Eleven Dubcast: Without Buckeye Football to Soothe Our Nerves, the Future of Ryan Day Comes into Full Focus

By Johnny Ginter on October 6, 2020 at 2:50 pm
Ohio State head coach Ryan Day

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Ryan Day is an interesting cat. In part because of his coaching career and the path that has taken him to Columbus, but also because of the choices that he'll undoubtedly be making in the next few years of his professional life.

Those choices are part of what we're talking about this week on the Dubcast? To paraphrase The Clash, does he stay or does he go? Would he even want to? What hidden allures does the NFL hold that college football might not? Hell, are even we immune to the charms of The Shield?

But actual college football is, in fact, happening, so we get into that too, as well as a nice lengthy digression about Saturday morning cartoons of our youth and a very nice human connection via Ask Us Anything (which you can do at dubcast@elevenwarriors.com). Aw.

And hey, don't forget to rate and subscribe if that all floats your boat! To the rundown!

0:00 NFL huh? Nice! Welp, see ya later!

25:35 The Big 12 is very bad and should be banned from playing football forever. THERE, I SAID IT.

45:25 Indiana is an absolute Rockapella banger. Plus, a friendship blossoms.

And that'll do it! Thanks as always to Travis and hey, you know what? A special shout out to Stlwookie and Chalk for being such awesome listeners/contributors to the show. You both rule. See you all next week!

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