Suffering the Ban Hammer

By Alex on December 21, 2011 at 11:00a
It's time for Gene to goIt looks like we are the fools for believing in Smith

Wow, I am shocked. When I heard yesterday's news I was angry then outraged then angry again then depressed and then finally angry for a third time before I went to bed. All the information we had been given from all sources pointed to no postseason ban for the Buckeyes prior to the 2 PM bomb drop, but apparently they were wrong or misinformed.

The reason for the bad information was none other than the one feeding it to them, Gene Smith. The athletic director that I have been the minority in supporting this year completely dropped the ball and that was the last straw for me. I spoke to someone in the athletic department who would be briefed on any potential bowl ban that happened to talk to Gene on Tuesday morning. He told me he was furious because Gene looked him in the eye and told him point blank that all that would come from the NCAA would be extra scholarship losses and another year of probation. 

With that information Gene Smith is either a liar or was so out of touch to this situation that it is embarrassing. This is a man who stood up at the podium multiple times and looked like a fool in handling this situation, turning Ohio State into a public relations nightmare. This is a man who stood up at the podium, conveying his ever-lasting support to Jim Tressel, only to oversee his "retirement" just a couple months later. This is a man who stood up and continually said the worst was behind us, emphatic about their being no bowl ban for 2012 while continuing to hand out what was nationally perceived as petty self-imposed slaps on the wrist.

It looks like we are the ones who are fools now, believing that Smith's relationship with the NCAA, Ohio State's cooperation with the organization, and some sort of precedence that collegiate athletics' governing body never really uses would save us from being made an example of. I'm finally done with supporting Gene Smith and think he should be dismissed as soon as the gun goes off to end the Gator Bowl, signaling the start of a new era and a beginning to moving on. He's not the only one to blame in the situation, as others have certainly been at fault, but someone has to deal with the suffering that will take place among Buckeye Nation over the next year.

We as fans have to suffer, watching a season we know is going absolutely nowhere, hanging on to our justification for watching just so we can see some sort of development for a championship run in 2013. The players, notably this year's juniors, have to suffer for crimes they did not commit and have to try to stay focused with purpose. Urban Meyer has to suffer, for taking his dream job in which he thought he would kick off with at least a conference championship, now having to wait until year two to play in a game that means something other than his first shot in The Game.

Today, we take a look at how the NCAA's Ban Hammer affects the parties involved, including the fans, the players, the recruiting trail, and Coach Meyer. It's going to be another long year of waiting for Buckeye fans, but the grieving process can begin now and we can all take this journey (once again) together.

The Fans

I was going back and forth on Twitter with a few people yesterday, after saying that both the fans and players have to go through 2012 knowing it means absolutely nothing. Some people brought up ruining other teams' seasons, beating Michigan, playing to gel as a team for a MNC run in 2013, and other things. At the end of the day, I was still struggling to find a meaning for next year.

The rare "OSU fans upset" pictureYeah, we feel your pain too

Of course you always want to beat Michigan and that may be the one game worth getting overly excited for next year, but all of those other reasons just don't give me validation. I, of course, will watch every minute of every Buckeye game next year being that I live, breath, sweat, and sleep Ohio State athletics, but for the more moderate fan, what's their purpose?

Even a super fan like myself is questioning the trips I had planned for next year. I'll still be going to The Game as my family is visiting my brother in Columbus for Thanksgiving, but is it really worth my money and paid time off from work to take the trip to Ohio Stadium to see them play Cal? Is it worth the 8 hours of total driving to and from Beaver Stadium in State College to see the Bucks play on the road in a game that means absolutely nothing to the season?

I guess the verdict remains out on what I will do, but the situation is what it is and us as fans need to begin coping with it. There is nothing we did wrong and nothing we can do to change things. What I have thought about and concluded is that we need to continue to support the Buckeyes as we normally would, because if the people who give these student-athletes the opportunity to play aren't showing their support, why should the student-athletes who we all adore go out and give 100% of their effort?

Trust me, I know it hurts to not be able to play in a bowl game, but once this is all said and done next holiday season, we will all look back and realize that our feelings were a little exaggerated. It stings now, but when 2013 rolls around and everyone is amped up to see Urban Meyer's team with a year of seasoning under their belts, ready to make a run at the National Championship, I think we all will forget about this. Things are tough now, but you can't run and abandon your team in tough times. I know we all don't expect that from the players, so don't let the players expect that from the fans.

