Skull Session: Joey Bosa Was Mic'd Up, Urban Meyer Could Return As an Assistant If Needed, and Cincinnati Fans Think They Belong in the Playoff

By Kevin Harrish on December 2, 2020 at 4:59 am
Shaun Wade is a plane in today's skull session.

Here is your fact of the day:

I'm not sure how I feel about that, to be honest, but I'm going to choose to laugh.

Word of the Day: Refulgent.

 MIC'D UP. Some seer had the foresight to strap a mic to Joey Bosa before the game of his life on Sunday, and we are all quite thankful – even if about half of it is bleeped out.

There are two distinctly different versions Joey Bosa featured in that video, and I would want both of them on my team for completely different reasons.

 THAT'S URBAN MEYER'S MUSIC! So, maybe all those jokes calling for Urban Meyer to fill in for Ryan Day weren't really all that far-fetched after all...

I can see it now – Urban Meyer picks Ohio State to beat Michigan during the Big Noon Kickoff pregame show, then walks to the sideline to help the Buckeyes make good on his prediction as an assistant coach.

At the very least, the odds of Meyer coaching at Ohio State again are significantly higher than the odds of him coaching at Texas.

 YOU MUST BE NEW HERE. If you were unlucky enough to run across the dozen or so Cincinnati football fans online last night, you'd know they're officially mad online that Ohio State is ranked ahead of their beloved Bearcats.

And you know, I get it. Especially when they're reading stuff like this.

Alright, sure sure sure. I'm tracking. Valid arguments all around. I'd be a little miffed too.

But then we get here:

Oh, sweetie...

This poor fellow seems to earnestly believe that the committee values a teams' resume over the purely subjective eye test about which team they simply believe to be better. It's cute, innocent, and the clearest indication that Cincinnati has never been anywhere close to the College Football Playoff conversation before.

The reality is that if the committee simply looks at Ohio State and looks at Cincinnati and decides that the Buckeyes would wax the Bearcats, Ohio State's getting in regardless of what the resume says – especially this year. I'm not even going to pretend to agree with that line of thinking, because my eyes have lied to me way too many times to trust the eye test, but I've also been around the game long enough to know how things work here.

This isn't even worth getting mad about if you're Cincinnati. Why are you worried about Ohio State when you should be pitching a temper tantrum that there are three teams with a loss ranked ahead of your undefeated team.

 IT WOULDN'T BE COLLEGE BASKETBALL WITHOUT... We're only about a week into college basketball season, but Ted Valentine is already in midseason form.

I guess he's just trying to make up for lost time since last season got cut short.

 BRAINS OF THE FAMILY. Lailah Elliott had big shoes to fill when she followed in her brother's footsteps to become an Ohio State athlete. But a few years later, she's set to do something Zeke never did – graduate.

Huge congrats, Lailah. I'm terribly sorry for ruining the quality of your degree by wasting two of them writing clunky sports words online.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "White Winter Hymnal" by Pentatonix (Fleet Foxes cover).

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