Hard Boiled Beatdown

By Chris Lauderback on January 25, 2011 at 11:17p

Well, I guess that takes care of any questions as to which team is truly the cream of the crop in the B1G - and the country - for that matter. Featuring a balanced attack that saw six Buckeyes reach double figures, Ohio State simply outmanned and out hustled the Purdue Boilermakers on the way to an uber-convincing 87-64 blowout victory in front of a national TV audience.

William Buford poured in 19 points on the strength of 5/6 shooting from beyond the arc and Jared Sullinger held his own against Purdue senior all-everything JaJuan Johnson racking up 17 points and seven boards, bouncing back from a four point first half.

Jon Diebler also had a strong showing with 13 points on 3/5 from deep and team highs of eight boards and six assists, tossing in a block of a Johnson dunk attempt taboot. I’ve been critical of Diebs over the years for being a one dimensional player but he certainly showed impressive versatility tonight.

Aaron Craft was a difference maker in the 1sthalf and finished with 11 points, six rebounds and six assists while DeShaun Thomas chipped in 13 and six boards.

Behind a raucous crowd, Ohio State flashed an intensity not yet seen this year on the way to an electric 16-5 burst forcing Matt Painter to call a timeout with 13:07 left in the half. Buford got it started with two triples before Dallas Lauderdale showcased a lefty jump hook moving through the lane. After an E’Twaun Moore free throw, Diebler got into the three point party burying one from the the wing making it 11-5 good guys. After Sullinger tipped in a Craft miss, Craft drained a triple in transition giving Painter heartburn and OSU the 16-5 cushion. Purdue was forced to call timeout as the Buckeyes hit four of their first five from distance and 6/13 overall while the Boilers managed just 2/8 shooting with a pair of turnovers.

The timeout did little to cool off the Buckeyes as DeShaun Thomas dialed one up from distance before a Terone Johnson layup gave Purdue their first bucket in roughly five and half minutes. Undeterred, Lighty converted an and-1 off a hard drive along the right baseline pushing the lead to 22-7 with 11:31 remaining. After a layup from Moore, Craft took over converting back to back sick layups in traffic building the lead to 26-9 and forcing Painter to call another timeout.

A little over three minutes later, Craft again put on a show in the lane making it 33-13 forcing Painter to again try to stop the Boiler bleeding. The move was futile once again as Lighty picked up a steal and went coast to coast on Purdue’s out of timeout possession pushing the lead to 22 at 35-13 with 5:52 left.

Another bomb from Diebler at the 1:19 mark again put OSU in front by 22, at 44-22 and OSU eventually took a 46-26 lead to the locker room.

The 20 minute blitzkrieg saw OSU shoot a blistering 67% from downtown (6/9) and 57% overall behind 4/6 shooting from Craft (9 pts), 3/4 from Thomas and 2/4 from both Diebler and Buford. Diebler paced the attack with 10 points with Buford, Thomas and Lighty adding seven each but Craft was the straw that stirred the drink. The kid is gaining confidence at a rate that should alarm the rest of the country and his nine point, five board, four assist effort in 15 minutes was a thing of point guard beauty.

The Buckeyes were also impressive at the defensive end in the opening 20 minutes as Lighty locked up Moore holding him to 1/7 shooting (7 pts) while the rest of the Boilers not named JaJuan Johnson combined to shoot 4/11 as the aggressive Buckeye man to man held Purdue to 39% from the floor while owning the glass 21-10.

Purdue came out game in the 2ndhalf but could only work the deficit down to 50-33 after an E’Twaun Moore layup before a wild sequence saw Sullinger drain a trey from the top of the key, Diebler pack Johnson on a dunk attempt and finally Sullinger pick up a steal before Buford splashed a triple to make it 56-33 Buckeyes with 16:36 left.

The Boilers wouldn’t get closer than 20 the rest of the way as Ohio State cruised to victory.