The PLayers

The first thing that came into my mind when I heard the news was how badly I felt for the juniors on this football team. Guys like John Simon, Nathan Williams, Jake Stoneburner, Jordan Hall, Etienne Sabino, Reid Fragel, Zach Boren, Storm Klein, Ben Buchanan, Travis Howard, Garrett Goebel, and the other seniors-to-be pour their hearts and souls out for this team every single day. Their senior season is basically now just a showcase to the NFL, as they are not playing for anything meaningful in relation to the college football season, other than to get their third (and some fourth) pair of gold pants.

Boren is a true BuckeyeZach Boren does not deserve to be punished

I feel for these guys, as except for Howard and Hall who served suspensions for minor violations earlier this year, none of these players did anything wrong to have to suffer through this. They watch Terrelle Pryor making hundreds of thousands of dollars in the NFL. They watch Jim Tressel lose his job, yet be a candidate for the Indianapolis Colts' head coaching position. They watch Boom Herron, Mike Adams and DeVier Posey getting drafted this coming April. They watch Solomon Thomas play in a bowl game during his senior season. All of the guilty parties get off for free in 2012, while they suffer the consequences.

I then look to the rest of the Ohio State team in 2012. How will they keep their focus? You've seen USC over the last two years. That is a team that played for the individuals trying to make a dollar in the NFL, rather than for the team in a quest towards accomplishing something bigger. Yes, that was a two year bowl ban and in year two there was a lot more heart than in year one, but it still wasn't there the way it should be. I am nervous that will happen to Ohio State next season.

Speaking of USC, something we saw there was the NCAA granting juniors and seniors to transfer without sitting out so that they could play in the postseason and not be affected by the penalties handed down. Will we see that again with Ohio State? If we do, will any players bolt to other programs? Speaking of bolting, will any players leave for the NFL? I sure hope not, but someone will have to convince them there is a reason to stay.

People talk about going 12-0 and trying to play for an AP National Championship, but the players know better. The media outside of Columbus, and some even in the city, aren't exactly all about giving the Buckeyes love, making a media national championship a long shot, even if the team somehow goes undefeated. Just like in 2011, the team could go two ways: either rise up against the fire and plow through everyone or burn in what resulted in a 6-6 season this year.

I'm not exactly sure how things will pan out, but I can't blame the players for being bummed out in ultimately losing out on a year of their collegiate career. How they react to this situation will tell a lot about the young men we have on this Ohio State roster.


I think the questions I was asked the most yesterday were centered around recruiting. Fans wanted to know how the sanctions would impact the only thing that has kept Buckeye faithful smiling over the last three weeks or so, and many expected the worst when it came to the recruiting trail.

Dunn is done with recruitingDunn says he is staying in Scarlet and Gray

Fear not, as nothing is guaranteed, but I was able to contact most of the committed recruits yesterday and all continued to pledge their allegiance to Ohio State. There has not been one peep of anyone backing out of their verbal pledge and all 19 committed players are expected to remain committed to the Buckeyes, at least in regards to the NCAA sanction situation.

I definitely feel bad for these players, but the silver lining is this is a one year ban and really won't have too much impact on their OSU careers. Many of them will even be redshirting next year, so they will still have four years to go to a bowl game, and wishful thinking of four years to win national championships. In fact, if you look at the situation, it really doesn't make much sense for any of the current commits to question their pledge, as if they want to be Buckeyes, these sanctions have little affect on their standing with Ohio State.

As for the uncommitted prospects, I think the ones who are being guided by reasonable parties will see the above sentiment and relay it to them. There are sure to be coaches across the country using the sanctions as a negative recruiting tactic for these players, but luckily OSU has Urban Meyer at the helm and you can bet your bottom dollar he was doing everything he could to make sure the players still on the radar know that this will not impact them greatly at all.

It will be interesting to see how things shake out with the remaining recruits, as the Bucks have anywhere from 4-6 spots to fill out. 2012 may take a bit of a hit in terms of a big recruit or two getting swayed by the naysaying of rival coaches, but 2013 will not be impacted whatsoever and that class is going to be absolutely buck wild for Urban Meyer and Ohio State.

Urban Meyer

From what I heard yesterday, Urban Meyer was not happy when he heard the news about the bowl ban. "Not happy" is a very, very big understatement from what I was told, and if you can bet Meyer had steam coming out of his ears and a beat red face filled with anger yesterday afternoon.

Urban ready to fight Gene SmithUrban staying strong despite no bowl in year one

Sure, Meyer signed a six year deal and will still have five of those years to bring a couple of championships back to Columbus, but he took this job with the presumption that the Bucks would be in the clear. Gene Smith played a big part in helping Urban to believe that way, but Meyer also had his own NCAA contacts who presumably told him all would be well in Buckeyeland.

