Tuesday Skull Session

By Danny on October 11, 2011 at 6:00a

Good morning Buckeye faithful and welcome to your Tuesday Skull Session.

The Buckeyes are on the road again this week as they prepare to face an undefeated Illinois squad that is capitalizing on a weakened Big Ten conference this season. It always upsets me when the Buckeyes play away from home and it has little to do with home field advantage.

On Saturdays in Columbus, this place is a whole new world. People are without a doubt excited about the game, but the atmosphere and the pregame festivities are truly amazing. On a day when there's a home game, I usually wake up to chants of "let's shotgun," or "hand me another beer," along with ear-blistering music coming from my neighbor's house.

But I'm not mad, it's a blissful tune which suffices for my typical alarm clock going off. It's a different feeling when the Buckeyes play at 'The Shoe', not just because of people drinking at unusual hours or stuffing their faces with food fresh from the grill. There's definitely an aura and mystique to the feeling, something almost palpable.

Just seeing the sea of scarlet and gray jerseys along with sprinkled pockets of opposing fans flooding the streets of OSU's campus always fills me with joy. Oh well, here's to looking to Oct. 29 when the Buckeyes return home and we all get to enjoy the awesomeness that will be Eat Too, Brutus.

DEPTH PERCEPTION. Ohio State has released its official depth chart for this week's tilt against the Fighting Illini with few changes from last week.

Braxton Miller, despite his injury, is still listed over Joe Bauserman for this Saturday's game, suggesting he will be playing, banged up or not. Sorry to all of Kenny Guiton's groupies, but he is not listed, even as a back up, on this week's two-deep, meaning Overthrow Joe will likely come out of the bullpen should Braxton have to leavre the game at any point.

Mike Adams is still listed at left tackle after being very impactful in last Saturday's matchup. Andrew Norwell will back up Adams while also starting at left guard. Norwell will be backed up by the returning Marcus Hall, who had started on the right side in every game he's played this season. Jack Mewhort will get the start over Corey Linsley at right guard. The return of Hall brings some added depth to the line and having the same line-up in back to back weeks will hopefully produce more offensive cohesiveness and stability for the entire unit. Now if only JB Shugarts could learn a snap count...

OUR ONLY HOPE? CBS national columnist Gregg Doyel has written an article claiming Gordon Gee and Gene Smith's only way to prevent further catastrophe to the football program is for the school to hire former Florida head coach and current ESPN commentator, Urban Meyer.

The article states that another source, SportRappUp.com, is claiming Meyer has been in contact with Penn State about a possible coaching job. Whether this is true or not, I suggest that the chants of Urban Meyer to Columbus be put to rest for now. I understand the Buckeyes are playing down to a level that hasn't been seen in a while, but giving up on Luke Fickell and saying we can't win with this team in this year isn't going to turn things around.

Do I like Meyer as a head coach? Sure, who wouldn't? Do I think he wants to come back to coaching? I have no idea, and I certainly am not ready to send Fickell to the unemployed line. Crazier things have happened than OSU possibly signing Meyer, but if people think he's going to ride in on some white horse and save OSU from mediocrity, they're crazy. This team is young and needs to experience mistakes before success. Let's not panic so soon.

In Fickell I still trust.

STILL MILLER TIME. It was an offensive explosion that seemed to have formed out of thin air against Nebraska this weekend. Braxton Miller looked calm, collected, and in charge, as he threw for 95 yards and a touchdown on 5-8 passing, with 91 yards rushing on the ground. This is what people expected from Miller since day one, but he finally showed glimpses of greatness last Saturday.

But then, he got hurt. The budding star quarterback, who was injured every year of his high school career, went down with a sprained right ankle. Surely people were holding their collective breath as he made his way to the sideline. The season itself has been hard to watch, but imagine it without your star quarterback, your blue-chip prospect of the future. That would be ugly.

However, all those in a panic will need to calm themselves down. It appears Miller should be ready to play this Saturday against 16th ranked Illinois. If Miller is for some reason not able to go, Fickell mentioned Guiton, despite not being listed on the official depth chart, will be considered for playing time over Joe Bauserman. I know that made at least some of you smile today.

