Eleven Dubcast: Mandel, Staples, and Finkes Bring the Sugar Bowl Heat

By Johnny Ginter on December 31, 2014 at 3:05 pm

Fox's Stewart Mandel, SI's Andy Staples, and former Buckeye defensive end Matt Finkes join Johnny and Michael to break down the College Football Playoff.

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The last time Ohio State played in the Sugar Bowl, Arkansas was a force to be reckoned with, you could mentally picture Bobby Petrino in something other than a neck brace, and this bit of complete badassery put a grin on our faces because it came in a validating, cathartic victory that we totally deserved.

Well, time and change and all that, and Bobby Petrino is a punchline (albeit a punchline with a coaching job), Jim Tressel is the President of Youngstown State University, and that Sugar Bowl win apparently never happened. So that sucks, but here we are, on the edge of 2015, and Ohio State has yet another chance to prove themselves against an SEC opponent. Except this time, the Buckeyes have already been through the wringer due to a Lemony Snicket-style series of unfortunate events that they came out of smelling like a rose.

Still, Nick Saban and Alabama is one hell of an obstacle, and to help us better understand that obstacle, we've brought on Fox Sport's Stewart Mandel and SI.com's Andy Staples to help us figure this thing out. Mandel gives us the media day updates from New Orleans, and Staples gives us the view from the Rose Bowl in Cali (and also about a billion dining suggestions for you New Orleans Buckeye bros).

All this, and Ask Us Anything (which you can do by hitting us up on Twitter or sending us an e-mail here), and of course commentary by Matt Finkes with Finkes On Football! It's a big ass Dubcast for a big ass game, so check it out why not?

0:09 Hey the basketball team lost so mayb- hahaha I'm just kidding! FOOTBALL! LET'S DO THIS!

14:24 Matt Finkes rolls in with Finkes on Football, and we talk a little Harbaugh before we get into the real meat and potatoes that is the Sugar Bowl. Plus Ask Us Anything!

38:15 Fox Sport's Stewart Mandel comes on and drops a little media knowledge on the Sugar Bowl.

53:00 Oh and hey, it's Andy Staples! He's chilling out in Pasadena, but that doesn't stop him from bringing the goods on both the Rose and Sugar Bowls. Plus New Orleans dining suggestions! Hint: try here.

1:08:28 Please do a Statue of Liberty play pllleeeaaasseee do a Statue of Liberty play!

And that should do it! Next week's Dubcast will either be awesome or terrible. Or so terrible that it's awesome. Either way, you should tune in. See you next week!

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