Obviously all parties were wrong, and while Meyer seemed to be cool, calm, and collected regarding the situation, he has to be disappointed that he won't be playing for all the marbles, including even the conference championship during his first season at the helm. Keep in mind, his contract has bonuses for achievements such as conference and national titles, two things he will not be able to win next year. Regardless of that, you know Meyer wanted to come in and make a splash in the Big Ten and now he'll have to wait until year two to do this.

The most difficult task for Meyer is now getting his team to play hard, relentless football during the 2012 season, despite the players knowing it will really lead them nowhere. Knowing Meyer's past, I'm sure he will find a way and he will not let this team just roll over and die. I'm sure an emphasis will be put on the fact that the performances of next season will help them in 2013, beating Michigan in The Game, and setting themselves up to come back the following year with a bang.

It's definitely a tough situation for Meyer to be in, and not the ideal way for him to start his tenure at Ohio State, but he knows better days are ahead and will work as hard as he can to make sure the team is in a position to pick up the ball and run with it in 2013. Besides, nothing may be better than seeing Meyer wipe the smirk off Brady Hoke's face next November after a dominating Ohio State win in the Horseshoe in what will be the de-facto national championship for the Buckeyes.


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BuckeyeSaab's picture

fire gene smith

I'm sorry for not being sorry.

NH-IO's picture

Looks like the NCAA cited the 2002 Alabama and 2003 Arkansas cases as precedent (the SEC strikes again).  Anyone know the specifics of these cases?

TheHumbleBuckeye's picture

This was the violation that started the investigation of Bama.

I believe other stuff came to light during the investigation of Means as well.

TheHumbleBuckeye's picture

I also found this... does anyone remember this?

Alabama had to vacate the 2005-2007 seasons? Jesus!

buckeyedude's picture

I agree with you Alex. This whole thing has been handled horribly. But shouldn't Gee see the door too? The guy wears his bow tie and tries to present this image that he is so damn smart and then says, "I hope Tressel doesn't fire me"?

I don't care how much he does for the university, that just made the university look really bad, IMO, and compounded the problem. Smith and Gee... two clueless fellows that should get the boot.

BTW Alex, if you're having a hard time getting excited to watch the Buckeyes next year, can I have your tickets?



slidingscrapes's picture

i'll fight anyone who says gee should be fired over this. gee slipped up and made the university look bad in the public eye, but his remarks had no actual bearing on the case, and he's a fantastic university president. looking at the ohio state university as a sports team, and seeing gee as if he's the "team owner" to smith's "general manager," is such a tremendous discredit to the job gee has done in his tenure as well as to the university as a whole.

Show them Ohio's here!

ArTbkward's picture

I would fight with you.  Gee certainly isn't perfect but I also believe he is a fantastic president and an overall asset to OSU.

Smith, on the other hand...

We should strive to keep thy name, of fair repute and spotless fame...

(Also, I'm not a dude)

Irricoir's picture

Reading comprehension one oh one. He more or less said exactly what you said sir.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

dr green's picture

She's not a dude. Reading comprehension 101, sir. ; )

Irricoir's picture

I would say good catch but I don't read folks text at the bottom of the post. If I had read it and failed to understand that I was speaking to a chick you would be spot on. Grey on Grey isn't good for my eyes. Funny none the less.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

Dude's just a BSG fan, prolly a cylon...

ArTbkward's picture

This is a joke, right?


Thanks Green.

We should strive to keep thy name, of fair repute and spotless fame...

(Also, I'm not a dude)

AngelHeartsBuckeyes's picture

Gee is only as guilty as the rest of us.  He believed Gene Smith just like Urban and everyone else. Gee obviously is no sports savant, so I am sure he relied on Smith's intel at every juncture. 

Fire Gene Smith. Fire Gene Smith. Fire Gene Smith.

Buckeye born and bred. Buckeye til I'm dead.

Conroy's picture

Gee is the president of Ohio State.  Ohio State athletics is 1.7% of the school's budget.

Goose's picture

Set aside the fact that the rules are incredibly unjust and that the NCAA doesn't enforce them in any semblance of consistency for a minute.

The fact is that some number of people within the football program broke the rules and we had to pay the price.  The biggest problem I have with the whole thing is how our administration handled the whole thing.  If you look at the OSU penalties and the USC penalties, the clear difference is the attitude of the administrations.  USC fans that are complaining about the inequality need look no further than the attitude of AD Mike Garrett and the rest of their administration throughout the NCAA investigation were combative and uncooperative.  That's why they got hammered more than OSU.