THE DEED IS DONE. Texas and football have always been married in holy matrimony. It's like peanut butter and jelly; it just works. This is why I still have no idea why the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs ever felt like a good fit in the Big East.

It's reasonable that TCU wanted to be in a BCS conference and be privy to an automatic qualifying bid, but the two were just never meant to be. They were like peanut butter and tuna fish. TCU is so far from almost every other Big East school, it would've made traveling an adventure (especially for the non-revenue/olympic sports) and TCU, itself, an outlier. But TCU maintained they were right at home with the Big East until the conference began to completely fall apart.

And just when it looked like TCU was about to regret their decision, they got what they wanted most: A spot in the Big 12. It's a perfect fit for this team, where the school can remain close to more traditional schools for them in the heart of Texas.

TCU announced Monday night that they'll be paying the Big East $5 million to leave the conference in order to take up residence in the Big 12. While the down side is losing all that money, TCU will actually be in the Big 12 in time for next year's athletic year in 2012-2013. This is the home that TCU probably wanted all along. And now they have it.

LOS LINKS. Michigan State's Delvon Roe is giving up college basketball for an acting career... How high are the stakes for Luke Fickell... OSU had the best and worst of both worlds Saturday night... More shots at Gene Smith... OSU falls in ESPN's latest Big Ten power rankings.



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German Buckeye's picture

I for one am done with the negativity.  Even though the season half way through is a stinker compared to the past decade of excellence (that we all have gotten used to), I am not surprised at the small blip on the radar screen.  No program can remain a top 5 program for decades at a time.  We'll overcome this, any NCAA rulings, get some new blood next year (both coaching and players) and begin the climb up the ladder again. 

The Ohio State University is my love for football, basketball, baseball, volleyball (etc...) and that will never change, period.  GO BUCKS!

BuddhaBuck's picture


Can we also be done with Joe Bauserman?

Don't text while driving.

Alex's picture

I saw a great idea for a shirt...YOU WIN WITH PEOPLE (not named Joe Bauserman)

BuckeyeSki's picture

A better idea has never been had....make it happen Alex

Ohhh, and hello new signature line

Banned from BlackShoeDiaries since 2008. Crime: Slander/Defamation of Character Judgement: Guilty

Squirrel Master's picture

How about another shirt that has a countdown till Bauserman graduates?

I saw a UFO once.......it told me to have a goodyear!

doodah_man's picture

For those of us who lived through the Cooper years...this too shall pass. UM cannot turn the program around in one year. 

Jim "DooDah" Day

"If I were giving a young man advice as to how he might succeed in life, I would say to him, pick out a good father and mother, and begin life in Ohio.” --Wilbur Wright, 1910

ShowThemOhiosHere's picture


We've been on an incredible roll over the last 9 seasons that no other program in the nation can match, in terms of season wins, conference championships, BCS bowl appearances and wins, and victories against archrivals.  I think only Virginia Tech can match the streak of 10+ win seasons (once again, I ignore vacations of wins). 

Sure, we're having a down year.  Texas was also matching that 10+ win season streak going into last year, then went 5-7.  USC isn't what they were.  We all know what the douchebags up north have gone through.  These so-called superior SEC national title teams - how have they done in years that they haven't won the national title? 

You go through ups and downs, and going through the downs are what makes the ups even more special.  What if we won 14 national titles in a row?  Would each title be as big of a deal as the previous?  No, but when we won one in '02 after 30+ years of not winning the title, with several close calls along the way, it's pretty damn special. 

We'll come back.  We always do.  Unless the world ends in 2012.  But I highly doubt it will (another topic for another day).

Class of 2010.

RBuck's picture

" along with ear-blistering music coming from my neighbor's house."

Sorry. I didn't know you were my neighbor.


Long live the southend.

