The Shameless Shaming of DeVier Posey

By DJ Byrnes on October 9, 2011 at 6:41p
DeVier Posey with visions of gum drops and TD catches

I don't know if watching Ol' Dude Bauserman inherit a Bentley, get drunk on a handle of Scotch, and then crash that Bentley into my living room last night has anything to do with it--but I am suddenly missing Jim Tressel. I wonder where Saint Jim was watching the game from while I stood outside in the street and watched my house burn down with a crunked Ol' Dude Bauserman (and you will never convince me he wasn't crunk) told me things like "Don't worry, bro. It's all going to be okay," before he passed out in the gutter.

These days, Jim Tressel's name is usually reserved for cheap punch-lines writers and enemies of The State to pop like fine wine they've storing for the last decade as Tressel kicked everybody's ass up and down the field in the classiest way a man can go about kicking somebody's ass up and down a field of grass. Sure, Florida and LSU caught us slipping, but under the steady hand of the Vest, OSU enjoyed a decade of prosperity which would satisfy most rational college sports fans.

I'm sure nobody needs a history lesson on the facts surrounding Jim Tressel's unexpected "retirement" from Ohio State. Since his downfall, the author of The Winner's Manual  has been called (among other things) a fraud, a liar, hypocrite, and a cheat. It's as if all of the charity and good works of his life (and there were many) were incinerated the second he clicked "send" on his email. I assume every writer who harvested this low-hanging, click-generating fruit have been virtuous through the entire course of their life, so I'll more than allow these gentlemen to cast their stones first.

Self-righteousness aside, I wasn't surprised by the national glee conjured by Tressel's downfall. Nor was I surprised by Tressel performing seppuku on himself or by the manner which he was thrown under the bus by Ohio State. What I am surprised by though, is the manner in which Gene Smith is throwing a twenty-two year old kid under the bus in order to save his job.

Like a cockroach fleeing the beam of a flash-light, Gene Smith is attempting to avoid a "failure to monitor" charge. I'm sure Gene Smith would tell me this was all to protect Ohio State football; but that can't be true, because if it were, Gene Smith would have resigned before Tressel did.

Last week, Devier Posey became the latest body to be thrown under the bus by Gene Smith. (Jacory Harris, a guy who got his money from a known drug dealer and felon and wasn't even pretending to hold a job, went 13-21 for 267 yards and 3 touchdowns at Virginia Tech on Sunday. He served a one game suspension for his misdeeds).

Is this not the literal definition of "leaned back, wit my mind on my money and my money on my mind"?""HOW MANY MORE MUST DIE, TONIGHT? 10? 100?"

What Posey's mom, Julie, alluded to earlier in the week, his lawyer elaborated on today in an interview with The Lantern, and like every lawyer ever, said his client "didn't do anything wrong" and he has the facts to back it up.

Documents obtained by The Lantern from Larry James, the attorney representing suspended Ohio State wide receiver DeVier Posey, show that phone records, bank activity and timecards, among other things, are evidence that Posey wasn't overpaid for summer work, James said.

... James, who said he's "never seen any process like this whatsoever," is paid by OSU for representing Posey. Requests for how much he's paid were not immediately returned.

The funny thing, besides The Lantern's Charles Robinson-esque use of the word "obtained", is connecting the dots in this entire episode and realizing Gene Smith and Doug Archie--if they were NCAA athletes--would be receiving 3,500 game suspensions for getting paid for work they never did. It also makes you wonder about who specifically Troy Smith was talking about earlier this week: other players or the institution itself? (And why wasn't Boom Herron, who was also a repeat offender, suspended for more games as well? Is the $400 difference in their pay really a big enough gap to scrap logic? And how exactly would somebody who can't hold a job in the season go about paying back an amount like $700?)

Frankly, I don't even care if DeVier did or didn't get paid for work he did or didn't do. At the end of the day, these kids did nothing morally wrong. In a world where dictators are hiring foreign mercenaries to slaughter their own civilians, I apologize for not getting worked up over kids receiving free tattoos or cash. To do so would be ludicrous, especially considering this charade is being acted out with the backdrop of media corporations advising conferences on which teams they should pluck from weaker conferences, as they figure out the most efficient way to stack their cash. Are we still shocked kids being exploited by a system with no scruples don't respect its rules?

