Week Three Heisman Check-In

By Alex on September 20, 2010 at 4:00p

Week three is in the books and as conference play approaches and we can start to get a feel for who are the contenders and who are the pretenders. The Buckeyes are sitting pretty at 3-0 and should have another cupcake tune-up in hand this week as Eastern Michigan (0-12 last year) comes to Columbus to get their $1 million beat down. Terrelle Pryor continued his strong bid towards a Heisman trophy last weekend, despite throwing two interceptions and many of the players to make last week's list held up solid once again. It's now that time to check-in with the Heisman front-runners and see who's stock is up, who's stock is down, and who is coming into the picture as the season begins to unfold.

TP at work (Photo/Bucknuts)TERRELLE PRYOR

Pryor looked really good for most of the 43-7 win against Ohio, even completing a school record 16 straight passes. Pryor finished 22-29 for 235 yards and 2 touchdowns through the air, while rushing for 35 yards and a score on the ground. He did throw two interceptions when the game was already out of hand which became his first two of the season and the first two turnovers for Ohio State as a team in 2010. For the year, TP is 51-81 (63%) for 715 yards and 6 TDs passing and 165 yards and 2 TDs rushing. We will know more about Pryor's Heisman hopes come Big Ten season, but for now he remains high on the list.


Denard did it again and TSUN needed every yard he produced as they narrowly escaped FCS UMass 42-37. Robinson was 10-14 for 241 yards and 2 touchdowns against 1 interception through the air and also added 104 yards and a touchdown on 17 carries on the ground. Season to date, Shoelace has 1,230 total yards and 8 touchdowns, but the question still remains if he will be able to do it against more physical defenses. Michigan has Bowling Green next week so expect another huge output from #16 in week four.


Boise was back in action this week and Moore had an outstanding game. The junior was 20-30 for 370 yards and 2 touchdowns against 1 interception on the road against Wyoming and continued to lead the Broncos towards a legitimate shot at a MNC appearance. Boise State takes on Oregon State on "The Smurf Turf" in week four so we will get to see once again if both the Broncos and Moore are for real.

What could have beenRYAN MALLETT

Mallett may have made the biggest case for the Heisman this week as the Razorbacks went down to Georgia this weekend and handed the Bulldogs a 31-24 loss. Mallett not only threw the game winning score to end the game, but went 21-33 for 380 yards and 3 touchdowns with no turnovers in the hyped-up SEC showdown. The former Michigan quarterback now has 1,080 yards and 9 passing touchdowns (against 2 interceptions) on the season. He may have the most deadly aerial assault out of any of the Heisman-contending quarterbacks and Bobby Petrino's system should keep him on pace for a trip to New York in December.

Taylor martinez

The Cornhusker's freshman takes Matt Barkley's place on the list this week as he lead Nebraska into Washington and came out with a 56-21 victory. Martinez was 7-11 for 150 yards and a touchdown through the air and rushed for 137 yards and 3 TDs on 19 carries. For the season the freshman has 813 total yards and 9 touchdowns and his ability to run and pass make him a dark horse for an invite to New York. Even if his presence on this list only lasts one week, at least you now know a name to watch out for in the Big Ten the next three seasons. 

Andrew Luck

Luck makes his first appearance on our Heisman list and it is well-deserved after the Cardinal beat Wake Forest by the impressive score of 68-24. Luck was 17-23 for 207 yards and 4 TDs, bringing his season totals to 674 yards passing and 10 aerial scores against 0 interceptions. Luck also has 140 yards and a score rushing on just 13 carries, good for a 10.8 yard per carry average. Luck is competing with Mallett to be the first pick in the 2011 NFL Draft and right now, I'd have to say I want my team to take a hard look at Luck for the rest of 2010.


Broyles had another big game in the Sooners' 27-24 win over Air Force. The junior caught 10 passes for 116 yards and now has 321 yards and 3 TDs on the 2010 season. While I do think Broyles could be the nation's best overall receiver, I'm not sure if his numbers are eye-popping enough for him to even be in the top five for Heisman voting. I do know that if he continues to average 107 yards and a TD per game that he will project to have about 1,391 and 13 TDs after the Big 12 Championship game and I'm not sure numbers like that can be ignored. Keep an eye on Broyles.


Landry Jones stays on this list with a 254 yard and 1 TD performance against Air Force, but he needs to take over games more if he wants OU to stay undefeated and if he wants a shot at the bronze statue. Jones has a total of 851 yards and 7 touchdowns passing, but games against Cincinnati on the road and against Texas on neutral turf will really show if he is Heisman-talk worthy. Keep your tabs on Jones and see if in the next two weeks he can remain on the Heisman list.

It's a Sooner PartyDEMARCO MURRAY

Murray played hero and star in the Sooners' victory this week. He rushed for 110 yards and 2 touchdowns on 26 carries, while also catching 5 passes for 38 yards and a touchdown. Murray has shown he can be a workhorse for Bob Stoops week in and week out and he now has 459 total yards and 7 touchdowns in 2010. Murray will be the key to Oklahoma's season and with Trent Richardson and Mark Ingram sharing the workload in Tuscaloosa, I can see DM7 being the only back to get the call to New York later this fall.


