Monday Skull Session

By DJ Byrnes on November 21, 2011 at 6:00a
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Well, well, well... It's Michigan week. Misewell get this party started. *rips open FourLoko with teeth* It's been a mere ~11,986,560 seconds since Michigan beat "Ohio" at football. *sips the intoxicating sewer water*

Honestly, I don't remember anything about that life. Where was I when Michigan last beat Ohio State? What was I doing? I wish I knew the answers to these questions. Sadly, I don't remember a world without high definition television or the BlackBerry. (I was a victim of Y2K Technology Inquisition, you see.)

I am, however, fully behind Brady Hoke's drive to rebrand Ohio State simply as "Ohio." I love it for two reasons. One, it makes me laugh to envision Brady Hoke, sweating profusely in a sauna, consciously deciding he is only going to call the flagship institution of higher learning in the state "Ohio." (We're in your coach's brainwaves, Michigan! [They are unironically made of bacon grease.]) Secondly, Ohio State, come to think, does have the State of Ohio on its back. As Kyle Rowland pointed out, Ohio State's endzone used to read "Ohio" in the Rose Bowl back in the 1980's. I like it. I'm going to ride with it.

Going into this season, I predicted Ohio State would go 11-1, win the Big Ten Championship and the Rose Bowl. Clearly I know things. That said, there is no doubt in my mind that Ohio State isn't bringing anything back from the barrenness to the north but a gold-plated W. Ohio State has Michigan right where they want them: as the unproven overdog.  (The Wolverines opened as 7.5 point favorites.) Their fans have real hope this year... real expectations... which means their tears will be extra salty and tastier than recent harvests.

I remember in 2009 -- after a weekend of being brutalized by such witticisms as "F--- you, guy!" and having my sexual orientation questioned -- how silent Michigan "fans" were as an "O-H-I-O" chant rolled around the Big House. They were a broken, defeated people. If Michigan people were capable of having souls, I may have felt sorry for them. Unfortunately, they chose their path of damnation a long time ago.

I have questions, Michigan "fans." What will you do if, in the 3rd quarter with Michigan up 24-13, the clouds part... and from the east... rides Urban Meyer the Champion of Light on his white stallion? What will you do if Meyer then opens up Earth's crusts and casts your sinfully obese coach into black depths and leads the Buckeyes to a comeback victory?

To the Big Ten, I want you to remember this: your hatership on Jim Tressel and overall mediocrity brought this holy union about. Lastly, to William Muschamp: Urban's "deteriorating"" health? Urban could probably outcoach this current crop of Big Ten coaches if he were a patient in the the terminal cancer-wing of Ohio State's world class medical center.  *chugs remaining FourLoko*

Woooo! (FourLoko can really get the juices flowing, huh? One down, three hundred and four to go! It's Michigan week, baby!) While I could ramble about Michigan and Urban Meyer all day, we need to get through this quickly. You see, like every blogger, I live in my mother's basement. Unfortunately, I am not  the rich kind of blogger -- I don't have my own computer -- I use my mom's computer when she's asleep. As it stands, I have fifteen minutes before she gets up, takes her computer and kicks me out onto the streets until she's off work. ("BUT I HAVE RUMORS TO MONGER, MOTHER!!!!" I will scream as she drags me up the stairs by my ear; but such is life as a heroin junkie. (My people and I lag in the possession of the civil rights which protect other minority groups.)

SOMEBODY WAKE GENE SMITH AND TELL HIM OF THIS. 6-5 Miami (FL) -- in attempt to avoid the NCAA's hammer -- has announced it will ban itself from bowl games this year. Gene Smith should rip this page right out of Miami's book. A hajj to the Gator Bowl must be sacrificed for the future of the program.