If precious BCS dollars and ratings are at stake--Gene Smith will help move heaven and earth for his player's eligibility. If it's his own job on the line, he's shrugging at draconian and arbitrary sentences so not to ruffle the feathers of the NCAA. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. This is all coming from a man who, over the course of this debacle, has held press conferences with hand-selected media and addressed the "retirement" of one of the most successful coaches in Ohio State history with a YouTube video.

In the story where Julie Posey vented some frustrations surrounding her son's latest suspension (the head-line grabbing stuff), there was this nugget:

“Football does not define my son,” she said. “He came to Ohio State for reasons other than just to play football. He came also to get his degree. He came to mature and be ready to go out in the world. Prayerfully, he’ll be blessed to be able have his dream come true and play in the NFL.”

If only any of the writers trashing Tressel had actually read The Winner's Manual, they would have seen it was never about just football with him. Anybody who has read the book can look at Julie Posey's dreams for her son and realize why her son came to Ohio State. While coaches like Nick Saban use tactics like "over-signing" so they can wield pro-style yearly cuts over their programs, Tressel loved his kids beyond their production on the field. (His depth charts were sometimes very evident of this). He was genuinely in it for the kids, which is a concept that people like Gene Smith and the NCAA only pretend to actually believe in.

Terrelle Pryor, for all his flaws, was the catalyst of a national contender. After 30 years of coaching, I'm sure Tressel was quite aware of how common unemployed fathers of two having $40,000 SUVs or players having 42 pairs of shoes is in college football. Was he going to throw away the hard-work and hopes of all the other kids in the locker-room, based on a few knuckleheads getting a few hundred bucks and tattoos? Please.

Jim Tressel lost his career. Terrelle Pryor was forced into early entry into the NFL, placing his football career in doubt. DeVier Posey's senior season will be two, maybe three games while the "lucky" players "only" lost 5-6 games. The fans even took an L by having to watch Ol' Dude Bauserman throw 76 passes by week 7.

Everybody has been punished, except the people whose job it was to make sure nothing like this happened in the first place.


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Backup Placekick holder's picture

Good post.

I knew I was going to miss Coach - glad to see I am not the only one.

Menexenus's picture

Me too.  See my sig below.  I don't see why we're not talking about rehiring him.  I mean why should we care what anyone else thinks about him when we know the truth?  OSU trustees: do the right thing and rehire Tressel!

Real fans stay for Carmen.

SilverBullets's picture

I agree with alot of the sentiments in the post, however this suspension is on the NCAA.  Gene is on the record for saying it was unduly harsh.

Ethan's picture

Took the words right out of my mouth

DJ Byrnes's picture

Compare his response to to getting them eligible for the Sugar Bowl to this episode. Look at what was as at stake. He should be up in arms over this, instead Posey gets an "aw sucks for you bro" shrug, smh.

Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

SilverBullets's picture

Good point.  Especially given this info, you would think he might put a little more effort into it. 

741's picture

With all due respect, the argument that Posey was appropriately compensated because his drive time from Columbus to Independence was included on his timesheet is embarassingly stupid.

I am looking forward to the Lantern's full analysis on the matter before I pass final judgement. (Question: Why the Lantern - why wouldn't Posey's attorney take the story and supporting documentation to the Dispatch, or Plain Dealer... or the New York Times. The Lantern?!)

DJ Byrnes's picture

He took it to the AP and other places--Lantern was just the first place I saw it and I figured I'd give them some love. I do agree tho, the idea of using on-the-record documentations to prove something that would clearly be off-the-record is humorous--but even if Posey is guilty, it's ridiculous he got five more games over $400 alleged more dollars.


Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

Ethan's picture

You start down a slippery slope whenever you start assuming the corruptness of indivuals. Look at any of the numerous unfounded accusations on the team from the summer. 

Is the suspension crap? Of course. But to say that Gene suggested/orchestrated it is speculation. Unless you have insider information that would dictate otherwise. 