While our administration was cooperative, I feel like the thing that they didn't do that cost us more penalties than most of us feel were warranted was that we didn't come across as contrite or embarassed.  The ONLY one that seemed embarassed was Tressel.  Smith and Gee went into damage control mode from the very beginning.  At first, it was a 2 game suspension for Tressel, then 5 games, then dismissal.  It was apparaent that they were more concerned with what the penalty was going to be and limiting it to as little as possible than being concerned with the infraction and showing an attitude like a little kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.  Like it or not, that is what the NCAA wants if an institution expects minimal penalties.

If we wanted the minimum, we should have fired Tressel immediately, fired Smith immediately and imposed a 1 yr. bowl ban in addition to what we voluntarily imposed.

I also think that the attitude that we've shown since Meyer was hired probably hurt us.  Our coaches have been out there on the recruiting trail telling prospective recruits that we were confident that we weren't going to get anything further than the self-imposed penalties.  I don't blame Meyer for this.  I'm sure he was going by what Smith was telling him.  We should've waited to hire Meyer and kept it deadly quiet until after the NCAA gave its ruling.

Overall, I'm happy that we can move on.  I don't think a 1 yr. bowl ban is more than we should have expected with the way things were handled.  If you give me Meyer as coach with the penalties or Tressel without any penalties, I think I'd take Meyer.

phxbuck's picture

I agree, 1 yr ban is honestly not as harsh as I thought this was going to be.  

Arizona_Buckeye's picture

Where do you watch the games out here?  If you haven't discovered the American Junkie - you should!  High energy, always packed, always fun, even during seasons like this one!  There are jello shots tossed out when we score as well!!!

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

phxbuck's picture

American Junkie is fun, I have watched quite a few games there.  

Arizona_Buckeye's picture

Will be there on the 2nd as well!!!  A couple of buckets of beers and hopefully a bunch of jello shots!

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

matti's picture

question??? interesting point about the 4-6 scholarships left to fill if we just for example get two lineman and skip the other 4 thats would be 4 of the 9 taken awya correct????

spqr2008's picture

No, it's we lose 3 per year for the next 3 yrs

total 9 lost, 82 schollies/year

Baroclinicity's picture

Alex, when you say Meyer was not happy, was that directed towards the NCAA, Smith/Gee, or all of the above?  I would hate to see his career here start out on a sour note with the administration-- that would not be good.  We already have some sense of uneasiness that he could bail after a few years.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Alex's picture

I think just the situation that he thought he was in the clear and his first year goes to waste other than development

phxbuck's picture

We will be fine.  It makes no sense to continue to complain about the NCAA.  They suck and always will so we need to quit beating a dead horse.  Bottomline is we cheated and got caught.  You can argue all day long about the magnitude of the actual crime but lying is lying and when you break the rules there will always be consequences.  So how about we just stop breaking the rules and we won't need to have these conversations to begin with. 

I think the ship has now sailed on Kyle Dodson and Jordan Diamond which sucks.  Hopefully we can add a couple of OL recruites before it's all said and done. 

buckeyedude's picture

 So how about we just stop breaking the rules and we won't need to have these conversations to begin with.

I try to tell my son, who is about to get his driver's license, "if you just drive the speed limit or less, like your old man does, you'll never have to worry about getting a speeding ticket." Just someone behind you, giving you the finger for driving too slow.



Riggins's picture

Whatever happened to the love of the game?  The competitive drive that (most) athletes thrive on?  They still have 12 chances to line up and prove you're better than the guys across from you.  These guys should have zero issue getting up for games next year.  They shouldn't need a pep talk.  They should get goosebumps just putting on the fucking scarlet and gray.

So we can't play for (an unlikely) National championship next year.  Maybe we will miss a shot at a BCS game.  We can't play in the B1G Championship game, but that doesn't mean Urban Meyer can't break his foot off in the B1G's ass starting next year.  Put some fear in their minds.  Let them see a glimpse of what's on the way.  A train is coming. Best get off the tracks.


buckeyedude's picture

^^^^^^+100 and an "Amen, Brotha!"

and I-O!



dbit's picture

"but that doesn't mean Urban Meyer can't break his foot off in the B1G's ass starting next year."


Hell yes

ArTbkward's picture

"We can't play in the B1G Championship game, but that doesn't mean Urban Meyer can't break his foot off in the B1G's ass starting next year. Put some fear in their minds. Let them see a glimpse of what's on the way. A train is coming. Best get off the tracks."


^Today's facebook status.  Credited where credit is due. 

