Skull Session: Buckeye Hoops vs. Buckeye Football Pickup Game, Dijon Johnson's Absurd Rise, and Tyleik Williams is a Breakout Candidate

By Kevin Harrish on July 29, 2022 at 5:59 am
Tyleik Williams is heading for a breakout season in today's skull session.

The Buckeye world lost a legend yesterday.

Rest in peace William White, and prayers to Brendon and the rest of the White family.

Word of the Day: Blithe.

 CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Well well well, it looks like some noted mouth-runners may be about that action, after all.

A day after C.J. Stroud made the bold claim that the football team could put together a squad to beat the basketball team, it looks like the sides have reached out to put this to the test.

If these fellows have any entrepreneurial spirit at all, they'll set up a pay-per-view live stream for the event, cause lord knows people would pay to see this.

Shit, Ohio State should replace the preseason exhibition hoops game with this and easily double the revenue.

 METEORIC RISE. Back in November, a few months before cornerback prospect Dijon Johnson committed to Ohio State, he was rated as the No. 457 prospect in the country. About six months later, he's a top-100 recruit, checking in at No. 93.

It's been an absurd glow-up for the future Buckeye, but the secret to his sudden success isn't really all that interesting – he's just really good at football and has been proving it on the field.

Johnson had been Wharton’s leading receiver in 2020 as a sophomore thanks to his size — he’s listed at 6-foot-1, 190 pounds — and physicality. But toward the end of the season, when injuries left Wharton thin in the secondary during a playoff game, Williams threw Johnson in at cornerback at the player’s request.

“He can be the waterboy. He can play center. Whatever you need him to do, he thinks he can do,” said Williams, a former All-America wide receiver at USC and a first-round NFL Draft pick in 2005. “He was like, ‘Coach, put me in. I can guard them. I can guard them.’ We threw him in there. And the rest is history.”

When Johnson arrived at the Florida camp on July 30, 2021, Gators coaches had seen only about five or six plays of him on film at cornerback — all in that playoff game.

But he performed so well in one-on-one drills at the camp that he earned an offer from the Florida staff the next day, joining Boston College and Ole Miss as one of just three offers at the time.

“He went out there, and they were talking about, ‘This guy was the second-ranked guy here and this guy was a five-star guy here’ and yada, yada, and those are the guys that (Johnson) was jumping out to guard in the one-on-ones,” Williams said. “That was the defining moment for him.”

Ranking aside, there is absolutely nothing I love more than signing an elite recruit on the rise. Give me a four-star that keeps climbing the rankings over a plateaued five-star any day. If a guy 

 BREAKOUT YEAR. Ohio State's got so many absurdly talented true sophomores entering this upcoming season that a dude who could easily emerge as one of the top interior linemen in the country is getting overlooked by pretty much everyone.

But I'll give props where props are due – Pro Football Focus is on it.

The hilarious thing is, even if he does end up as one of the top linemen in the country, there's still a very good argument that multiple guys on his same defensive line have higher ceilings, with Jack Sawyer and J.T. Tuimoloau also existing.

TL, DR – Ohio State is stacked, and it's cool.

 DECOLDEST NIL DEAL EVER. I have found it. I have found the world's most perfect NIL deal.

Some of y'all might remember wid receiver Decoldest Crawford at Nebraska. The dude is absolutely first-team All-Name, and he could not have landed a more fitting NIL deal, signing on with a local HVAC company.

"SOS Heating and Cooling is here to make your house Decoldest this summer."

The commercials write themselves!

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Enter Sandman" by Metallica.

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