O - H - I - O's picture

 I agree to putting an end to the negativity! I don't see however how we throw Fickell under the bus after one season, a season that tOSU was not ready for. We were suppose to have Pryor and the tatgate clan and groom Miller and then Bausersuck never touch's the field. Instead, our beloved coach takes the hammer from the NCAA (and Smith) and the 5 players are gone for the first 5 games, minus Pryor who ran to the NFL (how he can sleep at night is beyond me) and Posey, well, dumb is just dumb. So now we have Fickell, who is going to be a GREAT coach, along with Vrabel, two young coach's with a young team! Why not keep them?! In 2004 we went 8-4 under the Senator, yea it was the Senator, but still 8-4! We saw a glimpse of the future on Saturday night on the road, QB get's hurt and Bausersuck loses the game single handily by having 3 and outs, hitting fans in the upper deck with footballs and keeping his D on the field! We still do not have a loss in our Division yet, if we can pull a few wins out and stay a top our division, I would think that would be a successful first year, seeing the hand Fickell was dealt! They do have to make a decision soon though or recruits are going to not want to commit to a team without a Head coach! And I for one think Fickell is our guy for a long time! I think this season can be salvaged by winning the next few and REALLY just beating wisCANTsin and sshhhhigan!

Go Fickell and tOSU! I am still excited for the rest of the season, and as always, remember, T.B.D.B.I.T.L. is STILL undefeated!!!!!

"Because I couldn't go for three"

Alex's picture

I'm a HUGE Luke Fickell fan. Great guy, fiery young coach who gets after it in practice more than you know, and knows what it means to be a Buckeye.

That being said, he just wasn't ready for THIS job. Could he have gone to Akron, Ohio, Kent State, Toledo, etc? Sure, absolutely and he would learn how to be a head coach at the FBS level there for a few years and then be ready. But he is not ready to be the head coach at The Ohio State University.

Keep in mind, Luke was never even a full time coordinator. Sure he had the co-defenseiv coord. title, but Heacock ran that show on gameday. Luke has never had this level of resposibility, so regardles of whether this team is full of scrubs or talented players, he just wasn't prepared for how important the head coach really is to a big time Division I program---and neither were all of us.

Like me, i'm sure you all thought we had such a talented team that all Luke had to do was go through the motions and it would be good enough to win us 9 games. Add a little bit of his aggressiveness and fire (that he's nto showing on gameday), and maybe you get 10+ wins.

Well, we all underestimated Tressel and the impact of a head coach for a program like this. The Miami game showed us Fickell wasn't experienced enough to prepare his team for the road trip. The Michigan State game showed us Fickell wasn't experienced enough to take over when his staff wasn't capable of getting the job done. The Nebraska game showed us Fickell wasn't experienced enough to keep his team focused at the task at hand and handle panic/crisis management in a tough environment.

As I said, I love Luke Fickell, but he is just not ready. Maybe in 5-7 years he can come back and coach this team again. But after 2011, he needs to go somewhere where he can LEARN how to be a head coach instead of forcing himself to learn on the highest level when he's just not ready.

Just like the team will improve throughout this year, I think you'll see Luke improve as well, but the way this season has gone makes it evident that our coach is just not ready to take over for the long haul.

Baroclinicity's picture

Even at the point when Tressel was fired/resigned/whatever, I think most people figured that the interim guy would be a warm body.  Now, with hindsight in play, I'm glad Luke got a chance, and I hate that he was put in a position where it was likely he wouldn't win.  We should have promoted Bollman.  Would be less emotional if he gets cut loose at the end of the year.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

BucksfanXC's picture

YES! we could have made him THE scapegoat instead of A scapegoat. I feel bad that Luke, who could and should have become HC of OSU, his dream job, in ten years (and he still might be able to) has to blow his, possibly only, chance now.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

NC_Buckeye's picture

I also am a HUGE Fickell fan. (Before the season is over I'm going to order a #99 Fickell jersey.)

But I've had a change of heart about Luke keeping this job. For different reasons than everyone else though. Luke loves this university. If by some miracle he were to stay on -- he would never be able to shed the taint of this first season. Every error will get the spotlight. Every loss would result in a chorus of "You see, I told you we should have never kept him. What a loser!" (or something like that). I don't want it to get to a point where the bad feelings are irreparable. I don't want his last years at Ohio State to be the worst years of his life. A place of bad memories.

I hope Luke doesn't give up on being an HC. My advice is try to get in the NFL for a couple of years. Also some exposure to offensive coaching might not hurt. Then get back into college and tear it up brother. I'll be rooting for him every step of the way.