On the night, Ohio State shot a marksman-like 58% from deep (11/19) and 55% overall while holding Purdue to 38%. The Buckeyes also dominated the glass 39-26. Lighty harassed Moore into 4/13 shooting (16 points) while Johnson faired better with an impressive 24 point (10/18), seven rebound effort. The only real blemish was a 12/22 night at the stripe but it mattered little as the Buckeyes had their way with the offensively challenged Boilers.

The win improves Ohio State to 21-0 overall and 8-0 in conference play with a Saturday date with Northwestern, in Evanston, set for 6:00pm.


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Cleats8's picture

Ballin!  O-H!..

mr.green's picture

Good times. I.O!

Matt's picture

If you want to read the most delicious thing in the history of deliciousness, peep Hammer and Rails game thread:


Schadenfraude never tasted so good.

Also, Purdue basketball fans = Penn State football fans

goodlifesean's picture

I love how every team that plays us hates Craft

Always prepare for and expect victory, don't brace for defeat. If defeat happens learn and never let it happen again.

gravey's picture

I almost feel sorry for them...not.  Shit happens in basketball.

osukdawg76's picture

That is just epic hilarity as the game progressed.  I could almost picture the butthurt looks on their faces as the game just continued to spiral out of control for them.


As for the good side of the Ohio/Indiana border, I have to say that this is just amazing.  21-0, with absolutely no question that this team is playing like they are the best in the country.  Got a few rough ones coming up after we curbstomp Northwestern and Michigan.  Truth be told, I want this team to drop one game before the conference tourney.  I want to see how they handle coming back from a loss.


...Then again, I'll gladly take an undefeated season with a cutting of the nets in Houston.

I, for one, welcome our new coaching overlords.



Cross Village's picture

And I thought they had a Department of English at PU.......

These diptards are pathetic and hilarious ...... but then again, the entire State of Indiana should used as a nuclear waste dump.... without evacuating these rednecks dopes.

DG Yeungling & Son beer should have the following message from the Surgeon General:

"Inhalation of this Product Causes Acute Brain Death when Consumed in Indiana"

KenK's picture

"Also, Purdue basketball fans = Penn State football fans"" 

Yeah, that was my impression as well. Here's a hint Boiler fans; when you are getting your ass handed to you by 30 points, it's not "the refs". Oh, and Aaron's name is spelled "Craft", not "Kraft".

Johnny Hooker: "He's not as tough as he thinks". Henry Gondorff: "Neither are we".

SilverBullets's picture

 Also, Purdue basketball fans = Penn State football fans

Wow.  How true that is.

RedQueenRace's picture

Hope this isn't old news. The Only Colors is reporting Korie Lucious has been kicked off the team.


ERIC OSU's picture

Michigan State's bball season has just gotten worse, if thats possible... Backup PG Korie Lucious suspended for the rest of the season for violation of team rules.

....and in other news, its another great day to be a buckeye!!!!!! great game tonight boys.

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Wow. I have no words. Which is really unfortunate since I had to write a recap for a different site. Just...wow.

gravey's picture

Did we serve Purdue a pile of In-N-Out Burgers before the game?

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Big game on national TV and at home... I wasn't the least bit shocked that we smashed like Hulk. This team is legit and better than the Oden/Conley 2006-07 squad. Being a basketball fan first, football second... I'm in euphoria now. Ha.

No homo, but I've had a man crush on Craft all season. Can we get a YouTube vid of his hesitation/shake move that made the Purdue player look like a chair? Craft's excellent defense alone puts him ahead of Conley in my book.

"No time for love, Doctah Jones!"

KenK's picture

I agree, Type G, Craft's hesitation move was a thing of beauty. Also want to give an atta-boy to his left-handed spin move off the drive for another layup. And yes, I love this kid's defense.

In fact, there is a lot to like about this team. Personally, I just love the way that Buford & Lighty play and comport themselves; grace, class and killer.

Johnny Hooker: "He's not as tough as he thinks". Henry Gondorff: "Neither are we".