We should strive to keep thy name, of fair repute and spotless fame...

(Also, I'm not a dude)

BuckeyeChris's picture


Slow, steady clap...

mastermiind's picture

this is what we get for hiring a notre dame asshole in the first place.


slippy's picture

Is there a limit on # of redshirts given in a year?  Why don't we just redshirt the whole 2 deep next year?  That would be a giant middle finger to the NCAA.

dsbgobux's picture

I am a little bothered by everyone saying that next year is "pointless" and a lost year. Let's be real here. This team will be much improved next year, and quite possibly have a perfect season, but the B1G will definitely be having a down year next year with all of the issues at PSU, the revolving QB door at Wisky. Anyone who really thinks that we are legit MNC title contenders next year are delusional. As there are still many kinks to be worked out with the new staff (and finally a real OC!) Next year the players have an opportuity and perfect  to learn Urban's offense, and gel together as a team without the overriding pressure of having to win it all in order to flip the NCAA and SEC the bird. I personally see many positives that can result from this crap situation. Imagine what this team will look like in 2013 and beyond! GO BUCKS!!!!

Buckeye in PA purgatory

GlueFingers Lavelli's picture

I think people are mad because this year should have been our wasted year. With that being said. Miller should have started all year. and we shouldn't have let Herron, Posey, or Adams play. I think if we would have made this our year of suffering, Maybe the NCAA would have saw that we were being good boys. IMO Accepting a bowl says, screw you NCAA, we'll make money regardless. So the NCAA counters. I think if we didn't accept a bowl bid this season, we would not hve gotten the ban. This falls into the lap on Gene Smith.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

BuckeyeNation's picture

I couldn't agree w/you more DSBGOBUX! 

After reading this story and all of the comments within, I'm a little disheartened! I've finally come to the realization on how spoiled we've all become over the past decade! 

Listen, I'm the first to admit that the bowl ban sucks! But when did we get away from the fact that this is BUCKEYE football? That this is, above and beyond everything else, what matters most! Not the NCG or the B1GTEN Championship, but the excitement of being able to watch our team play on a national stage on any given Saturday w/the presumption that they can reach those goals! Win, lose or banned... I'm a Buckeye through & through! I just hope the rest of you are as well!

I personally... am extremely excited for next season!



Run_Fido_Run's picture

Yes, but none of the following propositions contradict any of the others:

1. The university was right to move on, not appeal, be diplomatic about the sanctions.

2. The team must do just what DSB describes above.

3. Fans should look forward to next year as the first year in the Meyer regime, an opportunity to see 12 glorious Buckeye football games, to ruin the seasons of Wisky and TTUN, etc. A Buckeye football season that includes a bowl ban is still better than many things in life.

4. The NCAA is becoming corrupted within from its own internal contradictions.

5. The sanctions were excessive.

6. Those alumni/fans/friends of the university who believe that the NCAA has outlived its usefulness can work to undermine that corrupt system while still believing in items 1 through 3 above. If people who hate Ohio State peceive them to be whiners, so f'n what?  

dsbgobux's picture

I-O!!! Give me Buckeyes or give me death!!!!

Buckeye in PA purgatory

btalbert25's picture

Wasn't there rumors that Meyer had problems with Gene Smith, and he may not want to work with Smith?   Perhaps, Meyer had reservations because he believed there would be a boll ban, per his NCAA contacts and Smith convinced him otherwise.  I have to think the BOD is going to be completely pissed off and fed up with Smith.  It wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't survive much longer. 


cplunk's picture

I think after a season of this offense, we can all agree a "Boll ban" is a good thing

Buckeye in Illini country's picture



The era of just Run Dave is finally over!  (at least Tressel was good at it despite the walrus)

Columbus to Pasadena: 35 hours.  "We're on a road trip through the desert looking for strippers and cocaine... and Rose Bowl wins!"

btalbert25's picture

Players have pride in how they play the game.  Just because they aren't playing for a bowl game doesn't mean they won't give it their all.  Plus, Meyer is a no BS on the field kind of guy.  If an upperclassmen screws off, do you think he'll hesitate for one second to pull his butt off the field and put in a hungry underclassman who does care and who wants to play?  This team will have no problem being motivated to win. 

bassplayer7770's picture

Good point.  I have a feeling we won't see our team coming out flat with Urban like they did so many times this season.  Urban has even said Mickey Marotti also has a way of making players mentally tough, not just physically tough.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

You raise a good point. Apparently, a few weeks/months after Meyer arrived at BG, he got upset at some slacker things that were happening in the classrooms, meeting rooms, and on the practice fields. So, he did that infamous "Black Wednesday," running his players into extreme exhaustion, with only two trash cans as relief. Numerous kids quit, but it kind of cleaned house.