Now having said that. All you "Buckeyes" who have been tearing him down need to STOP. It's time to get behind the team and the coaches. A win against Illinois on Saturday would be beautiful. And that's where all of my focus and energy is at this point.

Jdadams01's picture

Pointing out his deficiencies is not tearing him down. He has weaknesses as a rookie head coach and I don't think Luke would complain about a knowledgable fan base stating it's observations on them. I haven't seen anyone attack his character or saying anything blatantly rude towards him.

NC_Buckeye's picture

Good points. If this were happening here and there or even different complaints then I would have no problem with it. But I swear anything that can be written at this point has been repeated at least 200-300 times in the last two weeks. It's gotten to the point where I'm now starting to tune out Ramzy as well. Hey, I've got many of the same complaints (and a couple of ones I haven't seen yet) about this team. But at this point I'm keeping them to myself. There's no point in adding fuel to the fire.

The closest situation to which I can relate this is politics. Where repeating something over and over and over does have an actual impact on the outcome. I know this is just a blog. But if the negativity is getting that much traction here then it must be crazy among the general populace in C'bus. If that's the case (and I'm pretty sure it is), then yeah... this stuff is getting back to the coaches and players.

How would you like to go to work everyday with that hanging around your neck?

Hoody Wayes's picture

You're imploring an end to the negativity.

That contradicts who a Buckeye fan is: negative, in this instance, because championship expectations are not being met.

We can be ashamed of our behavior. We shouldn't be ashamed of our expectations. We just have to meet those expectations.

Luke Fickell is a great Buckeye. But, he is not ready for this job and that's regrettable.




thorvath22's picture

The moment we expect less than excellence on and off of the field is the moment we are mediocre.

Do not confuse excellence with perfection however... But I do expect 100% effort from all players at all times.

This is why I think I wouldn't mind Tim Beckman being our coach... His Toledo teams play very hard and aren't scared to play anybody.

rhutchjr's picture

I agree! NO negativity until Nov. 26, 2011. Then pile it on!! BEAT "meat-chicken" It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Toledo, a good place to be FROM

Buckeyejason's picture

I like Fickell..how could you not?

But his coaching decisions and in game adjustments(or lack there of) is losing us games.

Wish he would just somehow revert back to Linebackers coach after the year..I know that won't happen though.


original buckeye's picture

I agree with this.  He seems like a great guy and a true Buckeye.  But some of his coaching decisions are indefensible.  Anyone who has watched a game of football in their life (well, except for Luke, apparently) can see that Joe B cannot move the offense and gives OSU no chance to win.  Yet, Luke still trots him out there when Brax goes down against Nebraska.  This, despite the fact that Joe played poorly against Toledo, Miami, and MSU.  Guiton CANNOT be worse.

BED's picture

TCU wanted to join the Big LEast so they could run the table and get the AQ every year.  But the TV money in the Big 12 is just that much better.

The Ohio State University, College of Arts & Sciences, Class of 2006
The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, Class of 2009

Buckeye06's picture

I think the coaching decisions made between MSU week and Nebraska week by the staff have to be applauded.  I don't think anyone on this site possibly saw us up 27-6 at any point in that game.  I don't think anyone saw us scoring 27 at all.  With Miller going down of course that all went to crap, but I put that more on defensive lapses for a young team. 

If we can continue to improve week to week, as I hope we're beginning to do (can't take a step back with Wisky on the horizon) then maybe we can see where Fickell can be in the future.


Buckeyejason's picture

Oh spare me with this Pat the coaching staff on the back because we were winning at halftime B.S.

The lack of adjustments were absolutely atrocious!

1.Braxton gets hurt, we put Bauserbad-Bauserbum-Bumzerman whatever you want to call that guy in to what? Throw balls in the stands repeatedly..not be able to avoid a rush..instead of putting in a guy who( isn't as talented as Braxton) but close enough in Kenny Guiton who can keep running the read option and eat clock up on the ground. Fail#

Nope, the genuis coaching staff said we'll throw the ball 3 times in a row and hope it lands in one of our recievers hands..nevermind the fact that Hyde is having a career day and getting 5-6 yards at will. Fail#

2.No time out or defensive adjustment to stop Nebraska's offensive momentum and give the D a breather? Fail#

3. Not even trying to get 3 points when we needed it to win the game, instead make the bitch call and punt.

I could go on and on about bad decisions the staff made..


