well...can't say too much yet

cwerph's picture

When is "counting day" for the NCAA? Does the 80 mentioned include 14 seniors? If so - when to they no longer count?

Seth4Bucks's picture

When they graduate next season. A lot of those seniors are starters and/or key reserves.

BTwrestle04's picture

Not sure where some of those names on the last list are coming from.

Bucks43201's picture

did Williams & Reeves visit today...or is that Friday?

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sox33osu's picture

That's today. They got to campus probably 4 hours ago, based on their twitters

nickma71's picture

Beanie ran a 4.38 at his pro day. And he weighs 235 lbs. Im just sayin..

dgrubbs's picture

Man the more I watch Neal the more I hope that Urban can get this kid. He is so versatile and one of the most explosive kids in the entire class.