Well, Meyer probably couldn't get away with that now, but the bowl ban next season might be sort of like a psychological version of Black Wednesday, in that it will test kids' characters, separate the most passionate warriors from the kids who feel entitled, etc. Personally, I believe that the great majority of Buckeye football players will pass the test, but if there are a few brats here and there, next year might help expose those tendencies. 

Bucks's picture

I listened to some of the Dispatch ppl talking about this last night on the Blitz and they did bring up a valid point. Gene was certainly going based off older precedent, when it seems the NCAA wants to go more towards a case by case basis. I haven't heard a single person who was previously involved with COI, say they expected this ruling by the NCAA.

That doesn't excuse GS as he has had so many missteps, they're hard to count. His biggest probably being foot-in-mouth. Emmert said rules violations were going to get harsher penalties & this may be the first example of many to come in the next few years.

I feel the absolute worst for the Juniors. Plenty of these guys didn't get to spend meaningful time in the Sugar bowl, will play as a mediocre 6-6 team in the Gator bowl (except for those injured, etc) & will have no chance for any bowl as a senior.

The decision to not self-impose for this season will aggravate me for a long time. Understand not wanting to offer up anything that you originally don't think is in play (not like the NCAA would say "Oh hey, you went too far and we don't accept that.") ... but after going from the original Tat-5, to HC being involved in withholding information, to additional monetary violations with a booster & finally getting a FTM charge, it just seemed prudent to me that you would impose the bowl game ban. The aim was to put everything to rest, not have one last whammy delayed until the end of next year.

Next year should not be starting off with an asterisk, but it is & can't be helped. Hope these kids rise to the challenge & play angry. As for the season from my fan perspective? They're my Buckeyes & I'll be watching every game with eager anticipation.

Well past that, we shouldn't be too upset anyway. The end of the Mayan calendar is before the type of bowl game we wanted next year. :P

Jdadams01's picture

I honestly don't get why people call next season a wasted or pointless season. How is it more pointless than any other year when we don't win a National Title? I know it sucks that we don't get a bowl game, but going to a Fiesta Bowl or a Capital One Bowl doesn't make a season more meaningful to me. Also, if the bowl game is what makes or breaks the season, then do the years where we lost our bowl mean the season was meaningless? What about 2006? We lost to Florida, but every game that season, not just the bowl game, was special. The coaches, players, and fans going through a season long stretch of experiences is what makes a year special or not. That and beating scUM. So fans need to cut this "lost season" crap out, because we have 12 games of Buckeye football coming up that will give us stories and memories.

Arizona_Buckeye's picture

I'm sorry but enough of the victim / whining attitude of this article!  I love this site but this story is pathetic and portrays OSU as a group of little spoiled brats and annoying little babies. 

So what - we lose one freakin bowl game!  Is that a reason to sit here an whine about whether or not you're going to go support your team?

Thank god Urban Meyer and the guys in the locker room don't share your victim, whoa is me, defeatist attitude!  No, they are strapping on the uniform with great anticipation of the Gator Bowl game and the upcoming season given the new coaching changes.

I don't give a sh!t what you have to do but grab your hair and slap yourself as many times as required to jolt yourself out of this little spoiled brat tantrum you're throwing.

We had some players that made stupid selfish mistakes and paid for it.  We had a coach that for reasons that will NEVER make sense, cover up minor violations and lie to the NCAA at least 4 times.  We also failed to monitor a known booster issue!!! Had none of this happened - we wouldn't be in this position would we?!?!?!  This was ENTIRELY our fault!!!

GOD this type of attitude is that last thing we need to vomit out on the internet!!  Suck it up, grow a pair, and get back on the positive side of the equation.

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

Arizona_Buckeye's picture

I had to stop before I went into the Bluto:  Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor bit!!!

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

unknownmusketeer's picture

We might all owe you a Man Card.

buckeyepastor's picture

As a lifelong Buckeye, I will still rise and fall with every win and loss next year, even if we are certain to go nowhere after the Michigan win.   I plunked down money to see us play Nebraska this year with a team that I wasn't sure would earn a bowl bid, much less be allowed to play in one.   Fans need to have some perspective and recognize we're not near the biggest losers in this. 

Gotta think that John Simon might be gone wtih this news.  Didn't see any others that really put themselves in a strong position to go NFL early.   But it is terribly unfair for this ban to happen to a roster where about half of the kids never played a single snap in a Tressel-coached game.   Next year's seniors are the biggest losers in all of this, and none of them were even involved with this mess.  But, the NCAA gets their pound of flesh.  

