Eleven Dubcast: Can Ohio State Get Motivated For the Rose Bowl, Or Will Missing the Playoff Curb the Buckeyes' Enthusiasm?

By Andy Vance on December 7, 2021 at 2:50 pm
Rose Bowl

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Losing to That Team Up North kept Ohio State out of the College Football Playoff, as expected. Despite some chaos championship weekend, enough of the teams ahead of them won to keep the Buckeyes from getting another crack at their mortal enemies... unlike Alabama and Georgia, who will most likely square up again next month for another all-SEC national title game.


But there was a time, not that long ago, where the Rose Bowl – The Granddaddy of Them All – was nobody's idea of a consolation prize, it was the whole enchilada. Will Ohio State get up for a non-playoff bowl game, or will the team's draft-eligible stars opt out or phone it in? Utah, making just its first appearance in the Rose Bowl, will almost certainly show up ready for a scrap.

We'll also discuss Johnny's nightmare-come-true of Michigan and Cincinnati making the Playoff, as well as the week's big news that Quinn Ewers has taken his talents to the transfer portal, and what that says about the overall state of college football in the era of NIL and free agency.


0:00 Rose Bowl baby! Playoff be damned, it's still the greatest single bowl game in history.

3:01 If the Rose Bowl is a consolation prize for a playoff-or-bust program like Ohio State, how many draft-eligible Buckeyes will opt-out of the team's final bow?

12:30 Ohio State is on the outside looking in while Michigan and Cincinnati are in the Playoff... what fresh hell is this??? Oh, and an Alabama/Georgia rematch for the natty seems inevitable... right?

28:59 Utah has zero history in the Rose Bowl and has only faced the Buckeyes once in history. Let's get to know the Utes!

32:43 Quinn Ewers enters the transfer portal, which also feels like it was pretty much inevitable from the get-go.

52:10 Ask Us Anything!! Is Ohio State a soft team? Where did the toughness go? Also, we discuss the best pizza in Columbus!

64:53 Quick Cals: The Buckeye hoops team knocks off No. 1 Duke! And C.J. Stroud is a Heisman finalist, which is cool and good.

And that'll do it, thanks as always to Travis for the sweet logo, thanks to Buffalo Wild Wings for their incredible hospitality, and thanks to you for listening and checking out the Dry Goods store!

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