Ultimately, it can look suspicious, but I'd rather think the AD actually does stick up for his players. And without facts to say otherwise, I'm going to continue to think that way. 

DJ Byrnes's picture

I'm not saying he's corrupt or that he orchestrated it. It's human nature to want to protect your position, but it doesn't mean he's right here.

A failure to monitor charge would end his career. He knows they're now trecherously close, and with this bullshit suspension, all we get from him is a quote.

Granted, Jim Delaney was riding with him as well, but it's hilarious to compare his reactions looking at the difference between the thickness of the ice he was standing on. (Again, human nature, but he's still wrong).

Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

Ethan's picture

What I am surprised by though, is the manner in which Gene Smith is throwing a twenty-two year old kid under the bus in order to save his job.

This seemed to be implying that Smith was the puppet master in the situation. 

How do you think he should've responded to the situation? Flare up and puff out and piss the NCAA off by detailing what a huge joke the suspension is? He's bungled pretty much everything from a PR perspective this year, but I don't have any problems with how he handled this particular instance, given the fact that the NCAA's punishments have yet to be handed down on the university.

I feel bad for Posey, because he's getting the shaft, but I don't think Smith whining about the situation and potentially sealing our fate for a FTM is worth getting Posey on the field for 3 or 4 more games in a down year.

buckeye20's picture

If I am Gene Smith and a ruling is pending from the NCAA...what do I or Ohio State have to gain by publicly trashing the ruling of Devier Posey?  Wouldn't I just piss them off more?  Hmm.

This whole thing gets smellier by the day.

BTW...if we have Tressel we more than likely win all three of the games that we have lost this season.

Olentangy's picture

i completely agree w this. very odd of him to call NCAA out given the circumstances. not that it really matters though... doubtful you'll be able to find his car in the Fawcett Center parking lot past February.

How firm thy friendship

BoFuquel's picture

Smith is only a puppet, mouthing the words and actions he is ordered to do. As a dept. head he dose what the CEO tells him to do and only that. The CEO follows the orders of the BOD. that's business guys, it ain't gonna change.

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

DJ Byrnes's picture

Gene Smith oversees a budget which is larger than some countries. CEO? Nay, but it's not like he's a peon. Besides, seeing how Gene Smith has handled all of this, as our fearless leader, Jason, pointed out on Twitter, is he the guy you'd want leading the hunt for a coach this off-season?

Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

Poe McKnoe's picture

Does Gene Smith hang out with Jon Gruden? If so, then yes.

NH-IO's picture

Gruden will be coaching Andrew Luck in Miami next year.

Jugdish's picture

It is sad but true. The money becomes too important and people get treated like property. This is all too political for me and makes me sick to my stomach. We get lied to everyday especially by politicians and their ilk.

Can you imagine how players from all across the country are laughing at tOSU? They get paid and receive cars and such but never get reported or caught. This corruption is going on everywhere but the NCAA has not been fair in their rulings of punishment.


Remember to get your wolverine spayed or neutered. TBDBITL

awwwwwwop's picture

I have been having a really difficult time swallowing the whole Tressel just loved his kids line. He tried to save 5 kids and ended up screwing over 70 others. One bad season wasn't going to get Tress or his staff fired but it sure is now. If you read the article Posey's attorney says that the university did exactly what he would have done. Once you suspend the kid you basically admit all of the allegations and ask for forgiveness. Appeals at that point are useless because you already admitted to the charges. I'm not saying that Smith has done a good job, he has been atrocious and deserved to lose his job long ago, but maybe we take our lumps for 4-5 games last year and we still have all our players and coaches now.

"Who cares? Go Bucks." - Aaron Untch

biggy84's picture

Did you read Tressel's testimony to the NCAA? He said he knew of 2 players and told the two that he didn't want to know what was going on. By all accounts, he never asked them what they did.

awwwwwwop's picture

I am not sure that I see your point? So he knew something bad was going down and chose not to know? That does not sound any better to me. I feel like maybe I misunderstood your post but he had an obligation to report what he knew and he never did that. A lie by omission is still a lie. I loved Tressel but I think that what he did is inexcusable and should not be defended as loving his players too much. (typing on my cell, sorry for any obvious errors)

"Who cares? Go Bucks." - Aaron Untch

biggy84's picture

It is a misconception that Tress knew that 5 players or more were violating the rules. He testified that he called in the TWO players and told them to stay away from Rife and that he did not want to know what was going on. He said he feared that they were involved in drugs. He did not knowingly coverup for 5 players. He should have investigated, but he didn't.