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Here's to (at some point) national talking heads realizing Ohio State does indeed have a true point guard.

To err is human. Really sucking requires having yellow stripes on your helmet.

German Buckeye's picture

I'm so proud of OSU's continual display of excellence - both on the gridiron and harcourt.  How many D-1 programs can boast what we have - continually a top 5 football program and a top 10 B-ball program - not too many schools have it great on both sides.  Surely it will be a great year if the boys cut down the nets in Houston this spring and the Vest's boys repeat as Big10 champs and another BCS bowl victory (MNC would be awesome of course).  Haters would be beside themselves no? 

andyr78's picture

This is what happens when the Buckeyes stop playing sloppy basketball. The past few games even though they were victories were very sloppy.  Let's hope they can keep this going.

buckeyedude's picture

Wow. I haven't seen every game, but damn, that was the best I've seen the b-ballers play so far. If they keep that up, they'll be ready come March.



yrro's picture

Huge night all around.

Craft was a beast.
Diebler played one of Gia best all around games as a Buckeye. Great rebounding and defense to go with his sniping.
Lighty- that dunk was worthy of the 23 on your jersey.
And Sully has a surprisingly smooth stroke.

But I have to give the biggest shoutout to Thomas. Dude has made huge strides on defense since he got here, and he continues to show great effort crashing the boards. He's almost unrecognizable on defense and passing compared to his first couple games. Huge improvement, and I can't wait to see it continue. If he keeps progressing at this rate we'll be unstoppable come tournament time.

The_Lurker's picture

I think that's what the team looks like when all 7 regulars are playing well at the same time. We haven't seen that to this point, as there are always 1, 2 or even 3 guys who have an off night. Last night everyone was on, they were focused and they were hitting almost every shot they put up. These kinds of games don't happen too often, so I hope everyone is suitably basking in the glow today.

I just read the hate-fest that is the Hammer and Rails game thread. Woo boy. They have a good hate on for Craft, to the point where some of those yahoos were wishing injury on him. Never thought of Craft as a punk...more like a paperboy who can defend.

RedQueenRace's picture

"Last night everyone was on, they were focused and they were hitting almost every shot they put up. These kinds of games don't happen too often, so I hope everyone is suitably basking in the glow today."

Exactly.  If a night comes where Sullinger is doubled, finds the open man and the shots don't fall and lead to a loss we'll be reading about how our weakness was exposed.

Corey Carpenter's picture

Completely agreed with everyone being focused and ready to play. I think the key to that statement is Thomas, who has been more focused over the last couple of games after a sit down with Thad. If Thomas can play like he has the last 2 games, it allows Thad to have a mini rotation with Buford, Diebler, Lighty and Thomas, which allows them a little rest during the game.

Also, I think we better get used to the hate spewing towards Craft for the next 4 years, that dude is becoming a legend and B1G schools are going to hate on him.

The_Lurker's picture

I guess if I found some good, healthy hate for Damon Bailey, then I can see how folks would hate on Craft. However, the Hammer & Rails folks seemed to think he was playing dirty or flopping at times. I just think the kid plays hard. Sure, he's a pesky gnat on D but I find it hard to fathom his game as being nasty (except in the good sense). I found it funny that one H&R criticism of Craft was that he is "ugly." They said the same about Thad over there.


Them on Hammer and Rails hate Craft said he is a Chris Kramer wannabe

Buckeye_Mafia's picture

Wow. Purdue fans actually act and talk as if they are relivent in football and basketball. That's comedy right there. Basketball? Yeah, not anymore. Football? Um. NEVER! I also love how they say ish about our university being filled with trailerhomes and hillbillies. Really? People in Indiana saying that? More meth anyone? And the comments about us paying our players? Classless hethens.

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

yrro's picture

Honestly, pretty much anyone making fun of people as Rednecks is a little pot/kettle for my thinking. There are some pretty rough country parts of most states.