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By Jason Priestas on January 26, 2011 at 6:00a
U JELLY, UF?Rumored for a while, Drayton to OSU was confirmed
last night.

Florida running backs coach and assistant recruiting coordinator Stan Drayton had been linked to the open wide receivers coaching position vacated by Darrell Hazell for a little over a week now. Here's our take on the rumor last last week:

Technically, the position is still open for four more days, but one source we trust is saying [Drayton] has already interviewed for the spot and will be named the new wide receivers coach on the 23rd.

It's an interesting choice for a few reasons, primarily because Drayton just accepted a position on Muschamp's staff and he's been a running backs coach for most of his career, but he is also a Cleveland native and has experience working with receivers from his stint as the offensive quality control coach for the Green Bay Packers from 2001-03.

Drayton held the same position on Urban Meyer's staff from 2005-07 before moving on to Tennessee for the 2008 season and then on to Syracuse to coach the running backs in 2009. Bringing him in would obviously help with recruiting in the southeast and his pro experience coaching special teams (also with the Packers) would help a staff that struggled with coverage last season.

We were a little off with the call for an announcement on the 23rd, but it appears an agreement was struck between Ohio State and Florida to keep things hush until after Signing Day as Drayton was still hard at work recruiting for the Gators. A gentlemen's agreement between the two staffs, if you will, if for no other reason than the fact that both the Buckeyes and Gators were actively recruiting four-star receiver (and current Gator commit) Ja'Juan Story.

Last night, we received an email from a second trusted source saying Drayton to OSU was a "done deal" and soon after, The Plain Dealer's Doug Lesmerises followed up with a confirmation. On top of what he brings as a position/special teams coach, the Cleveland John Marshall graduate is relatively young at 39 and is an incredible recruiter. With his extensive ties to the Florida prep community, this hire could start to pay big dividends right away, especially if Story decides to follow Drayton to Columbus.

The (Twitter) reviews are in. How fun was last night's 87-64 romp over the Boilermakers? Fun enough to give the northern half of the state of Indiana a case of butthurt. We've been impressed with this OSU squad all season, but despite entering last night's contest as the #1 ranked team in the land, some in the national media are just now starting to appreciate what we have. The praise on Twitter was quick and effusive.

ESPN's Andy Katz:

Ohio State's performance is as dominant as we've seen this season. Ohio State clear No. 1 at this juncture in season.

Fox's Jeff Goodman:

Gotta say I feel pretty confident right now about my preseason pick of Ohio State to win the national title after watching this thrashing.

ESPN's Pat Forde:

I hear ya, Dan Dakich. Ohio State terminating any debate about who's #1.

Rush the Court:

That's the level of domination we're seeing in Columbus. A Chicago vs Toronto Sega Genesis NHL level.

Ken Pomeroy:

I'll go on a limb and guess Ohio State is #1 in kenpom when the tourney starts.

Even former Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green is a believer:

OHIO ST bball team is the truth...

The show now hits the road for a 6:00pm matchup with the Wildcats in Evanston Saturday night (ESPN2).

Stank you, sir. Former Buckeye linebacker Anthony Schlegel was named an assistant S&C coach earlier this week and he wasted little time endearing himself to Buckeye fans everywhere. Asked by reporters what some about some of his goals at Ohio State, he offered up this gem:

“I want to teach them to have the stank, so when they go on the field they are there to dominate people. It’s that attitude and the stank, that’s what I’m trying to feed them.”

What's "stank", you say?

“Hunting hogs in Texas, a big boar hog has a stank. You know that he’s there because of the smell. When you go on the field or you walk by them, I want people to know these guys have the stank and they are here to dominate for 60 minutes. I just want that to be contagious so they can get a whiff of that."