Calaggadons's picture

Luke is definitely overwhelmed right now but I saw this little bit of info the other day from Rob Oller of the Dispatch's twitter and it's making me a little more patient...

"For what it's worth -- ie. perspective -- Woody Hayes went 4-3-2 and Jim Tressel 7-5 in first seasons with #Buckeyes. Coop was 4-6-1."

"Those three coaches -- Hayes, Cooper, Tressel -- each won 100+ games at #OhioState -- if you count JT's wins in vacated 2010 season."

He also said that the average wins for the season after a coaching change at OSU is something like .600, which would be about 7-5. Who knows if we'll get there. 6-6 is probably more likely. He's definitely underwhelmed a bit with his attitude at times, but considering the staff, team, and situation he was given as a first time coach, I don't think he's done a super terrible job. He's not at Dick-rod level, at least.

I'm still not used to losing after so many successful seasons, but I'm not ready to jump ship on him in the long run just yet. But I do think he needs to take hold of the program and be decisive and get back to being the firey leader he was as an assistant, especially during the games, or I may be changing my outlook at the end of the season.

Bucksfan's picture

True statements.

TheHumbleBuckeye's picture

Earle Bruce went 11-1 in his first year after inherting Woody's team. I never expected this team to do that, but let's be honest, with competent QB and offensive coordinator, this team is 6-0 right now.

TheHumbleBuckeye's picture

But none of those coaches were inheriting a 12-1 team that just finished #5 in the country.

Bucksfan's picture

If you think the August 2011 Buckeyes were the same team as the December 2010 Buckeyes, you have some ESPN articles you need to read.

NC_Buckeye's picture

Seriously Humble?

And none of those guys had the Sword of Damacles hanging over their head that Luke has had. Suspensions, more suspensions, and yet more suspensions. Lack of a competent OC (and yes I realize that Bollman was the "official" OC in 2001 -- don't even go there) or a QB coach. And the possible threat of a bowl ban and scholarship reductions making possible all the negative recruiting. Luke has more in common with his successor than his predecessors as far as advantages or lack thereof.

Hell, the fact that Pryor bolted -- that alone should disqualify your assertion.

Hoody Wayes's picture

But, the  Sword of Damacles  over Luke's head, doesn't mitigate Ohio State's matters of pith and moment. Loyalty unto Luke - because he's a legacy guy, a former Buckeye player or whatever - cannot be the basis of an action plan for doing what's best for this program.

Too many Buckeye fans are being too sentimental, I think.

After all, what do we want? We want national championships. We certainly don't want less success than that of the past decade. 

Again, we must not apologize for our expectations...only, poor behavior.

TheHumbleBuckeye's picture

Like I said, I never expected this team to go 11-1... I'm just putting it in perspective. Woody Hayes inherited a team that ended 1950 on a three-game losing streak. Jim Tressel inherited a team that finished the season unranked. John Cooper inherited a team that went 6-4-1, lost three of its last four, and missed a bowl game.

Fickell inherited a team that went 12-1 and won a BCS bowl. Fickell is also inherting a team that - even with the suspensions - is head and shoulders above the rest of the conference in terms of talent.

Our juniors and seniors are from two Top 5 recruiting classes (according to Rivals).

No excuses. Fire Bollman. And never play Bauserman again. Trust me, I know this isn't all Fickell's fault, but as I said, with even the most mediocre QB and a competent OC, this team is 6-0 right now.

jenks's picture

Our juniors and seniors are from two Top 5 recruiting classes (according to Rivals).

What juniors and seniors? In reality, Fickell inherited a team of Fr. and So. that hardly had any experience. Only 1 of the 5 most talented players from last year has played a down and look how much better the offensive line was as a result? One of the other upperclassmen from last year still on the team is named Joe Bauserman.

BuckeyeMark's picture

Let's not panic so soon.

Although rarely disagreeing with the opinions expressed here, it seems to me that as long as Bollman is running the show this is a fine time to press the panic button!


