Eleven Dubcast: The Time Has Come to Rank Some Dudes and Realign Some Conferences

By Johnny Ginter on June 30, 2020 at 2:50 pm
Former Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier

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I don't usually get too upset about hypotheticals or "what-ifs" or rankings of players or teams. There's nothing wrong with a little speculation in the offseason, and especially not in this particular offseason.


This week, Andy and I just couldn't let some things slide. On one hand, you've got a truly asinine idea from a writer who should know better, and on the other, a poor start to a ranking of football players of the past decade from BTN, who should really know better. Condemning Ohio State to a conference made out of almost all Ohio teams? Leaving Ryan Shazier and Ezekiel Elliot off a list of best players of the 2010's? INEXCUSABLE!

Plus, Ask Us Anything (which you can do via e-mail and Twitter) revisits some sports movies! It's all fun on a bun, so check it out. Oh, and don't forget to rate and subscribe to us while you're at it!

0:00 COVID update, and let's get into some conference realignment chat, shall we?

23:17 I'm a Saquon hater and I don't care who knows it. Except Saquon.

44:02 Bull Durham isn't a baseball movie any more than Titanic is a historical documentary.

And that'll do it! As always, thanks to Travis for the logo, thanks to you for listening and checking out the Dry Goods store, and we'll see you next week!

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