Thomas continued his tear against Iowa State, rushing for 181 yards and 2 TDs on 34 carries this past weekend. He now leads all running backs with 552 yards in 2010 and has 6 touchdowns to go with his ability to scoot. The 6-2/228 senior is playing himself into a first-round pick, but the real test will come in two weeks when the Wildcats take on Nebraska in Lincioln. If Thomas can produce in that game and give KSU a chance to win, expect his Heisman hopes to shoot through the roof.


HONORABLE MENTION: CB/KR Patrick Peterson (LSU), QB Cameron Newton (Auburn), QB Matt Barkley (USC), QB Russell Wilson (NC State), RB Kendall Hunter (OK State), WR Justin Blackmon (OK State), RB LaMichael James (Oregon), QB Nick Foles (Arizona), RB Ronnie Hillman (San Diego State)


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SouthBayBuckeye's picture

Velcro has already won three Heismans according to ESPN. Dayne Crist came in 2nd.

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I'm glad to see someone from Oregon crack the honorable mention list.  With the amount of points that team has been putting up they have to have someone worthy of a mention anyway.

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I just scored 60 on Portland State in my sleep.

wait... 67

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Matt's picture

The kid who tackled Brutus Buckeye had this to say:

"Brandon Hanning, the person in the Rufus costume, said he was not upset with the aftermath.

"It was the whole reason I tried out (to be Rufus) last year," he said. "I knew we were going back to OSU this year, and I wanted to tackle Brutus."

Hanning, 19, is a student at Hocking College. He enrolled at OU last year but dropped out, he said. He added that he still hadn't been informed of his firing, but didn't care."

Mr. Hanning's facebook profile is here.  You know what to do.


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looks like a cool guy


nice "gang signs"

Banned from ATO since June 3rd 2PMish PST

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My gaydar just went bizerk


....not that there's anything wrong with that

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I wonder how many times this firing thing is going to happen to this kid in his lifetime.  I feel like you can do an insert-the-blank exercise twenty times over, inserting different variables, given the career ceiling this kid is going to have:

"He added that he still hadn't been informed of his firing from [INSERT NAME OF FAST FOOD RESTAURANT IN LOCAL ATHENS/HOCKING HILLS AREA], but didn't care."  

M Man's picture

"Rufus"... ?

Did he "plan" the part where he hung on Brutus' back like a Three Stooges fight scene?

This is one of the approximately 365 days during the average year, in which I am glad we don't have a mascot.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

jfunk's picture

So what you're saying it that this guy was a sleeper agent. He infiltrated Ohio University and beacme their mascott just so he could jump on the back of our mascott a year down the road? Bravo sir, bravo.

Scotch: It may be too early to drink it, yes; but people it is never to early to think about it.

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Is anyone else not buying this?  How was he the mascot if he's not even a student there?

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Kudos once again to the intrepid photo research division at 11W.  It is not easy, even the 21st century, to find a photo of Ryan Mallett's forgettably retarded performance against Wisconsin in 2007.


To:  Little Rock, Columbus, Tempe

From:  Ann Arbor

Re:  Heisman-candidate QB's

Text:  Have a great season, everybody.  We're pretty happy with who we've got now.

Matt's picture


To: Ann Arbor

From: Columbus

Re:  Re: Heisman-candidate QB's

Text:  Ahem:  "We're pretty happy with whom we've got now."

CC:  Little Rock, Tempe, http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/ann-arbor-mi/university-of-michigan-9092

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Yes, because Steven Threet is such a threat to take the Heisman this year.

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Just checking to see if you were paying attention.  We all love Steven Threet.  He seems to have given Bucky Badger more headaches than Heisman Mallett ever did.  (2008 victory over Wisconsin, and a near-win last week.) 

You get a gold star for reading comprehension, and you can take the rest of the day off.

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The scUM defense sure hasn't been paying attention. Our O is going to have a field day with them come November.

Jimmy's picture

I would like to throw a long shot out here. Randall Cobb of Kentucky has two touchdowns receiving, one rushing, one passing and one on a punt return. He also has about 400 all purpose yards in 3 games. He has done all of this playing about half of each of the last two games. If he has a big game this weekend at Florida look for him to creep into the conversation.

Buckeyeholicwompa's picture

I change my mind. 2 picks.....not a big deal. Now if we rewinded to 2 yrs ago and if TP were playing, then it would have counted.


Anyone watch MNF and see the 49ers player pointing the wrong direction after the Saint's punt receiver dropped the ball but the Sain'ts got the ball anyway? Funny shit, the guy doesn't know what team he's on.

Buckeye_Mafia's picture

Everyone is making a big deal about Wisconsin. They didn't have their two biggest playmakers. ASU still couldn't beat them. All they had to do was load the box and protect against the run. Shutting down John Clay is all the had to do at that point. Its Sept. 21st and Michigan still doesn't have a defense. Who cares about Robinson. UMASS showed all his offense still cleaves them susceptible to losing. TO UMASS. Big Ten teams are going to eat DickRods's team alive.

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama