Newcomerstown Woody Hayes Statue Donors

Woody Hayes statue in Newcomerstown, Ohio.

It started as a wild idea: Why don't we place a statue of Woody Hayes in his hometown of Newcomerstown, Ohio? Thanks to the dozens of generous donors you see below, we were able to do just that.

On August 18, 2018, the statue, created by renowned sculptor Alan Cottrill, met the roar of the crowd following speeches by Woody's son Steve Hayes, Archie Griffin, Eleven Warriors' Chris Lauderback, Newcomerstown Mayor Pat Cradle, and others.

“People ask me if I'm an only child,” Hayes said during the ceremony. “My answer is no I am not. My father had thousands of sons.”

“Those seeking to understand Woody's true legacy would be well-served to talk to those who played for him and were shaped by his influence,” Griffin said. “Speaking for some of his former players, I must say what stands out so many years later is how much he truly cared for us and what he tried to teach us about this world we live in.”

"It was truly an honor and privilege to be a part of the effort to deliver a statue of a great patriot and coach, Woody Hayes, to the wonderful people of Newcomerstown and I’m so thankful the Hayes family and Archie Griffin were able to join in the celebration," offered Chris Lauderback, Executive Editor of Eleven Warriors.

Thank You to Our Donors

George Brode, Kirk Herbstreit, Randy and Kathy Osler, Lee Russell, Bill and Twyla Ridder, Ike Kelley, Newcomerstown Veterans Groups, Michael Pikos, Paul Welch, Zach Miller, Terry Walter
Jason Priestas, Chris Lauderback, Ramzy Nasrallah, Johnny Ginter, Ron Brothers, David and Matt Darr, Doug Yurovich, Brian Bambeck, Tad Allen, Julia Geldis, Daniel Parsons, Andrew Ellis, John Henkhaus, Kirk Oberliesen, D.J. Fisher, Paul Yerian, Christopher Yamasaki, Dave Archer, Rob Couts, Anne Russell, Debbie Jackson, Todd Pflaumer, Dan Chacho, Ken Wilmoth, Thomas Croyle, Rudy Hrovatic, Kevin Westhoven, Tom Sieber, Ted and Carla Mercer, Doug Aschenbach, Jeff Leciejewski, Vane Scott, Cindy Greenwell, James Moore, Kipp Hall, Dave Sullivan, Larry Mizell, Walter Neubert, Brandi Westfall, Daniel Deardorff, Robert Stockdale, James Davis, Mark Pemberton, Doug Yurovich, Pete Haggard, Daniel Berkshire, Richard Mathias, Dave Craigo, Myers and Miller Podiatry Inc., Ward Holdsworth, Whit Parks, Nancy Moore, Jeff Ebersbach, Boobsy Bittner, Robert Roe, Tom Moorehead, Christopher Lenzo, Richard Mindigo, Dave Spellman