Skull Session: Justin Fields is the Best Throwing Past the Sticks, Don't Let Duane Washington Go Left, and J.K. Dobbins' Rookie Season Was Exceptional

By Kevin Harrish on February 15, 2021 at 4:59 am
Duane Washington and Diallo are best friends in today's skull session.

I'm happy to report that Nebraska finally got a Big Ten win this weekend, so the circle is now complete:

Word of the Day: Convivial.

 NUMBERS DON'T LIE. The narrative heading into the draft is already that Justin Fields is the decidedly inferior passer compared to guys like Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson, and I've even heard a few people suggest that Fields' numbers are inflated due to easy underneath passes to open receivers.

But the thing is, the numbers say Fields is the best and most accurate downfield passer in the draft, and it's not really all that close.

Yes, Lawrence isn't even within 10 percent points of Fields.

I'm never going to say Trevor Lawrence shouldn't go No. 1 overall, because he's going to and he's probably going to have a fantastic NFL career, but it's insane to me that some people see such a massive dropoff between Lawrence and Fields, or even Wilson and Fields.

Maybe I'm just seeing what I want to see with Fields, but to me, he seems like the more proven option with better numbers in a more pro style offense making more difficult throws. I'd be willing to bet that translates to the next level, but I guess there's also a chance I'm a complete moron.

 TO THE LEFT, TO THE LEFT. Finally, we have a simple answer to whether you should be angry or excited when Duane Washington Jr. hoists up a seemingly ill-advised heat check three.

From the left = excited!

From the right = go ahead and throw that remote.

The most Duane Washington thing about this chart is that he appears to be in the 99th percentile in shot volume, which is incredibly on brand.

Watching him play often feels like playing Russian Roulette with three in the chamber, but I like to live on the edge, so I wouldn't change a damn thing about him.

 J.K. ALL DAY. It's probably because the slow start, but it feels like J.K. Dobbins didn't get anywhere near the buzz he deserved from his rookie season. Especially when you actually look at the numbers.

All that from the fifth running back taken, selected in the bottom of the second round.

Baltimore on draft night:

Someone's stealing!

 I SEE YOU, KEVIN HALL. If y'all are looking to be impressed on this fine Monday (and feel sad that you cannot spend it golfing), I've got just the stuff.

I have not played a hole of golf in my life, but I have wielded a golf club at Top Golf a few times and let me tell you, it is a downright guarantee that more than 50 percent of my shots would hit the house.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Peach Fuzz" by Caamp.

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