Ethan's picture

I read (somewhere on this site I believe) that Pryor and Posey both told the NCAA that when Tressel asked them if they were involved with anything, they denied it. If that's true, then Tressel was NOT lying to cover up players when he signed that he was unaware of any violations. 

awwwwwwop's picture

It being only 2 players makes it worse. What part of explicitly breaking your contract is not a coverup? He had a contractual duty to report what he knew in April march and every month until yahoo did it for him the next May. He lied when he said he had no knowledge in December and he lied by omission by not reporting the incident to Doug Archie. Also, if he claims to have believed the players then was he really even looking out for them? If my parents knew I hung out with drug dealers "Stop doing that, I don't want to hear about it" would not be their response.  I just dont understand how caring about his players is a justification for what he did.

"Who cares? Go Bucks." - Aaron Untch

biggy84's picture

Thats why he called Sarniak.

TheHumbleBuckeye's picture


Biggy is right. Tressel handled this like a father that was legitimately worried about his kids, and for that I will never fault him. That's why he told Sarniak and no one else.

No one will ever convince me otherwise. Tressel's track record was one of pre-emptive action against violators of both team rules and NCAA rules. Maurice Clarrett? Suspended for the entire year before the NCAA even started investigating. Troy Smith? Suspended before the NCAA began investigating. Not even an appeal to see if he could play in the bowl. Ray Small? In the doghouse forever. #1 recruit Eugene Clifford? kicked off the team after an arrest. Antonio Henton? Kicked off the team.



jenks's picture

Be careful, this isn't part of the national media line.

awwwwwwop's picture

those are all great examples but unfortunately are not Devier Posey and Terrelle Pryor.  I am not arguing that he hasnt done good things in the past but he made a huge mistake that really screwed over his entire staff and the rest of the team.  That is not how you protect a group.  He really should have looked at his own examples of suspending players and kicking them off of the team in this situation.  And it does not matter that he called Sarniak. He had a contractual duty to report what he knew and not to Sarniak or to the players - to compliance.  I'm going to stop commenting because I know I am not going to convince anybody but this is my last piece.  He got information that should have gone to compliance, he talked to the kids and his source and never to compliance.  When directly asked about this incident later in the year he either did not remember or lied.  I just dont think that when you set down and look at it, that he did everything he could to protect his kids, all 80 of them (not just the 2 he knew might have broken the rules)

"Who cares? Go Bucks." - Aaron Untch

biggy84's picture

The media shapes public perception. I have always had the opinion that all of this was stupid. Instead of the local media pointing out the hypocrisy that is the ncaa, they jumped on the national media bandwagon. It's not like these athletes weren't doing exact thing that the university and the ncaa already do. A sensationalized tabloid media convinced the public that what transpired was far more sinister than it actually was. I for one will not lose sight of the actual facts.

Bruce's picture

Gene's mantra has been "it's not institutional, it's individuals". And it *appears* that the NCAA, (by their up to this moment) not having added a second LOI, is letting us get away with that.

So they seem to be saying "fine, if you say it's individuals, so be it. We'll hammer some of them".

That way, when (hopefully) the decision comes down in a few weeks, and the whole nation gets all butt-hurt about it, they can say "well, we punished the individuals" (because it *wasn't systemic*)

Whole situation is jacked up.

From the 2007 HBO special ---->

jenks's picture

If you let Posey take the hit for this, then that line still works. He was involved the first time and he's involved this time. He's gone rogue, so to speak.

Bristol24's picture

I just wish this would all go away and the Buckeyes would start winning again.  Close this chapter fast with the NCAA; Gene exits right immediately after the ruling.  I am so ready to fall back in love with Saturdays.