Despite all the gnashing of dinosaur teeth, it would appear the only thing derailing the Meyer-to-OSU train is a multi-year bowl ban. I'm sure Gene Smith is hoping to insulate his job's security with Meyer's coattails. Seeing as it directly benefits Gene Smith's job security, I fully expect this move to be made in the aftermath of hanging an L on Michigan's jacket. Then again, I'm just a humble farmboy from the heroin fields of Marion with $3,000-a-week heroin hobby. I also sleep on a dog's mattress in the boiler room of my mom's basement. ((*goes upstairs to grab another FourLoko from the fridge, gets back, realizes it's mayonnaise. grabs a used spoon out of the empty Taco Bell bag/trashcan on the ground, eats mayonnaise out of the jar. ~~~MMMMM, DELICIOUS~~~*))

THE SEC IS STILL THE BLOCKWATCHER. Consistent with this season's theme of escalating scandals, the BCS has returned to relevancy. The SEC West has three teams in the top three in the BCS and AP Top 25. And no, that's not a typo. If LSU were to beat Arkansas, then lose to Georgia in the SEC title game, there could possibly be an LSU-Alabama rematch for the national title game with neither participant being a conference champion. (Georgia would get the right to shred Michigan State[?] or Wisconsin[?] in the Sugar Bowl... which would probably ignite the End of Times.)

I just can't wait until these ridiculous exhibition games are scraped in favor of a playoff. And damnit, I want a 20-team playoff system too. What would you rather watch: the TaxSlayer.Com Bowl or Wisconsin at Alabama? Could you imagine getting somebody like LSU in the Horeshoe for a Final Four game? I wonder what SEC speed would be like on a fifteen degree December day in Columbus? The NCAA's worst nightmare is ESPN and the new super conferences cutting them and their BCS cronies out of the gravy train with their own organization and play-offs. Personally, I think it will be some sort of justice.

Lastly: them Grizzlies is coming for chainz in this year's FCS banger.

MAKIN LOVE TO THE MONEY LIKE A SEX TAPE!!!!!!!!Jeff Svoboda caught ol' Bielema the wild.

AN ESPN ANALYST RETURNING TO COACHING? Mike Bellotti, now with ESPN but formerly coach of the Oregon Ducks, could be taking over at Arizona, according to Also according to their report, Bellotti has plans to bring current Pac-12 assistants to his staff.

ARKANSAS TE UKEMAN FOUND DEAD OVERNIGHT. In tragic news out of Fayetteville, Arkansas, via 19-year old redshirt freshman tight-end Garrett Ukeman was found dead overnight in his dorm room. The cause of death is unknown. Ukeman's high school coach, David Estes, had this to say about his former player's death:

"This is devastating to our community. Garrett was an absolute joy to be around and our hearts and prayers go out to his family and all those who knew him."

LOUDER: AUTZEN STADIUM OR OHIO STADIUM? What better way to find the answer to this question than ask a 3rd party who has heard both stadiums in their prime?


Although, I must say Nike's pre-game videos are a lot better for Oregon than they are for Ohio State.

WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Twilight made $72,000,000 on FRIDAY... How Los Angeles is dealing with feral cats... The Red Army: Forever Loyal to their King... The unorthodox, unreturnable punts of LSU's Brad Wing... Introducing: Drone Journalism... 50,000 wild boars which invaded Mexico from the United States have been marked for death... The science behind pepper spray... The 100 greatest quotes from The Wire... Fiends, unite!! Krokodil has made its way to Ohio... Japan's best-known and most successful owarai agency is Yoshimoto Kogyo (吉本興業)...



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“Florida is probably the team that seems most likely,” said Dems Mason, the Gator Bowl representative at Saturday’s game. “What we want is Florida versus Ohio State or Nebraska.”

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So that's why I've been praying towards Jacksonville 5x per day. Hm.


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Anyone going up there this weekend?  I'll be there.  Wondering if there are any spots where Buckeyes congregate either Friday night or even early for tailgating on Saturday.

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I went up with my dad when I was a kid in 1991 (yes, "Hello Heisman") we stayed at the Holidome (is it still there?) in Perrysburg on Friday night and then there was basically a caravan of Buckeye fans up 23 in the morning. It was pretty fun. The place was packed with OSU fans. 

cbusbuckeye's picture

One of my buddies is a U of M undergrad and got me a student ticket with him, I've never been up there so I have no idea what to expect, very excited tho!

buckeye20's picture

Take a good piss before going to your seat because if you have to leave to take a squirt it will take you 15 minutes to get back into the stadium.  No bathrooms.  The place is a joke.


cbusbuckeye's picture

Thanks for the heads up, I'm just hoping their fans aren't too obnoxious (and praying for a win).

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They will be obnoxious this year.  I went two years ago and they were dicks, but they sucked and knew it so it wasn't as bad as it will be Saturday.  Be prepared.

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No pressure Luke - if the Buckeyes lose on Saturday not only will that make us 6-6, something that has not happened this century, but that loss will virtually clinch a BCS at-large spot for scUM.  Of course I remember JT's first year, but as we would learn JT knew how to coach, and his squard would prove to have some talent (anyone remember JT's second year?). I see a 2011 Buckeye team that doesn't play for 60 minutes, that commits needless mistakes, and that has an offensive coaching staff with no clue how to utilize what talent we have. I'll think more about this this week but I think 7.5 is putting too much faith in the underdog in this series rising up a la 2001, instead of recognizing that when one team really is better it stomps the other, as in the last several years.  This looks to me like scUM by at least 13.

TBDBITLinWIScantSON's picture

Not sure how that guarantees scUM an at large bid. Ahead of both MSU and wisCANTson? And after not playing their conference championship? We don't get the same treatment as the SEC.

But here we are, talking the possibility of a MNc between two teams from the same conference, who may not even play in their conf. championship. Oh, the schadefreude would be epic.



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Winner of WIS v. MSU goes to the Rose Bowl, loser will have three ore more losses and will be out of BCS contention. If TSUN beats us they have two losses with no chance of a third (since can't win their division to lose in the B1G game) and if one team ahead of them in the BCS standings loses - which is almost guaranteed - the scUM will rise to at-large eligibility. And after years of futility and a fan base that travels they are almost certain to be selected at-large.

Does this help?

As for your second statement, who else appears to be better than LSU, AL or AR? Who would you plug into the championship? A few weeks ago the threat was too many unbeatens, now there are not enough. Houston? Do you think that is the second best team in the country? If OKSt loses to OK they have two losses - if they win are they good enough? Stanford? maybe, but look at their schedule. VT - same concern. Boise? same concern. Take away Braxton's bomb with 20 seconds left and WIS might be in the discussion, but I'm not willing to pretend that pass never happened. Are you? So, realistically, the only way we don't get two SEC teams is if ARK beats LSU, AL loses to AUB and the West division winner loses to GA. Short of that the 13 game season will determine who plays for the trophy and as of now that looks like two SEC teams. We hate it, but it's not special treatment, it's on the field.

(The difference between now and 2006 is that FL was a reasonable alternative to TSUN. Voters who didn't want a rematch had an option and chose it.)

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"I fully expect this move to be made in the aftermath of hanging an L on Michigan's jacket...."

Why not impose the bowl ban BEFORE the game against scUM? IMO this may perhaps get the Bucks [esp. seniors] and Coaching staff more motivated to win considering this would be their final game of the season (Walrus burner set to boiling). Ending THIS SEASON on a big fat W over Brady Hoke would be just as good, if not 1000x better, than ending in the gator bowl right?

WMBuckeye's picture


Because it's not "just a game."

Proud to be a Buckeye in SEC territory...Long Live the Vest!!
Class of 2003 OSU/ATI "Where the men are men, women are few and the sheep are scared.."

baddogmaine's picture

I agree. The wolf is at our neck and the best chance to avoid what could be a big bite is to give up a smaller bite, as Miami just did. We are not going to a good bowl whatever happens in five days, the B1G will understand if we pass on a bowl not because we are too good for a bad bowl but because we need to preempt the NCAA. And if we announce that we will ban ourselves now then it is all the clearer that we are giving up 7-5 bowl options as well as 6-6 options.


Based on what 11W and others are reporting the biggest potential obstacle to getting a real coach in Columbus is the uncertainty over future penalties. No bowl game we could get this year is worth giving up an opportunity to appease the NCAA and paving the way for stability starting in 2012.

BuckeyeChris's picture

It would be infinitely unfair for the NCAA to impose a bowl ban on next year's team because from the coaching staff to the players NO ONE associated with next year's team will have had anything to do with TatGate or with the jock sniffing loser booster guy. 


This, of course, is why I am "99.7% certain" that the NCAA will impose bowl bans upon future teams. It does, after all, make the least amount of sense.  



M tots's picture

Jordan Hall, Travis Howard, and Corey "Pittsburgh" Brown won't be on the team next year??  They took money from the booster at that charity event...

BuckeyeChris's picture

Correct, M. I guess I was thinking of the primary offender, specifically, Posey. A multi-year bowl ban would be devastating on many levels...coaching hire, recruiting, etc... would turn this down year/outlier into several years of blah. Pray against a bowl ban, friends. 

Buckeyebrowny919's picture

i hereby propose that during the M*ch*gan games, and only these games, from here on out, we paint the endzones in script of Ohio...just to piss Hoke off

To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift - Steve Prefontaine

Denny's picture

Field turf: not paintable.


Buckeyebrowny919's picture

touché, salesman, touché

To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift - Steve Prefontaine

BuckeyeChris's picture

Love idea. Then made the opposite endzone "Mich" (they used to do it in the 50s)

You could cut it up and make it replaceable (ala whatever they are doing at MetLife Stadium...Giants/Jets). 

thorvath22's picture

Self imposing a bowl ban this year is the logical thing for Gee and Smith to do but since when did any of them ever do anything with a little common sense involved?

Colin's picture

I don't know what the actual writers at 11W think but the guys at Bucknuts still don't think we would even get a bowl ban anyway, so why self impose one?

OSUNeedles's picture

If I'm not mistaken, I believe we declined a bowl bid between Bruce & Cooper. It causes you to lose Bowl practices, but if you are switching coaching staff in the offseason they will be teaching a new system anyways. If you don't go to a bowl, you can get that new coach in & start setting up staff for the following year.

Jason Priestas's picture

Ohio State played, and beat Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl that year with Bruce as a lame duck coach.

BuckeyeChris's picture

Oh....wait! The 1987 Cotton Bowl followed the 1986 season. Bruce was fired after the '87 season. 

Jason Priestas's picture

I stand corrected.

BuckeyeChris's picture

It's all good Jason. I absolutely love the work you all do.   Please don't think, folks, that I live in my grandma's basement, based on all of the recent posts. My wife and I brought our twins home last week, so when they sleep....yea...when they sleep, I have been getting my Buckeye fix. 

KenK's picture

Congrats to you and your wife with your twins. Maybe with two newborn's, grandma's basement isn't looking too badly right now.

Johnny Hooker: "He's not as tough as he thinks". Henry Gondorff: "Neither are we".

Jason Priestas's picture

Congrats! We have a 12-week old, so I know what you're going through. But with twins, you're probably getting it in stereo.

buckeye20's picture

I have twins.  It gets better in 3 years.  They are 13 now.  You will live.



BuckeyeChris's picture

Thank you for the kind words, all. We're loving every minute of it!  

BuckeyeSki's picture

Too many characters have already been wasted pointing out why Jim Bollman is just an awful coordinator, however, this I just don't understand:

If your going to parrot the other team's offense, and what they have been using to beat you, why use the Wildcat (which was dumb, obviously) and not the 1st down PA passes to keep the front 7 honest? For shame....

And F.S. Shugarts has officially succeeded "El Matador" Bryant Browning in a long line of RT hilarity

Banned from BlackShoeDiaries since 2008. Crime: Slander/Defamation of Character Judgement: Guilty

OSUNeedles's picture

My personal fave is that we occassionally throw screen passes now, but we don't block for them. (Posey vs. PSU; Boom vs Indiana)

Bucksfan's picture

We're not getting a bowl ban.  Put it out of your heads, people.

Interrobanged's picture

I thought the BCS limit was 2 teams per conference. In your scenario how can 3 SEC teams play in BCS bowl games? Or does the national championship not count toward the numbers.

NC_Buckeye's picture

That's what I understood to be the case as well. BCS Bowls can have at most a total of 2 teams per conference.

However, from looking at the rules -- it appears that DJ is right. The quote below is from the At-large eligibility section.

No more than two teams from a conference may be selected, regardless of whether they are automatic qualifiers or at-large selections, unless two non-champions from the same conference are ranked No. 1 and No. 2 in the final BCS Standings.

Also look at the top two entries for the Automatic qualification section.

1. The top two teams in the final BCS Standings shall play in the National Championship Game.

2. The champions of the Atlantic Coast, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12, and Southeastern conferences will have automatic berths in one of the participating bowls through the 2013 regular season.

So if LSU loses to Georgia and is still ranked #2 (I guess because they beat #3 Arkansas), then Georgia would play in the Sugar Bowl as the conference champion and Bama-LSU would play in the NC because of their BCS ranking.

Man, would that suck. I hate the S-E-C. 


ArTbkward's picture

I am 100% against an all SEC title game.  If you can't win your division, you shouldn't play in the NC imo.

The only silver lining of this happening is that an SEC school would also lose the Nati'l Championship.

We should strive to keep thy name, of fair repute and spotless fame...

(Also, I'm not a dude)

Interrobanged's picture

Its like in 2006 when all the SEC fans where very against an OSU-scUM rematch for the national title (I remember the Urban tears). They all said scUM had their chance to win....I can smell the potential hypocricy with this scenario.

Bucksfan's picture

But it's possible that it wouldn't be the SEC champion losing the title game, and it wouldn't be losing it at the hands of the SEC champion.

The big thing right now is beating the SEC champion in the BCS national title game.  It's a fucking travesty if the SEC champion doesn't play in the BCS title game, but 2 different SEC schools do.  WTF?!  If this shit happens, college football is no longer any fun.

NC_Buckeye's picture

So I think what you're saying is that it could be the SEC champion (LSU) vs the BCS #1 or #2 (Bama). In that case, the SEC does NOT send a team to the Sugar Bowl.

And.... if Mich beats us (Go Buckeyes!), they most likely would end up there playing a non-BCS AQ team. Probably Boise or Houston.

C'mon Fick. Do something special for this last game. How delicious would those scUM tears taste if we denied them a shot at a BCS bowl.

Bucksfan's picture

No, I'm saying if Georgia beats an undefeated #1 LSU in the SEC title...  Then, Alabama would go to #1, LSU might not fall farther than #2, depending on what the voters decided to do with everyone else having 2 losses.  Then it'd be LSU-Bama in the BCS national title game, neither of which won the SEC.  Georgia would be in the Sugar.  And I wouldn't watch either game.

SaintTressel's picture

While I would prefer more intriguing bowl matchups, I would watch both of those games. I thoroughly enjoyed the first LSU/Bama game. I would have preferred LSU vs Ok St and Alabama vs Boise as BCS games, but apparently the college football gods don't listen to me. Which may also explain why we lost to Penn State.

Just out of curiosity, is there something wrong with a team that doesn't win its conference winning the national championship?

btalbert25's picture

I don't understand why there's a need to run the wildcat when you have a QB like Braxton unless of course they are trying to limit the hits he takes, but seems to me it'd be more advantageous to just use him in design run plays than to put Boom or Hyde back there and have them run out of the wildcat.

BuckeyeSki's picture

I honestly think, from what I saw, that Bollman was just like "well gee, it sure is working for them, and we did practice that play a few times this week, let's run it!!!"

Even the announcers pointed out that with a QB like Braxton, the wildcat is not necessary

Banned from BlackShoeDiaries since 2008. Crime: Slander/Defamation of Character Judgement: Guilty

BuckeyeChris's picture

And I marveled at the "precise" passing ability that McLovin displayed on Saturday. He must be super-human. Or, he's coached. One of the two. 

