Troy Smith is Bitter

By Jason Priestas on October 6, 2011 at 2:10p

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I read the whole thing and I'm not even mad at Troy. And I gain more respect for MoC the more I read. Dude has a bet on the game this weekend with Crouch, straight up-no points, says he doesn't need 'em. Awesome on so many levels. Two Heisman winners, on the same pro team, betting on their college teams' game.

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I think honest would be a much better word.

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What a broken, sham of a system.

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It starts in Jr. High.I gave some pretty lousy dads a good job to gett'em into our district. Now with open enrollmentit's much worse around here. 

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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Stop making him the scapegoat, y'all:

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Well done sir, well done

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I wish MoC was here.  I'd win some money off him... 

And for the millionth time, Clarett did not LEAD the Buckeyes to a national championship.  He participated, and contributed a lot, but Krenzel and the defense led that team.

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He played an extremely important part, without Clarett, we wouldn't have even made it to the title game, let alone win it.

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The truth hurts some people I guess.
Hell ya mo c no points.

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Troy will likely be less salty in 10 years or so when his football career is long behind him and his number 10 banner is raised in Ohio Stadium.

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Amazing that each time they interview a former player - he has Coach Tressel's back.

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Why is everyone getting so pissy about what Troy said? It didn't upset me, and he didn't really say anything to get anyone in trouble. Okay, he revealed that he might have a slightly different understanding of the word "scapegoat" than most people. And he took some veiled shots at Gene Smith in the process of supporting Tressel. But it's not like Gene doesn't deserve those shots. 


I have no problem with these interviews and love Mo's bet. Baller.

And we'll drink to old Ohio, 'Til we wobble in our shoes! 

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MoC makes a really intersting point halfway through the piece:

"The UFL would actually be bigger if they scouted and signed high school players. And you get paid a real salary, then you go to Bellevue or (Nebraska-Omaha), a respected school in the city. Then the NCAA has to compete."

What if the UFL did exactly that?  Granted, it will never make a ton of money, but what if the UFL decided that it wanted to be a league for true professional football development for those who were not interested in (or don't qualify for) college, offered 1-3 year contracts, paid each player a modest salary while continuing to provide the coaching they need to be ready for the NFL draft?  I'm guessing it could be a workable business model, especially with the right sponsors, and I guarantee there would be people out there who would take an interest to watching 'the stars of tomorrow today' develop at that level (I know I would).

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It's a logical and fair point that MoC makes. Not everybody who is physically capable of having a sucessful NFL career is cut out to be a "student athlete" - there should be another viable path for those guys to take to get to the league. He is 100% right.

Can we get the Steelers farm team here in Columbus? HERE WE GO.

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Seriously.  I don't see what the fuss is about either.  Troy's honest.  Tressel was crucified to save the program.  Should've been Gene Smith instead.

And agree 100% on the bet. I'll take the Bucks to win.

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I agree with Troy. There was something more to that booster story that never really got out. I recall that after an investigation, it turned out that Troy was a "middle-man". The $500 wasn't even intended for him, it was intended for Clarett, who wasn't even on the team at the time. Which begs the question: Why is a booster still helping out Clarrett when he wasn't on the team? One has to wonder if there was a previous relationship between said booster and Clarrett that no one in the Athletic Department wanted to be uncovered. Could you imagine having to give back the 2002 Championship? Instead, they convinced Troy to take the fall to get the NCAA off their backs.  It actually makes sense. He was suspended right away, no appeals, and for a bowl game, leaving us with ONE quarterback on the depth chart.

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What I remember from the story is that Clarett gave Smith his cell phone. The hitch was that it came with $500 worth of charges on it. The booster supposedly paid the phone bill.

Long live the southend.

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I recall something similar. It was either the case you mentioned, or it was Clarrett had reached out to a booster because he needed money to pay off his cell phone bill, but Clarrett was not in town at teh time so Troy accepted the money on Clarrett's behalf to give to him. In either case, Troy made a bone-headed mistake, but probably could have won on appeal if he made the case that the money was actually for Clarrett. But instead they made Troy take the fall right away. Someone didn't want the NCAA to dig deeper into Clarrett's closet.