BuckeyeCrew's picture

Great job, DJ Byrnes.  Really enjoyed it.

I miss Coach Tressel too, and it's not just because he is an excellent football coach.

LABuckeye's picture

Not a fan of Smith... I am still not sure we know the whole story about what went on.

Type G's picture

Good write up. I'm also one who is still on the side of Coach Tress and these players who are getting railroaded by the NCAA (Pryor included, even though he's not here anymore).

This is just how our society has become now, more selfish and cunning, especially with the everlasting slumping economy. Every man for themselves has never been more true. The higher ups fuck the people below and then they scheme of ways to get back at the higher ups or take advantage of the system. It's a revolving door of fucking people over. 2012 wouldn't be that bad, humanity needs to restart from zero. There are probably more assholes now than there were 10 years ago. Ha.

"No time for love, Doctah Jones!"

Bucks43201's picture

ok, Taylor Graham should be named the starter for the Illinois game, or Kenny Guiton....if Bauserman is somehow the starting QB --- then Fickell and Bollman have a combined IQ of about 12

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

soobuck's picture

If they have the facts to prove that Posey was not overpaid why don't Posey's lawyers file for an injunction in court so that he can play.

Evansvillebuckeye's picture

I'm fairly certain Bauserman is the "Mayhem" guy from the insurance commercials....

Goose's picture

Thanks for the laugh.  Made me spit coffee all over my keyboard.

Scott K's picture


Joe "Mayhem" Bauserman it is....

"There's a fine line between stupid, and....clever.  David St. Hubbins/Nigel Tufnel

OysterMonkey's picture

At the end of the day, these kids did nothing morally wrong. In a world where dictators are hiring foreign mercenaries to slaughter their own civilians, I apologize for not getting worked up over kids receiving free tattoos or cash.

Because there are two moral categories: "Mercenary genocide" and "Totally OK to do."

DJ Byrnes's picture

yais, that's exactly what i meant. the crux of my argument: the world is black and white. i see you ignored 90% of the article i wrote, which is exactly the master-plan i drew up while typing it.


Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

Tommy's picture

Again, you are using comparisons to others to make excuses for those that made their own bad decisions.

these kids did nothing morally wrong

You cannot choose which rules to follow and which to disregard based on your own opinions.  That is just part of life.  We all have to deal with it.  The big boys understand this, and many of the Buckeye players have rightfully chosen to follow all of the rules, not just the ones they agree with.

Are we still shocked kids being exploited by a system with no scruples don't respect its rules?

Maybe they don't respect its rules because they know that people will always be there to make excuses for them when they do the wrong thing.

Was he going to throw away the hard-work and hopes of all the other kids in the locker-room, based on a few knuckleheads getting a few hundred bucks and tattoos? Please.

Actually, all he would have had to do was play about 4-5 games short-handed if he had reported the violations immediately.  Maybe we wouldn't have been in the Sugar Bowl, but I guarantee you we wouldn't be 3-3 presently and our program wouldn't be teetering on the edge of disaster.  Instead, he broke the rules, lied and ended up doing worse to our program than what you suggested... all over a few hundred bucks and tattoos.

Excuses are lame, accountability is what we need.

DJ Byrnes's picture

*sigh* I didn't want to fully get into this because I didn't want to turn this into a pay-these-athletes discussion, but alas, it appears we're here.

First of all, you can more than certainly choose which rules to follow and which to not. It happens every day. (Ever sped? Ever jay-walked? Have you paid every cent of tax you owe to our esteemed government?) The only difference is, these rules are enforced by a government in which you have representation and a mode of changing something. These athletes? Not so much, because their system is a joke.

Sure, these kids agreed to the rules, but tell me sir, how does somebody as talented as DeVier Posey continue their football career without being forced into the NCAA and thus, shackled by their archaic rules? If DeVier had an NFL youth system to go into instead of coming to college, then I'd agree with you; but they have no choice. These athletes also have no representation. I do not fault these kids at all for not respecting the system. Hell, wasn't our country founded on people not respecting the system in which they had no representation? I swear I read that somewhere.