What's the difference between an NLI and a GIA? If you didn't know, the Bylaw Blog has you covered. Basically, recruits sign two documents on Signing Day, a National Letter of Intent (NLI) and a grant-in-aid agreement (GIA) which actually covers the scholarship portion of the deal. In light of Andy Staples' excellent piece on the NCAA's "toothless rule" limiting NLIs to 28, Bylaw Blog correctly points out that schools are still free to award as many scholarships (GIAs) as they want as the rules are currently crafted to cap NLIs at 28 for a given year (excluding early enrollees). What's needed is something like the following:

GIAs to Current SAs with Eligibility Remaining Next Year + Signed Scholarships by Prospects ≤ NCAA Limit

That setup wouldn't eliminate abuse, but would require schools to be under the limit of 85 scholarships at any given time during the year. This not only would help protect prospects, but also current student athletes currently under scholarship  and sounds like a step in the right direction. 

Random bits: Tom Izzo has suspended backup guard Korie Lucious for the remainder of the season for "conduct detrimental to the program"... 12 Iowa football players were hospitalized with what's believed to be a "a kidney condition brought on after an excessively intense offseason workout"... Once more, just for giggles: Sullinger for three.


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J.Mo's picture

I hope we start off as hot as last night when we go to Purdue to shut up the "Boiler Up" chant. Might be the most annoying chant in the B1G.

The_Lurker's picture

What the hell does that even mean?

Normal Buck's picture

Agreed.  Even more annoying that that piped in "lion" roar.

Joe Beale's picture

ugh...nothing is worse than that Lion roar. 

Run_Fido_Run's picture

I agree . . . 1994.

Kasino Royale's picture

There was some kind of study on mice and "Boiler Up" caused death after prolonged exposure. Just sayin..... 

BuckeyeSki's picture

The Lion-Roar is easily the worst (outside of ESSSS EEEEE SEEEEEE)

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NC_Buckeye's picture

People are giving Andy Staples way too much credit for that oversigning piece on The guy is an S-E-C homer thru and thru. Don't forget it.

Just as a reminder this is the same guy who wrote the following after Ohio State's Sugar Bowl victory.

Thanks to the events of the past month, you've forfeited the right to the moral superiority you've enjoyed over the SEC. You can be as good as the SEC on the field, but the human beings in the Big Ten's premier athletic department are no better than the human beings in the athletic departments at the football factories in the SEC. Yes, the SEC oversigns, and that's highly unethical. Yes, SEC programs have players who commit NCAA violations, and that's highly unethical.

Well guess what? Ohio State also has players who commit NCAA violations. Five of them played Tuesday, and Ohio State wouldn't have won without them.

And especially this. He failed to mention this in his oversigning piece even though he now admits that oversigning definitely has given the S-E-C a competitive advantage in head-to-head matchups.

Thanks to the events of the past month, you've forfeited the right to the moral superiority you've enjoyed over the SEC.

Buckeyes, Big Ten show they can rival both SEC's teams and ethics
Posted: Wednesday January 5, 2011 3:07AM

blazers34's picture

also the same guy that retweeted the 11W article on recruiting saying that they would have some explaining to do to the big 10.  Terrible

NC_Buckeye's picture

One other thing. Oversigning vs five starters that violated rules by selling merch. Which is the greater evil, Staples? They don't even compare and you know it.

The Big Ten continues to maintain the moral highground so suck it!

tomcollins's picture

I agree cheating is worse than creatively playing by the rules.

btalbert25's picture

What I want to know is where does it stop for athletes and what they can sell.  Are they allowed to sell their books back at the end of the semester?  Technically those are a result of the kids playing football.  Are they just not allowed to sell anything?  That's why I have a problem calling it cheating, seems like that rule is open to a lot of interpretation. 

btalbert25's picture

These rumors about Drayton are hitting the media just in time.  If he and Story have a good relationship and Story enjoyed his visit to Columbus, it definitely can't hurt landing the kid.  It could be quite a signing day!

buckeye33's picture

So what if the Florida vs Georgia game is going into OT or even a 2nd OT. For those of us outside the C-Bus area we missed half of the first half.  But it was truly a dominating performance. Very little anyone can say other than "watch the replay". It was obvious that the intensity level was raised before the tipoff, nor did they ever put their foot on the brake. Best shot of the evening was watching Hummels' expression as Sully hit a 3 with the shot clock at 1second.