Bucksfan's picture

For 2 years until it fell apart, the Conference USA was comprised of Cincinnati, Depaul, Louisville, Marquette, NC Charlotte, St. Louis, UAB, Memphis, Southern Miss, Tulane, South Florida, Houston, ECU, Army, and yes you guessed it - TCU (The 5 schools in bold are the ones that moved to the Big East in 2003).

So, it wasn't crazy for TCU to move to the Big East like their former C-USA brethren.  Granted, they're a geographic outlier, but not when you consider that UAB, Tulane, Southern Miss and Houston used to be in that mix, too.

Bucksfan's picture

Just some thoughts about the fact that Bauserman being the backup:  until the Nebraska game, he hadn't committed a turnover.

Oh, you're going to say that doesn't matter?  Well, imagine you're Fickell for a moment.  You have a 21 point lead with 20 minutes left and you just gave up the football as your starting QB went out with injury.  What do you do?  Answer: You run the football and you lean on your defense, particularly because you have Mike Adams back in the fold.

The question is not the decision to put in a QB that can't get a completion but also doesn't turn the ball over, but why the players collapsed when they had the game won?  Ohio State should be able to run their way to a first down or a 3rd and short in those situations.  They weren't getting any yardage on 1st down once Miller went out.  The players fucked up.

Jdadams01's picture

They weren't getting any yardage on first down because:

a) the call was a pass play and Bauserman couldn't complete a pass.


b) the call was the same run up the middle play that we had seen all of the second half and Nebraska stacked the line big time cause they had no fear of Bauserman.

The players didn't mess it up the coaches did. Can't expect players to block 2-3 blitzers each. Can't expect running backs to run over three blitzers. Can't expect receivers to catch passes thrown ten yards out of bounds.

biggy84's picture

When Baus comes in the defense stacks the line to stop the run. I believe the minute that Fick put Baus in the game that the players panicked and gave up. There are tons of former players (some of whom played WITH Baus) that have stated that he is terrible and has no business being on the field. The guy offers zero hope of moving the ball and the team knows it. Did you see the look in Baus's eyes during the game? Looked like even he didn't want to be out there. There is absolutely no upside in playing Baus.

timdogdad's picture

i say we hire meyer. i think we've learned from this season that the head coach is really a team manager more than anything. he needs to make the right decision during the week and during the game. just like a baseball manager-who comes in to pitch-who comes in at qb., etc. but with the staff, i say we keep the coaches that are doing well. i don't want a complete overhaul. especially on d. fick can go back to d co-coordinator.  our d was worn out and made young mistakes against neb  but is pretty good and will be very good, just like every other year. bollman and scilano have to go. we need an upgrade on them.  although this year is tough and i wish we still had tress, pryor, boom and posey and nothing bad happened and we're undefeated and ranked #5 like normal, this is a blessing in disguise-we'll still get talented players and better coaches that will help them succeed.   we may not be a top 5 team this year but i bet we'll be back soon.   this is ohio state, we're not going to have mac caliber players or walk ons in the 2 deep and slip to 7-5  for a number of years.  no way   

Qujo's picture

I agree with BuckeyeJason... That is exactly how I am reading this... I am a huge Luke fan too and wanted nothing but for he show he can coach and keep the job for life, but he hasn't or his staff hasn't or whatever.


To many very inexcusable mistakes especially with a 21 point lead in the 3rd Q. I get Nebraska was going to make adjustments and I get Braxton got hurt but we were absolutely deer in head lights as a staff in the second half. To me that means not sure how to adjust. Seems we had a great game plan for the first time since Akron, but we failed our team big time by not making the adjustments.


One other point, the two-deep is out again and guess what Joe Bauserman is listed on the two deep. This is inexcusable to me. After 6 games we know Joe is 4th string, why can't the caoch see this? Bauserman isn't making excuses, he isn't saying anything... If I am Guiton and Graham I am extremely upset the coaching staff continues to put the Buckeyes in a position to NOT WIN.


And for the other posts about Tressel was 7-5 and Woody was xxxx and Cooper was xxxx. THEY ALL HAD head coaching experience coming into OSU AND they showed throughout the season they could make the adjustments even though they didn't have a good season record wise. We have zero knowledge of Fick's coaching ability because he was thrust into this position. But the difference is we could see what Hayes, Cooper and Tressel was going to bring to the table and with Fick our only body of anlaysis is this year and so far I would call it a major concern and if it were my business I have seen enough to realize I would be concerned about future years and the direction of the program to not put it in jeopardy.

