Skull Session: Bucks Rank 121st in Returning Production, Urban Meyer Keeping Columbus House, and Jonathon Cooper Owned the Senior Bowl

By Kevin Harrish on February 2, 2021 at 4:59 am
we have two helmets in today's skull session.

I have never in my life seen a better Tweet to affirm a commitment.

What's the deer's 40 time? Cause I think there might be some room in the '22 class...

Word of the Day: Intractable.

 NEW FACES EVERYWHERE. The boon and bane of college football is that everyone's roster completely resets every 2-4 years.

But the thing is, my team rakes in top-five classes like a suburban dad raking leaves on an October day, so I have never in my life been concerned about a "rebuilding year," and I ain't going to stop now, even with my team only returning 50 percent of its prodcution.

My returning production formula looks at the most predictive key personnel stats -- the numbers that have the most impact on improvement or regression from season to season. What percentage of your QBs' combined passing yardage is returning? Your offensive line snaps? Your defensive tackles for loss? Returning production is weighted based on what correlates most strongly with year-to-year changes in SP+.

The weighting for the offensive returning production formula changes from year to year as I get more data to play with. The current iteration is as follows:

Returning QB passing yards: 29%
Returning RB rushing yards: 5%
Returning WR/TE receiving yards: 34%
Returning OL snaps: 33%


Defense is a little bit trickier. The units aren't quite as well-defined -- teams play with three or four linemen, three or four linebackers, four or five defensive backs -- but this is approximately what goes into the defensive returning production figure:

Returning tackles: 56%
Returning tackles for loss: 6%
Returning sacks: 7%
Returning passes defensed: 31%

Ohio State ranks 121st out of 127 teams in returning production, which seems bad if you aren't replacing a solid number of those players with five-star prospects.

I'm not going to pretend that recruiting rankings are an exact science. It's entirely possible that a five-star or high four-star recruit turns out to be a bust. It happens all the time. That's why you bring in multiple at each position!

 COOPER TROOPER. For the first three quarters of the Senior Bowl, Jonathon Cooper made the same impact on the stat sheet as I did. However, he also spent about as much time in the backfield as I did on my couch, and the football-knowers took notice.

He didn't actually stay stat-less the entire game though, thanks to a monster fourth quarter. He had 1.5 sacks and led the team with 1.5 tackles for loss.

I root for every Buckeye on their noble quests to become multi-millionaires, but I'm especially stoked to see Cooper blow up after he basically didn;t have a junior season and almost didn't have a senior season, either.

 MUIRFIELD FOREVER. Urban Meyer may be heading to Jacksonville, but that doesn't mean he's turning his back on central Ohio.

While that means he'll be heading to Florida, the former Buckeyes coach told 10TV's Dom Tiberi that doesn't he is leaving Central Ohio altogether. 

“We are going to keep a place here. At some point, we might move but keep a place here. Obviously, we are very close to the Ohio State program, Gene Smith, Ryan Day and my son-in-law Corey, and our grandkids. I am Muirfield forever," he said.

Urban out here doing the reverse snowbird and holding a vacation home in Ohio while maintaining a permanent residence in Jacksonville. Can't say that's the I'd do it, but I can't knock the hustle.

 WHEN YOU REALIZE... Chase Young stacks up pretty damn well when you look at the aggregate stats of the past three years...

... especially when you realize he only played two of those three seasons, and was suspended for three games during his best season.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "C.R.E.A.M." by Wu-Tang Clan.

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