Skull Session: NCAA Continues to Botch NIL Rollout, Trey Sermon is Faster Than His 40 Time, and Haskell Garrett is a Proud Hawaiian

By Kevin Harrish on May 18, 2021 at 5:15 am
Tony Alford is coaching in today's skull session.

It would seem that Columbus saved The Crew once again.

Word of the Day: Amalgam.

 DRAGGING THOSE FEET. Despite literal years of lead time, countless media mockery and even their own president's urging, it's looking like the NCAA is going to be totally unprepared to address all these upcoming Name, Image and Likeness laws.

The NCAA Council is not likely to recommend passage of formal name, image and likeness legislation this week at its upcoming meeting, sources told CBS Sports. This inaction would come just days after NCAA president Mark Emmert urged membership to pass such legislation by July 1 as pressure mounts nationally with NIL laws in six individual states going into effect on that date.

It will therefore be unlikely that the NCAA will have NIL legislation in place to regulate its schools in six weeks. Those states' NIL laws will allow players to receive unprecedented benefits by granting them the ability to market themselves.

The funniest part is, I read those comments from Mark Emmert a few weeks ago and thought, "being proactive about something detrimental to the survival of your oganization? That's not the NCAA I know!"

And here we are!

This is going to be an absolute dumpster fire. But if you expected anything less from this organization at this point, that's kind of on you.

 MADE IN HAWAII. If you couldn't tell by the ink on his arm, Haskell Garrett has deep polynesian roots. And the time he spent back in his ancestral home is still helping mold who he is today.

Haskell always carries that Hawaiian heritage with him – inked on his arm. And that led to what is probably the single most badass photograph ever taken by a high school teen.

From the second I saw that picture, there was no doubt in my mind that Garrett would be an absolute monster in the trenches. You don't rock a tattoo that impressive and pose with what appears to be an ancient family weapon if you're not a complete badass.

Turns out, I was not wrong!

 FASTER THAN HIS 40 TIME. Trey Sermon may have ran just a 4.59 second 40-yard dash, but turns out, that 4.59 looked a hell of a lot like a 4.3 to the 49ers.

Sermon dislocated the SC joint in his left shoulder on the first play of the subsequent national title game against Alabama. Though the injury ended his college career, he’s fully healthy now and there was plenty on tape by that point to sell 49ers running backs coach Bobby Turner.

A relatively pedestrian 40-yard dash time of 4.59 might’ve hurt Sermon’s draft stock, but the 49ers were enthralled by his 1.49 10-yard split, which was the second best of all running back prospects. That fast of a 10-yard split is usually associated with a 4.3 or 4.4 time in the 40.

Toomer, the former high school track coach, thinks Sermon was smooth coming out of the 40’s drive phase, which coincidentally lasts about 10 yards, but pushed too hard and clenched up over the final 30 yards — leading to the slower overall time. He says Sermon will be fueled by what he perceived to be at least a small slide in the draft.

So basically, through the first 10 yards – which are quite important, for a running back – he was the second fastest back in the entire draft.

If you know that information and that guy's sitting available towards the end of the third round, it probably doesn't take all that much consideration to realize you've got yourself an  Oceans 11-esque steal.

 MENTAL HEALTH MONTH. Ryan Day has two primary identities – offensive mastermind and champion for mental health.

Thankfully, he's found one of the only jobs on Earth where he can lean into both fully.

Shoutout to Ryan Day for everything he's done on this front since taking the helm in Columbus. It hasn't gone unnoticed by me, and I'm sure others feel similarly.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Hands Down" by The Greeting Committee.

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