They're also subject to articles written as if they're guilty of actual crimes or that taking cash given to you is somehow morally wrong. Did you read Charles Robinson's "hard-hitting investigation" report on Miami? STRIPPERS. CASH. ABORTIONS. JET-SKIS. OH MY GOD LOOK AT ALL THESE BLACK KIDS. NOW LOOK BACK AT ALL MY INTERNET CLICKS. It's pathetic.

As for Tressel, he certainly knew some of the shady things going on around his program didn't just stop with Ed Rife and a tattoo parlor. After spending his adult life in the system, I'm sure Tressel had just grown to accept the sleeze as part of it--AS EVERY BIG TIME COACH AT EVERY COLLEGE HAS DONE BECAUSE THIS ALL STEMS FROM THE JOKE OF A SYSTEM THEY WORK IN. 3 game suspension? LOL. If you think that's all that would've resulted in the investigation, then you should probably check into some stories surrounding Mr. Pryor's spending habits around the greater Columbus area.

So, if he reports his star quarterback, the NCAA and their media pinkertons would soon be in Columbus overturning rocks and exposing 30 year-old fixed raffles. Do you think Tressel would want to see one of his kids thrown to the NCAA wolves like Clarett was?

TP was a knuckle-head, but Tressel still cared for him. It's why he went to his pro day and continues to support him. TP would have no doubt faced discipline, but at least it would come from somebody who cared about him and not at the hand of some arbitrary dude in a suit from the NCAA.

Instead of Gene Smith fighting like he did for Posey's eligibility for the Sugar Bowl, he cow-towed to the NCAA's ridiculous ruling because he can't risk ruffling the NCAA's feathers because if we get the failure to monitor charge, his career is over. Do you want to lose your job in this climate? Yeah, neither does Gene Smith or Doug Archie.

It just sucks because now a 22 year-old kid, who got DISCOUNTED TATTOOS AND (MAYBE) $700 IN CASH, has lost nearly his entire senior season just so Gene Smith will be able to go to the NCAA and deny there wasn't a systematic problem at Ohio State when clearly there was (and again, I don't give a shit that there was). When things are good, there is Gene Smith, tweeting and joshing with athletes on Twitter. When things are bad? Well, he's hiding behind the curtain of hand-picked media and YouTube videos.

Like I said, everybody who was "responsible" for this has lost their job, except the people whose job it was to make sure something like this never happened.

We can agree to disagree on the nature of the NCAA and their charade, but if you want accountability, I don't think you can disagree with the crux of my argument.

Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

Tommy's picture

I don't disagree with your argument about Gene Smith.  I am not in favor of selective accountability at all, which apparently you are.  When the bowl ban comes down, I expect it to be announced along side Mr. Smith's resignation and I will be upset if it is not.  However, I am unsure as to how making excuses for the others involved in this situation adds to the Gene Smith argument at all.

You are making this way more complex than it is.  This has nothing to do with a pay-the-athletes discussion.  Your only argument is to introduce gray into a black and white issue.  You are right, I speed all the time.  You think the cop wants to hear my crap about a "broken system" when I get pulled over?

They broke the rules, they knew there was a possiblity of being caught and now they have to suffer the consequences.  That's accountability.  They have no one to blame but themselves, and there are plenty of examples out there of kids who have dealt with the same "broken system" that they have without breaking the rules. 

Trying to turn this into revolutionary acts against the NCAA is laughable.  You comparing them to our founding fathers is downright disrespectful.

biggy84's picture

Espin and their cronies sensationalized the MINOR infractions and told you to be outraged. The ncaa told everyone that if you bucked their admitedly archaic system, then you were evil, and people bought it. Tell me what laws these players broke that warranted people losing their careers? A person does not get 25 years in prison for going 2 mph over the speed limit.

NC_Buckeye's picture

DJ, when you first came out with these pay-for-play posts, I was somewhere in the middle position-wise. Because of the amount of time these guys are devoting to their sports, I supported a stipend on the level of a higher level grad assistantship. (To be sure, not chump change to a student.) I'd also like to see some dedication by the universities to these guys getting a degree to fall back on after their playing careers are over. (In my book, letting TP major in "Exploring" is a disgrace.)

