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Comment 22 Sep 2011

Great feedback everyone! Just want to point out that I never called anyone classless.  I know that Buckeye fans are extremely passionate and that can go both ways.  I was booed heavily on my senior night during my final game in the Shoe, and I deserved it.  I just wanted to illustrate the fact that when a stadium boos the home team, it doesn't fire up the team.  It kind of deflates it.  The players feel that the fans are no longer behind them.  Whether that's what you meant to do or not, that is how it translates to the players on the field.  There was no better feeling as a visiting team than getting the home crowd to boo their own team.  So embarrassing!  But I also understand that booing is a part of American sports culture and some people don't know what else to do besides boo. 

Thanks for your support everyone, I look forward to talking to you all again soon. Beat the Buffs!!