Our Hot and Cold Football Relationship

By Jon Thoma on October 20, 2011 at 12:04p
BRAXTON McDREAMYCharming, isn't he?

The love that Buckeye Nation has developed for our team over our lifetimes is immense. That can be seen in the amount of scarlet and gray worn around the streets of Ohio every day, and in the 106,000 screaming fans in the Horseshoe on fall Saturdays.

However, as we have all learned throughout our lives, love comes with pain. It is those who we love the most who have the ability to hurt the worst. This fall is an agonizing reminder of that fact.

There have been so many moments of hope. The Akron game, the occasionally stellar defense, and the first half at Nebraska all gave us reason to believe that things were turning around. Only none of those glimmers were sustained. Couple the on field struggles with the off-field antics and uncertainty, and our feelings can almost mirror those we have felt in failing relationships in the past.

So we woke up Memorial Day morning, only to find out that our long time love had broken up with us. We knew there had been some problems in the recent past, but nothing that had not been fixed before! Only this time, it was so much worse. There had been lies and cover-ups that we didn’t even know about. So much dirt was done behind our backs that we didn’t know whether to cry tears of pain, or say “good riddance” and move on. Even today, we keep finding out about things that were happening.

It should be simple to know that moving on is the right thing to do when someone hurts us that badly, but we had such an incredible decade together! We had been head over heels in love since he surprised us with that trip to Arizona in January 2003 and got us that ring. Then, sans a few hiccups here and there, the next 8 years were the most stable and strong relationship of our lives. Our friends were all jealous, and other people even started hating us. But that was all fine, as long as we had each other.

Unfortunately, we took it all for granted. We didn’t enjoy what we had enough while we had it. He left us not because he wanted to, but because he had to. It is the cliché of all clichés, but we have to believe it is true. Jim would never do anything to hurt us intentionally.

So here we are, nearly five months later, still scrambling to find some semblance of our former lives. We have been hurt so many times that we still don’t know how to feel. The roller coaster of emotions has us feeling numb to pain, and even love may never feel the same. The repercussions of our last break up are still in the back of our minds and soon will have direct impact on everything for years to come.

We must remember, however, that fall is a season of change. Things are starting to pick up for us a little bit. We have had some feelings lately that kind of remind us of what we used to feel just 12 short months ago. Losing love is the hardest single feeling in this human experience, but finding love is among the best. We can dwell on what is done, or we can move on.

What better time to move on than now? Let’s fall in love again! There’s a young quarterback who is sure to keep our minds occupied for a while…


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AC1972's picture

Jon - U must have just experienced a romantic breakup.  The post appears to be cutting a bit close...


Must admit, when the ladies don't come through, the Buckeyes always seem to be there.  When the Buckeye aren't there for you, there's always beer!

Buckeye_Mafia's picture

Speaking of moving on, getting A LOT of tweets about a source really deep w/in tOSU football program that Urban Meyer will be officially introduced as the new football head coach during halftime of the tOSU vs. Duke game in November. Not one for gossip, but from the tweet, it sounds like its legit.

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

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I think that TOSU, as an organization that wants nothing more than to win football games, should do everything to ensure that all things possible are done to get Urban Meyer working in Columbus. I also thought that when coach Tressel left, that TOSU was "turning a corner" or even "starting over". Bringing in coach Vrabel after dropping coach Fickell's interim tag made me think that this change was really going to happen, too. I want the Buckeyes to win every football game just as all of Buckeye Nation wants them to win as well.

I realize that the Bucks hve lost 3 games this year and that we have all been spoiled to the point that 3 loss seasons just shouldn't happen in our eyes. The truth is though: The Bucks had EVERYTHING stacked well against them this year. Most of the people that I talked to in preseason expected 8 wins this season, on average.

Why then is everyone trying to get Fick out now and before he has even had a decent chance to show us what he can do when he is dealt a good hand. What Fickell was given this year was not a fair chance at all. I want Meyer as coach, too. I also think that Fickell not getting a 2nd year is bush league bulls&*t.....Just a couple thoughts from me, an idiot that likes the idea of having a younger coaching staff and possibly getting rid of "Bollman the Walrus" at the same time. Good luck all. Take care. Go Bucks!

"I hope they're last in everything". One of Meyer's comments when speaking of TTUN after being hired at Ohio State.



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Is it completely out of the realm of possibilities that Ohio State, Fickell, and maybe the future coach came to some sort of loose agreement when Fickell was named interim/not interim coach?

Timing wasn't ideal to do a coaching search but I found it weird that he was appointed coach for this year end of story and when the season is over we'll do a coaching search which Fickell will be a possibility. 

I don't look at it as Fickell was dealt an impossible hand or had a no win situation.  He knew exactly what he was getting into and took that job on.  Maybe, he was told take this on and we'll make you a very highly paid Coordinator.

The way Ohio State has handled the trouble with the program it is laughable to think that they would have the sense to actually come up with a plan, so it could be that they threw it all together just to get someone in place.  Either way Luke isn't a vicitim here. He knew what the program was facing and he decided to give it a shot.

Buckeyejason's picture

Granted Fickell hasn't had a whole season to show what he can do.

But what we've seen from him so far is not a good sign of things to come if he were kept as the coach next season.


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i think if we get meyer, just lose a few schollies and don't get a bowl ban, the next few years looks great. we'll have a top notch coach, much better offense gameplans, the same talent on offense and defense, and all of the bad stuff behind us. and a better awareness of the bad stuff that is around.   you know the haters are going beserk because they know were not getting in much trouble, meyer is coming-not some 4th choice coach and big recruits are coming too like the cin taft duo and mike thomas.   the ship has not sailed very far off course and  soon will be adding some extra sailes!  

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Break up with what you thought was the woman of your dreams. Sleep with the midly attractive but easy girl to get over her. Push her aside when the knockout finally comes calling because she knows what a catch you are. 


Urban in 2012. 10 more years of fun. 

Jon Thoma's picture

Haha this is an awesome response. It's going to be fun to see what transpires over the next few months.

jfrank373's picture

Agreed Notorious. I had a bad breakup one time. It sucked until I remembered how much fun it is to be single. Then you knock out a few hoodrats (Indiana, Purdue, Michigan), you get your swag back, and everything is better than it was before. I'm a big believer in the idea of addition by subtraction. Bye bye to the losers that cost us so much (Mosty rogue boosters and selfish players) and here's to another decade of domination. OSU won't stay down.

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JON THOMA!!! but that's besides the point... we need to move on and just realize that a new era firing -something else- is upon us

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.