Colin's picture

The extent of coaching required for Ohio State's defense right now: "Hey McLovin, throw to the wide receiver covered by #7. ....Got it coach!"

BuckeyeChris's picture

Zing!  Good one, Colin.

TheHumbleBuckeye's picture

How good is the SEC? I have no doubt that LSU and Bama are good, and maybe Arkansas, but should we give them credit for beating up on teams that have absolutely no offense?

Auburn - 93rd in total offense, 81st in total defense

Florida - 91st in total offense

Kentucky - 118th in total offense, 63rd in total defense

Mississippi State - 87th in total offense, 50th in total defense

Ole Miss - 114th in total offense, 93rd in total defense

South Carolina - 80th in total offense

Tennessee - 98th in total offense

Vanderbilt - 102nd in total offense

And you can't credit that to SEC defenses. Most of these teams play four absolute patsies against whom they should be able to raise their offensive profiles. I'm just not impressed with the conference this year. Eight of twelve teams (2/3) are 80th or worse in total offense, and seven of twelve teams are 91st or worse.

Think for a minute: which two teams got the most points and yards on LSU? Oregon and West Virginia, two non-SEC schools.

I'll be pissed if there's an all-SEC title game. Some other conference deserves a shot.


Maestro's picture

pretty bad numbers there, thanks

vacuuming sucks

Maestro's picture

I posted these numbers at another site that I frequent.  The SECers are having a shit fit about it as expected.  

p.s. I credited The Humble Buckeye

vacuuming sucks

TheHumbleBuckeye's picture

Thanks Maestro!

In years past, it wouldn't be uncommon to see a lot of these offenses in the 40-70 range, which could definitely somewhat to the defense played int he conference. Anything below 80 though is abysmal considering the non-conference slate these teams have played.

Also, I'm gonna do a little more work when I get home and compare this year's SEC offenses against previous years. From what I've seen so far, they're much worse.

chitown buckeye's picture

Am I the only one who doesnt think it is bad that there is a possibility for two teams of the same conference to play in the MNC Game? Im not an advocate for the BCS by any means. However if the system is to place the top two teams in the country against one another then I beleive they have it right. What gets me irritated is the fact we try to manipulate things by saying "Alabama had there chance let some one else play them" or "how can you win the NC and not win your own conference", or "I would love to see how LSU matches up with XYZ"  We constantly reconize the winner of the basketball tournment as the national champion whether they won there conference championship or not! I would love to see a playoff. This is the only way to get a true champion that most everyone can except. If that is the case what if Alabama/LSU met up again in an 8 team playoff senario? I think everyone would except that fact then so why is it a big deal now?

"I'm having a heart attack!"

buckeye20's picture

If Alabama beat LSU it doesn't solve anything.


BuckeyeChris's picture

Agreed. Bama lost to LSU ....   AT HOME!! If they want to put LSU in after a loss to Arkansas (pronounced, "Ar-Kansas"), then fine. But someone...anyone.... other than Bama should be their opponent.  

chitown buckeye's picture

I understand the Argument. My point is who on the list behind Bama can beat Bama? You are a one loss team and got beat by the number one team in the country by 3 points in overtime! Who is the number two team in the country right now? Things could possibly change but right now Bama is the legitimate number two team in the country! Not saying I like it... just saying I think LSU/Bama are the two best teams in the country and the National Championship game should be played between the two best teams in the country regardless if they have already played, or if one of them has won there conference! You can find arguments in almost every other sport where the champion has been crowned and did not win all the hardware prior to the championship. Look at the Packers last year. They didnt even win their division, but they won the Super Bowl!

"I'm having a heart attack!"

SaintTressel's picture

I don't accept Uconn as bball champions

faux_maestro's picture

If BAMA met LSU after an 8 team playoff I would be ok with that. It's just the silliness of the BCS. Imagine if the NFL did a BCS style system, Green Bay wouldn't have been in it last year, that first super bowl the Steelers won, they wouldn't have been in it.