In terms of a missed opportunity for next year, I think Meyer will have them focused and ready to play.  They've got more "paybacks" to deliver than usual (MSU, NEB, PSU, MICH, PURDUE) and I think they'll handle it well.  I think it's a bit much to have thought that 2012 was going to be THE year, anyways.   10-2 seems plausible.  11-1, possilble.  But 12-0 was a real long-shot.  

"Woody would have wanted it that way" 

BuckeyeChris's picture

This year's recruits are the main factor, here. Focus.

Keeping this Top 5 recruiting class in place is what will make all of this "pain" disappear very quickly in 2013, instead of this becoming a 3-5 year punishment/problem. 

After all, "We are.... not Penn State!"

TheHumbleBuckeye's picture

Let's derail the national title hopes of every team in the Big Ten.

Motto for the 2012 Buckeyes: CAUSE CHAOS!

spqr2008's picture

My Motto suggestion:  Cry Havoc, and loose the dogs of war!

nltemple's picture

The university missed the point about breaking the rules of the NCAA, knowing that the sanctions would be coming down the university athletic department (aka Gene Smith) should have imposed the bowl ban on this years group of rule breakers and the bowl ban would have satisfied. Again another in a long line of SNAFU's created by Gene Smith and his gallant staff of intellectual morons.

Noel Temple

Arizona_Buckeye's picture

I struggle with that has well.  I think that if we did self impose a bowl ban for this year, chances are, the NCAA would have still hammered us with one next year anyway.  As it stands, we get some extra practice, we still have the waiver for Urban to recruit with, and we get all of the exposure down in Florida.  Most of the other media outlets I've watched besides ESecPN, are pretty much saying this is a fair penalty assessment and it will not impact a player's decision what-so-ever.   So, I take it as a positive, albeit grossly lucky on the idiot Gene Smith's part!

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

chibuck's picture

If I understand correctly, Tressel usually didn't use all of his scholarships, so the scholarship ban really shouldn't hurt at all. Next year will still be fun. The regular season is better than the bowl season anyways.

Rooster Buckburn's picture

Have to differ with the lost season sentiment as welll.  Sure, we can't play for any titles, but an undefeated season is still something to play for.  Auburn, in 1992, after it was hit with NCAA sanctions - hired Terry Bowden and went 11-0 that year.  I remember that AU team playing with a lot of fire and was always mentioned in the coversation of who the best teams were that year. 

Going 12-0 for this improving OSU team would be incredible and would obviously include a win over scUM - which is pretty much the bowl game of sorts for next year.

Obviously this whole situation isn't ideal - but it's not the worst thing that could happen to this team - not by a long shot.

Larryp713's picture

Good post, Rooster. I wasn't on the cliff, but you just moved me a couple steps further back.



Rooster Buckburn's picture

Thank you sir, glad I could help :)

chibuck's picture

I've taken a wait and see approach before calling for our AD's head, but now Steve Harvey need to go!

Larryp713's picture

First, I think the post season ban was unwarranted, and came as a result of the mob of pious Buckeye haters at EsecPN, CBS, etc... crying lustily for scarlett and gray-tinged blood.

I agree with the overall assessment here - NFL quality juniors have a tough decision to make. But overall, this is a kind of blessing that there is so little pressure this next season as coach Meyer establishes his staff and the Buckeyes learn his new offense. They will play with a chip on their shoulder, similar to USC did in the second half of this last season, and we can definately break a lot of hearts. I am a half-full glass type of guy, but I sincerely believe that.

I was also worried about how our commits would react to this, and am so far impressed that they seem to be viewing the big picture and not reacting rashly. I have this bad habit of becoming emotionally vested with those who choose to play for this great university, and I like all these guys so far.

I truly hope that a fired up coach Meyer inspires this team to be special in 2012. If they run the table, or return to winning 10 or 11 games next year, it will be such a great start for the Urban revival, and build momentum to a second-season national championship run, similar to 2006 Florida and 2002 Ohio State. Go Buckeyes!!!



Buckeye_Mafia's picture

Anyone who actually thought this wasn't coming was fooling themselves. As I stated in another piece in here yesterday, the NCAA was gonna hit us with something beyond our self-imposed punishment. And they did it with everything. More scholarships, more probation, and the bowl ban. They had to to save face with the media, and other conferences, and sadly ESPN. We should have cooperated, but not self-imposed anything. Except maybe a bowl ban this season. The vacating of 2010 was dumber than Gene Smith telling everyone nothing was gonna happen beyond the self-imposed punishment. I feel horrible for the seniors, but guys like Simon, Stoney, and Boren aren't gonna leave this team and aren't gonna roll over. Urban may be pissed, but it gives him one year of breathing room and time to get the schemes in places. Things could be a lot worse...we will rise up again.

