Skull Session: Buckeyes Possibly Headed For No. 2 Ranking, Offensive Line Picks Up an Honor, and Michael Penix Thrived Under Pressure

By Kevin Harrish on November 24, 2020 at 4:59 am
the Buckeyes are getting hype in today's skull session.

I promised y'all an on-time Skull Session, and I am sometimes a man of my word.

Today, I greet you with one of the most magical Tweets to ever grace my timeline.

Michigan commits are still buzzing today after the Wolverines' dramatic 3 OT win over Rutgers.

Meanwhile, I watched Ohio State beat a top-10 team by a touchdown and it felt like I was licking sandpaper for four hours. Perspective.

Word of the Day: Meritorious.

 NO. 2, MY LORD. Ohio State's been sitting at No. 3 in the polls since Notre Dame graciously asphyxiated Clemson in prime time, which is fair and fine, in my humble opinion.

But Vegas seems to think the committee's going to look a little more fondly on the Bucks as Ohio State as the heavy favorite to be No. 2 in the initial college football playoff rankings.

Buckeyes Ranked No. 2?

I'm skeptical, but I guess I'd take it. The real crime here, though, is that Cincinnati and BYU don't even have odds listed. Rank them in the top-4, cowards!

 SLOBS HONORED. I fully expected Ohio State's offensive line to be the best in the nation this year, or to be at least as good as last year.

Neither has happened so far this season, but luckily we live in a world where "failing to live up to expectations" can still mean that you're among the best in the nation, according to the official deciders of good offensive lines.

What the committee is saying: “Typical unit for what we’ve come to expect from OSU. Look for work. RG52 is a junk yard dog and could be the best guard in the country. He served up a rib sandwich out of the gate on the 1Q INT versus IU. Unit carries and ID stunts well, stay square and on the same level. Run and lift and pads pop in run game with sustained leg drive across the board. Stud [Coach Studrawa] has got himself another good one and doing his thing once again. They’re not there yet, but it’s still early.”

Of all the "struggles" or the "question marks" about this team, the offensive line is probably the one I feel the best about because I just simply refuse to believe a line anchored by Wyatt Davis, Josh Myers, Thayer Munford and two five-stars will be bad all year.

 TIP THE CAP. Nobody in the world is more critical of the Buckeyes than an average Ohio State fan during the third quarter of a game that "should have been" a blowout.

So maybe it's worth reminding folks – the entire defense wasn't ass.

And yet, it didn't matter because Michael Penix responded by doing this:

When things go south, folks immediately start calling for folks to be fired and begging for the second string, and hell, I'm not even saying that's the wrong move.

But sometimes your team just gets matched up against an absolute baller playing the game of his life. And as trash as he makes your team look, sometimes you just gotta tip the cap.

Now, if Joe Milton or Cade McNamara carve up this secondary, then y'all might have to talk me off a bridge.

 THAT CLAP BACK THO. I'm long past my online prime these days and don't like my odds against any savvy youth in an online squabble. But it gives me hope that Kevin Wilson is 59 years old and is still out here name-searching and clapping back at strangers.

On the flip side, I cannot imagine the glee John W. Creasy felt when he got that notification from Kevin Wilson replying to his Tweet about "liquid diarrhe (sic)."

Truly, we all win here.

 SHAZIER SAVING SPINES. Ryan Shazier's officially retired from football these days, and he's turning his competitive spirit elsewhere.

If there's anyone the spinal cord community needs battling alongside them, it's Ryan Shazier.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Oak Tree" by Desert Noises.

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