Our arch rivals.... 11 National Championships, 10 before 1949 - eight of eleven shared. Trying to respect them... trying.... Ugh!

Scott's picture

Love the opening. There is nothing like football Saturdays. My buddy made a video last year for Homage that captures that feeling. It's an advertisement, but it's still beautiful.



Class of 2008

Sarah's picture

if people think he's going to ride in on some white horse and save OSU from mediocrity, they're crazy. This team is young and needs to experience mistakes before success. Let's not panic so soon.

There you go making sense when it ain't your turn to make sense. 

I'll forgive us for the second part. We're spoiled Ohio State fans and this season we're dealing with foreign concepts like failure and rebuilding. I have no idea who will be at the helm next season, but I've been tired of the Urban Meyer speculation ever since he left Florida, and it's still only early October. Whoever the next coach is, we won't know for a while. I won't deny Meyer's a good coach; he's just not a magical elixir, either. 

biggy84's picture

Difference in Alabama with Shula and Saban was enormous. At tOSU we do not rebuild, we reload. There is a ton of talent on this team that was coveted by every other school in the country. I believe the right coach will utilize the talent already here for a very quick turn around. 

BrewstersMillions's picture

But see Biggy, it is that exact attitude that worries me. Everyone rebuilds at some point. Everyone. Everyone everyone everyone. Yes, even us. Texas-is rebuilding. Oklahoma-Is rebuilt. USC-Is rebuilding. Michigan-Is rebuilding. Notre Dame-Still trying to rebuild. Florida State-Still rebuilding. Miami-You get the idea.


All of those schools, all of them, should be considered big time college football programs. A few of them (mainly UT) might be bigger than us and they went through it. Circumstances are different for everyone but the fact remains-Ohio State is rebuilding and its fans have to accept it, otherwise we end up with asinine expectations that no coach can meet his first 1 or 2 year son the job. That includes Meyer or Saban, or Ditka or Lombardi or whoever else has been mentioned in the OSU coaching rumor mill. I'm not saying accept mediocrity but let's not be so adamant about sticking to this rebuild\reload thing-its part of college football that even the mighty Buckeyes aren't immune to. If\When a new coach takes the reign-even if it is Meyer-expectations need to be tempered.

biggy84's picture

tOSU has been a powerhouse for 70+ years. We have not had down decades like Texas, Oklahoma, USC, and Alabama. I do not want to start now. Just like Kansas, Kentucky, and Duke in basketball, we should do everything in our power to make sure we never slip into mediocrity. We are TOSU!

Denny's picture

... because Texas, Oklahoma, SC, and Bama all said 'hey, maybe being mediocre isn't that bad' and tried it out for a while. Thing is we're not different from the other schools you've listed - everyone has confirmation bias when it comes to their image as a fanbase.


biggy84's picture

We are different. We have NOT had long down times. Records speak louder than opinion.

Hoody Wayes's picture

"We have NOT had long down times." You can interpret this, in many ways.

Hence, a Buckeye fan could be argue that - "The Bruce /Cooper" era - was a twenty-one year, "down time."


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Ding ding.


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Except the winning percentages say different. Their records here tell a different story.

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Whether this is true or not, I suggest that the chants of Urban Meyer to Columbus be put to rest for now.

Disagree with this.  Start throwing out feelers to the best coaches in the business to gage interest in OSU.  They should have 2 lists.  One list with the likes of Meyer, Stoops, Peterson, etc and another with long term head coaches with good winning percentages and trending upward.  List 1 is for "no sanctions" and list 2 is for "sanctions".  There's nothing wrong with the Bo Tie's agent (oh yea, you know the man has an agent) calling Jon Gruden's agent to figure out his interest in being the head coach at Ohio State.  My guess is the call has already been made to the top guys and they will have their priority list ready, starting interviews right after the Mich game and hiring someone by the bowl game.  Barring sanctions, I expect them to get their #1 or #2 guy.