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

Ethan's picture

I'm curious as to how the additional scholarship losses will affect the ability to add the speculated 4-6 players to close this class.

Alex, can you shed any light on this? 

Alex's picture

We can levy the scholarship ban however we want...if they choose 82 next year they choose 82...they can choose 84 and have 80 the following year--doesn't matter...I think we add 1-2 LB, an ATH/WR, possibly a QB, and a DB

RBuck's picture

Are you saying we don't have a chance of any offensive lineman?

Long live the southend.

Alex's picture

whoops sorry 2 OT, 1-2 LB, 1 ATH/WR, 1 DB, possibly 1 QB......

timdogdad's picture

i thought we were only in the failure to monitor class which means no bowl ban. only a loic gets a bowl ban. so why did we get one?  the ncaa is highly ilogical.  i wish we would have been classed as loic and we would have known for sure the bowl ban was coming.  so it is what it is.  lets play the best we can plus we have lots to play for-especially the scum game.  i'm guessing the pain will dull and after the scum game win, most will feel, "bowl game, especially a non bcs, the hell with it, i'm satisfied with a win over scum"  and the hope for 2013 will be great and highly anticitipated.   i'll take a win over scum and no bowl over a loss to scum and a bowl game win.    

chibuck's picture

We were also repeat offenders, so I'm sure that played into it as well.

Arizona_Buckeye's picture

With an entire year of ridiculous amounts of feigned outrage and bogus 'journalistic' stories about OSU over the last year, I have to believe that played a factor into it as well. Had the coverage been on the same level as to what is not being reported at Miami, North Carolina, and Oregon, we may not have received a bowl ban or an additional hit on scholarships.

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

Tengauge's picture

Time to wipe the dust from last year and press on.  I hope the seniors and juniors step up to the plate and set the record straight with the under classmen. They need to mentor and monitor them and sow the seeds which will again make us NC contenders. I am sure Urban is perplexed but will right the ship again and get us to calmer waters.  Yes now is a time to reflect and recognize what got us in this mess.  Woody Hayes once said "Anytime you give a man something he doesn't earn you cheapen him".  Take nothing for granted and take nothing from anyone, earn it.  Woody thanks again for the time tested truth.  Were we cheapened by some taking and not earning?  I think so. This isn't the end for the Men and Women of the Scarlet and Grey. They will continue to have a loyal fan base and they will do us proud in seasons to come. Unless someone has a machine which takes us back in time we cannot change what happened.  I believe this will make us stronger and more determined to overcome adversity. Press on you men and women of the Scarlet and Grey and bring home the victories.

Maestro's picture

Win 'em all and kick scUM's ass.  Then sit back and watch the AP voters get on board.

vacuuming sucks

outdated's picture

Gee and Smith both should go and don't wait until the Gator Bowl is over.  Both have made a mockery of their positions.

Gee is only kept around because he is a good money maker for the school.  Besides making money for the school he has made a fool of himself enough times that others would be gone.  Why is he immune?

Buckeye Chuck's picture

Gee's primary skill is his ability to get along with the Board of Trustees, something his successors/predecessors could not manage. Outside of that, I've never been convinced he has some magical skill that can't possibly be replicated. Given that he's now at an age where most are retired or heading that way, I wouldn't be surprised if he's nearing the end of the road here.

But Gee is a relatively small part of the issue, leaving aside the embarrassment he caused the university in March. Smith's crisis management here was incomparably bad, and the process by which he reached the conclusion that a bowl ban wouldn't be coming was laughably incomplete. If the school wants to give Smith a decent interval before announcing his retirement in order to save some face, that's fine with me, but this interval can't possibly stretch beyond the end of the academic year.

The most "loud mouth, disrespect" poster on 11W.

William's picture

Maybe because he's the best university president in the nation? The Medical Center has risen steadily under him and is now one of the top centers in the nation. The Business School and College of Engineering have both skyrocketed. Gee has stumbled when it comes to athletics, but that is only a small portion of what he oversees. How would it look to other universities if we fired our president over an atheltic situation that broke no laws. The AAu would consider tOSU an academic mockery. Firing Gee makes no absolute sense.

Maestro's picture

Agree.  Smith should be under serious heat, Gee should not.

vacuuming sucks