Skull Session: Texas Wants Urban Meyer, Paul Finebaum Backs the Buckeyes, and Musa Jallow Suffers Another Injury

By Kevin Harrish on November 30, 2020 at 5:29 am
There's a game ball in today's skull session.

Hey, let's have a football game this week, cool?

Word of the Day: Adroit.

 THE TOP TARGET. Just when I thought Texas' collapse can't possibly get any more hilarious, it seems that the Longhorns now have hitched their hopes and dreams to a 56-year-old who quit coaching over two years ago because of health problems that his close friends thought might kill him on the sideline.

But yes, Urban Meyer is Reportedly Texas' top target.

It’s clear that Meyer would be Texas’ target it it moved on from Herman. It’s not nearly as clear if Meyer would have interest in returning to the sideline, as he has thrived in his new role as an analyst for Fox and still would have to make a health decision. Remember, it was an enlarged congenital arachnoid cyst in Meyer’s head that helped lead to his retirement, and whether he wants to take the health risk that accompanies coaching would weigh large on any decision.

Even if there were zero health concerns, there's not a chance in hell Meyer wants to stroll back into coaching college football on the back end of his career at the exact same time the NCAA rolls out new NIL rules and a one-time transfer. Especially when he has a cushy TV job instead.

But hey, I guess you gotta shoot your shot. If Meyer doesn't work out for Texas, maybe they should take a look at the up-and-coming guy at North Carolina right now. He's really turned that program around, maybe he could do the same thing at Texas!

 AN UNLIKELY ALLY. I've waged online warfare with Paul Finebaum for most of my online life, but in a 2020-ass turn of events, I now find myself riding into battle alongside the SEC's Lizard King against Ohio State's own conference.

“I think they have to have an open mind,” Finebaum said about the College Football Playoff committee. “I mean the Big Ten shut down and then came back so they did a lot of this to themselves. I still don’t think Ohio State should be penalized if they don't get to the Big Ten championship game. They are the best team in the Big Ten and I don’t think there's much debate about that. I’ll leave it up to Kevin Warren and the Big Ten conference. They need to find a way to get them in. But if they don't, I'd lean heavily towards Ohio State right now. I like Ohio State a lot.”

He's stumping for the Buckeyes knowing that it would take a spot away from an SEC team. Folks, I"ve seen it all.

"I like Ohio State a lot." – Paul Finebaum.

Print the shirts.

 PRAYERS UP. As if watching yesterday's hoops game already wasn't frustrating enough...

I'm staunchly anti-injury for any athlete, but that's especially true for a guy that's already had two surgeries within about the last year.

Prayers up that it's nothing serious.

 LIFE COMES AT YOU FAST. Michigan losing by double digits to a winless Penn State team is hilarious, but it's even funnier when you realize that loss occurred a week after Cade McNamara passionately suggested that the Wolverines could win out the rest of the season.

"What if we win out?" said the frosted-tipped former backup quarterback between a 3OT win over Rutgers and a double-digit loss to a winless team.

It's also wild to me that loudly and proudly suggesting that Michigan might win three or four games in a row is now motivational. If Ohio State doesn't finish this regular season unbeaten, Buckeye fans won't rest until some coach's head is delivered on a pike.

In any case, pray they somehow find a way to conjure up this same energy before Dec. 12. It would make the inevitable turn out to be even more hilarious.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "my tears ricochet" by Taylor Swift.

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