The more I read your views the more it's making sense to me. You're right. There's a huge gray-area here. And how can we expect these guys to respect a system that is by nature exploiting them.

Just wondering. If the NFL were to come up with a farm system, how would that change your view of the system?

DJ Byrnes's picture

I wish the NFL had a "reserve" or "youth" team system and yes, they are just as guilty too. They have a free minor league system. (As does the NBA, albeit they have the "D-league)". I also don't believe colleges and big time athletics, as Tommy Craggs of Deadspin put it, "have much to say to eachother" and colleges shouldn't have sports above intramurals--but I realize that's a pretty radical position.

I just wish these guys had a choice.

I wish it was modeled after European soccer. I wish somebody like Terrelle Pryor had the choice before he went into high school. Hell, in Europe, teams sign 9 year olds to their youth teams. Somebody like Barcelona has youth academies all over the world, where kids go to school half the day and then get professional coaching.

Somebody like Terrelle Pryor could have benefitted from professional coaching, both on and off the field. Instead, he went to some joke of a high school where he demolished kids for four years and was drooled over by grown ass men all over the country. And we're surprised this kid felt entitled and had an ego?

Imagine if he had had professional training from 8th grade on. Think his mechanics might be a little better? Think he might be able to read a defense better?

There's no "value" in a scholarship. There's only value in an education, and these "institutions of higher learning" lower grades to let athletes in and then let them skate. Trust me, I've had class with some football players. (This isn't to say there aren't studious ones, because there are). But hell, if I could run a 4.3, I don't think I'd be too concerned with learning from some 70 year old man reading off a PowerPoint.

They're also risking their body. What if TP had come back this year and blown out his knee? He doesn't have a right to make as much money as he can, knowing what we know about football and chronic injuries now? These guys die at like age 55.

As we're drinking beer and watching these guys on TV--and again, they're putting in over 40 hours a week to this thing, despite what the on-field product may tell you right now--and we can't give some of these kids the money? As colleges are whoring themselves out for TV dollars and the NCAA President is flying around in jets?

I mean, this is system which gave us the BCS, so I don't know why I'm surprised. It just sucks to watch the kids--who everybody is always so quick to pretend they're working for--to be dicked around like pawns by grown-ass men whose banks accounts are swollen. This system would work nowhere else in American society. NO WHERE ELSE. If any American worked those hours for that compensation package, I'd be willing to bet there'd be a lot more people willing to accept legitimate cash given to them by other people.

Try to find any ridiculous "agent scandal" or something as ridiculous as a "street agent" in European soccer news. You can't.

But yeah, it'd be completely ridiculous to pay any of these guys because it'd be too tough to figure out.

Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

theDuke's picture

Isn't that kinda why everyone is staring at Gene Smith?  the accountability thing...


Tommy's picture

See my response above.  I'm on board holding Gene Smith accountable.  What I do not understand is how this requires us to make excuses for others who made bad choices also.

DJ Byrnes's picture

See my post above. I don't think the kids did anything wrong, so why would I need an "excuse" for them?

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Your enabling, condoning attitude makes you just as at fault as the boosters who give the handouts.

And it's a slap in the face to guys like Brewster or anyone else who's made the right decisions the whole way.

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It's a slap in the face to punish the players for something the ncaa and the university do freely. Let's be very clear, the players sold their OWN trinkets. The players were NOT robbing stores, point shaving, or pillaging the community.


As for the players who made the "right decisions", do you really think they consider selling your own belongings as wrong? Have you ever seen Craigslist or Ebay? Do you see people being arrested for selling their own things? Why has the ncaa admitted that they need to overhaul their archaic rules? Come on man.

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You're misunderstanding my point.  Believe me, I think the rules are as much BS as the next guy, and I absolutely believe the NCAA and the way it carries out its business is ridiculous.  But that is a different discussion.

I am not attempting to make any "moral" judgements at all.  Only what is within NCAA rules and what is not.  Black and white.  That is all.  When you choose to do what is not within NCAA rules, you put yourself, your teammates, your coaches and your program at risk to pay a price. End of story.

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GREAT article. WOW!!!!!



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