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

BuckeyeChris's picture

Anyone see Meyer's latest quotes RE: Coaching/OSU? If "the same issues still exist..." maybe the administration should take a pass?  I'm not saying keep Fickell and the Walrus, but maybe someone else would be a better pick?


BuckeyeChris's picture

"And if the Ohio State job is offered, the same issues that caused him to step away from coaching this past year are still in play."

ih8rolltyde's picture

Because they didn't win any playoff games to earn the right.....

Arkansas was dead in the water against ol miss and vandy in consecutive weeks. Got incredibly lucky in both games. They have 0 quality wins. They had a better team last year and edit( did not get beaten by one of those slow talentless teams from up north because it never happened).

I still think ok state has a really good team. If they can beat ok I think they deserve a shot. They do have a bad loss, but those were difficult circumstances.

****igan smells like old water that hot dogs were boiled in.  FACT

TheOtherDJ's picture

Of all the 1 loss teams, OK St's is probably the most forgiveable.  The Pokes lost on the road in double overtime to a bowl eligible team...less than 24 hours after a horrible tragedy befell their university.  Those kinds of losses are not as big a deal as home losses, no matter who they are to.  Bama may have only lost by 3, and Boise by 1 by missing a FG as time expired, but both losses were at home.  Stanford got buried at home, as did Va Tech. 

OK St should be in very good shape, if they beat OU on Dec 3.

onetwentyeight's picture

Hilarious as always. Totally lost it at "sinfully obese" ...

Bucks43201's picture

"SOMEBODY WAKE GENE SMITH AND TELL HIM OF THIS. 6-5 Miami (FL) -- in attempt to avoid the NCAA's hammer -- has announced it will ban itself from bowl games this year. Gene Smith should rip this page right out of Miami's book. A hajj to the Gator Bowl must be sacrificed for the future of the program"


I totally disagree. We've conceded enough to the NCAA, considering the totality of the minor infractions, especially when compared to Miami. It's comparing apples and oranges.

We shouldn't just self-impose a bowl ban because they did. When is ever a good idea to follow the example of a place called "Thug U"?

Additionally, this year's OSU team is very young and needs the extra bowl practices -- for whatever bowl OSU ends up playing in.

Appeasing is not always the answer.

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

JLP36's picture

somebody wake Gordon Gee and have him offer Gene Smith's head on a platter and call it a day.


M Man's picture

I have questions, Michigan "fans." What will you do if, in the 3rd quarter with Michigan up 24-13, the clouds part... and from the east... rides Urban Meyer the Champion of Light on his white stallion? What will you do if Meyer then opens up Earth's crusts and casts your sinfully obese coach into black depths and leads the Buckeyes to a comeback victory?

Our infamous 'App State' team of 2007 handled the Tebow/Meyer Florida Gators in the January 1, 2008 Cap One bowl.  No problemo.

If Urban Meyer rides in on a white stallion, we will video it and post it to YouTube, with a soundtrack by Freakbass.

NC_Buckeye's picture

Hey M Man. (I'm probably going to be flamed for bringing this up.) After that Cap One Bowl, didn't Meyer totally throw his seniors under the bus saying something like they didn't have any heart. Also something about how he was glad to finally be rid of Zook's last recruiting class.

I vaguely recalled something like this happened. (Totally reminded me of what Kelly did a couple of weeks ago to Weis's recruits.) I just can't find any links to it now. M Man, do you recall anything about that?

NC_Buckeye's picture

Also I see the "Go Blue" contingent on the interwebz are pencilling in a "W" for Saturday's game and making plans for the Sugar Bowl. Kind of dangerous, don't you think?

Menexenus's picture

Their fans have real hope this year... real expectations... which means their tears will be extra salty and tastier than recent harvests.

If Michigan people were capable of having souls, I may have felt sorry for them. Unfortunately, they chose their path of damnation a long time ago.

Love the Meatchicken hatred, DJ!  You are rapidly becoming my favorite 11W blogger!  :-)


Real fans stay for Carmen.