The Meat Market is in Full Swing

By Jason Priestas on February 26, 2011 at 6:00a

Day four of the 2011 NFL Combine brings workouts for the offensive linemen and tight ends, Wonderlics and team interviews for quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs, physicals and measurements for defensive linemen and linebackers and pre-physical exams and x-rays for corners and safeties.

We do have official measurements for three of the nine Buckeyes in Indy and it turns out the height and weight listed by Ohio State was accurate for the most part. Justin Boren checked in at 6-3/309 and he was listed at 6-3/320 by Ohio State, but put in some pre-Combine work to get into better shape. Dane Sanzenbacher was listed at 5-11/180 by OSU and measured 5-11/182 in Indy, while Brandon Saine got a little bit of love from the media guide folks in Columbus, showing up for the Combine at 5-11/220, while Ohio State had him at 6-1/220.

You can follow a lot of the action on the NFL Network and we've helped you out with a cheat-sheet of sorts listing the players with their Indy (if available) measurements along with the official NFL scouting overview. As it stands right now, Cam Heyward will likely be the only first day pick for Ohio State, with the rest of the crew projected as day three selections. There's always the chance a guy could put up some big numbers or wow a team during interviews (we're looking your way, Dane) but outside of Saine's speed, this crop of Buckeyes lacks a workout warrior.

We'll revisit these player profiles as metrics start to roll in, but feel free to chime in with your own thoughts if your Saturday includes watching young men run and lift in front of old men.


6'3" - 309 lbs. (Combine)

Boren has a chance to become a starting offensive guard in the NFL and will likely serve as a valuable backup early on because of his experience. Uses his hands well in pass protection is a stout against the bull rush but will be challenged versus agile defensive tackles with some moves in their arsenal. Productive run blocker who plays tough and can move defenders off the ball at times but is only adequate in space and needs to refine his footwork. Plays angry on the field but his mental makeup is in question after a transfer from Michigan. Day 3 prospect.



6'0" - 190 lbs. (OSU)

Chekwa lacks the measurables to line up against a number one receiver in the NFL, but he has the skills to develop into an effective corner in sub packages. He is a smooth athlete that shows the hip fluidity to be solid in both man and zone coverage. He also flashes the ability to close quickly and break up passes on underneath routes. He does not have the explosiveness to mirror faster receivers and takes too long to fill in run support despite being a willing tackler. Overall, Chekwa is fluid enough to cover slot receivers and should be a Day 3 pick.



6'5" - 288 lbs. (OSU)

Heyward is big versatile defensive end that can play in a 4-3 or a 3-4 at the next level. He is a powerful athlete at the point of attack that can eat up blocks in the running game and uses heavy active hands to shed quickly. He possesses a less than ideal burst, but is a relentless pass rusher that gets more sacks than he should. His greatest asset is his versatility, as he can control blockers to be effective in a two-gap scheme, but also could have an impact as a traditional defensive end in a 4-3. Heyward will likely not last past the first round.




6'1" - 216 lbs. (OSU)

Hines looks like an NFL strong safety, but he lacks the speed and instincts to be a starter at the next level. He is a very good athlete that is smooth in transition and shows outstanding body control when the ball is in the air. Also, he plays with a bit of a mean streak and delivers violent shots in run support. However, he is out of position too often and lacks the speed to make up for a misread. Hines' less than ideal recognition skills neutralize his physical tools and he will likely still be around on Day 3.



6'0" - 227 lbs. (OSU)

Homan is an undersized linebacker with good speed that could potentially develop into a starter on the weak side. He runs very well and shows the ability to chase running backs down from behind. He is a smooth athlete that makes plays in space and flashes the ability to mirror tight ends and running backs in man coverage. However, he lacks the strength and shedding ability to be a run stopper at the next level and can be a non-factor on running plays directed at him. Homan has the skills to be a quality Tampa 2 linebacker and will likely be a middle round pick.



5'11" - 227 lbs. (OSU)

Rolle's lacks the size to become a starting linebacker or the athleticism for a potential move to safety. However, possesses adequate range, power for his size, and the mentality necessary to contribute as a backup and on special teams. Has average range against the run and is willing to take on blockers but isn't a true sideline-to-sideline guy and can take too long to shed blocks or be dominated by powerful lineman. Displays the ability to drop into zone coverage and read a quarterback's eyes but lacks height and quickness in man coverage. Has good character, leadership qualities, and bloodlines (cousin of Antrel Rolle). Rolle likely will be a Day 3 pick.