VBBuckeye's picture

I had it on ESPN Alt (non-HD, so it still sucked) until the Fla/GA game ended.

Buckeye_Mafia's picture

Damn. Its great to be a Buckeye. Ain't no one said SH*T to me today. Just look at the ground and walk on by haters! All's I heard leading up to the Boiler beatdown last night was how overrated we were and how we weren't the best team in the country. When, I believe that's five ranked teams we've beaten now. Has Kansas, PITT, SDSU, or Duke done that yet? Nope. Oh, and if we got Dreyton, all hail the Vest.....dude is gonna have a GREAT staff. And you Mr. Schalegel, "hit me again Ike, next time put some STANK on it!"

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

buckeye33's picture's great to be a Buckeye.  You will look back at this as the "Golden Era" for both Football & Basketball".  Tressel & Matta have had an amazing record since they joined tOSU. Too many accomplishments to even list..we all are aware. But the last 34 OSU games I've watched (13 football & 21basketball) only 1 loss.  NOT BAD !!!

Powers's picture

+100 for Liar Liar quote

ERIC OSU's picture

"...rolling on the river that's where she'd be. But she's beyond thunderdome"

Irricoir's picture

How long before an 11W shirt hits the market with some "STANK" on it?

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

The_Lurker's picture

You mean, like the WORD "STANK" or some real, actual STANK?

buckeye33's picture

I've bought the rights (copywritten) to :


OHIO STATE BASKETBALL  (No Logo as of yet)

Having some difficulty with fees and franchising.  Any interest from Columbus residents ? 

Kasino Royale's picture

Ohh, I know what you can do for a logo. Make the font in "Old Atari" and make the colors Carolina Blue. It would be the most bestest logo ever.

- JimDelaney@twitter


Joe Beale's picture

Rittenberg has the news up on ESECPN now.

The bottom line:

There's a lot to like about this hire, particularly Drayton's connections to the Southeast recruiting scene. New Florida coach Will Muschamp retained Drayton as his recruiting coordinator, so Drayton certainly can aid Ohio State's efforts in the nation's most fertile recruiting region. He also has some familiarity with the Midwest. About the only downside is he has never coached receivers, just running backs.

J.B.'s picture

Drayton is a great get in a lot of ways and I really like the pickup more than who I originally heard was going to fill that role.

I think the concerns about Drayton not working with the WRs is valid to a certain extent, but I really don't think it's as big of a deal as some are making it out to be. If you think about the role that a RB plays at Florida and how much they are involved with the passing game, I'd have to believe that Drayton worked just as much as a "WR coach" as he did a pure RB coach... I don't think the Vikings are too concerned about the "WR coaching" Percy Harvin had while at Florida with a unit coach in Drayton...just a guess...???

Joe Beale's picture

Reaction from the classy fans over at Swamp Gas:

It's Official,

Nice timing Stan! Sure JaJuan is coming with you! What a POS.

Dean's picture

Speaking of Storey - looks like he enjoyed his visit:

Bucksfan's picture

I don't know what they're so upset about.  Ohio State has been stealing WR recruits out of Florida for years (Michael Jenkins, Santonion Holmes, Dru Carter, etc.).  And all they do is brag about their state's talent, but they don't expect other schools to start trying to gobble it up?  Not everyone can play for the 3 Florida schools, and there are other options than the SEC community college farm system.

builderofcoalitions's picture

Hold on. Can we see Diebler block Johnson again?

Because we couldn't go for three.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

I would also like to see that.

buckeye33's picture

Speaking of Diebler...With his three 3 pointers last night , he is now only 11 away from becoming the all-time Big Ten leader in 3 point shots made. Interestingly, of his 79 field goals made this year, 62 are from behind the arc.

The_Lurker's picture

Looked like a stuff to me, but Diebler did not get credit for a block in the stat sheet:

builderofcoalitions's picture

Even the statisticians couldn't believe it.

Because we couldn't go for three.

J.Mo's picture

It doesn't seem like Florida fans care about losing Drayton.