5'11" - 182 lbs. (Combine)

Sanzenbacher is a crafty receiver with a great attitude that could contribute in the slot at the next level. He lacks ideal speed and suddenness, but he is a very savvy route runner that uses a variety of fakes to set up defensive backs. He has great hand eye coordination and makes difficult catches look easy. He is not going to get consistent yards after the catch, but he is fearless over the middle and very effective at moving the chains. Sanzenbacher is a very good football player and a coach's dream that will likely be a third day pick.


5'11" - 220 lbs. (Combine)

Saine lacks the instincts and durability to be an every down player, but shows the skills and right attitude to be a change of pace back at the next level. He is a downhill runner with enough speed to get the corner and break a long run when he finds daylight. He can be a weapon out of the backfield, as he is too athletic for linebackers and has reliable hands. However, he lacks the vision and patience to consistently find holes and is susceptible to injury. He can be an effective complimentary back in the NFL and will likely be a Day 2 pick.



6'1" - 200 lbs. (OSU)

Torrence may never play football at the next level as he already plays baseball for the Houston Astros' organization during the summers, but he has the skill set to develop into an effective cover-2 corner. He is a converted wide receiver who has outstanding body control to make plays on the ball and flashes the ability to make big returns on interceptions. However, he is not explosive enough stick with faster wide receivers and makes too many mistakes diagnosing the play. His name may be called in the middle rounds, as he has the potential to become a solid corner in a zone heavy scheme.



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Normal Buck's picture

The Bucks apparently pump out some smooth players.

Carolina Buckeye's picture

Every player we have is a smooth athlete! Just no NFL potential

blazers34's picture

that picture of Saine is hilarious.

gwalther's picture

Haha. Seconded.

Class of 2008

Kyle's picture

That "mental makeup" shot at Boren is total bullshit.

Roger's picture

Who wrote that? As if players don't transfer for good reason all the time. Boren was a STARTER when he left tsun, and his brother committed to Ohio State around the same time.

It's obvious that something was rotten in Denmark and the Boren family wanted to be as far from the stench as possible.

Rooster Buckburn's picture

Of course the white receiver is described as "crafty" - how rare. Just missing a...let's see..."good route runner" and "intelligent"

Rooster Buckburn's picture

Ha! Missed it in there...."savvy route runner"

gwalther's picture


Class of 2008

gravey's picture

The vast majority of talent scouts in the NFL are hacks.  They can't spot a Brady or a Leaf.  The ones with even less talent than the NFL hacks wind up writing up nonsense like the crap above.  The worst of the worst wind up on ESPN wearing an incredibly stupid pompadour hairdo recycling every bad sports cliche known to man....

buckeyedude's picture

Ironic they would say that about J. Boren but not Ryan Mallet. I just heard on ESPN Mallet has some issues with drug use or a possible DUI or something. What's his "mental makeup?" I bet Mallet ends up like Ryan Leaf. Sounds like he's a hothead.



William's picture

Saw something on where he was grilled by the media about his drug use, and that some teams are completely backing off after reports of drug addiction. Here's the link

RBuck's picture

Whoever grabs Sanzenbacher is getting the deal of the century.

Long live the southend.

osukdawg76's picture

I think this, too.  I believe he's the next Welker in the NFL.  Sure hands, willing to go over the middle, all of the intangibles that you need.

I, for one, welcome our new coaching overlords.



zosima's picture

A Coleman-esque deal

Joe Beale's picture

Duke just lost to VaTech.  Going to #1 in the AP it seems.

Buckeye_Mafia's picture

Wow. I guess tOSU is full of athlete guys who can't play at the next level. I love the hate tOSU gets nationally. I bet if any of these guys played in the SEC, they would automatically be first round picks cause they are obviously the most gifted atheletes and played in the NFL-developemental league. Oh, and they know how to cash checks, handle agents, and get out of any legal issues due to the tons of practice with all of the above in the SEC.

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

Oh, and they know how to cash checks, handle agents, and get out of any legal issues due to the tons of practice with all of the above in the SEC.